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25 Best Mexican Rappers of All Time

June 19, 2023
mexican rappers

Are you wondering who the best Mexican rappers of all time are?

Not sure where to look? We’ve got you!

This article will give you some of the biggest names in rap who are descendants of Mexico, along with what makes them so popular.

After having a look, you’ll know who the best Mexican rappers are and what music of theirs to check out!

1. OhGeesy

Alejandro Carranza, who goes by the stage name OhGeesy, is a rapper who was born in Los Angeles of Mexican descent.

As the founding member of the hip-hop group Shoreline Mafia, he began his solo career in 2021 when the group split up.

His debut album Geezyworld sent his career to new heights as it shot to number 102 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

The famous rap album included some of the best rappers of all time, including DaBaby and A Boogie with da Hoodie.

2. Snow Tha Product

Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza, i.e. Snow Tha Product, is a Mexican rapper born in California.

She has built somewhat of an empire, with talents as a rapper, singer, YouTuber, podcaster, and actress!

Snow Tha Product has received some awards in her time, including an MTV Music Video Award in the category Best Fight Against The System.

She also received a nomination at the Latin Grammy Awards for her song “BZRP Music Sessions #39”.

3. King Lil G

Alex Gonzalez, otherwise known by the stage name King Lil G, is one of the best Mexican rappers of all time.

Raised in Los Angeles, he is thought to be a descendant of Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata.

King Lil G built his career independently, never signing with a record label.

His reasoning for this is that he desired to keep the focus of his music on social awareness and art, rather than solely on profits.

He is best known for his 2014 song “Hopeless Boy”.

4. Berner

Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., who goes by Berner, is signed to Wiz Khalifa’s record label Taylor Gang Entertainment.

He has released a whopping forty solo and collaborations albums, several of which managed to chart in the Billboard 200 album chart.

In 2007, Berner formed his own record label named Bern One Entertainment and is known to be quite the entrepreneur.

His most successful single is “20 Lights”, which charted at number 95 on the Billboard 200 chart.

5. Devour

Devour, who previously used the stage name Devour Up, began his career as an unknown rapper from California, uploading his tracks to Youtube in the hope of making it big.

His first upload was a composition titled “The Real Show”, and he soon shot to fame.

Some of his most popular songs are “Uber Everywhere”, “Troubles”, and “Make Me Feel”.

The one that became an internet sensation, though, is “Bleeding Show”.

6. Peso Peso

Peso Peso is a Mexican rapper known to be extremely patriotic to his country; he even has the flag tattooed on his neck!

He has stated his main aim to be reuniting black and Latino people, all through his music.

He found his fame after famous rapper Sauce Walka shouted him out on social media, and offered him a contract with his record label, The Sauce Factory.

Peso Peso then released his first mixtape, titled Hardest Ese Eva, which proved to be very successful.

7. Kap G

Kap G, known to his family and friends as George Ramirez, shot quickly to fame in the rap scene.

He has collaborated with several popular rappers, including Chief Keef, Wiz Khalifa, and Jeezy.

Kap G is best known for his song “Girlfriend”, which impressively reached number 10 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.

The single was later certified platinum by the RIAA after selling one million copies.

8. Bravo The Bagchaser

Bravo The Bagchaser has proved to be very successful, boasting over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

In 2020 his Spotify monthly listener count reached 60,000, and he has continued to release popular rap music!

Bravo the Bagchaser collaborated on the song “Stay Dangerous” with Drakeo and Blueface, and the music video (released in 2021) has amassed over 4 million views!

His other popular songs include “Fool Wit It”, “Bag Right”, and “Bravo Flexin’”.

9. CNG

CNG, whose stage name stands for ‘Comes N Goes’, became a popular Mexican rapper when he began his YouTube account in 2016.

Despite his success, he has overcome adversity after growing up surrounded by gang violence.

Stating his inspiration to be rappers such as Tupac Shakur and The Game, CNG shot to stardom with his debut single “Not My President”.

After appearing on the TV show Rhythm + Flow, he has amassed over 340,000 on Instagram, making him one of the most popular Mexican rappers of all time.

10. Dee Baby

Rapper Dee Baby has been coined “the new voice for Latin hip-hop in America”, and he’s definitely proved that!

He is one of the most successful Mexican rappers, as well as one of the most popular rappers from Houston, Texas.

The most video for his single “Foreva” reached over a million views on YouTube, with many of his others receiving hundreds of thousands of watches.

Dee Baby is definitely an up-and-coming Mexican rapper to check out.

11. Mr. Criminal

Signed to Hi-Power Entertainment Music Group, Mr. Criminal has certainly made waves in the hip-hop scene.

His full name is Roberto Fabian Garcia, and he owns a clothing line of his own (Gd Up Clothing) and has produced multiple hit songs.

One of his most popular singles was “Criminal Mentality”, on which Mr. Criminal collaborated with rapper Mr. Capone-E.

It became an internet sensation in 2003, starting his big break!

12. Kruk One

The popular Mexican rapper Kruk One rose to prominence with his debut mixtape Slums 2 The Stage, which he said to be inspired by the ‘90s.

Some of his most well-known singles are “Back Up”, “Dreamin’”, and “Return of the Illness”.

A collaboration with rapper SpiffyUNO, their song “Meet A Few” proved to be one of his most successful tracks and allowed him to break further into the rap industry.

13. Young Drummer Boy

Growing up on the streets of Pomona, Rigoberto Díaz is a Mexican-American rapper and music producer who goes by the stage name Young Drummer Boy.

His fame, which began in the late 2000s, has led him to collaborate with rappers such as $tupid Young.

His debut album Str8 Out Tha 9 proved moderately successful, and he later released 3 further albums.

He has also released 26 singles, including collaborations with other artists.

14. Acito

Alexander Murphy, i.e. Acito, grew up on the streets of Stockton, California.

Many of his top songs were released in 2021, including singles such as “Still Jumpin’”, “100K”, “Block Boom”, and “Stockton”.

His most recent release is his EP Cartel Crazy, which includes four singles.

Two of the songs (“Aspen” and “Candy Rain”) feature the rapper Lil1700Adrian, with one being a collaboration with Shill Macc (“Mountains”).

15. Lil Weirdo

Lil Weirdo, whose real name is unknown, is said to be one of the up-and-coming rappers of San Diego.

He has amassed over 120,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 35K subscribers on YouTube.

The music video for his single “On My Line” has been viewed over 2 million times, and he has since collaborated with lots of great rappers including Young Drummer Boy, Peysoh, and Y.O.G.I.

16. $uede

$uede is a great Mexican rapper who has often been compared to legendary rapper Kodak Black.

The music video for his hit single “Back To The Bag” has been viewed over one million times on YouTube.

Originating from Los Angeles, he comes from a region coined ‘the corridor of corruption’.

Much of his work reflects this and the difficulties that came with growing up in such a tough area.

17. SadBoy Loko

Mexican-American rapper SadBoy Loko spent 2018 to 2020 behind bars.

After being released, though, he was determined to continue making music that teaches us all what it’s like to grow up in Santa Barbara.

Raised on Gangsta-rap, his favorite artists were The Eastsidaz and Snoop Dogg, and they certainly inspired him.

His first song to shoot to success was “I’m Still Here”, which paved the way for other hits such as “Gang Signs”.

18. Reverie

Self-proclaimed poet Reverie found underground hip-hop in the seventh grade, causing her poems to become raps.

With her brother’s help, she released her first mixtape Castle in the Air, which received over 3000 plays in the first 24 hours.

Her fanbase, who call themselves the Satori Mob, only grew from there! She now tours the world, performing her albums and mixtapes for her adoring fans.

19. YBE

YBE is a California-based underground hip-hop artist who also was previously known as Lil Yogi.

His most popular mixtape is Black Roses, which lead to him joining the crew Ski Mask Mafia.

One of his other albums, Welcome To My Life, features famous rapper Mr. Criminal and he has collaborated with many other successful rappers during his career.

20. Chito Rana$

Raised in Sacramento, Chito Rana$ has proved to be another successful Mexican-American rapper.

He represents where he came from in his music, and is definitely a rapper to check out.

His most popular songs are “Riches”, “North Sac Baby”, and “El Taliban”.

His recent 2022 album La Mafia Paga has shot to success and boasts 9 popular singles.


BELLA, a young rapper from California, is well-known for begin an emcee.

Her lyrics and flow speak for themselves! With over 100,000 followers on YouTube, BELLA the rapper has achieved a successful music career.

Her most popular single “BREE$E” has been viewed over 5 million times, with her second most popular being a collaboration between her and rapper Young Uno, titled “WITH IT”.

22. Blaatina

Blaatina is a Mexican-American rapper best known for her single “I Can”.

The Music video for “I Can” debuted on World Star Hip Hop, furthering the young artist’s career.

With nearly 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, she has successfully cultivated a large fanbase.

Her latest release “Not The Same” has proved very popular, along with another single “Trends”.

23. BOE Sosa

BOE Sosa, which stands for ‘Brothers Over Everything’ Sosa, was raised in Sacramento.

He began releasing his music as a young teenager, eventually releasing his first mixtape Mirland which houses some of his best-known singles.

Many of his music videos have been viewed millions of times, which prompted him to release a second mixtape, 16.

24. Kinto Sol

Kinto Sol is a hip-hop group, comprised of three brothers from Guanajuato, Mexico.

DJ Payback Garcia, El Chivo, and Skribe largely rap in their native language, Spanish, and are known for blending Mexican tunes with classic hip-hop beats.

The group won an award for best Latin Hip Hop Album of the Year for their album Los Hijos Del Maiz, which also charted in the Latin Rhythm Album and Top Heatseekers Billboard charts at number 6 and number 10, respectively.

25. Cashout Ace

Cashout Ace, born Miguel Guajardo, rose to stardom after the success of his mixtape BE someone in 2019.

Despite the mixtape’s success, he actually got shot in the arm while shooting one of the music videos for it!

His two most popular singles that came from the mixtape are “Natural Ways Pay” and “Oppas”.

Best Mexican Rappers – Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has given you a place to begin your search for the best Mexican rappers of all time.

Now you know who to check out, spend some time listening to these great artists.

We hope you enjoy checking out these talented rappers!

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