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45 Best Songs About Cars

December 7, 2023
Songs About Cars

I’ve revved up a playlist of the best songs about cars, capturing the thrill, freedom, and romance that these vehicles inspire.

This article is a joyride through tunes that celebrate the love affair between music and the open road.

Table of Contents

Top songs about cars

  • Gary Numan – “Cars”
  • Madness – “Driving In My Car”
  • Prince – “Little Red Corvette”
  • Chuck Berry – “Riding Along In My Automobile”
  • Wilson Pickett – “Mustang Sally”
  • Willy Nelson – “I’m On The Road Again”
  • Golden Earring – “Radar Love”
  • Queen – “I’m In Love With My Car”
  • Neil Young & Stephen Stills – “Long May You Run”
    10.Loving Caliber – “Drive Dive Drive”

1. Gary Numan – “Cars”

The most glaringly obvious place to start, so why the heck not?

This car-themed song was probably Numan’s biggest hit and certainly helped define new wave as a genre.

Numan once admitted his Aspergers made it tough to socialize, and that he truly did “feel safest of all” in his car at times.

Though truthfully the song was initially inspired by a bit of road rage!

2. Madness – “Driving In My Car”

The best songs about driving are the fun ones rather than the mopey metaphorical break-down ones.

Madness sum up the late-teen excitement that comes with owning your first beat-up runaround and the rose-tinted view we have regardless of dents and dings.

“I like driving in my car, it don’t look much but I’ve been far
I like driving in my car, even with a flat tyre
I like driving in my car, it’s not quite a Jaguar
I like driving in my car, I’m satisfied I’ve got this far”

3. Prince – “Little Red Corvette”

“Little Red Corvette’ is one hell-of-a-famous car song that it would have been sudo-sacrilegious not to have included in this write-up!

The lyrics are comparative, the song is actually about a woman and the comparison to the Corvette is suggestive.

If you read between the lines; The woman gets around and moves on fast, from guy to guy.

4. Chuck Berry – “Riding Along In My Automobile”

One of the best rock songs about cars bars practically none!

It’s a laid-back rock n roll love song about driving with your honey and trying out your best in-car ‘moves’.

We tend to have to make use of our vehicles for convenience but there is nothing better than a drive for the sake of driving!

Songs about cruising in a car make for the best driving music, and the sentiment in the last line of Berry’s chorus resonates with driving fans on another level.

“Cruisin’ and playing the radio
With no particular place to go”

Top of the list of memorable automobile songs, in our minds.

5. Wilson Pickett – “Mustang Sally”

Another famous car song, that audiences love and musicians love to hate to play!

The lyrics tell the story of a sexy young woman made all the more appealing by her 65 Mustang, generously gifted to her by her sugar daddy.

Kinda gross when put in perspective but who pays mind when the chorus has trumps most sing-alongs…

“All you wanna do is ride around Sally (ride, Sally, ride)”

Catchy, simple and relatable- I suppose we have to admit there is a reason it is so overplayed.

6. Willy Nelson – “I’m On The Road Again”

A happy car jam from Nelson that oozes the anticipation he has to get back on tour with his music.

“I just can’t wait to get on the road again
The life I love is makin’ music with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again”

A sweet tune with lyrics about driving to kick back with and listen to on the open road.

7. Golden Earring – “Radar Love”

The story of this one is in truth a little harrowing, the lyrics tell the tale of a (psychic?!) trucker who senses his lover’s needs because of their “Radar Love”.

He then drives recklessly home to her and ends up dying in a fatal accident en-route which isn’t super obvious to the listener but who cares; You can’t beat songs with a driving beat like this one!

8. Queen – “I’m In Love With My Car”

Not one of the supergroup’s most well-known tracks, this one was the B-side to “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

A cheeky dedication to a ‘boy-racer’ roadie that Queen had.

The lyrics list car parts and make tongue-in-cheek jokes about how the narrator loves his car more than the ladies.

“Told my girl I’d have to forget her
Rather buy me a new carburettor”

One of those fun songs about automobiles that is well and truly for the petrol-heads out there!

9. Neil Young & Stephen Stills – “Long May You Run”

A car song that many owners can get on board with.

Written as a tribute to Neil Young’s Pontiac Hearse that eventually broke down so often Neil had to jump ship.

We all have cars we love and hate to leave, his one was christened “Mortimer Hearseburg” or Mort’ for short!

10. Loving Caliber – “Drive Dive Drive”

A double whammy car jam, this time from the world of house music it is one of those songs with a driving beat that is also about driving.

A somewhat euphoric track about moving on to greener pastures and leaving the rubbish behind.

The lyrics like most electronic dance music are on the simplistic side…

“So I’m just gonna drive drive drive
I’m just gonna drive drive drive”

Can’t think why some refer to it as the drive drive drive song?

11. Snoop Dogg – “Ridin in my chevy”

Snoop tells us all in his lackadaisical gangster way, how medicated he is mid-journey in this flash-in the-pan flex-track.

On his way, locked and loaded, sides taken and ready to do what needs to be done.

In spite of the seriousness of some of the lyrics he has to say about the destination in mind on the “road to riches” he stays pretty chill thanks to his prescription kush.

“When I’m ridin in my Chevy and I’m sittin at the light
At the light, I got kush in my blood
Sippin Remy keep it pimpin with my pinky off the cut
And all the people when they see me like, “Snoop, turn it up!”

12. Box Chevy V – “Yelawolf”

Rapper Yelawolf also brags about his Chevrolet, in his unique, inimitable hip-hop meets country style.

The hook is catchy and the choice of instruments unusual, it has a bit of a 90’s throwback feel to it.

The rising cadence melody is almost so chipper you don’t catch the gangster vibes in the lyics.

“In my Chevrolet, My Box Chevrolet
Got that Glock laid in my lap
In case you want to play
In my Chevrolet, My Box Chevrolet
Let’s go get you all cleaned up
And ride around all day”

13. Rose Royce – “Carwash”

This next one is a little blurrier when it comes to car song criteria, it s a song about working hard in a family carwash but when it comes to compiling yourself a great cars playlist for a long drive we would be remiss to skip-over this funkadelic masterpiece.

“Those cars never seem to stop coming, hear what I say
Keep those waxin’ machines humming, nah, nah (car wash)”

One of those songs with car in the title that is nothin but fun.

14. Janis Joplin – “Mercedes Benz”

Inspried by beat poet Michael McClure and performed in a raw, pure, a capella style, Joplins vocals and lyrics make light of consumerism throughout.

The words have more poignancy because of the lack of instrumentation.

Funnily enough her lyrics state that her “friends all drive Porsche’s” but it was no secret that she herself owned a pychedelicly-painted Porsche.

It is one of Joplin’s most well-known tracks and probably one of the most famous car songs period.

15. Tracy Chapman – “Fast Car”

Whilst there are tonnes of songs about driving fast most mention speeding recklessly or negatively, this one does not.

American singer songwriter broke into the U.K charts with this chilled but hopeful tune.

It draws the listener into the star’s life at the time and the feeling she had that she was finally going places.

It dominated the charts for a far while and is one of only a handful of songs about fast cars that isn’t about racing in some way!

16. Pink – “18 Wheeler”

This often-forgotten track kick-started Pink’s debut anarchistic pop album.

It is a song bout a car that is jam-packed with attitude!

Written with a feminist agenda bubbling beneath its lyrics, singer Pink encourages and empowers women to call out men for their sexist behavior no matter what.

“Don’t let him pull you by the skirt
You’re gonna get your feelings hurt
You can push me out the window
I’ll just get back up
You can run over me with your 18 wheeler truck
And I won’t give a f***

17. Taylor Swift – “Getaway Car”

So the car in this song is actually supposed to be a metaphor for a doomed relationship.

You can plan the perfect heist with a getaway car lined up but ultimately you are doomed to be held responsible for the crimes eventually.

In reference to that Bonnie & Clyde mad-passion we hear from crop up from time to time, Swift opens her pop song about cars with a blunt counter statement;

“No, nothing good starts in a getaway car”

18. Miley Cyrus – “4×4”

“I’m a female rebel, can’t you tell?
Banged on the dashboard, just chipped a nail
Lean out the window, it’s when I go
Driving so fast ’bout to piss on myself”

Cyrus tells is like it is without shame in her bluegrass-meets pop hootenanny track!

Surprisingly, one of Miley’s more oddly satisfying tracks is worth a spot among our best songs about driving fast, if for nothing more than its experimental nature.

19. ZZ Top – “Chevrolet”

In the world of rock, songs about driving on the highway are recurrent lyrical themes.

The Chevrolet is the star of the show in this one (you were fairly warned in our intro) in what is a pretty laid-back track for ZZ Top.

But then again as they say so themselves they “don’t drive too fast” anyhow!

“Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Ride my Chevrolet.”

20. Paul Simon – “Stranded In A Limousine”

So, we have seen our share of Chevvy’s and Corvettes now onto Limousines.

First up, an almost lost track by Paul Simon that only made the cut on a few versions of his album and for many releases was left off entirely.

It has been generally agreed upon that the ‘mean’ person in question was probably your average joe and that the song was a political statement about society’s perceptions and being in the wrong neighborhood

21. Rolling Stones – “Black Limousine”

Maybe not so much these days, but certainly once upon a time a limo was considered the ultimate luxury way to travel- a real statement.

Jagger reflects on glory days gone by and how much has changed in this rocking 12 bar blues number.

“We used to ride, ride, ride, ride
In a long black limousine
Those dreams are gone, baby
They’re locked away and never seen”

21. Elvis Presley – “Long Black Limousine”

Whilst we think of a limousine as pretty fancy and a way to make an entrance at an event, In Elvis’ tearjerking tune he tells the tragedy of how a braggart of a loved one finally returned to their hometown in a limo as promised.

Just sadly, instead of making an entrance, it was for their ultimate exit.

“Well now everyone is watching you
You finally had your dream, yea
You’re ridin’ in a long black limousine”

23. Rush – “Red Barchetta”

One of the coolest 80’s songs about cars, that tells a complex story set in a future where certain vehicles have been outlawed.

The protagonist narrates his thrill of sneaking out each week and driving in his illegal car and the joy of encountering another illegal driver to drive alongside.

The story setup was inspired by “A Nice Morning Drive” written by Richard Foster.

“A brilliant red Barchetta
From a better vanished time”

24. Loquillo Y Trogladitas – “Cadillac Solitario”

With their iconic looks, Cadillacs took the world by storm and made it into many songs about car driving worldwide.

This highly popular Spanish rock ballad has just the right amount of angst and heartache to translate musically without the need for understanding the language.

The protagonist sits, lonely and drunk in his second-hand Caddy reminiscing about the company he has kept within it who probably don’t remember him now.

25. Rascal Flatts Red – “Camero”

The nostalgic memories attached to cars clearly transcend culture and language as Rascal Flatts put it similarly in this one although their memories are far fonder with more of a positive vibe than poor lonely Loquillo above!

Their amped-up, memory-laden pop-rock county track has fewer regrets than some songs about cars that trigger your memory.

26. Thomas Rhett – “That old truck”

Very similarly, Thomas Rhett sums up similar sentiments attached to his old truck.

The vocalist takes us through some of the trials and tribulations along his journey to manhood and once again loved one’s feature throughout the memories.

There are some nice ideas throughout, such as;

“Jamming our song on the stereo
Drivin’ ’til we ran out of road”


“Made a lifetime full of memories
On a half tank of gasoline”

27. Joe Diffie – “Pickup Man”

This 90’s hit, feels way older with its classic musicality and all-too-familiar themes!

It is one of those country songs about cars that feels like it is solely responsible for starting the trend in the first place.

Country songs and pickup trucks are pretty synonymous and this one is chock-full of exactly what you’re thinking!

28. Dylan Scott – “New Truck”

Sometimes the memories attached to your vehicle could be too much, unbearable even.

Dylan puts it honestly in the opening of this one…

” need a new truck
There ain’t nothing wrong with mine
It’s got forty-something thousand miles
And the engine runs just fine”

Well if there is nothing wrong with it, why are you selling?

“I need one she ain’t climbed up in
That ain’t played her favorite songs”

Preach it!

29. Tim Mcgraw – “7500 OBO” 

On the subject of selling your pride and joy to get a girl out of your head, we couldn’t not include McGraws sale ad!

Like Scotts’ track above it runs just fine and Tim lists his vehicle’s selling points before the big reveal.

The second verse gets more personal and down to the painful memories.

“Hands out the window floatin’ on the breeze
She’s fixin’ her lips in the drop-down mirror
That pretty little thing made it hard to steer
I’m never gonna get her outta there
There’s too many memories”

30. Tim McGraw – “Truck Yeah”

It would be remiss of us not to stick with Mr. McGraw and include his tongue-in-cheek, mac daddy of all country trucking songs.

This fun song about cars speaks for itself, check out some of the lyrics.

“If you like it up loud and you’re hillbilly proud
Throw your hands up now, let me hear you shout
Truck yeah”

Truck yeah is a clear play on a much more explicit phrase!

31. Chuck Berry – “Maybelline”

If we are giving McGraw a double billing then it’s only right the ‘godfather of rock n roll’ gets another mention!

If you want songs about fast cars then this story might be fitting.

Berry sings about chasing after his ‘possibly cheating love interest in her Caddy with his self-proclaimed unbeatable V8 Ford.

It is a double threat for your playlist, lyrics about your wheels in one of the greatest rock and roll songs with a driving beat; in-car perfection!

32. Morgan Wallen – “Silverado For Sale”

This song is the most modern country Chevrolet song that we have chosen to include.

Country star Morgan Wallen’s heartfelt upbeat love story. 

Morgan wants to sell his truck to buy his love a ring to pop the question.

His sale pitch is on point;

“This truck will get the prettiest girl in town
Sittin’ right beside you when you’re ridin’ around
It’s got a pretty good radio
If you wanna get her dancin’ down an old dirt road”

33. Bruce Springsteen – “Pink Cadillac”

Much like the Prince car song we chose Springsteens “Pink Cadillac” is full of car-based sexual metaphors.

“I love you for your pink Cadillac
Crushed velvet seats
Riding in the back
Cruising down the street”

The pink-colored car referred to is a physical body part rather than any vehicle of any sort.

We’ll leave you to work it out!

34. Johnny Cash – “One Piece At A Time”

The best Cadillac song by far is this excellently penned tale of a worker in a Caddy factory, slowly stealing himself a Caddy of his own “One Piece At A Time”

Cash narrates Wayne Kemps wonderful lyrics.

An interesting concept, but alas due to manufacturing and model changes he ends up with a mismatched, hodgepodge ‘psychobilly cadillac’.

The song’s outro is a CB radio convo where cash tells the other driver his model…

“Well, it’s a ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56
’57, ’58’ 59′ automobile
It’s a ’60, ’61, ’62, ’63, ’64, ’65, ’66, ’67
’68, ’69, ’70 automobile”

35. The Clash – “Brand New Cadillac”

Some of the best car songs are the simplest and silliest.

In this short but sweet punky cover version of the Swedish rockabilly track penned by Vince Taylor, The Clash sing about a woman who has stolen herself a “brand new Cadillac” and for obvious reasons; “she ain’t never comin’ back”!

36. Ramones – “Go Lil Camero Go”

Another example of a punk track about a car, the lyrics are simple the music is driven and upbeat.

The Ramones were never known for writing anything deep, instead, they kept things high-energy and catchy.

This track with its dead simple hook and fun to sing along with backing vocals provided by none other than 80’s icon Debbie Harry is a solid addition to any road trip playlist.

37. Kings of Leon – “Camero”

A Camero is also the focal point of this 2007 song.

The rhythm is driving and unrelenting like many cool car songs that came before and after it.

Musically it mirrors the purr of an engine, perfect for a long drive, the lyrics are nothing to write home about but conjure up imagery.

“She looks so cool in her new Camaro
It’s black as coal and it goes boy, go go go”

38. Arcade Fire – “Keep the Car Running”

This one is an odd one as there was a far more philosophical debate around its meaning than anticipated.

Some even went as far as suggesting that the miserable tone and heavy build-up during the outro with the title phrase repetition “keep the car running” hinted at insinuating suicide.

Win Butler has since clarified it is more about a childhood fear that still lingers within him.

He would have nightmares that something was “coming to take him away”.

The song was about never feeling safe and wanting to have the car to be ready for a speedy bug out.

39. Rob Zombie – “Dragula”

Possibly a little unorthodox but still worth a mention as a song about vehicles!

As with pretty much everything Rob Zombie what we get here is a ‘horror’ version of your classic car song!

The Dragula mentioned in the title is in reference to the DRAG-U-LA built with hearses that Grandpa Munster drove on the 1960’s TV show.

40. Primus – “Jerry Was A Racecar Driver”

Another song that highlights the perils of drink driving in its lyrics, this time in full funk-metal glory at the hands of Primus.

The song tells the story of Jerry your average racecar driver who crashes intoxicated into a telephone pole, hence the past tense use of verbs in the song’s title.

“He never did win no checkered flags
But he never did come in last”

41. War – “Low Rider”

What a jam! Most of us remember this from a movie and it is no wonder.

This laid-back tune with its iconic bassline and call-response sax riffs has been featured in over 18 soundtracks.

This includes ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ a film about car thieves, fitting!

A famous song about hydraulically hot-rodded classics that has innuendo well and truly mastered!

42. The Beatles – “Drive my car”

Typically a little more clean-cut than The Stones, The Beatles were a little more risque with this one.

Drive my car had been a blues euphemism for a fair few years at the time McCartney and Lennon sat down to write this ditty.

Knowing that, puts the song into a whole new perspective!

The woman has dreams of becoming famous and the narrator tells her she can drive his car

“and maybe I’ll love you…”

43. The Beach Boys – “Fun fun fun”

Another classic about a classic car, the Ford Thunderbird a beautiful, personal luxury automobile affectionately known as the T-Bird.

A feel-good fun driving song about blasting the radio and traveling the road in a stunning vehicle.

“And she’ll have fun fun fun
‘Til her daddy takes the T-bird away”

44. John Travolta – “Greased Lightning”

Hot from the motion picture adaptation of the musical Grease starring John Travolta is a song about a race car we all remember.

The lyrics are fantastic, but so, so, wrong.

In order to portray the characters’ naivety and lack of knowledge about cars most of the qualities that Kenickie lists are impossible to find in one dream machine.

Of course, as with many car-centric songs, the lyrics have a subcontextual sexual edge.

45. Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

We are sticking with he musicals for a great big jazz-handed finale with what is probably everyone’s favorite “fine four fendered friend”!

“Oh you pretty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
We love you”

And with that, we leave you, a song about a car that flies probably can’t be topped!

Final Thoughts

Everyone remembers a special car, they bring such nostalgia no matter if it was old and unreliable or brand spanking new.

We never take them for granted and it is no wonder there are hundreds of songs about driving or caring for your ride!

With so many to choose from, we hope we narrowed them down to the best car songs for you.

What about your list of driving songs, is it just as Chevy-heavy or does it look different?

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