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23 Best Songs About Daydreaming of All Time

July 10, 2023
songs about daydreaming

Are you looking for the perfect song to aid you as you escape from the hardships of life? These songs about daydreaming have got you covered!

Daydreaming is an act that many of us partake in and can bring a certain calm to an otherwise busy mind.

These artists agreed and wrote some songs that can help you get into that dream-like state.

These tunes will take you away to that serene place.

We hope you enjoy this list of the twenty-three best songs about daydreaming of all time.

1. “Daydreaming” by Harry Styles

Harry Styles released “Daydreaming” as the ninth single on his third studio album Harry’s House, released in 2022.

Lyrically it is about a relationship that is so joyful it feels like a daydream.

Sampling “Ain’t We Funkin Now” by The Brothers Johnson and John Mayer, one of Styles’ favorite songs when he was younger, the track perfectly captures what a real–life dream feels like.

2. “Moonage Daydream” by David Bowie

“Moonage Daydream” is a single written by David Bowie, released in 1971 and recorded separately by himself and his band Arnold Corns.

It was released in Bowie’s studio album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Bowie’s recording sold over two hundred thousand copies in the United Kingdom, earning a Silver certification from the British Phonographic Industry.

It is one of his first singles to directly introduce the character of Ziggy Stardust.

3. “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees

“Daydream Believer” was written in 1967 by John Stewart while he was a member of the Kingston Trio.

It was first recorded by the Monkees that same year, and released on their studio album The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees.

The baroque pop/psychedelic pop song reached number one in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States.

It sold over one million units in the latter country and was certified Platinum in the United Kingdom by the BPI.

4. “Daydreaming” by Massive Attack

Massive Attack released “Daydreaming”, which is a trip-hop song with vocals by Shara Nelson, in 1990 on their studio album Blue Lines.

It reached number eighty-one on the United Kingdom Singles Chart, and samples “Mambo” by Wally Badarou.

5. “Day Dreaming” by Aretha Franklin

“Day Dreaming” is a soul hit from Aretha Franklin’s Young, Gifted, and Black album.

The 1972 track features jazzy electronic music, which has been likened to a daydream-like state.

It acted as Franlin’s twelfth number-one soul single and was highly critically acclaimed, particularly after it was alluded to that it was about singer Dennis Edwards from Temptations.

It sold over one million copies n the United States, reaching number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and number eleven on the Easy Listening Singles chart.

It was even ranked by Billboard as the sixty-first best song of 1972.

6. “Daydreaming” by Paramore

Paramore released “Daydreaming” on their self-titled fourth studio album, released in 2013.

Lead singer Hayley Wiliams compared the song to “Dreaming” by Blondie, and the alternative rock song certainly went down well with listeners.

It reached number thirty-three on the Rock and Metal Singles chart in the United Kingdom and has achieved over sixteen million views on YouTube as of ten years later.

7. “Daydreams” by Easy Life

“Daydreams” was released by Easy Life in October 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Released as track five on the studio album Life’s a Beach, Murray himself stated that the song was borne out of “boredom and idleness”.

The song is about missing people, getting drunk, and allover daydreaming about an alternate reality in which life isn’t so boring.

It helped a lot of people get through the pandemic, spoke to us, and made us feel less alone.

8. “Daydream” by The Lovin’ Spoonful

American folk band the Lovin’ Spoonful released “Daydream” in 1966 as the title track on their studio album Daydream.

It was supposedly influenced by the Supremes and became hugely important to the music that followed it.

The song reached number one in the Canada R.P.M. Top Singles chart, the Swedish Sverigetopplistan Singles chart, and the United States Cahs Box Top 100.

It has been speculated that the song alludes to the band’s use of psychedelic drugs.

9. “Day Dreams” by Midi Matilda

“Day Dreams” is a song by the duo Midi Matilda, released in 2013 as the lead single on their studio album Red Light District.

It is a song about running away, following your dreams, and a tumultuous relationship.

10. “Day Dreamer” by Donavon Frankenreiter

In “Day Dreamer”, Donavon Frankenreiter urges the listener to carry on dreaming and dream through the night and the day.

The song was released in 2004 as track eight on his self-titled studio album. 

11. “Daydreaming” by Corinne Bailey Rae

“Daydreaming” was originally written by Aretha Franklin, and was later recorded by Corinne Bailey Rae in 2006.

It was released as track twenty on her studio album Corinne Bailey Rae.

The lyrics depict her daydreaming about her lover, and how her mind floats away with her love.

12. “Daydreaming” by Radiohead

The English rock band Radiohead released the orchestral, ambient piano ballad “Daydreaming” in 2016 on their ninth studio album A Moon Shaped Pool.

It was described by Thom Yorke, the lead vocalist, as the band’s “breakthrough”.

Critics have speculated that the ballad was inspired by Yorke’s separation from Rachel Owen, whom he was with for twenty-three years.

It was later ranked by Pitchfork as the twenty-fourth best song of the year.

The hit song charted in Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States, reaching number twelve in the latter’s Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.

13. “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

In her 2014 hit “Blank Space”, released on her studio album 1989, Taylor Swift describes herself as a “nightmare dressed like a daydream”.

The electropop song was supposedly a nod to how the media described her as crazy and manipulative.

It received three Grammy Award nominations in 2016 for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance, and won Song of the Year at the 2015 American Music Awards.

Topping the weekly charts in Australia, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Scotland, South Africa, and the United States, it soon received eight Platinum certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America after selling eight million copies.

14. “Day Dreamin’ Fazes” by Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings released “Day Dreamin’ Fazes” in the year 2000 as the fourth track on their studio album High Society.

The hip-hop song is about getting high, and the cloudy-headed day-dreaming feeling. 

15. “Day Dreamy” by Ringo Deathstarr

Ringo Deathstarr released “Day Dreamy” in 2011 on their studio album Colour Trip.

As the sixth track on the album, it is about the end of a relationship that felt like a daydream.

It makes for a great breakup song!

16. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Fabian Andre & Wilbur Schwandt

The 1931 song “Dream a Little Dream of Me” features music by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt, with lyrics written by Gus Kahn.

The vocal jazz and pop song quickly became a popular standard after its first recording by Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra, amassing recordings of over four hundred versions.

The highest charting version was by the Mamas and the Papas, released in 1968 on their studio album The Papas & the Mamas.

It topped the charts in Australia, and sold over one million copies in the United States, earning a Platinum certification.

17. “Daydreamin’” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released “Daydreamin’” as the seventh track on her debut studio album Yours Truly.

The 2013 contemporary R&B/doo-wop song depicts how much Grande loves a man, and how his love has “got me daydreamin’”.

At the end of the song, there is a spoken audio portion, which was reportedly her grandparents, Frank and Marjorie Grande, telling the story of how they fell in love.

18. “Hey Daydreamer” by Somedaydream

“Hey Daydreamer” is a synthpop song by the Filipino music project Somedaydream.

It was released in late 2011 as the lead single on their self-titled debut studio album.

The song reached number one on many radio stations around the world.

The music video exceeded one and a half million views on YouTube and featured the actress Jasmine Curtis.

The final track on the album was an acoustic version of the song, and both versions were used in various commercials.

19. “Daydreaming” by Milky Chance Feat. Tash Sultana

“Daydreaming” is a song by Milky Chance that features Tash Sultana that acts as track number six on the former’s studio album Mind the Moon.

The popular single was produced in 2019 by Milky Chance himself, with the help of Tobias Kuhn.

It is a tortured love song, with the protagonist lamenting over what went wrong in the relationship and daydreaming about happier times.

20. “Day Dreamin’” by Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton released “Day Dreamin’” as the fifth track on his album Soulife, released in 2005.

Produced by Mark Sparks, the lyrics depict a man who is daydreaming about being caught up in a love that is “too good to be real”. 

21. “Daydream” by The Aces

“Daydream” is a song by the Aces released as the lead single and title track on their second studio album Under My Influence.

The song, which was released in 2020, is about a daydream of a lost love and holding onto the memory.

22. “Daydreamin’” by Lupe Fiasco Feat. Jill Scott

Lupe Fiasco released “Daydreamin’” as the third track on his studio album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, released in 2006.

The hip-hop song, which features Jill Scott, is based on a sample of “Daydream in Blue” by I Monster.

Lyrically, the song details an adventure being taken by a robot and allows us to experience the world through a different lens.

Two years after it was released, the single won Best Urban/Alternative Performance at the Grammy Awards. 

It charted in Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Denmark, reaching number one in the latter country. 

23. “Daydream” by j-hope

“Daydream” was released in 2018 as the second single on j-hope’s studio album Hope World.

The popular music video shows j-hope in a long daydream, wandering through all of the things he wishes to do.

He knows his dream won’t last forever, and that is what the song is about.

Best Songs About Daydreaming of All Time – Final Thoughts

These are some of the best songs about daydreaming of all time.

Daydreaming allows us all to stop for a moment and escape from real life, and these artists captured that perfectly.

When we listen to these songs we lean deeper into their feelings and their mind, and we learn how they truly express themselves.

We hope you found something in this list to get you into that dreamy state and free you from the business of the day.

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