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30 Best Songs About Tuesday & With Tuesday in the Title

May 22, 2023
songs about tuesday

Tuesday has the reputation of being a boring day of the week. 

You might think nothing significant happens on a Tuesday, but this day does not need to be as monotonous as you might think. 

You may be surprised to discover how many artists have composed songs that specifically mention Tuesday – and we’ve put together a list of the top ones. 

These songs about Tuesday will help you get through the day, whether you’re driving to work or are lucky enough to be relaxing at home. 

They will help you unwind or sit with your feelings wherever Tuesday takes you.

1. “Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)” by T-Bone Walker

“Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)” is a rhythmic, bluesy classic performed in West Coast-style blues by T-Bone Walker, an American jump blues and electric guitar pioneer.

The lyrics of the song discuss the daily grind of dealing with a broken relationship. 

Blues electric guitarist Walker’s smooth voice and distinctive guitar introduction stand out among the horns. 

This timeless early blues song about Tuesday is perfect for getting over a breakup.

2. “Tuesday Maybe” by Way Out West

The English electronica music duo Wisternoff and Warren reunited as Way Out West after which they released “Tuesday Maybe”, which went on to become a 2017 club dance hit, with over 2 million views on YouTube.

There aren’t many words in the song; only one is repeated numerous times. 

Given the cryptic lyrics and intense tempo, interpretations of this Tuesday song are up to the listeners. 

3. “Cold Shower Tuesdays” by Bowling for Soup

The underground rock band, Bowling for Soup, delivers a fast-paced punk-ska energy in “Cold Shower Tuesdays.”

This breakup ballad has a typical early 2000s feel with humorous twists.

Many may relate to the song’s numerous nostalgic references to John Hughes’ movies, Junior Mints, and campfire cookies. 

This is a perfect Tuesday song for the sentimental “what-if” romantic.

4. “Ruby Tuesday” by The Rolling Stones

Ruby Tuesday,” the Rolling Stones’ fourth U.S. number-one hit, was released in 1966 on Let’s Spend the Night Together. 

It’s described as a ‘smooth ballad à la baroque’ distinguishing it from the typical rock band sound, leaning towards a bluesy, psychedelic vibe. 

The sophisticated orchestral sound is created by combining a variety of instrumental textures, including piano, flute, cello, and acoustic guitar. 

While it is clearly classic rock, its aural elements lean towards a more experimental classification.

5. “Church on Tuesday” by Stone Temple Pilots

This late-90s song’s lyrics depict a dysfunctional family, where the father and brother prefer to sin, while the mother goes to church mid-week. 

This song, with its repetitive lyrics, seems to talk about the different ways in which the members of the family find an escape.

“Church on Tuesday” has a grunge flavor and puts the guitar in front while the vocalist stays in the background for adding mid-range texture. 

The solo vocals are later covered by multiple harmonies, which complete the melody.

6. “Taco Tuesday” by Migos

“Taco Tuesday” is a fun and catchy song that has a lot of fun with food metaphors, putting a humorous spin on the theme of Taco Tuesday.

Naturally, the rap song has two meanings—it’s not really about meat, cheese, and lettuce-stuffed crunchy corn shells.

But it could be interpreted through the song’s lyrics that Migos are talking about private moments between them and their lovers. 

As a fan of catchy rap bars, Migos is a fun Tuesday listen.

7. “Tuesday” by ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake

It can be difficult to find time to spend with friends as you get older. 

Coordination can be challenging because everyone has different schedules. 

The theme of “Tuesday” is going to a club on a weeknight that works for everyone. 

It just goes to show how life changes as people get older and how sometimes you have to make do with what’s available to you.

The Drake-featuring song has over 199 million views on YouTube.

8. “Tuesday” by Burak Yeter ft. Danelle Sandoval

Burak Yeter cemented his place in the music industry at age 22. 

More than ten years later, in 2017, Yeter released “Tuesday,” which topped numerous global charts.

The performance contains an electronic dance number with samples of synth instrumentals such as a steel-string guitar in this medium-tempo bop. 

Danelle Sandoval adds delicate musicality with the vocal riff. 

Because of its constant repetition and calming beat, it is the perfect background listen.

9. “On Tuesday” by Men Without Hats

Have you ever experienced a life event that was so significant that it stayed with you for the rest of your life? 

This lively song leaves the listener wondering about the songwriter’s intentions. 

The song reminisces about meeting someone on a mundane Tuesday. 

This meeting is seared into the singer’s memory. 

However, listeners may be puzzled as to whether it is a fond memory or not.

10. “Tuesdays” by Jake Scott

Scott’s music explores the intricacies of people as well as the profound emotional issues that people all face. 

In this song, he comes to the realization that love is more than just big moments with white dresses, big parties, and “picture-perfect” days.

The soft acoustic sound of the song “love is the everyday” moments is the ideal choice when you need to get a little romantic or remember that life isn’t just about the big moments.

11. “Tuesday Feeling (Choose To Stay)” by Blood Orange ft. Tinashe

Featuring Tinashe, a young newcomer at the time, this 2019 modern track was co-written by Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) on the album Angel’s Pulse. 

The blending of male and female vocals creates a cool, almost summery atmosphere. 

The interplay between Hynes and Tinashe is an almost sweet contrast to the brutal reality the lyrics portray. 

Jazz, guitar, funky bass, and moody keyboard melodies provide a blanket of sound that straddles the line between R&B and indie, while the lyrics talk about being loyal and true to your partner, even in an unequal, almost-abusive relationship. 

12. “Gentle Tuesday” by Primal Scream

What is it about Tuesday’s theme that inspires such lyrical but ambiguous music? 

Primal Scream’s words on their Sonic Flower Groove song, “Gentle Tuesday,” are anything but straightforward in their interpretation. 

The song gets its name from the chorus lyrics, “Gentle Tuesday, sad and lonely eyes,” which allude to romance, nostalgia, and unique imagery.

The album is a psychedelic rock/jangle pop hybrid reminiscent of the Byrds. 

The ambiguity of the lyrics lends itself quite well to this genre hybrid. 

13. “Tuesday’s Child” by Steven Curtis Chapman

This song is a play on the nursery rhyme “Monday’s Child”, Chapman uses the rhyme to describe himself as Thursday’s child, who has “far to go”, but he wishes to have God’s grace and be more like Tuesday’s child.

This gospel song encourages having faith in a creator despite feeling weak and powerless. 

This release was included in Chapman’s album Real Life Conversations, which features harder and edgier sounds steering toward light rock.

14. “Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning” by Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies, a Canadian alt-country band, released this rock, blues, and alternative country ballad on their 1990 album The Caution Horses. 

The singer sings nostalgically about bidding a lover goodbye and mornings when blinds were left open and there were no real regrets.

The rest of the day follows the same pattern, with a key difference: she now lives on her own.

This song’s lazy guitar and slow morning vibe make it a simple song to unwind while sipping coffee.

15. “Tuesday Morning” by The Pogues

The Pogues’ folk rock song “Tuesday Morning,” which they recorded and released as a single from their album Waiting for Herb in 1993, was their final single to reach the United Kingdom’s Top 20. 

The sentimental song exudes a happy, upbeat melody despite hints of regret in the lyrics that yearn for a time of ease while daydreaming and cuddling on a Tuesday morning. 

The bright drums add an essential lively feel to the otherwise depressing message.

16. “Sweet Tuesday Morning” by Badfinger

Released in 1972, “Sweet Tuesday Morning” is a beautifully crafted acoustic song full of reminders of what true love is.

This simple love song is about realizing small moments in life and knowing that, for one moment, everything is exactly as it should be.

It is a stereotypical encapsulation of the strong folk/hippie vibe of the 70s, with soft acoustic guitars and effects from a synth harp. 

This song, surprisingly, appears to depict a couple who is still in love.

17. “Another Tuesday Morning” by Jim Brickman

The piano ballad “Another Tuesday Morning” was written by Jim Brickman, an American musician. 

Despite the lack of lyrics, the song’s effortless beauty warrants inclusion on this list. 

We could all use some peace and comfort on a Tuesday morning, and this song is the perfect excuse to do that. 

The singer gives an impressively virtuosic performance that pushes the limits of his musical ability and inspires you to take up piano lessons so you can try it out for yourself.

18. “Tuesday Afternoon” by The Moody Blues

The British symphonic rock band, The Moody Blues, released the single “Tuesday Afternoon” in 1968 from their 1967 album Days of Future Passed with the theme of a look into a ‘typical’ day in a person’s life. 

A soft acoustic rock ballad turns into a catchy mid-tempo groove with the help of a low-register piano riff. 

The references to nature, such as clouds and trees, are a nod to the hippy folk-rock aesthetic of the decade.

19. “Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday” by J.S. Ondara

During the 2020 lockdown, Ondara wrote, performed, produced, and engineered all the folk-rock songs on his second album, Folk n’ Roll Vol. 1: Tales Of Isolation. 

His album seems to be a time capsule of these lockdown experiences.

The heartfelt song inspires us to reflect on the sweetness of romantic memories and the beauty of relationships, regardless of what happens in life.

The guitar and vocals are sparse and intimate, straddling the folk, alternative, and indie genres while exploring universal themes of hope and loneliness.

20. “Tuesday Night” by Josh Abbott Band

The Josh Abbot Band, a Red Dirt-based band, nails the song “Tuesday Night” with its distinct blend of Oklahoma and Texas country music. 

The song is about being young, friends, and the need for a happy place to create, such as the Tuesday night you remember. 

This is an ode to the reckless optimism of being young and ready to take on the world.

You’ll want to throw a party on a Tuesday night while playing this song on repeat.

21. “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone” by John Anderson ft. Blake Shelton

In 2020, country singer John Anderson released the thoughtful song “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone” on his twenty-second studio album. 

This contemporary electronic sound is combined with a traditional country twang; a mesh of new and old sounds blends into this lighthearted tune. 

Using a prominent harmonica line, the song’s poignant message of lost love is highlighted.

This song is an exploration of freedom and uncertainty and is reminiscent of the early Eagles’ music.

22. “Love You Till Tuesday” by David Bowie

“Love You Till Tuesday,” written and performed by David Bowie, is another cheeky song about a Tuesday from the singer’s early musical career about loving someone till Tuesday after starting a new affair on Sunday. 

However, the song only gained attention when released as a single later that year.

Bowie was not a legend at the time of the song’s release, however, his promotional film used the song’s title and helped introduce him to a much larger audience.

23. “Tuesday Heartbreak” by Stevie Wonder

“Tuesday Heartbreak” by Stevie Wonder is heartbreakingly relatable. 

Sometimes, we need a good song to say goodbye to someone we wish we could still see. 

Stevie Wonder sings about feeling like a breakup was already planned in his 1972 hit “Tuesday Heartbreak.” 

However, listening to this upbeat song about heartbreak is a reminder that yearning for that unfulfilled love isn’t always a bad thing.

24. “Tuesday’s Broken” by Sugarland

“Tuesday’s Broken” is a hopeful song that examines tragedies around the world and how we can help those who are deeply wounded, hurting, and in need of love. 

The song’s theme tackles the topic of school mass shootings from a parent’s perspective. 

In keeping with the song’s melancholic message, the singer’s voice changes from sad to passionate, while strings join in on the second verse for a symphonic build into the bridge.

If you need to be reminded of the difference you can make in the world, “Tuesday’s Broken” might be the song for you.

25. “Tuesday’s Gone” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Tuesday’s Gone” by Lynyrd Skynyrd isn’t about a specific day of the week. 

It focuses on a woman named Tuesday, who the singer is moving on from. 

A song that is pretty brutal and gives the theme of Tuesday another sad spin. 

With the use of a catchy melody, its sad lyrics are remembered long afterward.

A slow ballad with guitar solos, vocal harmonies, and a steady progression of blues drums enhances the feeling of isolation.

26. “Tuesday’s Gone” by Hank Williams Jr.

A country-influenced rendition, Hank Williams Junior gives the song “Tuesday’s Gone” a sonorous vibe. 

The reverberating emotion of losing a loved one cuts through the country rhythms and acoustic guitar through Williams’ empathetic voice. 

You ponder whether he can really carry on when he sings, “Somehow I’ve got to carry on.” 

This rendition is heartbreaking in its cry as the singer contemplates the breakup and the emotional toll he goes through.

27. “Tuesday’s Dead” by Yusuf / Cat Stevens

“Tuesday’s Dead” is a steady, moody acoustic song about the world today.

The lyrics explore faith, religious leaders, and other individuals as they seek the meaning of life. 

It’s not surprising that the lyrics from the early 1970s, highlighted by Stevens’ rendition, are ambiguous and reflective. 

Nevertheless, it’s a lively song with simple lyrics that features upbeat vocals, an energetic guitar strum, and a heavy percussion beat. 

Because of the backing vocal harmonies, the song is ideal for lounging by the pool during summertime. 

Although it is a mix of folk, alternative, and rock, the song has a bubbly vibe while addressing existential concerns about life and work.

28. “Groovy Tuesday” by The Smithereens

The Smithereens argue in “Groovy Tuesday” that any day can be good for a variety of trivial reasons. 

This high-energy hit from the punk-rock explosion of the 1980s is reminiscent of the Romantics’ contemporary sound. 

The prominent drums and aggressive vocals, as well as the guitar effects, are typical of the 1980s.

The simple lyrics, which lament that nothing ever seems to last, convey an almost listless message of wrongdoing and hopelessness. 

29. “C U Next Tuesday” by Kesha

Most of us will understand the backronym, but some people may not. 

Kesha sings about being intimate with a man who is already taken and who keeps leading her on, which she is tired of.

This song, which appears on the album Animal, has a memorable tune and witty lyrics.

30. “Tuesday Moon” by Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel’s unusual name is just as strange as their song “Tuesday Moon.” 

The indie rock/psychedelic rock/lo-fi band recorded a polished version of their first single, “Love You On a Tuesday,” in lower quality on purpose. 

This song has a punk influence, with raw guitars and whiny vocals similar to the British Invasion. 

The tambourine adds an intriguing dimension to the more reflective moments of the song.

Songs About Tuesday – Final Thoughts

While most of these songs about Tuesdays lean towards being contemplative, there is a good mixture of tracks for any mood.

These songs offer something different for everyone, whether you want to relax or get your heart pumping. 

So, go ahead and spice up your ordinary Tuesday with the songs on this list.

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