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45 Best Songs About Revenge (Revenge Tracks)

December 22, 2023
songs about revenge

I’ve gathered the best songs about revenge, a compilation of tracks that delve into the complex emotions and narratives surrounding retribution and retaliation.

This article explores a variety of revenge-themed songs, each one capturing the intensity and drama of seeking justice through music.

Table of Contents

Top songs about revenge

  • “Before He Cheat” by Carrie Underwood
  • “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar
  • “Goodbye Earl” by The Chicks
  • “One Way Or Another” by Blondie
  • “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon
  • “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce
  • “So What” by P!nk
  • “Better Than Revenge” by Taylor Swift
  • “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake
  • “Trailer For Rent” by Pistol Annies

1. “Before He Cheat” by Carrie Underwood

If you encounter the type of woman narrated in this song, you might be in for a long relationship.

While cheating in a relationship is undesirable, some partners can ignore it and act as if they don’t know anything is happening.

But this narrator was violent; she smashed her husband’s vehicle while purging the air out of the four tires. 

“Maybe next time, he’ll think before he cheats,” that’s what the narrator said.

2. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar

This song was an instant hit when it came out because of the singer’s personality and the issue it addresses.

It’s always depressing when those you trust stab you behind your back; this was Taylor Swift’s situation when her friend went behind her back to hire the exact people she was working with.

Though forgiveness and letting go are always better options, Taylor will have none of that as she says, “there is no forgiveness here.”

3. “Goodbye Earl” by The Chicks

This song depicts an abusive relationship where the husband beats the wife to the extent of putting her in intensive care.

Armed with the option of revenge, the wife, in cahoot with her best friend, plots to kill the husband.

After killing him and disposing of the body, both women acted as if nothing had happened, and Earl was paid more than he bargained for.

4. “One Way Or Another” by Blondie

In this song, Debbie Harry, the lead singer, narrates her experience with an ex-lover who continually stalks her everywhere she goes.

Miffed by this obsession, she used this song to warn him to stop stalking her as she has gone away from him forever.

This song gained wide popularity as many people could visualize Debbie’s situation in their relationship.

5. “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon

Carly Simon was involved in a relationship with a lover, thinking she was the only one he was seeing.

However, she later discovered this when her therapist told her he’s been seeing someone else too.

Getting out of a relationship where you feel underappreciated isn’t always easy; however, the only way to take revenge may be to call it quits.

Sometimes, the lover may realize their mistake and come back to apologize, but if they don’t come, it’s a win-win for you.

6. “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce

When your partner always cheats, should you take revenge by cheating back?

Beyonce doesn’t think that’s the best solution, as two wrongs don’t make a right. 

Instead, in this song, Beyonce throws out the cheating partner and shuts the door on him.

She said, “I can have another you in a minute; matter of fact, he’ll be here in a minute, baby,” to spite him.

7. “So What” by P!nk

“So What” is one of the best revenge songs you can take as inspiration on your vengeful mission.

Here, P!nk didn’t let the breakup between her and her ex-lover deter her from forging ahead.

She overcame the breakup and continued her career as if nothing had happened.

The best way to have the fulfillment of revenge is to become successful in the sight of those that hurt you, and that’s what P!nk practically did.

8. “Better Than Revenge” by Taylor Swift

When Taylor’s man left her and went away with another woman who presumably was good in bed, she was unequivocal in her call for revenge.

She said, “she should keep in mind that there is nothing I do better than revenge,” which means the other woman should be prepared.

She directed her anger against the woman, with not even a word about the husband – maybe the woman seduced him.

9. “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake

What a way to get back at your cheating partner! Justin got his revenge in the most excruciating manner leaving his partner crying the most.

Sometimes you don’t leave your cheating partner to get away with what they have done; you let them have a taste of the pain.

The line “The bridges were burned, and now it’s your turn to cry, Cry me a river” is made for soothing revenge.

10. “Trailer For Rent” by Pistol Annies

Women sometimes opt for a violent way of getting back at their cheating husbands.

However, instead of resorting to violence, the narrator devised an innovative way of hurting the husband.

She advertised in the newspaper that she wanted to rent out a trailer which is one of their properties.

The husband, who is also a recalcitrant, didn’t bother to check on his wife, so I guess it is good riddance.

11. “Hit ‘Em Up Style” by Blu Cantrell

In this song, the woman chooses a non-violent way of getting back at her cheating husband.

However, she did the unthinkable by selling off the husband’s belongings, draining his bank account, and also making him lose his credit card status.

Afterward, she goes to the shopping mall to spend the proceeds she got from selling his property; What a beautiful way of getting back at a cheating partner!

12. “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette

When Morissette got dumped by her first love Dave Coulier at the tender age of 18, it seemed her world was ending.

She felt so let down by a man that promised her everlasting love, and she wanders in pity while he doesn’t give a hoot.

Eventually, she dusted herself up and got over the breakup to become the popular Alanis Morissette. 

The best way to get back at someone is to be successful.

13. “I Hope You’re Happy Now” by Elvis Costello

Some partners can go as far as revealing secrets of their ex when they break up, and that’s exactly what Elvis Costello did.

Although it might sound petty, Costello wasn’t mincing words when he wrote out his thoughts about his ex-lover.

Digging out the secrets of his ex to spite her new man may be counterproductive; the trauma and hurt of the breakup may have played a part.

14. “Brain Damage” by Eminem

Many of us might have suffered bullying while in school, and Eminem was in this situation as he was severely bullied while growing up.

The song referenced the bullying he suffered from D’Angelo Bailey, who was notorious for bullying innocent kids.

Since he knew he couldn’t overpower him in real life, he fantasized about taking revenge.

In his dream, he imagined himself using a sharp object to smash the head of his nemesis.

What a way to get back at a bully!

15. “Here Comes Revenge” by Metallica

No matter how much you have suffered, the best option is to move on and not go after revenge.

In this song, more emphasis was laid on the aftermath of revenge to the one seeking revenge.

Before you settle for revenge, always think of better ways of dealing with the situation because revenge is, most of the time, not the best solution.

16. “Whatcha Think About That” by The Pussycat Dolls ft. Missy Elliott

The feeling of getting treated the same way by men could have inspired this song.

In this song, the narrator voices her frustration about her past relationships where her partners were all the same when it came to spending. 

She was angry they did not spend on her, took her out, and more.

She believed they were lying about their financial state, and was ready to seek vengeance on them.

17. “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” by Nancy Sinatra

How do you call it quits with a cheating partner? Here Nancy demonstrates how to do that perfectly.

Nancy had been enduring the infidelity of her husband for long until the endurance came to a climax, and she said enough is enough.  

One day, her husband, in his usual manner, did what he knew how to do best, which was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. 

She eventually left him for good and said, “someone else is now getting all your best.”

18. “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

In this award-winning song, Kelly demonstrates that the best way to get over revenge is to act as if nothing happened.

She was referring to her failed relationship with her ex-lover, who betrayed her trust, and she frankly told him she felt no vacuum since he had left.

This song might be perfect for getting back at your ex-lover if you are in this situation.

19. “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green

This song shows that Cee Lo Green has had feelings for a girl since secondary school and had tried everything to get her but to no avail.

The chase continued till they both entered college, but still, the girl wasn’t tilting towards Green’s advances.

After realizing that he’s been wasting his time, he later accepted that ‘the heartbreaker’ would not date him, and he wasn’t happy, but he eventually moved on without seeking revenge.

20. “Take It Back” by Logic

This song depicts a sex-starved woman who waits all day for her husband for many nights to come home for intimacy, only for the husband to get home tired.

However, the woman discovered that the tiredness wasn’t a result of busy days at the office but rather because of using his body for another woman.

The woman takes revenge by throwing his belongings out of the house and sending him away.

21. “Take A Bow” by Rihanna

In her beautiful voice, Rihanna suggests that if a relationship is constantly draining you, it might be the time to quit.

The narrator had enough of her unfaithful lover and decided that it is better if they go their separate ways.

In a turn of events, her husband came back to apologize, but she stood her ground that enough is enough, and she’s not gonna get back into that relationship; A sweet revenge!

22. “Friends” by Marshmello & Anne-Marie

As a young girl, you might have only taken some people as friends without having the intention of going beyond that.

However, the friends may want more than a platonic relationship; they may rather want a romantic relationship.

In this song, Anne-Marie frankly tells her friend that she can’t be in a relationship with him.

When the friend refused to budge, she got angry and threatened to sever the friendship if he did not stop stalking her.

23. “Kerosene” by Miranda Lambert

The worst thing you could ever do after a failed relationship is to turn yourself into a smoker; instead, why don’t you move on with your life?

This song is about a woman who has always been unlucky in relationships because her past partners have always jilted her without any justifiable reason.

Now she’s taking up the idea of smoking to get back at her past lover; Whether this is a good idea remains to be seen.

24. “White Liar” by Miranda Lambert

In a quite obnoxious way, Miranda agreed to marry her cheating boyfriend to show him that nobody has a monopoly on cheating. 

Apparently, she has also been cheating with another man after discovering he is a cheat.

On the wedding day, she said to his face that they’d both been cheating and later ran away with her man leaving the husband bewildered.

25. “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even” by Aerosmith

In an adulterous relationship, where one party cheats over the other, the frustration might encourage the other party to cheat.

Instead of getting mad at yourself or your spouse, the song teaches you to get even.

While this may not be the best solution, it is sometimes a good way to snap yourself of guilt and depression.

26. “Dear John” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift used this song to take a pound of flesh on her flirtatious, womanizing ex-lover.

Despite Swift being fateful in the relationship, the ex-lover was busy enjoying himself with different women who he picked at random

Indeed, she claimed he was manipulative and took advantage of her meek character to treat her that way.

27. “Revenge Of The Middle-Aged Woman” by Tracy Byrd

Sometimes, when you want to take revenge, you tend to do everything that can hurt your traducer.

In this song, a middle-aged woman discovers her husband is having an affair outside, but she does not bother to ask or confront him.

Armed with the option of vengeance, she placed an ad for her husband’s Mercedes car. 

She also treated the boy that bought it to a sumptuous meal which means she deliberately did all this to seek vengeance.

28. “Songs For The Dumped” by Ben Folds Five

This song typifies a situation where you don’t want to lose it all after you just got dumped by your lover.

You then decide to bargain for all the money you’ve spent on her and thereafter demand a refund.

If only it could work, this is a good way to spite your lover; maybe they will come back to you or give you part of the money you spent on them.

29. “Hate You” by King X

It’s not every time you always try to get back at your offenders, and it’s not every time that you have to throw stones at every dog that bites.

In this song, the narrator advised that a more effective approach to getting back at your traducer is to act as if nothing happened.

This way, they would be afraid of what may come from you even if you don’t mean to harm them.

30. “Me Against You” by Three Days Grace

Sometimes when you encounter a crazy person, you might be in for a long ride.

The narrator in this song is viciously enraged by those that offended him, and he promises revenge for the hurt.

He said, “if you’re breaking my back, I’ll be breaking yours too,” which suggests that he is a dangerously provoked being who is ready for a showdown.

31. “The Mariner Revenge Song” by The Decemberists

This song depicts the story of a widow who finds a comforter who loves her after her husband’s death, but suddenly, the comforter also disappears, which makes the woman bedridden.

On the sickbed, the woman wants to seek vengeance and mandates her son to go after the man.

In search of vengeance, the boy nearly loses his life, and when he later finds his nemesis, what happened after is better imagined.

32. “Next Time Around” by Harem Scarem

It is always frustrating when you put everything into a relationship, only to lose it eventually, 

While it is always tempting to go for vengeance; however, it is better to let things go and move on.

This song emphasizes that a failed relationship is not the end; count your losses and move on.

33. “Smile” by Lily Allen

This song strongly typifies the saying, “you don’t know the worth of something until you lose it.”

Lesley Lloyd, who happens to be Lily’s ex-boyfriend, wants her back after treating her disgustingly when they were once together.

Upon knowing his intention, she decided to get back at him by mockingly telling him that they couldn’t get back together again.

Most times, we don’t cherish what we have until it slips out of our hands.

34. “Your Time Is Gonna Come” by Led Zeppelin

This is another song where the man is at the receiving end of a cheating wife, and he says, “Lyin’ cheatin’ hurtin’ that’s all you seem to do messin’ around with every guy in town.”

After enduring so much, the man decided to take his pound of flesh by severing the relationship.

A relationship with an infidelity partner is a timebomb waiting to explode.

35. “I Feel So Good” by Richard Thompson

“They made me pay for the things I’ve done, now it’s my time to have all the fun,” was the statement made by an ex-convict who has come back to wreak havoc.

It is unclear what made him go to jail in the first place, but he hinges his jail experience on society and is willing to foment trouble.

He “feels so good he’s going to break someone’s heart tonight.”

36. “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

Has your partner ever frustrated you to the extent of trying to kill you?

If so, you will likely relate to this story because the relationship between two partners has become that of a Cat and Mouse.

It is unclear who caused the rift between the partners, but the wife was hellbent on frustrating her husband in the no-love-lost relationship.

The woman determined to cause him pain sings, “I’m gonna love you until you hate me, and I’m gonna show you what’s really crazy.”

37. “Shitlist” by L7

Some people could go to any length to get revenge if you offend them.

One of the people in this category is the narrator, who finds time to pencil down everyone that has angered her; she was hellbent on getting her pound of flesh by all means. 

She said, ‘I grab my pen, and I write out a list of all the people that won’t be missed. You’ve made my shitlist.”

38. “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan

This song narrates the experience of a faithful woman who, unfortunately, is being played by her lover.

After getting wind of his cheating, she decided to teach him an unforgettable lesson.

She decided to damage his car by using a crowbar to shatter the car and said, “you broke my heart, so I broke your car; you caused me pain, so I did the same”

39. “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash

We’ve all been in a stage where bad names given to us at birth have continued to haunt us, and it is certainly frustrating, from feeling inferior to others to having low self-esteem.

A visibly angry boy was hellbent on revenge on his father, who had abandoned him as a teen and given him a bad name.

Whether he was able to get his vengeance remains to be seen.

40. “The Dead Can’t Testify” by Billy Talent

If you think it is too late to get your pound of flesh from those who offended you, you have to listen to this song.

Practically, the narrator describes the situation of the old times, when people were wrongfully accused of being witches because of their differences.

They were usually killed for no just cause, and this narrator is hellbent on seeking vengeance even after death.

41. “Fuck You” by Lily Allen

You might have to listen to this song if you wish to lash out at a selfish, narcissistic being who always thinks highly of himself.

It depicts a bigoted fellow who always gets away with everything he does while nobody wants to take it up with him.

Although you may be labeled a troublemaker, you will have taken your revenge while liberating many people along the way.

42. “March Of The Witch Hunters” by Christopher Fitzgerald

When a sadistic leader is hellbent on tormenting the life of his followers, it is only a matter of time before the followers face him.

This is exactly what happened when Fitzgerald spearheaded the onslaught for vengeance against the wicked witch of the west.

Anger tone, resentment, and extreme hate can be heard in this song as they match on to face their common foe.

43. “Let’s Kill Tonight” by Panic! At The Disco

The song depicts a series of relationships that have met a brick wall due to an unending rift between lovers.

Instead of letting things be, each partner is determined to get revenge on their ex to prove their superior power.

44. “The Queen’s Rebuke/The Crossing” by The Decemberists

Mothers may go to lengths to protect their children, especially when they feel they are being manipulated.

In a bid to safeguard her adopted son, who has fallen in love with a girl called Margaret, the mother took hatred to another level.

After several warnings to the girl, she hired people to kidnap and defile her.

45. “Losing Face” by Wilbur Soot

This singer’s way of getting back at an ex-lover who breaks up with them isn’t always the best way to vengeance.

In this song, the singer drinks himself into a stupor in a bid to escape the shock; however, the girl doesn’t give a hoot.

Drinking yourself into a stupor is a way to get back at yourself, not your offenders.

Your life should not come to an end because of a relationship, dust yourself and move on.

Songs About Revenge – Final Thoughts

Taking revenge on those that offend you may be all you need to get back into shape.

However, it isn’t always the best option, especially when you can still forge ahead without hurting anybody.

This list of the best songs about revenge can be your companion every time you are angry, so that you can listen to a track that may calm your nerves.

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