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30 Songs About Getting Back Together & Reunited Love

March 13, 2023
songs about getting back together

Whether it’s after a fight, a breakup, or a long time apart, reuniting with your special someone is an incomparable feeling. 

It’s no wonder, that some of the best songs ever written are about getting back together. 

From classic hits like “Endless Love” to modern favorites like “A Thousand Years,” these tunes capture all the emotions of reuniting with someone you can’t live without. 

So, without further ado let’s start our list of the 30 best songs about getting back together.

1. “Love On Top” by Beyoncé

“Love On Top” by Beyoncé is a soulful, upbeat track that was released as part of her fourth studio album, 4 in September 2011. 

The song showcases Beyoncé’s powerful vocals and features a retro-inspired sound. 

It was widely praised by fans and critics alike and became one of the standout tracks on 4.

2. “Picture” By Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow

This song was released as a single in 2001 and became one of Kid Rock’s biggest hits. 

The song is a crossover between country and rock, blending Kid Rock’s trademark rapping style with Sheryl Crow’s soulful vocals. 

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a couple looking back on their relationship through a photo album and reflecting on the ups and downs they’ve experienced together.

3. “Whatever It Takes” by Lifehouse

The song captures the feeling of wanting to do whatever it takes to patch up a relationship that’s been broken.

Written by lead singer, Jason Wade, “Whatever It Takes” speaks of determination and hope that the two lovers can find their way back to each other, the song was released in 2007.

4. “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

Let’s Stay Together” was released in 1971 and was included on Al Green’s album of the same name. 

The song was recorded at the legendary Hi Records studio in Memphis, Tennessee, and was produced by Willie Mitchell. 

Al Green had already established himself as a soul star in the early 1970s, but “Let’s Stay Together” marked a new peak in his career and became one of his signature songs.

5. “Baby Come Back” by Player

It was released in 1977 and became the band’s biggest hit, reaching the top 5 on the US pop charts and earning widespread critical acclaim. 

The song features a catchy melody, upbeat rhythm, and emotional lyrics about lost love and the singer’s desire to get that person back. 

The song’s lush production, featuring smooth harmonies and intricate guitar work, helped establish Player as one of the leading soft rock bands of the late 1970s.

6. “Never Really Over” by Katy Perry

This patch-up song is about someone who has gone through heartache and is finally reuniting with the one they love. 

It’s a perfect love song for anyone struggling to move on from a difficult relationship, but wanting to reunite with their special someone in the end. 

Its honest lyrics and beautiful melody make it an ideal choice for any occasion when you’re looking to reconnect with your special someone.

7. “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes

The song was released in 1979 and became an instant sensation, reaching the top of the charts in several countries and capturing the hearts of music lovers everywhere. 

The song remains a staple of oldies radio and nostalgia playlists, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. 

It is a true testament to Rupert Holmes’ talents as a songwriter and performer and a reminder of the timeless appeal of great pop music.

8. “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz

It was released in 2012 as the lead single from his fourth studio album, Love is a Four Letter Word

The song has a pop and folk-inspired sound and is known for its upbeat melody and positive lyrics about perseverance and never giving up on love. 

It was well-received by audiences and has become one of Mraz’s most popular songs to date.

9. “Austin” by Blake Shelton

The song was a commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and becoming Shelton’s first number-one hit. 

“Austin” is a mid-tempo ballad that tells the story of a man who is torn between staying in a relationship or moving to Austin, Texas, to pursue his dreams. 

The song is known for its emotional vocals and nostalgic, yearning lyrics.

10. “Open Arms” by Journey

Journey was formed in San Francisco in 1973 and rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a leading band of the arena rock genre. 

“Open Arms” was released in 1981 as a single from their seventh studio album Escape

Written by keyboardist Jonathan Cain, “Open Arms” is among Journey’s most successful and recognizable songs. 

It was a hit in the United States, reaching the top of the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart

11. “Looks Like We Made It” by Barry Manilow

Patching up broken relationships is a tricky task but it can be made easier with the right song. 

This classic love song paints a picture of two former lovers who have been apart for a while but are now reconciling and reuniting their love. 

Whether you’re in your twenties or your sixties, “Looks Like We Made It” will make you feel like you can get through any rough patch.

12. “Change My Mind” by One Direction

One Direction was formed in 2010 as part of the British television talent show “The X Factor”. 

The band quickly gained popularity and became a prominent boy band of the 2010s, With their good looks and charming personalities, One Direction won over fans around the world.

“Change My Mind” was released as a track on their second studio album, Take Me Home in 2012.

13. “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey

The song features a soulful, R&B-influenced melody and emotive vocals by Carey. 

The lyrics describe the pain and heartbreak of a broken relationship, with Carey singing about her desire to be reunited with her former lover. 

Written and produced by Carey along with rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri, “We Belong Together” was a commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and becoming Carey’s sixteenth number-one hit in the United States.

14. “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran

It is a soulful and introspective ballad that takes listeners on a journey through the fragments of a broken relationship. 

This mid-tempo folk-pop masterpiece features an acoustic guitar-driven melody that serves as the perfect backdrop for Sheeran’s heartfelt lyrics. 

“Lego House” is an example of the incredible artistry and talent that Ed Sheeran brings to the table.

15. “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago

Released in 1982, “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” was a single off Chicago’s 15th studio album, Chicago 16

It is a powerful song about reuniting love and pleading with someone to fix things up and start again. 

The song was an instant hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and earning them a Grammy Award for best pop performance by a duo or group with Vocals.

16. “The Reason” by Hoobastank

“The Reason” is a love song from Hoobastank’s second album, The Reason

The deep lyrics, emotion-filled vocals, and beat make it a classic reuniting love song that many people can relate to. 

It has won multiple awards, including being nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. 

The song remains a staple on radio stations and continues to inspire fans to rekindle old romances or give another chance to someone special.

17. “The Scientist” by Coldplay

In “The Scientist”, lead singer Chris Martin sings about a past relationship that ended in heartbreak and his desire to go back in time and try to make things right. 

The song’s tender and emotional lyrics, combined with its simple yet powerful melody. 

Coldplay is a legendary band known for its introspective and emotionally charged alternative rock.

18. “Bringing Back The Sunshine” by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is a country music icon who has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. 

“Bringing Back The Sunshine” was released by Blake Shelton in 2014 as the title track of his ninth studio album. 

The upbeat and optimistic track features a catchy chorus and lyrics that celebrate the simple joys of life and the power of love to chase away the blues.

19. “Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson

“Always on My Mind” is a classic country ballad written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James, and Wayne Carson. 

It was first recorded by B.J. Thomas in 1970, but it was Willie Nelson’s 1982 rendition that brought the song widespread fame. 

The song is an emotional expression of love and regret, as the singer reflects on a failed relationship and wishes that he had shown his love more clearly. 

20. “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones

The song describes the longing and heartache of being apart from a loved one and the hope of being able to fix things up. 

The song was a number-one hit in the US and UK, winning numerous awards worldwide.

21. “Cool” by Gwen Stefani

“Cool” is a mid-tempo, electropop, and new wave-influenced song that features a synth-based beat and a catchy chorus. 

The song’s lyrics revolve around the theme of moving on from a relationship and feeling “cool” about it. 

Upon its release, “Cool” received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchy chorus and upbeat production. 

The song was also commercially successful, peaking at number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reaching the top twenty in several other countries.

22. “Trainwreck” by Demi Lovato

“Trainwreck” is a standout track from Demi Lovato’s sixth studio album Tell Me You Love Me

The music video for “Trainwreck” is just as impactful as the song itself. 

It was directed by Hannah Lux Davis and features Lovato singing the song.

23. “Old Flame” by Arcade Fire

The song was released in 2004 on the band’s award-winning album Funeral

The lyrics are all about reconnecting with an old flame and finding their way back to each other despite all the struggles they have gone through. 

In 2005, it was nominated for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards. 

The song is a great example of a song about getting back together and remains an iconic classic to this day. 

24. “Before You Walk Out Of My Life” by Monica

The song’s lyrics revolve around the theme of trying to save a relationship on the brink of falling apart, and Monica pleads with her partner not to leave her. 

The song’s beautiful vocals and relatable lyrics made it a hit with fans, and it remains one of Monica’s most well-known songs to this day. 

The song peaked at number eight on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

25. “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

“You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” was released as a single from Stevie Wonder’s 1972 album Talking Book.

The song was written by Wonder and produced by him and Robert Margouleff. 

“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” is an upbeat, soulful ballad that showcases Stevie Wonder’s signature sound and signature vocal style.

The song’s lyrics are a love letter to the person who brings joy and happiness into the singer’s life

26. “Closer” by The Chainsmokers

This popular 2016 hit is one of the best songs about getting back together. 

Its upbeat rhythm and heartfelt lyrics make it the perfect reuniting love song. 

The song tells the story of two people who have gone their separate ways but still have feelings for one another.

27. “Love Don’t Run” by Steve Holy

This song captures the heart of those who have endured a breakup and are working to get back together.

It’s a great song to listen to while you’re working on getting back with your special one, as it talks about all the feelings that come with making up after an argument or fight. 

The lyrics emphasize that even when two people break up, the love is still strong, and it will never run away.

28. “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5

It’s an energetic and cheerful love song that will get stuck in your head with its bouncy rhythm. 

The lyrics describe a love that was once lost and is now found. 

The singer expresses his regret for ever letting the other person go, and expresses his desire to make it right.

29. “Hold Back The River” by James Bay

“Hold Back the River” was released as a single from James Bay’s debut studio album Chaos and the Calm in 2014. 

The song was written by Bay and produced by Jacquire King. 

Upon its release, “Hold Back the River” was a hit, and it became a commercial success, reaching the top ten in several countries and earning Bay numerous accolades and awards.

30. “Un-Break My Heart” by Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton’s 1997 hit, “Un-Break My Heart” is a song about the heartbreak and longing for a former lover and the hope of patching up their broken relationship. 

It’s no wonder why this song continues to be so popular, it captures that bittersweet emotion that comes from reuniting with an old flame perfectly. 

The song paints a vivid picture of what it feels like to have one’s heart broken and the hope of getting back together.

Songs About Getting Back Together – Final Thoughts

When it comes to songs about getting back together with your loved one, there is no shortage of amazing tunes out there. 

There is something for everyone looking for that perfect patch-up song or love song to show their special someone just how much they care. 

Whether you need a little help getting the spark back into your relationship, or just want to celebrate reuniting with an old flame, these songs about getting back together are sure to bring out all the feels.

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