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25 Best Dutch Rappers of All Time

December 21, 2023
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I’ve compiled a list of the best Dutch rappers of all time, artists who have significantly shaped the Netherlands’ hip-hop scene with their unique styles and powerful lyrics.

This article is a celebration of the diverse talents that have emerged from the Dutch rap landscape, leaving a lasting mark in the world of hip-hop.

Top Dutch rappers of all time

  • Lil’ Kleine
  • Sevn Alias
  • Jonna Fraser
  • Chivv
  • Snelle
  • JoeyAK
  • Osdorp Posse
  • Broederliefde
  • Boef
  • Mula B

1. Lil’ Kleine

Lil’ Kleine is one of the leading Dutch rappers of all time with back-to-back successful tracks. 

All the songs on his debut album WOP! ranked within the first 35 positions on the Singles Top 100 music chart.

The rapper also coached for The Voice of Holland in 2018, and his album became the most streamed new album on Spotify in Dutch history.

2. Sevn Alias

Sevn Alias’s music is influenced by the North African youth he grew up with in Amsterdam West.

His popular and top-charting studio albums include Picasso, Oakinn, Recasso, and Sirius.

His single “Patsergedrag” featuring Lil Kleine & Boef ranked no.1 on the Dutch Album Top 100 music chart.

3. Jonna Fraser

Jonna Fraser is among the Dutch rappers whose music mixes multiple styles, including gangsta rap and sultry soul.

The singer is a part of the popular music group “New Wave,” with many other famous Dutch rappers as members.

His album Blessed debuted at number 1 and was named Album of The Week by 3FM.

4. Chivv

Chyvon Pala, aka Chivv, is famous among Dutch Rappers for his hits like Ja!, Bit tired, HUTS, and Ewa ewa.

From 2012 to 2019, Chivv was part of a rap duo called “SBMG” with rapper Henkie T.

His song collaboration Ja! with Bizzey, Kraantje Pappie, and Yung Felix was the singer’s first number 1 hit.

5. Snelle

Lars Sebastiaan Bos, popularly known as the Dutch rapper Snelle became popular after the release of his hit song “Scars.”

The song peaked at no. 4 on the Dutch Singles Chart and won the singer a FunX Music Award for Best Song.

His autobiographical track “Reünie”  is about the bullying he faced growing up due to his cleft lip.

6. JoeyAK

Joël Hoop, popularly known by his stage name JoeyAK has many hit albums, including Hhhk and Bottom Boy.

His first hit was the song “Touchdown,” featuring Jonna Fraser and Sevn Alias, which ranked no. 30  in the Dutch Single Top 100.

7. Osdorp Posse

The Osdorp Posse is a musical group formed in 1989 and is one of the pioneers of Dutch rap music.

Their music is a mix of hardcore hip hop with the Dutch language, including literal translations of American slang.

Before achieving commercial success, the media shunned the group for its extreme music.

8. Broederliefde

Broederliefde is a Dutch hip-hop group composed of members Emms, Jerr, Sjaf, Edson, and Mella.

Their album Hard Work Pays Off 2 topped album charts in the Netherlands for three straight months.

The album was nominated for a 3voor12 award, and the group won an MTV award for Best Dutch Group.

9. Boef

Boef is one of the most popular Dutch rappers who started focussing on the music genre after releasing from prison.

His album, Slaaptekort, is the most streamed album on release in the Netherlands.

The album is platinum certified by the NVPI and ranked no. 1 on the Dutch Album Top 100 music chart.

10. Mula B

Hicham Hendrik Mulasi Gieskes is a famous Dutch rapper with Mula B as his stage name.

Mula B’s debut album, 8-9-17, ranked no. 9 on the Dutch Album Top 100.

His first hit song was Challas, a collaboration with Bizzey and Louis.

11. Ashafar

Zakaria Abouazzaoui, aka Ashafar, rose to fame after his hit 2019 song Panamera.

Before fame, the singer posted freestyle rap videos on Instagram that got him noticed by underground rappers.

His EP, ASHA, ranked no. 2 on the Netherlands’ Album Top 100 chart.

12. Ismo

Ismo, aka Ismail Houllich, was inspired by 2Pac’s song “Changes” to become a rapper.

The song’s Dutch version was Ismo’s first rap song.

The rapper broke the internet with his 2014 song “#One Man,” while his debut album “The Truth” ranked no.1 on iTunes.

13. Dopebwoy

Dopebwoy is a famous Dutch rapper known for his hit song “Guap,” which ranked no.1 on the Dutch Single Top 100 music chart.

The rapper has his own label called “Forever Lit Records” in collaboration with Warner Music Benelux.

14. Josylvio

Josylvio’s albums, Hella Cash (2018), Gimma (2019), and Abu Omar (2021), all topped the Dutch Albums Charts.

The singer has won many awards, including a FunX Music Award for Male Artist of The Year and a Best Hip Hop Edison Award for his Gimma.

15. Kraantje Pappie

Kraantje Pappie was signed with Noah’s Ark label and released four major albums and several singles.

He’s also part of a group of musicians called “The Streamers,” who live-streamed live concerts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

16. Ronnie Flex

Ronell Langston Plasschaert, aka Ronnie Flex, is a famous hip-hop artist and Dutch rapper who rose to fame with his song “Soldaatje.”

His song, “Drank & Drugs,” a collaboration with  Lil’ Kleine, remained in the Single Top 100 music chart for 35 weeks.

17. Frenna

Frenna, aka Francis Edusei, is a Dutch rapper who is also a member of the rap group SFB (Strictly Family Business). 

His hit album New Wave won him a Popprijs Award at Noorderslag.

His other popular albums include No Eyes Closed, Reset the levels – Boulevard, and Lituatie.

18. Latifah

Latifah Chafery van Callias’ debut album All Eyez On Us reached 2nd position on the Dutch Single Top 100 music chart and 185th on the Flemish Ultratop 200 Albums chart.

The rapper has collaborated with famous singers, including  Keizer, Sevn Alias ​​, and Josylvio.

19. Mr. Probz

Mr. Probz is a Dutch music producer, rapper, and songwriter popular for songs like “Drivin’,” “Sukkel voor de liefde,” and “Nothing Really Matters.”

He owns the Left Lane Recordings music label and collaborated with famous singers like Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Anderson Paak, Afrojack, Galantis, and Dolly Parton.

20. Ali B

Ali B is a well-known Dutch-Moroccan rapper who has performed with famous singers like Akon and Marco Borsato.

He had his own television show called “Ali B op volle toeren,” where he invited young rappers and established artists to cover each other’s songs. 

21. Kempi

Jerreley Zanian John Slijger, better known as Kempi, is a Dutch rapper inspired by Tupac Shakur, Lil Wayne, and Dutch rapper Duvel to write down his street life.

The rapper has an extensive criminal record and was in jail when he signed with the label, TopNotch.

He won a prestigious State Award for Best Hip-Hop Artist.

22. Hef

Julliard Frans, aka Hef, is among the Dutch rappers with a problematic childhood.

He left stealing goods and selling drugs, hoping to turn things around for himself through music.

He made a mixtape, Boyz in de hood vol. 1, with his rapper brothers, Adje and Crooks, that won a State award.

23. Kosso

Albert Dervishaj, aka Kosso, is a famous Dutch rapper who gained 90 million Spotify streams in 2020 alone.

The rapper has collaborated with his rapper girlfriend Dorentina for many singles and albums, including Beauty and the Beast II.

He’s also signed with the famous label Sony Music Entertainment.

24. Lijpe

Lijpe is the stage name of the famous Dutch rapper Abdel Achahbar.

His popular songs include “Ride or Die,” “Huts,” and “Hey Girl.”

He has two FunX Music awards in the Best MC category and one Edison award in the hip hop category.

25. Extince

Peter Kops, better known as the Dutch rapper Extince, was one of the first Dutch rappers to hit high on the music charts.

His first American song, “The Milkshake Rap,” and his first Dutch song, “Spraakwater,” both were immediate hits.

Best Dutch Rappers – Final Thoughts

Rap is a versatile genre that people love hearing in multiple languages.

Dutch rap is a mix of traditional rap elements with a unique essence of the Dutch language.

If you like exploring new rap music, we hope this list has introduced you to some new favorite songs.

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