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Top AI plugins for music production

December 25, 2023
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Some of the fantastic tools in the space are AI plugins that have increasingly improved the act and art of music productions for producers, songwriters, and musicians. Music production is tedious. The calculations for mastering tune, tempo, and gags can be too much for just one person. Collaboration is one of the most common nuances of the music industry. 

Often, music producers knit together in a collaboration that is the right channel to produce a song or album. It makes production easy because, as the cliche goes, “two heads are better than one.” But AI’s introduction tweaks the landscape of things. As 2023 highlights, AI is responsible for so much of the excitement, debates, and conversations in the music industry and beyond. 

The year AI made its mark

AI tools are the center of these ongoing debates. Is it ethical to embrace them? Are they going to replace humans? How much danger do they pose to human creativity and art? Look around, and by your left, right, and center, there are articles in constant dialogue with the growing emergence of artificial intelligence in music, business, health, entertainment, and so much more. AI plugins against this pandemonium have emerged as one of AI’s best products in 2023.

Intelligent music producers and artists agree that AI plugins ease the worries and fears involved in music production. They make the process faster, easier, and less infuriating. While some agree, some cadres worry about the unprotected infiltration of artificial intelligence in music production and making. These fears have been made known in articles and surveys that reflect the troubling thoughts of fans about the evolution of AI and its extensive foray into the music industry.  

This post focuses on investigating some of the best AI plugins for music production in 2023. With the increasing number of subscribers and listeners on music streaming platforms, AI plugins might have played a vital role in the faster production of elite songs, which increased the number of listeners and hours spent listening to songs on music streaming platforms. Let’s dive in.


Focusrite’s suite of plugins leverages AI to significantly simplify the mixing process. Every effect that is included intelligently adapts to the audio it receives automatically. As opposed to the “default presets” included in most other plugins, this gives you a far better starting point. After the automated processing is complete, you can adjust each setting separately to achieve the precise outcomes you want. A limiter, equalization, compressor, reverb, and “Reveal,” a spectral sidechain that automatically eliminates frequencies that clash between tracks, are all included in the Fast Bundle.


Three AI-powered one-knob plugins—Compressor, Limiter, and Reverb—are included in Sonible’s Pure Bundle. All that is required to adjust the parameters is a single “amount knob,” as the plugins automatically modify them based on the signal they receive. Using these plugins can significantly expedite the process of quickly arranging tracks. The one-knob workflow is beneficial, even though they don’t have more sophisticated editing options.

Controlla Voice

Artists, songwriters, and producers can sing anything in any language with the help of Controlla Voice, an ethical AI singing platform. With the ability to create AI choirs, record demos featuring various licensed singer voices, and boost your visibility with AI covers and multilingual songs, this is the ultimate vocal toolkit. 

To have an artificial intelligence singing voice that sounds like you, you must upload fifteen minutes of their previous recordings to Controlla Voice. Once that’s done, you can use your voice to mimic any singing performance, including rhythm, notes, vibrato, and emotion. Additionally, artists can use Controlla Voice to combine voices to create entirely new, unheard voices for characters in other creative media or to feature in their original music. 

Landr Mastering

Tracks can be automatically mastered using AI with the Landr platform. You can add reference tracks to the app, adjust the volume and style, and do an A/B comparison between the original and master tracks at the same volume. In addition, the platform distributes music, provides collaboration tools, and acts as a central location for various resources related to music production.


Playbeat is a self-described creative groove randomizer by Audiomodern. This plugin functions as a highly potent sequencer, utilizing AI and random input to produce harmonically varied yet coherent grooves that form the foundation of your beats. Just load four of your best samples into the interface, then experiment with the various settings. The plugin automatically syncs to the tempo of your track and can be mapped to a MIDI controller. For any mobile producer, it is also available for iOS. 


Algonaut’s Atlas is an AI-driven sequencer and sample browser plugin. The software produces “Sample maps” which are pretty simple to browse. Atlas arranges related samples near each other so you don’t have to search through countless folders on your hard drive and can quickly search for different sounds whenever you need them. You can quickly swap samples, edit sounds, and create custom drum kits with a few clicks. The plugin also comes with a complete sequencer that can create patterns automatically, which makes it very simple to create drum patterns.

Orb Producer Suite

Orb Chords, Orb Melody, Orb Bass, and Orb Arpeggio are the four AI MIDI generator plugins that make up the Orb Producer Suite. These tools enable highly advanced customization with parameters like Complexity, Density, Polyphony, and much more, in addition to rapid pattern randomization. A complete wavetable synthesizer is included to play the patterns you’ve created without using additional synth plugins. Naturally, the generated patterns can still be dropped onto a MIDI track for additional editing or using your instrument plugins. All of these plugins synchronizing throughout the entire DAW project—that is, the bass, arpeggio, melody, and chords—is a fantastic suite feature.

47.9% of producers are neutral about AI Plugins in music production

In a survey titled AI Technology in Music Production released in August 2023, only 17.3% of surveyed music producers were negative about using AI. Most producers either had a neutral opinion (47.9%) or felt optimistic (34.8%) about using AI in music production.

It’s important to note that although 17.3% is still a tiny percentage, it illustrates the mistrust and anxiety of some musicians and music producers regarding AI and its potential advantages.

The neutrality of 47.9% of the producers hint at how unsure many are about the bustling wave of Artificial Intelligence. AI plugins could have amassed success in the past months. However, many producers are still uncertain about these AI tools in the production and promotion of music. 

Tobi’s angle

If you take a look at the above-listed AI plugins for music production and try some of them out, you will surely be amazed by how much they can help, how far they can go, how swiftly they can cover, and how important they can be in the long run to the production of classical songs. AI plugins are essential, and music producers should try to embrace them. 

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