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15 Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 21, 2023
wiz khalifa songs

I’ve compiled the best Wiz Khalifa songs of all time, a selection of his greatest hits that showcase his unique style and influence in the hip-hop world.

This article explores the tracks that have defined Wiz Khalifa’s career, from his smooth flow to his laid-back beats, capturing the essence of his musical journey.

Top Wiz Khalifa songs of all time

  • “Black And Yellow”
  • “Work Hard, Play Hard”
  • “No Sleep”
  • “This Plane”
  • “We Own It”
  • “Young Wild And Free”
  • “The Thrill”
  • “We Dem Boyz”
  • “Roll Up”
  • “Medicated”

1. “Black And Yellow”

It’s hard to deny the power of Wiz Khalifa’s breakout hit “Black and Yellow”.

With its instantly recognizable beat, clever wordplay, and infectious chorus, it quickly became an anthem for Wiz and his fans.

As a result, it became one of the most popular rap songs of all time.

Its success was so great that Wiz even performed the song with symphony orchestras in some concerts.

The production is polished but still retains an underground feeling that makes it stand out from other radio-friendly rap bangers.

Its electric guitar solo adds a rock influence without deviating too far from the hip-hop style.

Overall, “Black and Yellow” is a timeless classic that will remain a fan favorite for years to come.

2. “Work Hard, Play Hard”

As Wiz Khalifa’s career has progressed, he has continued to evolve his sound and craft anthemic hits for his fans.

His standout single “Work Hard, Play Hard” is a testament to that.

With its smooth beat and catchy chorus, the song is an irresistible invitation to let loose and enjoy life.

The lyrics urge listeners to live hard but also work hard in order to achieve their goals.

The production gives the track a unique feel with its hypnotic synths and heavy drums, making it one of Wiz’s most memorable tracks.

Ultimately, “Work Hard, Play Hard” encapsulates the spirit of Wiz Khalifa’s music perfectly: enjoy every moment and never give up on your dreams.

3. “No Sleep”

“No Sleep” is a masterful example of Wiz Khalifa’s ability to craft a song that speaks to the listener.

The beat and tempo perfectly match the lyrical flow, carrying you away with its lulling confidence.

The track is an ode to the hustle, painting a vivid picture of late nights and hard work that pays off in the end.

It’s one of those songs that will stick with you and remain relevant no matter how many years pass.

Wiz Khalifa has come through with another classic, one that will stand the test of time as one of his greatest hits.

4. “This Plane”

“This Plane” is one of Wiz Khalifa’s most beloved songs.

It’s a nostalgic, laidback track that speaks to the rapper’s carefree approach to life.

The chorus is simple yet incredibly catchy – and it perfectly captures the freedom that comes with being able to fly away from your troubles.

The production is smooth and warm, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and contentment.

“This Plane” is an essential part of Wiz Khalifa’s greatest hits catalog; it seamlessly blends rap and pop in a way that few other artists have been able to match.

There’s something special about this song, and it will continue to move people for years to come.

5. “We Own It”

Switching gears from the laid-back vibe of “This Plane” to the assertive anthem of “We Own It”, Wiz Khalifa proves yet again why he is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

From his instantly recognizable flow to his powerful lyrics, this song speaks to anyone who has ever worked hard for something and felt the pride that comes with ownership.

The chorus deals with a message of resilience in the face of adversity, while also encouraging listeners to take charge and be proud of their successes.

Wiz Khalifa’s dynamic delivery pairs perfectly with 2 Chainz’s smooth guest verse, making “We Own It” an undeniable banger that hits hard both lyrically and musically.

This track will surely stand out among Wiz Khalifa’s greatest hits for years to come.

6. “Young Wild And Free”

“Young Wild and Free” is arguably Wiz Khalifa’s most iconic song.

It encapsulates the rapper’s carefree attitude and wild spirit, with a catchy, upbeat beat that will make you want to get up and dance.

The chorus features Snoop Dogg delivering an unforgettable hook that serves as the perfect accompaniment for Wiz’s signature flow.

Lyrically, “Young Wild and Free” is a celebration of living life to its fullest and not worrying about what anyone else thinks.

The song is an anthem for youth rebellion, encouraging listeners to take risks and explore their own paths without fear of judgment or criticism.

All in all, “Young Wild and Free” is a timeless classic from the one-and-only Wiz Khalifa that continues to be a fan favorite today.

7. “The Thrill”

Switching gears from “Young Wild and Free”, we move on to “The Thrill” – another anthemic track from Wiz Khalifa.

This song has a classic hip-hop beat, with a catchy hook and smooth production that brings it all together.

Lyrically, Wiz is at the top of his game, delivering clever bars that touch on the thrill of living life to the fullest.

It’s a celebratory anthem for those who are unafraid to live life on their own terms and make their dreams into reality.

“The Thrill” is one of Wiz’ most memorable tracks, leaving fans singing along every time it comes on.

8. “We Dem Boyz”

“We Dem Boyz” is a classic Wiz Khalifa hit that has become synonymous with partying and having a good time.

The track is drenched in catchy, upbeat vibes and provides an infectious energy that can’t be denied.

Wiz’s lyricism here is clever, witty, and loaded with street-level braggadocio, as he boasts about his ability to bring the party wherever he goes.

It’s undeniable that “We Dem Boyz” has become one of the most iconic songs of Wiz Khalifa’s career, and it’s easy to see why; this song will always have people dancing like they don’t care who’s watching!

9. “Roll Up”

“Roll Up” is the perfect representation of Wiz Khalifa’s alluring sound, with a catchy hook and irresistible beat.

The lyrics evoke feelings of freedom and liberation, urging listeners to take the plunge and take risks, which are essential to success.

The song delivers an infectious energy, making it difficult not to move your body along with the music.

It also features a classic rap flow from Wiz that showcases his unique style and skill.

This track is truly one for the ages and deserves its spot on any list of best Wiz Khalifa songs.

It’s an undeniable classic that will have you singing along every time you hear it.

10 . “Medicated”

From its infectious hook to the hypnotic beat, Wiz Khalifa’s “Medicated” is a timeless classic.

This track stands out as one of his greatest hits and showcases the rapper’s ability to craft an irresistible chorus.

The verses are cleverly pieced together with witty punchlines that will have you nodding along.

Not only does it feature a catchy flow, but it also contains meaningful messages about the importance of staying focused and achieving success.

It’s no wonder why “Medicated” has remained a fan favorite over all these years – its powerful lyrics, infectious production, and undeniable swagger make it an undeniable banger.

11. “See You Again Ft. Charlie Puth”

Moving on from the ode to relaxation that is “Medicated”, Wiz Khalifa’s 2015 collaboration with Charlie Puth, “See You Again“, serves as a heartfelt tribute to the late Paul Walker.

An instant classic, it’s hard not to be moved by its blend of tender melody and powerful lyrics.

The song speaks of loss, grief, and hope in equal measure and is sure to tug at even the hardest of heartstrings.

With its sweeping chorus and subtle shifts in tempo, it encapsulates the full range of emotions associated with parting ways with a loved one.

It’s a timeless piece that will stay with listeners for years to come – a truly masterful work from two of hip-hop’s biggest stars.

12. “Say Yeah”

“Say Yeah” is a classic Wiz Khalifa hit.

It’s got an infectious beat that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

The chorus is catchy and memorable, and Wiz’s flow is smooth as ever.

His lyrics are full of confidence and swagger, and it’s easy to see why this track stands out from the rest of his repertoire.

It’s an undeniable bop that has been blasting through speakers for over a decade – a testament to its longevity and timelessness.

“Say Yeah” remains one of Wiz Khalifa’s greatest hits and will continue to be a fan favorite for years to come.

13. “Boarding Pass”

Leaving “Say Yeah” behind, Wiz Khalifa takes us on a journey with his song “Boarding Pass”.

An ode to the freedom of travel and exploration, this track is an undeniable bop.

Its melodic hook, combined with its uplifting lyrics, will inspire you to get out there and live life to the fullest.

With its catchy beat and meaningful words, it’s no wonder it has become a fan favorite over the years – it’s certainly one of Wiz’s greatest hits.

There’s something special about this song that will keep you coming back for more.

14. “Homicide”

As a master of wordplay and lyrical prowess, Wiz Khalifa’s greatest hits are an impressive display of his legendary status.

From the head-bobbing “Black and Yellow” to the emotionally charged “See You Again”, Wiz is able to capture moments of joy, sorrow, and celebration in his music.

Perhaps one of the most powerful tracks Wiz has ever released is “Homicide” – a raw look at life on the streets from a person who lived it.

His verses are honest and full of insight as he reflects on the trauma that comes with living in poverty and violence.

The song is an inspiring reminder that even in our darkest times, we can find strength within ourselves to continue striving for something better.

15. “Taylor Gang”

Switching gears, Wiz Khalifa’s allegiance to the “Taylor Gang” is renowned.

The Pittsburgh rapper has released numerous songs dedicated to his clique, with hits such as “Taylor Gang” and “We Dem Boyz”, cementing his loyalty to the crew.

As an ode to his hometown of Pittsburgh, he even named a mixtape after the city itself.

These releases serve as evidence of Wiz’s commitment to representing not only “Taylor Gang” but also his city proudly.

All in all, there’s no denying that Wiz has created timeless music for both himself and his crew.

Best Wiz Khalifa Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

Overall, Wiz Khalifa is one of the most versatile and unique artists of our time.

His songs range from anthems to mellow vibes, making it hard to choose just 15 songs for this list.

From the party-ready “Black and Yellow” to the emotional “Homicide”, Wiz has something for everyone.

He’s a master of crafting his own unique sound, and each track on this list serves as evidence of that.

If you’re looking for some great music, look no further than Wiz Khalifa’s greatest hits.

You won’t be disappointed!

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