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14 Best Sammy Kershaw Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

January 11, 2024
Best Sammy Kershaw Songs

Dive into the best Sammy Kershaw songs of all time, a playlist I’ve expertly crafted to celebrate the heartfelt storytelling and classic country sound that defines his music.

This collection is your ultimate guide to the tracks that showcase Sammy Kershaw’s enduring impact on country music.

Top Sammy Kershaw songs of all time

  • “Cadillac Style”
  • “Don’t Go Near The Water”
  • “Anywhere But Here”
  • “Yard Sale”
  • “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”
  • “Haunted Heart”
  • “National Working Woman’s Holliday”
  • “Third Rate Romance”
  • “Southbound”
  • “Meant To Be”

1. “Cadillac Style”

He sure knew how to bring the house down with his classic, boot-stompin’ tune “Cadillac Style”!

Sammy Kershaw’s signature song is a timeless classic that has been covered by many artists over the years.

The song is a perfect blend of country and rock, with a driving beat and a catchy chorus.

The lyrics tell the story of a man who’s determined to make it big in the music business, no matter what it takes.

The song is a great example of Kershaw’s ability to craft a song that’s both lyrically and musically engaging.

The song has become a staple of country music, and it’s easy to see why.

2. “Don’t Go Near The Water”

Don’t let the waves of this classic country tune wash away your worries!

“Don’t Go Near The Water” is a song by Sammy Kershaw that was released in 1991.

The song is a classic country tune that tells the story of a man who is warning his lover to stay away from the water.

The song is written in a traditional country style, with a catchy chorus and a memorable guitar riff.

The lyrics are simple and straightforward, but they’re also full of emotion and longing.

The song is a great example of Kershaw’s ability to write a classic country song that’s both heartfelt and catchy.

3. “Anywhere But Here”

You can feel your heart racing as you listen to Sammy Kershaw’s song “Anywhere But Here”.

It’s a powerful and passionate country-rock track that will have you longing for a place far away.

The song is a mix of rock and country, with Kershaw’s deep, emotive vocals resonating throughout the track.

The chorus is anthemic and catchy, featuring Kershaw’s twangy country vocals alongside a strong electric guitar riff.

The song’s lyrics are a story of a man who is desperate to escape his current situation and longs to be anywhere but here.

The cleverly written lyrics help to drive the message home, and Kershaw’s delivery is sure to leave a lasting impression.

“Anywhere But Here” is one of Kershaw’s most successful songs and is a great example of his talent as a singer-songwriter.

4. “Yard Sale”

“Yard Sale” is a popular song from Kershaw’s 1992 album Don’t Go Near the Water.

This country-rock song is a fan favorite, with its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics.

The song opens with a guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track.

The lyrics tell the story of a man looking to sell the items in his yard sale for some extra money.

The song paints a vivid picture of a man who is eager to start a new life and is looking for a fresh start.

It’s a classic example of Kershaw’s storytelling style, and it’s a great addition to any music collection.

5. “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”

Jumping into the next track, why not take a listen to “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”?

It’s a song that’ll have you singing along in no time.

This country ballad was released as the lead single of Sammy Kershaw’s third album Haunted Heart in 1993.

“She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” is a song of appreciation for a woman who doesn’t realize her own beauty.

Kershaw’s sentimental lyrics and subtle twang tell the story of a man’s admiration for a woman who he believes doesn’t know how beautiful she is.

The song’s melody is cheerful and uplifting, fitting perfectly with Kershaw’s sincere vocal delivery.

The track is sure to put a smile on your face as you listen to his heartfelt ode to the beauty of a woman who is unaware of her own charm.

6. “Haunted Heart”

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the romantic ballad of “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”, then “Haunted Heart” is the perfect alternative.

The lyrics tell the story of a man who is torn between his longing for a woman he can’t have and his commitment to his family.

The song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being haunted by a love you can’t have, and it’s easy to understand why it became one of Kershaw’s most popular singles.

7. “National Working Woman’s Holliday”

The infectious energy of Sammy Kershaw’s “National Working Woman’s Holliday” is the perfect soundtrack for celebrating the hardworking women in our lives.

A classic country-pop tune, the song takes a light-hearted approach to a serious issue.

The chorus is catchy and upbeat, with lyrics about the working woman’s need for a break, underscored by a strong fiddle and guitar accompaniment.

Kershaw’s voice is clear and strong, delivering the lyrics with a relatable charm.

The song’s message of appreciation and respect for the hardworking women in our lives is both timely and timeless, making it a great choice for any occasion.

8. “Third Rate Romance”

Sammy Kershaw’s “Third Rate Romance” is a twangy, toe-tapping tune that captures the bittersweet feeling of a relationship gone wrong.

The lyrics present a vivid story of a relationship that had potential but ultimately fell apart due to a lack of commitment.

Kershaw’s vocal performance adds a sense of poignancy to the song, as he croons about the pain of loving someone who isn’t willing to return the same level of affection.

The music, featuring a steel guitar, stands out as a perfect complement to the lyrics, as it conveys the emotions of the narrator with aching clarity.

“Third Rate Romance” is a classic country song that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of any listener.

9. “Southbound”

With a somber twang, “Southbound” tells a heartbreaking tale of a relationship that’s come to an end and the pain of moving on.

The song is structured in a classic country narrative, with lyrics that tell the story of a man who’s mourning the loss of his love.

The verses reflect on the shared memories of the relationship, while the chorus provides a sense of resignation and acceptance of the situation.

Musically, the song is driven by a steel guitar that provides a melancholic atmosphere that perfectly complements the lyrics.

The overall effect is a heartfelt and honest reflection on the end of a relationship, and the struggles that come with it.

10. “Meant To Be”

A bittersweet ode to the transience of love, “Meant To Be” is a classic country track from Sammy Kershaw.

It captures the beauty and pain of a relationship that wasn’t meant to last.

The track features a simple yet effective guitar-driven instrumental and layered vocal harmonies that lend a lushness to the song’s underlying message.

With lyrics that explore the heartache of lost love, “Meant To Be” is a timeless classic.

11. “Politics, Religion And Me”

You may not have expected it, but Sammy Kershaw’s music dives into deep topics like politics and religion with tracks like “Politics, Religion And Me”.

This song is an exploration of the relationship between religion, politics, and the individual, with Kershaw looking at the way these three concepts interrelate and their impact on his life.

He sings about how he has to decide which of these aspects of life he should adhere to, and ultimately, how he should live.

The song uses a mix of classic country music elements and traditional religious instrumentation, creating a unique sound that is both familiar and fresh.

Kershaw’s thoughtful lyrics and passionate delivery make “Politics, Religion And Me” a song that will stick with you long after the music fades away.

12. “Fit To Be Tied Down”

Tackling the struggles of commitment, “Fit To Be Tied Down” is Sammy Kershaw’s ode to the difficulty of making a lasting decision.

The lyrics address the fear of a new commitment, as well as the challenge of staying true to one’s own values.

The song is a powerful reminder, to be honest with oneself about what one really wants in life and to be mindful of the consequences of one’s decisions.

13. “Love of My Life”

A profound declaration of love, “Love of My Life” is a touching homage to the extraordinary strength of true love, surpassing all obstacles.

The chorus resonates deeply, portraying the narrator’s unwavering commitment to be with their beloved at any cost.

The song exemplifies Kershaw’s gift for capturing the intense emotions associated with genuine love and the stabilizing influence it can have amidst life’s storms.

Its optimistic message of unwavering devotion and inner strength has endeared it to fans, securing its rightful place among Kershaw’s greatest hits.

14. “Matches”

Transitioning from the heartfelt romance of “Love of My Life”, Sammy Kershaw’s “Matches” ignites an energetic and lively atmosphere that will have you dancing along.

With its infectious and lively melody, the song is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The lyrics serve as a reminder to pause and reflect on life’s true priorities, emphasizing the importance of embracing joy and having a good time along the journey.

Best Sammy Kershaw Songs – Final Thoughts

Having delved into Sammy Kershaw’s remarkable collection of greatest hits, you have experienced the cream of the crop.

From the timeless charm of “Cadillac Style” to the infectious energy of “Matches”, Kershaw’s repertoire offers a little something for everyone.

Whether you find solace in the country twang of “Don’t Go Near The Water” or embrace the rocker spirit of “Fit To Be Tied Down”, Kershaw’s musical journey has been marked by numerous standout tracks.

Within this compilation of 14 songs, you are presented with a fantastic overview of the many chart-topping hits he has delivered throughout the years.

Sammy Kershaw’s musical legacy is rich and varied, catering to diverse tastes and standing the test of time, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy, both now and for generations to come.

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