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12 Best The Cars Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 9, 2023
the cars songs

The Cars have become an iconic band in the rock and roll music genre, with their blend of new wave and power pop sounds.

This article examines the 12 best The Cars songs of all time, based on their greatest hits.

The songs were selected based on a combination of factors such as commercial success, critical reception, and staying power.

Each song is discussed and analyzed in terms of its compositional elements, lyrical content, and impact on the music industry.

It is hoped that this analysis will provide an insight into the musical achievements of the band, and help to explain their enduring popularity.

1. “Drive”

The concept of “Drive” has been explored through various musical genres, highlighting its capacity to capture a range of emotions.

From the melancholy of jazz and blues to the energy of rock and pop, “Drive” has become a staple of the popular music landscape.

Through its use of lyrics and instrumentation, “Drive” is able to evoke feelings of nostalgia, determination, and joy.

Its ability to embody the human experience has made it an enduring element of popular music, and a timeless favorite of music fans around the world.

2. “You Might Think”

“You Might Think”, a track featured on The Cars’ fifth studio album, Heartbeat City, is widely considered a classic of the band’s discography.

The song, written by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Ric Ocasek, features a memorable synthesizer hook and a powerful chorus.

Lyrically, the song is about the excitement of a new relationship and the hope that it will last.

Musically, the song stands out with its catchy, danceable beat and multiple layers of instrumentation.

The track has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with it being featured in television shows, films, and commercials.

3. “Magic”

“Magic” is a song by The Cars, released as the first single from their fifth studio album Heartbeat City.

It was written by lead vocalist Ric Ocasek, and produced by Mutt Lange.

The song features a synthesizer-heavy production with a prominent chorus and a strong hook.

The lyrics deal with a man trying to reconcile with a former lover and describe the magical power of love.

It is widely considered one of the best singles of the 1980s and one of the best The Cars songs of all time.

4. “Good Times Roll”

“Good Times Roll” is a single from The Cars’ debut album of the same name.

The song is a classic rock anthem that has become a staple of classic rock radio stations.

The song’s lyrics focus on the joys of having a good time with friends, and its upbeat tempo and catchy melody make it an upbeat and memorable song.

The track also features a guitar solo that is considered by some to be one of the best ever recorded.

The song is a testament to the band’s ability to craft classic rock anthems that are still beloved by fans today.

5. “Moving In Stereo”

“Moving In Stereo”, a single from The Cars album, is an upbeat rock anthem that features a memorable guitar solo and lyrics that focus on the joys of enjoying life with friends.

The song’s iconic opening riff is instantly recognizable, creating an endearing and timeless sound.

The song’s chorus is particularly upbeat and celebratory, contrasting with the more introspective verses.

The song is a classic example of the band’s unique style of new wave rock, blending elements of punk, pop, and synth-pop into a memorable and energetic song.

6. “Just What I Needed”

“Just What I Needed” is an uplifting track that exhibits the joys of life and friendship with its vibrant and dynamic sound.

Originally released in 1978, the song was written by Ric Ocasek and performed by the American rock band The Cars.

The song starts with a catchy, upbeat guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

The chorus is anthemic, and the lyricism speaks to the joys of life and friendship.

The song’s production and arrangement capture the energy of the era and the sound of popular rock music at the time.

“Just What I Needed” is a classic rock song that is beloved by fans of The Cars and remains a favorite to this day.

7. “Since You’re Gone”

“Since You’re Gone” is a mid-tempo rock ballad that demonstrates a melancholic atmosphere with its somber instrumentation and lyrics.

Recorded by The Cars, the song was released in 1981 as a single from their fourth album Shake It Up.

Its lyrics describe the pain of a breakup and the singer’s longing for their lost love.

Musically, the track is characterized by a driving beat and a plaintive electric guitar solo.

The song’s chorus, with its layered harmonies, is anthemic and evocative, creating a lasting impression.

8. “Tonight She Comes”

Continuing along the path of beloved car songs, tonight we explore “Tonight She Comes” by The Cars.

This fan favorite was released in 1985 and became an instant hit.

The song’s lyrics are full of references to the classic car culture of the era, including drag racing and various car models.

The signature upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it an enjoyable and fun listening experience.

Musically, “Tonight She Comes” is an upbeat rock tune with a classic eighties vibe.

The instrumental track features prominent electric guitar lines and a driving beat supplied by the drums.

This song is sure to get listeners on their feet and moving.

9. “Shake It Up”

Pulsing with energy and electricity, “Shake It Up” is a 1981 classic from The Cars that captures the classic car culture of the era.

Uptempo and catchy, the song is driven by a thumping bass and synthesized drum beats.

The vocal harmonies and guitar riffs give the track a melodic edge.

Lyric-wise, the song celebrates the joys of driving and the freedom of the road.

With its infectious beat and classic car references, “Shake It Up” is a timeless classic that has become an integral part of car culture.

10. “My Best Friend’s Girl”

A popular single on The Cars’ self-titled album, “My Best Friend’s Girl” is a rock-pop track with an infectious rhythm and memorable chorus.

The song is composed of a catchy hook line and a strong backing beat, with guitars and a keyboard that drives the melody.

Lead singer Ric Ocasek’s vocals are delivered in a light, melodic style that contrasts the underlying heavy instrumentals.

The lyrics are about a man’s unrequited love for his best friend’s girl.

Overall, “My Best Friend’s Girl” is a classic rock track that has stood the test of time.

11. “Bye Bye Love”

Featuring an upbeat rhythm and powerful chorus, “Bye Bye Love” is a memorable single from The Cars’ debut album.

Released in 1978, the song was a commercial success.

The song is an upbeat rock anthem, characterized by its melodic guitar riffs and driving drum beat.

The catchy hook of the chorus is particularly memorable and has been featured in many films and television shows.

Overall, “Bye Bye Love” is a classic rock song that has stood the test of time and continues to be an anthem for classic rock fans.

12. “Let’s Go”

The fast-paced, energetic track “Let’s Go” is a driving rock anthem from The Cars Candy-O album.

It has become one of the band’s most popular songs since its release in 1979.

The song takes a unique approach to the classic rock sound, blending energetic guitar riffs and driving drum beats with a catchy synth-pop chorus.

Lead singer Ric Ocasek’s vocals provide an uplifting and energetic performance.

The song’s simple yet effective lyrics explore themes of freedom and the joys of living life to the fullest.

The combination of all these elements comes together to create an invigorating and powerful song that remains one of the most iconic and beloved tracks in the band’s discography.

Best The Cars Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

Cars songs have come to represent a certain period in musical history.

They have provided the soundtrack to many a road trip, and have a timeless quality that continues to make them popular.

Their music is often characterized by catchy hooks, rousing choruses, and a unique blend of punk, rock, and new wave.

The best of The Cars’ songs have stood the test of time, and they remain some of the most beloved tunes of the ‘80s.

The Cars have provided the soundtrack to many memories.

Their greatest hits are an essential part of any music fan’s collection and will continue to bring joy to fans for years to come.

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