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14 Best George Michael Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

May 1, 2023
Best george michael songs

George Michael’s musical legacy is one that is truly timeless.

This list will cover the singer-songwriter’s entire career, from his early work with Wham! to his posthumous releases.

We’ll also include some underrated tracks that are often overlooked but deserve to be celebrated as much as any of Michael’s chart-toppers.

His songs are some of the most beloved and recognizable pop hits of all time, and below we take a look at 14 of his greatest hits.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the best George Michael songs!

1. “Something To Save”

George Michael’s classic hit “Something To Save” is an epic ballad that truly stands the test of time.

Its stirring lyrics and masterful production have earned it a place as one of the most beloved songs in George Michael’s incredible catalog.

The song opens with a simple but powerful piano riff, setting the stage for Michael’s beautiful, heartfelt vocals.

With its soaring chorus and soulful melody, “Something To Save” stands out as one of Michael’s greatest works, an emotional anthem about fighting for love and redemption.

It is an unforgettable piece of music that will remain timeless for generations to come.

2. “My Mother Had A Brother”

“My Mother Had A Brother” is one of George Michael’s most underrated hits.

An unassuming yet brilliant composition, the track layers intricate guitar work and Michael’s signature soulful vocals for an undeniable effect.

The song speaks to the kind of love that only family members can share and captures perfectly the bittersweetness of life’s journey.

It is no wonder that “My Mother Had A Brother” remains one of George Michael’s most beloved singles, even after all these years.

3. “One More Try”

“One More Try” is easily one of George Michael’s most iconic songs, with its heart-wrenching lyrics and gorgeous melody.

Delivered in a way that only Michael could, the song manages to capture the intense emotion of unrequited love with an alluring tenderness.

The track quickly became a fan favorite and has remained popular for decades – it’s no surprise why this is one of Michael’s greatest hits.

The poetic beauty and sincere emotion behind “One More Try” make it a timeless classic, standing tall amongst the singer’s most beloved works.

4. “Praying For Time”

“Praying For Time” is a song that really stands out in George Michael’s catalog.

It’s a powerful and emotive ballad, with honest lyricism that still resonates to this day.

The melody is simple yet evocative, with Michael’s soaring vocals conveying the heartfelt emotion of the words.

The song’s lyrics explore the realities of life and its struggles, making it a timeless classic that continues to touch listeners all over the world.

Whether you’re seeking solace or simply trying to make sense of your life, “Praying For Time” offers a comforting reminder that we’re all connected by our shared experiences.

5. “Spinning The Wheel”

Moving from the soulful, reflective vibes of “Praying For Time”, George Michael transitions to something more upbeat with the release of “Spinning The Wheel”.

The song immediately grabs you with its catchy chorus and hypnotic rhythm that will have you tapping your feet in no time.

From there, George Michael delivers a vocal performance that is as passionate as it is powerful.

It’s no wonder why this track has become one of his most beloved songs over the years, it’s an undeniable earworm that will stay stuck in your head long after the music ends.

6. “Heal The Pain”

George Michael’s music was truly amazing, proving time and time again why he is considered one of the greatest artists of all time.

His ability to connect with his audience and convey emotion through his lyrics was unparalleled.

But perhaps no song better encapsulates this than “Heal The Pain”.

With its soulful melody and powerful lyrics, it speaks to a sense of longing that anyone can relate to.

The song is a reminder of how powerful music can be in helping us heal our pain – we just need to take a moment and listen.

It’s no wonder why this song is still remembered fondly by so many fans today.

7. “Faith”

The 1987 release of George Michael’s iconic hit “Faith” was a turning point in his career and still stands as one of the most beloved songs from his discography.

With its infectious rhythm and sharp, soulful vocals, “Faith” is an undeniable classic.

The song successfully blends elements of rock, pop, and gospel music, creating a hybrid style that has been emulated by many since its original release.

Its memorable chorus and catchy hooks are sure to get stuck in your head after just a few listens.

As an artist, George Michael truly pushed the boundaries of popular music with his unique sound, making “Faith” one of the essential songs to listen to when exploring his work.

8. “Cowboys And Angels”

His 1990 hit single, “Cowboys And Angels”, is a distinctive slice of country-pop that showcases his songwriting abilities, with an infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics about struggling against romantic odds.

There’s something undeniably special about this classic track that continues to captivate listeners to this day.

Its simple yet powerful message resonates across generations, making it one of the most beloved George Michael songs ever recorded.

9. “Round Here”

Moving on from “Cowboys And Angels”, the song “Round Here” is another classic George Michael tune.

A gentle acoustic guitar strumming sets the tone for a reflective sentiment shared by many of us.

The chorus is heartfelt and uplifting, with Michael’s voice soaring above the music in a way that only he could do.

It’s clear why this song has become one of his greatest hits; it captures a moment of clarity, an understanding that we can all relate to.

10. “Outside”

“Outside”, George Michael’s music takes on a whole new dimension. His ability to fuse pop and rock in this song is unparalleled, making it a timeless classic.

The rhythms are infectious and the lyrics are honest, creating a unique sound that has stuck with listeners for decades.

It’s easy to see why this song has become one of George Michael’s most beloved hits.

It’s simultaneously nostalgic and forward-thinking, encapsulating the artist at his very best.

11. “A Different Corner”

Moving on from “Outside”, it’s time to discuss a George Michael classic that is sure to make any fan of his music swoon “A Different Corner”.

This song is widely regarded as one of the finest works of his career and for good reason.

The hauntingly beautiful melody is complemented by passionate and emotional lyrics in which he conveys a deep longing for someone he loves.

His heartfelt delivery serves as the highlight of this piece, as it captures the raw emotion that comes with being in love.

The whole thing comes together perfectly to form an unforgettable track that will remain etched into fans’ minds for years to come.

It’s no doubt one of Michael’s best songs and one that will continue to be cherished by both fans and critics alike.

12. “Father Figure”

“Father Figure” is one of George Michael’s most iconic singles, and it’s easy to see why.

Melodically, the song is incredibly catchy and memorable, with a lush guitar line and driving bass groove that perfectly complements Michael’s soulful and powerful vocals.

It’s an emotionally charged piece that speaks to many people’s experiences, making it one of the most beloved songs in George Michael’s catalog.

“Father Figure” stands out as an incredible example of George Michael’s artistry – a timeless classic that will surely remain beloved for generations to come.

13. “You Have Been Loved”

A song that positions itself as an ode to unconditional love, “You Have Been Loved” is a classic George Michael track.

Its delicate blend of soulful vocals and piano melodies recall the singer’s earlier works, particularly his solo debut album Faith.

The song takes on a more personal tone in its lyrics, expressing gratitude for the unconditional love we may receive from someone special.

Michael’s delivery of the heartfelt message is both sincere and captivating, making this one of the best George Michael songs of all time.

An emotional rollercoaster, it captures everything that made Michael so beloved by fans around the world: his ability to write powerful lyrics and convey them with genuine emotion.

14. “Careless Whisper”

“Careless Whisper” is a timeless classic and one of George Michael’s signature songs.

It was released in 1984 as a single and went on to become a major international hit.

The song is an emotional ballad featuring Michael’s trademark soaring vocals, powerful lyrics, and dynamic arrangement.

The beautiful melody coupled with its heartfelt message has made it an enduring favorite among fans around the world.

“Careless Whisper” stands out as one of Michael’s most memorable songs and remains a testament to his talent as a singer-songwriter.

Best George Michael Songs – Final Thoughts

George Michael’s music was truly timeless.

His heartfelt lyrics and soulful sounds are still being celebrated today.

His songs have a special power that can make us feel seen, heard, and understood.

Whether it’s the classic “Careless Whisper” or the powerful “Something to Save”, they all evoke something different in each of us.

George Michael’s legacy will continue to inspire new generations of artists and listeners alike for years to come.

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