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15 Best Tyler The Creator Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 2, 2023
tyler the creator songs

Tyler the Creator is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and music video director.

He is the leader of the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) and has released several solo albums since 2009.

In this article, we will be discussing the 15 best Tyler the Creator songs of all time.

These songs have become iconic in the music industry and have been praised for their lyrical content and production.

We will be analyzing each song in terms of its musical composition, lyrical content, and influence on the hip-hop genre.

We will also be examining how each song was received by the public and how they have become fan favorites.

This article will be sure to appeal to both avid fans and casual listeners alike.


“Earfquake” is a critically acclaimed single released by Tyler, the Creator in 2019.

It was the lead single off of his fifth album, Igor, and was met with widespread critical acclaim.

The song was praised for its catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and clever use of samples.

The song’s success further solidified Tyler’s place as one of the most influential rappers of the 21st century.

Along with its chart success, “Earfquake” also earned Tyler a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance.

It is widely considered to be one of Tyler’s best songs and is a staple in any of his live performances.


Released in 2017, ”See You Again” is a critically acclaimed single which revolves around the theme of nostalgia and accepting the inevitability of change.

The song features Tyler, The Creator’s signature poetic lyrics which combined with fast-paced drums, melancholic synths, and an overall hip-hop sound creates an emotional atmosphere.

The song is structured with a chorus repeated twice, and two verses, each with its own distinct narrative.

It touches on themes of loneliness and nostalgia, with Tyler, The Creator’s clever lyricism providing an insightful commentary on the transition from youth to adulthood.

Overall, ”See You Again” is a powerful and emotional song that highlights Tyler, The Creator’s ability to craft an impactful soundscape.

3. “Who Dat Boy”

”Who Dat Boy” is a hip-hop single released in 2017 by Tyler, The Creator, featuring A$AP Rocky.

The track is a prime example of Tyler’s experimental production style and clever lyricism.

The track’s verses explore Tyler’s struggles with self-identity and feature a chorus that is both memorable and catchy.

The production is varied, with elements of trap, soul, and funk, creating an eclectic soundscape.

The song features a memorable guitar solo that serves as a bridge between the verses and the chorus.

Tyler’s vocal delivery is both confident and unique, and the track is further elevated by A$AP Rocky’s feature, creating a powerful and memorable combination.

4. “911 / Mr. Lonely”

The 2017 single, ”Mr. Lonely”, by Tyler, The Creator, is a melancholic and reflective track that explores loneliness and the difficulties of finding a meaningful connection.

The song is a departure from his earlier work, stylistically and thematically, as it features a somber and slow-paced melody.

The lyrics, written in a poetic and introspective way, portray a sense of longing for companionship and acceptance.

The track captures the inner turmoil of being isolated and disconnected from the world.

5. “OKRA”

Okra is a popular vegetable crop originating from Africa and widely cultivated in many parts of the world.

It has a long history of cultivation and is a key ingredient in many traditional dishes.

Tyler the Creator’s song “Okra” is one of his most popular tunes, which was released in 2018 as part of his album Okra.

The song is a melodic and upbeat hip-hop track, with a catchy hook and a simple yet effective beat.

The lyrics, which touch on the importance of staying true to oneself, are thought to be autobiographical.

The song has been praised for its unique style and its positive message.


Continuing the discussion of Tyler the Creator’s best songs, another one worth mentioning is “Best Interest”.

Released in 2020, this track is a powerful ode to his own personal growth and showcases the rapper’s introspective side.

With a melodic and soulful beat, the song is constructed around a simple yet effective chorus, with Tyler’s signature flow and lyrical content.

The subject matter is a reflection on his own life and struggles, and the song captures a unique moment of self-reflection and growth.

A masterful musical piece, “Best Interest” is a classic Tyler the Creator song that is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.


A notable track from Tyler the Creator is “Potato Salad”, which consists of a bass-heavy beat, playful lyrics, and a catchy chorus.

It is a track that takes a lighthearted approach to discussing the realities of modern life.

The production is characterized by a funky groove and a bouncy rhythm, which serves to enhance the playful nature of the lyrics.

Tyler’s delivery is memorable and his clever wordplay is a highlight of the track.

Overall, “Potato Salad” is an entertaining and creative track that showcases Tyler’s unique style and wit.

8. “A BOY IS A GUN*”

Released in 2019, “A Boy Is A Gun*” is an empowering single that articulates Tyler’s perspective on the importance of self-love and self-care.

The track was produced by Tyler himself, as well as Take a Daytrip and DJ Dahi, and features a smooth, soulful beat and optimistic, inspirational lyrics.

The song is an uplifting anthem about the power of self-belief and encourages listeners to embrace their own strengths and uniqueness.

This message of self-love and acceptance is an important and powerful one, and “A Boy Is A Gun*” is an emotionally charged and uplifting track.


“Wusyaname”, Tyler’s 2021 single, is a dreamy, R&B-infused track that reflects his artistry and individuality.

The sensual, ethereal production creates an atmosphere of nostalgia, while the lyrical content conveys an emotional depth.

Tyler’s signature vocal style is showcased, as he uses both clever wordplay and poetic imagery to convey the depth of his emotions.

The track is a shining example of Tyler’s ability to craft a sonically-pleasing, yet meaningful track that speaks to the unique experiences of his listeners.

10. “Boredom”

“Boredom” is a common emotion felt by many, especially during times of social isolation.

Tyler, the Creator’s song, “Boredom”, is a perfect example of the feeling.

In the track, he expresses the frustration of being stuck in a routine, with no motivation or ambition in sight.

The lyrics offer an honest portrayal of the emotion, while the production provides an upbeat and groovy backdrop for the track.

In addition, the song features a catchy chorus and a strong, memorable beat.

While the track may not be one of Tyler’s most popular songs, it still serves as a great representation of the emotion of boredom.


The track “Sorry Not Sorry” by Tyler, the Creator is an upbeat and catchy song that reflects an attitude of defiance and confidence.

It conveys this sentiment through its use of strong melodies, hard-hitting instrumentals, and Tyler’s free-form rapping style.

The chorus carries an empowering message of self-advocacy, while the verses feature clever and witty lyrics.

The track is an example of Tyler’s creative and varied production style, which often takes risks and pushes boundaries.

It is sure to be remembered as one of Tyler’s greatest hits.

12. “CORSO”

“Corso” is a track by Tyler, the Creator that combines elements of jazz and rap to create a unique and captivating musical experience.

The song begins with a mellow jazz piano before transitioning into more of a rap-style beat.

The chorus is a catchy mix of both styles, providing a balance of both genres.

Lyrically, Corso is a reflection of Tyler’s life and the struggles he has faced.

The song has a relaxed, laid-back feel to it, and its smooth jazz-rap fusion makes it a standout track in Tyler’s catalog.

The production is lush and dreamy, and the song is a great example of how Tyler can blend two distinct musical styles to create something truly special.


“Dogtooth” is a single by Tyler, the Creator that combines a relaxed jazz melody with a rap-tinged beat.

The song features an eclectic mix of elements, ranging from bluesy riffs to a soulful chorus.

Lyrically, the track follows the narrative of a young man’s journey into adulthood.

The lyrics are delivered in a stream-of-consciousness style, often switching between spoken word and rap.

The overall effect is one of surrealism, as Tyler, the Creator explores the complexities of growing up and finding one’s identity.

The song is a unique and interesting addition to Tyler’s catalog and one that showcases his creative vision.


“Juggernaut” is a song by Tyler, the Creator that is characterized by its hard-hitting, aggressive sound.

The song features a heavy beat and dark, intense guitar chords, which contribute to its menacing atmosphere.

The lyrics are filled with aggression and boastful rhymes, and the delivery is rapid and forceful.

The overall effect is a powerful, energetic track that captures the energy and intensity of Tyler’s music.

Tyler’s creative use of musical elements and lyrical content make this song stand out in his discography.

15. “ZIPLOC”

“Ziploc” is a brand of resealable plastic bag commonly used to store food and other small items.

“Ziploc” is a track off of Tyler, the Creator’s 2019 album, Igor.

The lyrics to this song are an ode to the materialistic aspects of life, and its content is filled with references to designer brands.

The hook of the song is upbeat and catchy, helping the track stand out from the rest.

The song’s production and lyrical content make it one of the stand-out tracks from Tyler, the Creator’s Igor album.

Best Tyler The Creator Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

Tyler the Creator has earned his place as one of the most influential and innovative artists in hip-hop today.

His music has pushed the boundaries of the genre and influenced countless other artists.

His greatest hits have set the standard for the hip-hop of tomorrow.

Songs like “EARFQUAKE”, “SEE YOU AGAIN”, “Who Dat Boy”, “911 / Mr. Lonely”, “OKRA”, “CORSO”, “DOGTOOTH”, “JUGGERNAUT”, and “ZIPLOC “mark the apex of Tyler’s creativity and established his legacy as a revolutionary artist.

These songs will remain timeless classics for years to come.

Tyler the Creator has made an undeniable mark on the hip-hop landscape that will continue to influence the genre for decades.

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