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13 Best Stevie Wonder Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

June 19, 2023
Best Stevie Wonder Songs

Stevie Wonder, a living legend in the realm of music, has blessed the world with a remarkable collection of timeless songs.

With his unparalleled talent, soulful voice, and profound lyrics, Wonder has captivated generations of listeners.

In this article, we celebrate his artistic genius by highlighting the 13 best Stevie Wonder songs of all time.

From chart-topping hits to soul-stirring ballads, these songs showcase Wonder’s musical prowess and the profound impact he has had on the industry.

Enjoy our picks of the best Stevie Wonder songs!

1. “Superstition”

Superstition” is a funky beat and catchy lyrics make it one of Stevie Wonder’s most enduring hits, showcasing his unmatched talent as a songwriter and performer.

The opening riff played on a clavinet, instantly hooks the listener and sets the stage for the rest of the song.

The song’s layered instrumentation, including horns, percussion, and backing vocals, add depth and richness to the already dynamic track.

“Superstition” has been covered by countless artists and remains a beloved staple in Wonder’s discography.

2. “As”

As a soulful and romantic ballad, “As” tugs at the heartstrings with its poignant lyrics and tender melody.

This song is a testament to Stevie Wonder’s ability to create timeless classics that evoke powerful emotions.

The lyrics speak of unconditional love and acceptance, beautifully complemented by the gentle guitar and piano accompaniment.

The song’s arrangement is simple yet effective, allowing Wonder’s vocals to shine.

“As” is a perfect example of why Stevie Wonder is considered one of the greatest songwriters of all time, and why his music continues to captivate audiences today.

3. “Living For The City”

The song “Living For The City” narrates a compelling tale of resilience and determination amidst racial inequality.

With his captivating vocals and the song’s infectious blend of funk and soul, Stevie Wonder creates a timeless masterpiece that continues to connect with listeners today.

The song’s lyrics paint a vivid picture, particularly in depicting the protagonist’s unjust arrest and subsequent incarceration, amplifying the emotional depth of the music.

Through its powerful storytelling, “Living For The City” serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing fight for equality and fairness, while also showcasing the profound impact music can have in inspiring transformative change.

4. “My Cherie Amour”

“My Cherie Amour” is a mesmerizing ballad by the iconic artist Stevie Wonder, characterized by his remarkable vocal range and profound emotional expression.

Originally released in 1969, this enchanting composition swiftly captured the hearts of listeners and continues to evoke profound emotions in fans to this day.

The lyrics, though simple, possess a profound impact as they convey a profound sense of devotion and admiration toward his cherished love.

Notably, the arrangement of the song features exquisite strings and delicate piano accompaniment, further enhancing its captivating allure.

As a whole, “My Cherie Amour” stands as an everlasting masterpiece that effortlessly touches the soul of every individual who experiences its tender melody and heartfelt lyrics.

5. “Higher Ground”

Experience the captivating essence of “Higher Ground” through its infectious funky bassline, which exudes unparalleled energy and power.

This exceptional song seamlessly merges the genres of funk, rock, and soul, resulting in a harmonious blend that transcends musical boundaries.

The lyrics of “Higher Ground” possess a remarkable ability to uplift and inspire, motivating listeners to pursue a greater purpose in life.

Stevie Wonder’s vocals are nothing short of soulful and impassioned, effectively capturing the profound emotions conveyed within the song.

Notably, the guitar and keyboard solos serve as magnificent showcases of Stevie’s extraordinary musical prowess, leaving a lasting impression on all who hear them.

It undeniably stands as one of Stevie Wonder’s greatest hits, forever resonating with its listeners.

6. “I Was Made To Love Her”

Let’s delve into another classic treasure from Stevie Wonder’s extensive musical collection, the captivating masterpiece known as “I Was Made To Love Her”.

This vibrant and exhilarating composition eloquently showcases Wonder’s exceptional ability to create irresistible melodies that linger in your thoughts long after the music fades away.

From the spirited entrance of the horns to the infectious chorus, “I Was Made To Love Her” is a joyous homage to love and the boundless joy it brings.

As you immerse yourself in this song, you’ll find yourself involuntarily tapping your feet and enthusiastically joining in on the enthralling lyrics.

7. “I Wish”

When you hear the funky bassline and nostalgic lyrics of “I Wish”, you can’t help but feel transported back to the era of disco and funk.

Released in 1976, this song is a celebration of childhood memories and the carefree spirit of youth.

Stevie Wonder’s signature vocals and harmonica playing add to the catchy melody and infectious beat, making it one of his most beloved songs.

“I Wish” remains a timeless classic and a staple of Stevie Wonder’s greatest hits.

8. “Lately”

Listen up, folks, if you haven’t already heard it, “Lately” is a soulful ballad that showcases Stevie Wonder’s vocal range and emotional depth.

This song, released in 1981, highlights Wonder’s ability to pour his heart out through his music.

The touching lyrics speak of a love that is fading away, and Wonder’s delivery of them is nothing short of breathtaking.

His falsetto notes are particularly impressive, and they add an extra layer of emotion to the already powerful song.

“Lately” is a testament to Stevie Wonder’s talent as a singer and songwriter, and it remains one of his most beloved tracks to this day.

9. “I Just Called To Say I Love You”

You can’t deny the heartfelt sincerity behind the lyrics of “I Just Called To Say I Love You”, as Stevie Wonder’s smooth vocals and romantic melody create a timeless classic.

This song showcases Wonder’s ability to capture the essence of love in a simple yet powerful way.

The lyrics express the desire to connect with a loved one and let them know how much they mean to you, something that resonates with people across generations.

The melody is memorable and catchy, making it easy to sing along and get lost in the emotion of the song.

“I Just Called To Say I Love You” is a testament to Stevie Wonder’s talent as a songwriter and performer, and it remains one of his most beloved songs to this day.

10. “Part-Time Lover”

“Part-Time Lover” is a groovy and upbeat track that showcases Stevie Wonder’s versatility as a musician.

It was released in 1985 and quickly became a hit, remaining a fan favorite to this day.

The song features a catchy melody, funky bassline, and Stevie’s signature harmonica playing.

The lyrics tell the story of a secret affair, adding a bit of intrigue to the already infectious tune.

What sets this song apart from others in Stevie’s catalog is the use of electronic instruments, which were becoming more prevalent in pop music at the time.

“Part-Time Lover” proves that Stevie Wonder wasn’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles, cementing his status as one of the greatest musicians of all time.

11. “Isn’t She Lovely”

Now, let’s talk about another one of Stevie Wonder’s greatest hits, “Isn’t She Lovely”.

This song is often associated with the birth of Wonder’s daughter, Aisha, and celebrates the joy and wonder of parenthood.

With its upbeat tempo, catchy melody, and heartwarming lyrics, “Isn’t She Lovely” has become a beloved classic that continues to inspire and entertain listeners around the world.

From its jazzy piano intro to its soulful harmonica solos, every aspect of this song exudes Wonder’s signature musical style and talent.

So if you’re looking for a feel-good tune that will put a smile on your face and fill your heart with love, “Isn’t She Lovely” is definitely worth a listen.

12. “We Can Work It Out”

Get ready to groove to Stevie Wonder’s “We Can Work It Out” – a funky and upbeat tune that will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time.

This song is a perfect example of Stevie Wonder’s musical genius.

The lyrics are simple yet profound, conveying a message of hope and collaboration.

The melody is catchy and infectious, with a driving beat that will keep you moving.

Stevie Wonder’s vocals are smooth and soulful, adding depth and emotion to the already powerful lyrics.

“We Can Work It Out” is a timeless classic that still resonates with listeners today, proving that Stevie Wonder truly is one of the greatest musicians of all time.

13. “For Once In My Life”

You’ll appreciate the soulful and emotive vocals in “For Once In My Life”, a classic song that showcases Stevie Wonder’s range and depth as a musician.

Released in 1968, this timeless hit was written by Ron Miller and Orlando Murden and has since been covered by countless artists.

Wonder’s rendition, however, stands out for his ability to convey both vulnerability and confidence through his voice.

The song’s catchy melody, coupled with its relatable lyrics about finding love after a period of loneliness, has made it a staple in the Motown canon.

It’s no wonder that “For Once In My Life” continues to be beloved by fans and remains a testament to Stevie Wonder’s enduring talent.

Best Stevie Wonder Songs – Final Thoughts

You’ve just gone through the 13 best Stevie Wonder songs of all time.

It’s not surprising that Wonder’s music is timeless and his voice remains iconic.

Each song on this list is a perfect example of why Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest musicians of all time, from “Superstition” to “For Once in My Life”.

Wonder’s impact on the music industry is undeniable, but his songs also speak to the human experience.

It’s no wonder that his music continues to inspire new generations of musicians and fans alike.

So, let’s continue to celebrate Stevie Wonder’s incredible contributions to music and keep listening to these timeless classics.

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