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15 Best Travis Tritt Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 27, 2023
Best Travis Tritt Songs

I’ve carefully curated a collection of the best Travis Tritt songs of all time, showcasing the greatest hits of this iconic country music star.

These tracks capture the essence of Tritt’s dynamic style and his enduring impact on the country music scene.

Top Travis Tritt songs of all time

  • “Anymore”
  • “Foolish Pride”
  • “Set In Stone”
  • “If I Lost You”
  • “Bible Belt”
  • “Help Me Hold On”
  • “I’m Gonna Be Somebody”
  • “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive”
  • “Where Corn Don’t Grow”
  • “Can I Trust You With My Heart”

1. “Anymore”

Travis Tritt’s 1991 single, “Anymore”, remains one of the most beloved songs in his catalog to this day.

The mournful ballad features a simple and sparse arrangement of piano and guitar, allowing Tritt’s emotional vocal delivery to come through loud and clear.

The song tells the story of a man coming to terms with the end of a relationship—one that he desperately wants to save, but knows is beyond repair.

In short, “Anymore” is an unforgettable classic from Travis Tritt’s greatest hits collection, and it stands as one of his finest moments as an artist.

2. “Foolish Pride”

“Foolish Pride” is one of Travis Tritt’s most iconic hits.

An ode to human resilience, the song is a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, you can never let go of your pride.

It’s an upbeat country tune with a powerful message that resonates with fans around the world.

The song has become a staple at Tritt’s live concerts and is arguably one of his best songs to date.

With its catchy chorus and uplifting lyrics, “Foolish Pride” is the perfect anthem for anyone facing life’s struggles head-on.

3. “Set In Stone”

Continuing on from the thought-provoking, passionate anthem of “Foolish Pride”, Travis Tritt’s single “Set In Stone” is a true testament to the power of country music.

This powerful, ballad-style song paints an emotive picture of love and heartbreak with its twangy guitar riffs and classic country lyrics.

The lyrics describe a man who has been let down by a relationship gone wrong, and his desire to find solace in his memories.

The song conveys a strong sense of yearning and regret, as Tritt’s deep vocals interweave with the country twang for an unforgettable performance that will leave listeners holding back tears.

It is clear that this song is one of Travis Tritt’s greatest hits – it is emotionally captivating and lyrically stunning, making it truly “Set In Stone” in the minds of country music fans everywhere.

4. “If I Lost You”

Travis Tritt’s single “If I Lost You” is a testament to the timelessness of his music.

Released in 1998, it became an instant hit and has been a fan favorite ever since.

With its rolling guitar riffs and poignant lyrics, it’s no wonder why this song resonates with so many listeners.

The chorus speaks of a deep inner longing for someone special, and Tritt’s powerful vocals bring the emotion to life.

It’s an unforgettable song that will stay with you long after it ends, leaving an impression on both your heart and mind.

5. “Bible Belt”

Switching gears from the somber “If I Lost You” to the more upbeat “Bible Belt”, Travis Tritt’s songwriting ability truly shines.

This song is a classic example of his style, blending modern country with elements of blues and folk.

Lyrically, it details a man’s struggle to find faith in a place where religion is often taken for granted.

It serves as an anthem for those who may feel out of place in the South and provides an uplifting message about finding one’s own path in life.

It’s no wonder this track has become one of Tritt’s most beloved songs, encapsulating everything we love about his music.

6. “Help Me Hold On”

Travis Tritt’s “Help Me Hold On” is an emotionally charged ballad that has become one of the country music legend’s most beloved songs.

Its heartfelt lyrics explore the pain and struggle of a relationship on the verge of crumbling, with Tritt’s deep, soulful voice delivering each line with raw emotion.

Musically, the song is built around a simple, but powerful guitar melody, which provides an evocative backdrop to his powerful vocal performance.

Whether it’s being played in a live concert setting or simply heard on the radio, “Help Me Hold On” is sure to move listeners with its poignant message.

It’s no wonder why it continues to be one of Tritt’s most beloved tracks and why it remains a staple in his greatest hits compilation.

7. “I’m Gonna Be Somebody”

Travis Tritt’s “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” is an electrifying power ballad that stands out as one of his greatest hits.

Its lyrics are filled with powerful emotion and determination, which makes it an inspirational anthem for anyone who has ever wanted success.

The song’s melody is a combination of country twang and rock n’ roll, making it an unforgettable track that sticks in the listener’s head long after its duration.

This classic hit perfectly encapsulates the triumphant spirit of Tritt’s music and is a must-listen for any fan of his work.

It’s no wonder why this song has become one of the most popular Travis Tritt songs ever – it just never gets old!

8. “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive”

Travis Tritt’s hit single “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” is an upbeat, energetic celebration of life.

It has all the ingredients of a classic country anthem — a foot-stomping beat, uplifting lyrics, and Tritt’s signature twang.

The song is filled with optimism and gratitude for the little things in life, from the beauty of nature to the joys of love.

With its feel-good vibes and infectious chorus, it’s no wonder why this track is one of Travis Tritt’s most beloved songs.

“It’s A Great Day to Be Alive” is an undeniable classic that will remain timeless for years to come.

9. “Where Corn Don’t Grow”

Travis Tritt’s hit song, “Where Corn Don’t Grow”, is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time.

It showcases his unique blend of country and melodic rock, with its memorable lyrics and upbeat tempo.

His ability to combine these two genres is what makes this song so great and why it will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

The lyrics highlight the struggles of life in rural America, yet still offer hope for those who are struggling; it’s a powerful message that resonates with so many listeners.

The guitar work is intricate and passionate, providing an uplifting backdrop for the heartfelt lyrics.

This song is one of Travis Tritt’s greatest hits, and it is sure to remain popular for years to come.

10. “Can I Trust You With My Heart”

A timeless classic, “Can I Trust You With My Heart” is an absolute must-have for any Travis Tritt fan.

Written and performed with remarkable poignance and emotion, this song speaks to the power of true love and its ability to withstand the test of time.

Delivered in a heartwarming vocal performance, Tritt’s gentle but firm delivery conveys a deep honesty that resonates with listeners.

There’s no denying that “Can I Trust You With My Heart” is one of Travis Tritt’s most memorable hits – a song that will endure as part of his greatest hits collection for many years to come.

11. “Best of Intentions”

Switching gears from the traditional country sound of “Can I Trust You With My Heart”, “Best of Intentions” is a perfect example of Travis Tritt’s ability to craft heartfelt, relatable messages through his music.

This song showcases his powerful vocals and lyrical prowess, expertly conveying the heartache and anguish that comes with realizing a relationship has run its course.

Despite its sad subject matter, “Best of Intentions” still manages to keep listeners engaged and uplifted.

Tritt’s signature twangy guitar riffs and heartfelt lyrics make it an essential part of any Travis Tritt’s greatest hits compilation.

12. “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin'”

Travis Tritt’s iconic song “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin'” is a classic that stands the test of time.

Its bittersweet lyrics capture the essence of heartache, pain, and regret in the aftermath of a breakup.

The music is an upbeat country tune that belies the sadness of its message.

The catchy chorus will have you singing along after just one listen, while Tritt’s emotive delivery makes it impossible to ignore.

This timeless track has become an essential part of Travis Tritt’s Greatest Hits collection and is sure to be appreciated by fans old and new alike.

13. “Sometimes She Forgets”

Travis Tritt’s “Sometimes She Forgets” is an absolute classic.

It has a simple but powerful message, perfectly encapsulated in its lyrics.

The song speaks of a man who loves his woman deeply, yet there are times when she forgets how much he loves her, and it breaks his heart.

The arrangement of the song is beautiful and the instrumentation is flawless, making it an easy choice among Tritt’s greatest hits.

With its haunting melody and thoughtful storytelling, “Sometimes She Forgets” stands out as one of Tritt’s most powerful songs, reminding listeners of the importance of cherishing love and never taking it for granted.

14. “Take It Easy”

Continuing the emotional journey from the heart-wrenching ballad “Sometimes She Forgets”, Travis Tritt presents “Take It Easy”, a powerful anthem of resilience.

The uplifting blend of folk and rock in the melody, coupled with the poignant lyrics, serves as a reminder to embrace life’s obstacles and savor the simple joys.

The infectious chorus and captivating guitar riffs make this electrifying track a global audience favorite.

Travis Tritt’s unmistakable country twang adds an irresistible charm to this timeless hit that is sure to win over listeners.

15. “Outlaws Like Us”

Travis Tritt’s “Outlaws Like Us”, is a timeless classic that speaks to the rebel spirit in all of us.

With the southern twang in his voice and his signature brand of country-rock riffs, this song captures the essence of being an outlaw – living life by your own rules and refusing to be conformist.

The lyrics are full of grit and determination as he sings about outrunning the law and living life on his own terms.

For any rebel-at-heart, this is one of Travis Tritt’s greatest hits that will have you singing along for years to come.

Best Travis Tritt Songs – Final Thoughts

Travis Tritt’s expansive career has produced some of the greatest country songs of all time.

His hits are timeless classics that fans still play and sing along to today.

From “Anymore” to “Outlaws Like Us”, these 15 songs showcase the best of Travis Tritt and his incredible musical talent.

His catchy hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious energy will never be forgotten.

I’m sure his legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of music lovers for years to come!

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