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12 Best Eric Clapton Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Written By Will Fenton
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12 Best Eric Clapton Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Eric Clapton has been a staple of the rock music scene since he first burst onto the scene as a member of The Yardbirds in 1963.

He’s earned countless awards and accolades for his work, and his discography is stuffed with memorable hits.

For decades, Clapton has continued to captivate audiences with his blues-infused guitar-playing style and emotive vocals.

As a testament to his legacy, here are the 12 best Eric Clapton songs of all time.

Get ready to be taken on a journey through some of the best Eric Clapton songs.

1. “Bad Boy”

Eric Clapton’s song “Bad Boy” is a classic that has been around for decades and still resonates with listeners today.

The blues-rock track features an irresistible riff, tight drumming, and some of the best guitar solos in all of Clapton’s catalog.

Lyrically, it paints a vivid picture of a man who embraces his bad-boy tendencies – something many of us can relate to.

It’s an unapologetic anthem that has become a staple at live performances, often inciting the crowd to their feet.

With its timeless appeal and soulful nature, “Bad Boy” stands as one of Eric Clapton’s greatest songs of all time.

2. “Double Trouble”

“Double Trouble” is another classic Eric Clapton track that is among his most beloved songs.

It has a distinct blues style and lyrics that blend seamlessly with the instrumentals.

The song carries a powerful message of resilience, courage, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The raw emotion in Clapton’s voice makes it an instant favorite among fans who have found solace in its inspiring words.

“Double Trouble” is one of those timeless tracks that effortlessly transcends time and genre, making it one of the greatest hits from the legendary Eric Clapton.

3. “Let It Grow”

Eric Clapton’s classic hit, “Let It Grow”, is a powerful reminder of the musician’s extraordinary songwriting ability.

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This track has everything that makes a great song: beautiful lyrics, an infectious rhythm, and an unforgettable guitar solo.

The combination of Clapton’s one-of-a-kind voice, the expertly crafted instrumentation, and the song’s universal themes make it one of his all-time greatest hits.

Listening to this timeless classic will make any listener feel inspired and energized. It truly stands out as one of Eric Clapton’s finest musical achievements.

4. “Motherless Children”

A staple of Eric Clapton’s oeuvre, “Motherless Children” is a stunningly moving acoustic blues piece that exemplifies his unparalleled guitar-playing prowess.

Clapton’s mastery of the instrument is on full display here, as his skillful craftsmanship weaves a tapestry of sorrow and redemption with remarkable depth.

The sheer passion behind each note brings powerful energy to the track, allowing it to truly capture the spirit of one man’s journey through hardship.

Without a doubt, this is an essential track from one of music’s all-time greats.

5. “The Sky Is Crying”

Eric Clapton’s bluesy rendition of “The Sky Is Crying” is an exquisite example of his masterful guitar playing.

His skillful use of subtle bends, powerful chords, and tight vibrato gives the track a unique sound that sets it apart from other versions.

It’s a track that will make you feel both joyous and sorrowful at the same time – a testament to Clapton’s incredible ability to evoke emotion through music.

While “The Sky Is Crying” may not be as popular as some of Clapton’s other hits, it is certainly one of his finest creations, demonstrating why he is one of the greatest musicians of all time.

6. “I Shot The Sheriff”

Eric Clapton’s 1974 classic “I Shot The Sheriff” is a timeless anthem that has transcended generations.

The song’s infectious guitar riffs and soulful lyrics are evidence of why it is one of Clapton’s most beloved hits.

It could be argued that this single track helped to launch his career, propelling him into the spotlight with its bluesy, rock-infused sound.

The harmonica solo is an iconic part of the song that adds a touch of authenticity to its rootsy vibe, making it an all-time classic.

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It is electric energy and strong rhythm makes it perfect for singing along to, no matter what age you are.

“I Shot The Sheriff” is a must-have in any self-respecting Eric Clapton fan’s collection – an essential part of any greatest hits compilation.

7. “Give Me Strength”

Eric Clapton’s hit, “Give Me Strength”, is an incredible example of his prowess as a songwriter and performer.

It was released in 1974 on his album 461 Ocean Boulevard and quickly became a fan favorite.

The song is driven by an infectious guitar riff that sets the tone for its soulful, bluesy sound.

Lyrically, it speaks to the need for strength in times of difficulty, making it a timeless classic that resonates with listeners of all ages.

Clapton’s delivery of the song is masterful; he conveys both vulnerability and resilience through his vocal performance.

The result is a powerful anthem that will surely remain beloved by fans of the legendary musician for years to come.

8. “After Midnight”

Eric Clapton’s classic hit, “After Midnight”, is a timeless track that still resonates with audiences today.

It’s one of the most recognizable blues-rock songs ever created, and it’s easy to see why: the catchy riff, soulful vocals, and infectious beat all combine to create a magical listening experience.

The song has been covered many times over, but none have replicated Eric Clapton’s original version.

Its longevity is a testament to its enduring power and is rightly considered one of Clapton’s greatest works.

It’s an essential part of any best-of list for the legendary guitarist.

9. “Bottle of Red Wine”

Eric Clapton’s classic “Bottle of Red Wine” is a timeless musical masterpiece.

From its soulful, bluesy guitar riffs to its heartfelt lyrics and catchy chorus, the song manages to capture the emotion of longing in a way that few other tracks can.

The song’s simple yet effective structure allows for plenty of room for improvisation from Clapton’s masterful playing.

It’s no wonder why it has stood the test of time and remains one of his greatest hits to this day.

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A true classic that belongs in any music lover’s collection, “Bottle of Red Wine” is an essential part of Eric Clapton’s legacy as one of the greatest guitarists ever.

10. “Slunky”

Switching gears from the sultry sounds of Eric Clapton’s “Bottle of Red Wine” to the rock-and-roll vibes of “Slunky”, it’s easy to hear why the former Cream guitarist was such a revered artist.

With its heavy drumbeat and raucous guitar solos, Clapton proves here that he was as adept at electric blues as he was at acoustic; it’s no wonder that this song has become one of his greatest hits.

Together with its infectious beat, “Slunky” is an absolute must for any fan of Eric Clapton.

11. “Easy Now”

From progressive blues-rock to acoustic folk, Eric Clapton’s “Easy Now” is a timeless classic.

With its soulful lyrics, intricate guitar riffs, and smooth vocal delivery, this song is sure to captivate any audience.

The combination of Clapton’s passionate voice and expertly crafted guitar solos create an atmosphere that’s both melancholic and uplifting.

It’s no wonder that this song has stood the test of time as one of the greatest hits from the master guitarist.

Each time you listen to “Easy Now”, it feels like a warm hug from Eric himself – reminding us all to take life a little easier.

12. “Little Wing”

“Little Wing” is undoubtedly one of Eric Clapton’s best songs.

It’s a complex mix of blues and rock, and Clapton’s guitar playing is both intricate and powerful.

His solos are passionate and emotive, while his rhythm playing is tight and precise.

The song also features an infectious chorus, which will have listeners singing along right away.

“Little Wing” captures the essence of Eric Clapton’s talent perfectly, making it one of his greatest hits ever.

It’s a timeless classic that will continue to be appreciated for generations to come.

Best Eric Clapton Songs – Final Thoughts

Eric Clapton’s impressive catalog of music is full of timeless classics that will remain in our memories forever.

He has created some of the most iconic songs of all time and his style is one that just can’t be replicated.

I would highly recommend any fan of classic rock to give these 12 best Eric Clapton songs a listen; they’re sure to provide you with hours of musical bliss!

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