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35 Best Mexican Singers of All Time (Most Famous)

December 28, 2023
mexican singers

I’ve assembled a list of the best Mexican singers of all time, featuring the most famous and influential voices that have shaped the rich tapestry of Mexican music.

This selection not only celebrates their remarkable talents but also offers a vibrant journey through the diverse genres and unique styles that these legendary artists have brought to the world stage.

Top Mexican singers of all time

  • Vincent Fernandez
  • Pedro Infante
  • Juan Gabriel
  • Jorge Negrete
  • Antonio Aguilar
  • Jose Jose
  • El Chalino Sanchez
  • Armando Manzanero
  • Jose Alfredo Jimenez
  • Luis Miguel

1. Vincent Fernandez

The King of Ranchera will always be among the greatest Mexican singers for his natural charm and artistic integrity.

He entertained his fans for over four decades, combining his ranchera roots with opera mastery to give the local audiences something to look forward to. 

Fernandez influenced a generation of Mexican singers who looked up to him as a prolific singer with an immense vocal ability to deliver memorable performances.

A combination of 9 Latin Grammy Awards, 4 Grammy Awards, and 14 Lo Nuestro Awards is befitting for a man who left a legacy as a true cultural icon.

2. Pedro Infante

Pedro Infante was an iconic Mexican singer and actor who rose from his humble beginnings as an ordinary farmer to become one of the most influential figures in Mexico’s history.

Pedro founded the La Rabia musical group in his teenage years, gaining popularity in his native Sinaloa home.

He rose to fame after relocating to Mexico City, becoming the people’s darling with his mastery of ranchera, bolero, and mariachi musical genres.

Infante recorded over 350 songs throughout his career and was featured in over 60 films.

Up until his untimely death in 1957 via a plane crash, the Mexican singer had gained recognition throughout Latin America. 

3. Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel was a Latin American icon who captivated audiences with disco, salsa, and mariachi music.

He was one of Mexico’s most prolific singers and songwriters, enjoying massive success that transcended generations.

Juan distinguished himself with a flamboyant style that often made a lasting impression on his fans. 

He sold over 60 million records throughout his career, becoming one of the best-selling artists in Latin America. 

Juan’s signature songs include “El Noa Noa,” “Hasta que the conoi,” and “Amor eterno.”

4. Jorge Negrete

Jorge Negrete is one of the best opera singers Mexico has ever seen. 

After relocating to the US, he adopted the Alberto Moreno stage name, recording many operas and collaborating with Xavier Cugat to perform in the local clubs. 

His ultimate breakthrough came in the 1930s, signing a TV deal with NBC Television at the same time. 

His appearance in La Madrina Del Diablo (1937) increased his popularity before he featured in La Valentina a year later.

As one of the major influences at the time, Jorge often fought for the rights of Mexican actors, getting on the good side of history. 

5. Antonio Aguilar

Like most Mexican singers at the time, Antonio Aguilar doubled as an actor.

His dominating career climaxed in over 150 albums and more than 50 film appearances. 

Antonio earned the “El Charro de Mexico” nickname for his contributions to la charreria.

His most memorable songs include “Triste Recuerdo,” “Un Puno De Tierra,” and “Bandido De Amores.”

6. Jose Jose

Jose Jose is another prolific Mexican singer who left an indelible mark in Latin America.

His musical repertoire earned him a place among the best Latin American singers, showcasing his tenor vocal ability in songs such as “El Triste.”

Jose began his music career in the 1970s, slowly climbing the Latin charts throughout the decade as a prolific balladeer.

His fame continued in the 1980s after signing with Ariola Records, with his Secretos (1983) studio album selling over 4 million units. 

As one of the greatest Mexican singers of all time, Jose often sold out in many venues, earned several Grammy nominations, and won multiple awards.

His legacy continues in the Hispanic community, with several artists, including Vincente Fernandez, Pepe Aguilar, Marc Anthony, and Luis Fonsi, acknowledging his influence on Latin music. 

7. El Chalino Sanchez

Rosalino “Chalino” Sanchez Felix is another celebrated Mexican singer considered one of the best artists of the narcocorrido subgenre of the 20th century.

He pioneered Mexican music, composing songs from a young age.

Sanchez’s first inspiration to write a song came when his brother, Armando, was killed in a Tijuana hotel room.

And it continued throughout an eventful 8 years that ended with his unfortunate murder in 1992.

Decades after his death, Chalino’s songs are still a popular choice amongst youthful Hispanic listeners, with his fame transcending races and generations.

8. Armando Manzanero

If you love Latin music, you may be familiar with Armando Manzanero.

He was a popular Mexican singer, actor, music producer, and composer from Ticul, Yucatan, with over 400 songs for his loyal Latin American audience. 

His impressive achievements throughout Latin America made him the President of the Mexican Society of Authors and Composers, with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award received in 2014.

Armando came from a musical family, which helped shape his career.

He composed his first song, Nunca en el Mundo, at 15, and has since been translated into over 20 languages.

Several artists, including Christina Aguilera, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley, have covered Armando’s best songs.

His best-ever hits include “Adoro,” “Esta Tarde Vi Llover,” and “Felicidad.”

9. Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Jose Alfredo Jimenez is one of the pioneers of ranchera, the distinctive Mexican singing style of the 1950s and 1960s.

Jimenez started his musical career out of necessity after losing both parents at a young age.

Today, he’s considered one of the greatest Mexican singers of all time, with over 1000 compositions, including “Yo,” “El Rey,” and “El jinete.”

Many artists have covered Jose’s songs, from Selena to Pedro Fernandez and Luis Miguel.

Unfortunately, Jose also died at a young age from complications of liver cirrhosis. 

10. Luis Miguel

El Sol de México, or The Sun of Mexico, is a talented Mexican-Italian singer who has found fame with pop, boleros, ballads, mariachi, big band, jazz and tangos music genres and styles.

He sings exclusively in Spanish but has still found international fame, credited with pushing bolero music to global audiences.

Luis has sold over 60 million records worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling Latin artists in history. 

He’s added five more Grammy Awards to his list of accolades since winning the first one at 14.

Besides, the Mexican singer has also won 6 Latin Grammy Awards and featured in the Ya nunca mis (1984) and Fiebre de amor (1985) films. 

11. Marco Antonio Solis

Marco Antonio Solis is a successful Mexican singer, composer, and record producer born and raised in Michoacán.

He started singing at six years old before forming the Los Bukis band alongside his cousin, Joel Solis.

The band’s split after years of success pushed Marco to a solo career, earning new followers with his En Pleno Vuelo album. 

Solis won 5 Latin Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame. 

His most famous songs include “Si No Hubieras Ido,” “O Me Voy o Te Vas,” and “Si Te Pediera Mentir.”

12. Alejandro Fernandez

Alejandro Fernandez followed in his father’s footsteps to cement his name among the most successful Mexican singers of all time.

He found initial fame with Mexican folk before specializing in pop music.

Fernandez started his career in the 1990s with a self-titled studio album, spawning the hit singles “Brumas,” “Equivocadamente,” and “Necesito olvidarla.”

He often accompanied his father on several tours in the US and Mexico, laying a firm foundation as the heir apparent. 

Today, he’s made his name as an accomplished Mexican singer, with 2 Latin Grammy Awards and over 20 million records sold worldwide. 

13. Selena

Selena Quintanilla Perez is a celebrated Mexican-American artist and one of her generation’s best American Tejano singers. 

She became one of the most successful entertainers of the 20th century with her contributions to fashion and music.

Selena is notable for pushing Tejano music to global audiences, finding fame after winning the Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist of the Year in the late 1980s.

Her 1992 album, Entre a Mi Mundo, topped the US Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart for eight months.

Selena’s most popular songs include “Como la Flor,” which expresses the narrator’s feelings for an ex-lover. 

14. Mimi Farina

Margarita Mimi Baez Farina was the younger sister of the celebrated singer and activist Joan Baez. 

She was born to a Scottish mother and a Mexican-American father in Palo Alto, California.

She started her career after meeting novelist and musician Richard Farina in the early 1960s, collaborating on several folk albums, including the widely acclaimed Celebrations of a Grey Day (1965).

Mimi relocated to San Francisco after Richard died in 1966, where she started a solo career while also trying her hand at acting and modeling. 

Her most notable songs include “Pick Up Your Sorrows,” “Bread & Roses,” and “A Swallow Song.”

15. Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens was a self-taught American guitarist, singer, and rock and roll pioneer from Los Angeles, California.

He grew up listening to traditional mariachi music and was passionate about becoming a professional singer at a young age.

He began playing guitar, trumpet, and drums before joining a local band, The Silhouettes, at 16.

As a Latin and Chicano rock pioneer, Ritchie inspired many upcoming singers of Mexican origin, including Carlos Santana, Los Lonely Boys, and Los Lobos.

He’s considered one of the first Latino artists to succeed in mainstream rock. 

16. Fey

Fey is an American singer and songwriter with seven studio albums and several hit singles over a remarkable 4-decade career.

She released her eponymous debut album in 1995, rising to mainstream success with several chart-topping hits, including “Gatos en el bacon,” La noche se mueve,” and “Media naranja.”

Her 2nd studio album, Tierna la Noche, came out in 1996, spawning the successful hit single “Azucar Amargo,” which stayed on the Billboard chart for over 30 weeks.

As one of the most successful female Mexican singers of all time, Fey is best remembered for her distinctive electro-pop voice and how she smoothly incorporated pop, rock, and traditional Mexican music elements into her songs.

17. Samo

Samuel Parra Cruz, commonly known as Samo, is a Veracruz-born singer who came into the limelight with the Camila pop rock band of the mid-2000s.

He was a member of the Christian church choir from a young age, which helped shape his career.

He joined the Salmo 40 musical group in the early 1990s, touring the USA and Mexican cities to an underwhelming performance.

This forced the massively talented but unknown Samo to try his luck in the “Junior Securities” talent competition.

With one successful solo album, two albums with Camila, and numerous collaborations, Samo deserves his place among the best Mexican singers of all time. 

18. Becky G

Becky G is a compelling choice amongst the best Mexican singers of all time, considering her massive successes at a young age. 

She’s been one of the most successful contemporary singers and Mexican rappers, with chart-topping songs in Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Spain, Chile, and Ecuador.

Becky has collaborated with famous artists, including French Montana, Akon, and Sean Paul.

She’s also a champion of women’s rights, consistently pushing other ladies to become the best version of themselves.

The bilingual pop sensation has already won 9 Latin American Music Awards, 3 People’s Choice Awards, and 6 Latin Grammy Awards, becoming one of the most successful Latin American singers in recent years. 

19. Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera stood out in a male-dominated industry to become one of the best female Mexican singers of the 1990s.

She was the powerful voice behind the “La Gran Senora,” “Chuper amigos,” and “Paloma negra” singles, with a career spanning over 15 years.

Jenni stepped up when Latin music fans needed a unique voice.

A powerful voice that could rival the countless male singers who had dominated the Latin music charts for years.

And she delivered, building a legion of fans who have followed her successes, failures, and journey in life and death. 

Unfortunately, Rivera passed away in an aircraft accident in 2012 after entertaining her fans at the Monterrey Arena the previous day.  

20. Javier Solis

Javier Solis was a famous Mexican singer with a powerful voice and passionate ballads.

He began his career in the local competitions as Javier Luquin before breaking onto the scene with the ranchera and bolero musical genres. 

Javier established himself as a prolific interpreter who also tried his hand at tangos, danzones, corridos, and waltzes, among other musical genres. 

His best songs include “En Mi Viejo San Juan,” “Vereda Tropical,” and “Payaso.”

He started acting in 1959 and featured in over 20 films until his death in 1966.

Javier’s popularity soared after Pedro Infante’s untimely death in 1957, being the last remaining of the “Three Mexican Roosters” that included Negrete.

21. Thalia

Thalia was nicknamed the “Queen of Latin Pop” for her lasting influence on the musical genre.

She became one of the most successful female Mexican singers of all time after selling over 50 million records worldwide.

Thalia has sung in Spanish, English, Tagalog, Portuguese, and French languages, showing incredible versatility throughout her career.

She’s won several awards, including 8 Lo Nuestro Awards, 5 Billboard Latin Music Awards, and 7 Latin Grammy Award nominations, besides working with famous artists, from Michael Buble to Marc Anthony and Maluma. 

22. Anahi

Anahi Giovanna Puente Portilla is a Mexican actress and singer who’s found success with Latin pop, pop rock, pop, and dance-pop music. 

Her successful acting career has seen her feature in many telenovelas, including Alondra (1995), Vivo por Elena (1998), and El Diario de Daniela (1998).

Anahi’s musical career began in the early 1990s when she released an eponymous debut album.

She released her 2nd album in 1996, featuring the singles “Descontrolandote,” “Por Volverte a Ver,” and “Corazon de Bombon.”

Anahi’s 5th album, Mi Delirio, was widely acclaimed, selling over 500 000 copies worldwide and debuting at #2 on the Billboard Latin Pop Albums. 

23. Ramon Ayala

Ramon Ayala is the Godfather of Norteno music and one of the best Mexican singers of all time.

He built a reputation as a prolific singer, songwriter, and composer, with over 20 studio albums and countless hit singles. 

Ayala is widely recognized as the founder of modern Norteno music, with several Grammy nominations and multiple awards to write his name in history books. 

24. Belinda

Belinda is another Spanish-Mexican singer and actress who found fame with Latin pop, pop rock, electro-pop, and dance-pop music.

Born in Madrid, Spain, the singer moved to Mexico with her family when she was 4.

She expressed a strong interest in singing, acting, and writing at a young age and was only ten years old when she got her first acting role.

In 2001, Brenda featured in Aventuras en el Tiempo, increasing her popularity amongst Latin American audiences.

Her 2003 self-titled album was a huge success in Mexico and Latin America, selling over 500 000 copies worldwide. 

Today, Brenda has established herself among the greatest Mexican singers, best remembered for the top 10 singles “Lo Siento,” “Vivir,” and “Angel.”

25. Joan Baez

You can’t talk about the best Mexican singers of all time without mentioning Joan Baez.

She’s a renowned American artist, activist, songwriter, and musician from Staten Island who became popular as a contemporary folk music singer.

She released most of her songs in English and Spanish, often highlighting social injustices. 

Her Mexican father grew up in the US, where he became popular amongst Spanish-speaking audiences. 

Baez’s other sister, Mimi Farina, also became a successful Mexican-American singer. 

26. Chico Che

Chico Che was one of the best Mexican singers from Villahermosa, Tabasco until he died in 1989.

He began his career as a young guitarist, getting massive recognition from local audiences as he mastered other instruments.

Chico founded several musical groups during his career, including La Crisis, Los 7 Modernistas, and Los Temerarios. 

Some of his most popular songs include “Quien Pompo” and “De Quen Chon.”

27. Alfonso Herrera

The next name on the list is a renowned Mexican actor and singer, Alfonso Herrera.  

Alfonso made his TV debut in 2002 on Clase 406, the same year he featured in Amar te duele romantic drama.

He rose to international fame in 2004 with an appearance on the Rebelde Mexican telenovela.

A new Latin pop group, RBD, was born at the same time, with Alfonso Herrera as one of its founding members.

This helped him debut his musical career, enjoying success throughout Latin America, Europe, and the US.

28. Rick Trevino

Rick Trevino is a popular American country singer with Mexican roots.

He is the son of the famous Tejano musician Ricardo Trevino Sr. and began his career with piano lessons when he was five.

Rick, a Westwood High School alumnus, turned down a baseball scholarship from Memphis State University to focus on his musical ambitions.

The decision paid off in 1994 when the singer’s first English album, Rick Trevino, became certified gold, featuring the successful hit singles “Doctor Time” and “She Can’t Say I Didn’t Cry.”

Rick’s discography includes eight studio albums, five compilation albums, and numerous hit singles, making him one of the greatest Mexican-American singers in recent years. 

29. Lola Beltran

Lola Beltran etched her name in history books as one of Mexico’s best-ever actresses and a singer of Huapango and Ranchera music.

She’s best remembered for the widely popular “Priscila elque se fue” collaboration with fellow Mexican stars, Lucha Villa, Juan Gabriel, and Amalia Mendoza. 

In the filming industry, Lola debuted on El cantor del circo (1940) before completing her acting career with an appearance on Una gallina muy ponedora (1982).

30. Julieta Venegas

Some call her the most underrated female Mexican singer of all time.

Julieta Venegas is a Mexican-American singer who found fame with pop rock, indie pop, alternative, and folk rock music.

She was born in California and raised in Tijuana, where she started playing instruments at 8 years old.

Julieta developed a strong interest in music after completing her piano lessons, ultimately beginning her career with the local bands before moving to Mexico City. 

She released her first project, Aqui, in 1997, showcasing her versatility throughout the 12-track album. 

The album’s first track, “De Mis Pasos,” gained massive attention from younger listeners, becoming one of the best rock songs of the time. 

With 7 Latin Grammy Awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards Latin America, and a Grammy Award, the Long Beach native earned her place among the greatest Mexican singers in history. 

31. Diana Reyes

Diana Reyes is a renowned Regional Mexican singer from La Paz, Baja California Sur in Mexico.

She has released 15 studio albums, including La Socia (2001), La Reina del Pasito Duranguense (2005), and Vamos A Bailar (2009).

32. Alaska

Alaska is a Spanish-Mexican female singer notable for her constant reinvention and musical versatility, making her one of the most enduring names in the Latin music industry.

Born in Mexico City in 1963, Alaska moved to Spain with her family when she was ten years old, where she expressed her passion for music.

She started playing guitar in 1979 as a member of Kaka de Luxe, increasing her value to become a prolific composer and vocalist of the Spanish musical group, Alaska y los Pegamoides.

Alaska worked with Alaska y Dinarama from 1983, again establishing herself as the group’s composer and vocalist.

The Mexican singer has released several chart-topping singles, including “Rey del Glam,” “Perlas ensangrentadas,” and “Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto a Mi.”

32. Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio is another successful female Mexican singer nicknamed the Queen of Latin Pop.

She rose to prominence with the Timbirichie group of the 1980s before launching a solo career after leaving the band. 

Paulina has sold over 20 million records worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling female singers from Mexico.

She has placed three #1 albums on the Latin charts, released five chart-topping singles, and earned 6 Latin Award nominations.

The inevitable comparisons with Marilyn Monroe and Madonna have only strengthened her place among the best Mexican singers of all time. 

33. Lila Downs

Ana Lila Downs Sanchez always performs as Lila Downs and is one of the most successful Latin and Latin rock singers of all time. 

She incorporates indigenous Mexican styles into her songs, including Nahuatl, Mayan, Zapotec, and Mixtec.

Born in Oaxaca, the Mexican singer went to the Institute of Arts by Oaxaca and the University of Minnesota before shelving her educational goals to focus on music.

She released her debut album, Ofrenda, in 1994 to moderate success.

Her breakthrough came in 1999 with her first studio album, La Sandunga, before she crossed borders in 2001 with Border.

Lila’s 7th studio album, Pecados y Milagros (2011), is one of her most successful projects, topping the album charts in several markets. 

Apart from her successful musical career, Lila has been a tireless social activist, proudly embracing her cultural roots in the face of social distress.

Her musical legacy continues in “La martiniana,” “La linea,” and “Paloma negra.”

34. Joan Sebastian

Joan Sebastian built an unrivaled reputation as one of the best Mexican composers from the 1970s.

He composed over 1000 songs throughout his career, including projects for Pepe Aguilar, Vincente Fernandez, and Bronco, among other famous artists.

Joan started his career as a Latin pop singer before branching out to Regional Mexican music and finding fame with Norteno, mariachi, and banda.

His glittering career culminated in 5 Grammy Awards and 7 Latin Grammy Awards, earning a place among the best-ever Mexican singers. 

35. Carlos Santana

The last name on the list is a legend of Latin music.

Carlos Santana distinguished himself with a blend of blues, rock, and Latin American styles that increased his popularity every day.

He entertained Latin American audiences for over five decades, winning all the prestigious awards, including Grammys and Latin Grammys, besides getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Carlos traces his early influences to his musical family, which inspired him to try his luck with mariachi music.

But it wasn’t long before he fell in love with rock, blues, jazz, and Latin American rhythms, incorporating them into his songs to create a distinctive sound. 

Decades later, he’s still a celebrated Mexican-American singer with a timeless impact on Latin-American music. 

Best Mexican Singers – Final Thoughts

For decades, Mexico has produced musical icons that have risen to international fame with Latin pop, electro-pop, dance-pop, and pop-rock genres.

A few artists have also found fame with indigenous Mexican influences, such as Mixtec, Zapotec, and Mayan.

As a country with a rich cultural history and home to famous crooners, actors, and composers, we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 35 best Mexican singers of all time. 

Without some of the names on this list, we would never have known the beauty of Latin music when paired with powerful lyrics. 

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