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10 Free Online Music Games for Kids

July 21, 2023
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Looking for the best free online music games for kids?

You’ve come to the right place. 

They say, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” 

But even the best routine becomes boring at some point, taking all the fun away while leaving your kids a little gloomy. 

In that case, you may want to try something new by introducing your kids to music-making, singing, instrument playing, and matching musical notes

Below are the 10 free online music games to get started.  

These games can be accessed by anyone, anytime, on multiple devices. 

1. Music Memory Game

Music Memory Game

Kids love memories. 

Music Memory Game is a super game for kids that tests their musical memory.

This game is perfect for children who can understand notes or have at least completed a few music lessons.

It’s available on chrome and tablets, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

With this music game, your kids sharpen their memorization skills by trying to remember the pitches. 

2. PBS Kids Music Games

PBS Kids Music Games

PBS Kids Music Games gives access to several music games to help your kids sing, draw, act, play instruments, or even practice letters.

Children can choose from a large catalog of simple music games and play with their favorite PBS characters like Elmo, Arthur, Daniel Tiger, and Pinkalicious.

3. Classics For Kids Games

Classics For Kids Games

Classics for Kids is all about learning classical music while having fun. 

This is the best option if your child shows interest in music but has little knowledge.

With its huge collection, kids learn to compose, match the rhythm, play instruments, and explore musical terms. 

It’s perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers, helping your kids meet specific objectives every time. 

4. is a free, web-based learning platform for young music enthusiasts.

It is one of the go-to websites for practicing musical rhythm and musical theory. 

The game is best for trainers, with customizable features based on your kid’s knowledge level. 

5. Quia Orchestra Instrument Family

Quia Orchestra Instrument Family

Here’s another popular game to introduce your kids to musical instruments. 

Quia Orchestra Instrument Family is a quiz game with 21 instruments to classify by family.

These instruments include violin, brass, piccolo, saxophone, woodblock, harp, and percussion, among the rest. 

While this isn’t the most complex music game for kids, it helps with knowing the musical instruments and their respective families. 

6. Peg + Cat Music Maker

Peg + Cat Music Maker

Peg + Cat Music Maker is another exciting game to help your kids explore music-making.

Let your kids master early math concepts with their favorite characters from PEG + CAT.

For anyone wondering, Peg + Cat was a popular TV show centered on math. 

And that’s the origin of the online music game attracting new fans every day. 

It’s available on computers and tablets, with a kid-friendly interface that every young gamer needs. 

7. AGame Music Games

AGame Music Games

Where else would your kid improve their memory skills by fixing damaged musical instruments?

AGame Music Games offers an immersive experience with 62 online music games.

The platform is best for exploring everything music, from making music to improving rhythm and even attempting quiz games.

Whether your kid wants to be that revered guitar hero or a singing bird, AGame Music Games got them covered.

The rhythm games help your kids acquire and develop their skills.

On the other hand, drum games can turn them into little drum gods without visiting a physical studio or disturbing the neighbors (we all know how that goes).

To try music composition, check out games such as Banja Band, tailor-made to satisfy such needs. 

8. Inside The Orchestra Musical Games

Inside The Orchestra Musical Games

Inside The Orchestra Musical Games is one of the most comprehensive online music games for kids.

Choose up to 8 exciting music games, including Pick the Parts, Music Bingo, Music Maps, Musical Memory, Compose a Rhythm, Compose a Song, Brass and Percussion Match, and Woodwinds and Strings Match. 

A useful trick is to start with simple games like playing instruments as you move on to more advanced games. 

Inside The Orchestra Musical Games are more than just entertainment. 

They are educative, allowing your kid to flex their creative muscles by learning a new thing every day. 

9. Ducksters Music Matching Game

Ducksters Music Matching Game

Ducksters Music Matching Game is an excellent choice if your kid loves to play instruments.

This fun game tests the child’s memory and knowledge of musical notes.

Think of it as a classic picture memory game with musical notes instead of pictures. 

You can adjust the difficulty level from Practice to Time and Active.

The Practice mode is also the trial mode, with unlimited attempts to complete the matches and a score at the end.  

In Timed mode, you must match the notes before the time is up, with a 10-second bonus for the correctly matched notes.

Finally, the Active mode is the toughest, demanding a high concentration level to complete the matches. 

10. Theremin


Theremin is an interactive music game that allows students to create different sound waves using a mouse. 

It works perfectly for older students with some knowledge of sound waves. 

Theremin is available online and via an app and is perfect for learning sounds, notes, and scales.

Best Free Online Music Games for Kids – Final Thoughts

Music games have many benefits for kids, such as accelerating brain development, improving mathematical learning, and providing fun when they need it. 

And there’s no better way to set them on this exciting path than getting the best free online music games. 

Hopefully, you’ll find our list of 10 free online music games for kids useful. 

These are excellent games to help your kid explore music-making, instrument playing, and memorization if it’s their passion.  

Get one or a couple of them, and turn your little one into a guitar hero (Or a singing sensation).

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