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14 Best Rush Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 4, 2023
Best Rush Songs

If you consider yourself a devotee of classic rock, then the legendary band Rush and their remarkable array of hits need no introduction.

For more than four decades, this Canadian rock trio has consistently delivered some of the most exceptional music in history.

From the instantly recognizable “Tom Sawyer” to the intricately crafted “La Villa Strangiato”, Rush has mesmerized their audience with a sound that is entirely their own, showcasing unparalleled technical skill and musicianship.

In the following article, we will delve into 14 of the absolute best Rush songs of all time.

Our exploration will not only celebrate the band’s musical brilliance but also provide a profound analysis of why each track has earned its rightful place among their greatest hits.

Without further ado, let us embark on this journey to unravel the finest Rush songs, appreciating the sheer artistry that has made them an enduring force in the world of classic rock!

1. “Tom Sawyer”

“Tom Sawyer” is an iconic song that epitomizes the spirit of adventure that lives in us all.

Released in 1981, it immediately became a classic, reaching no. 44 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The memorable guitar riffs and powerful drumming provide a driving force for the song.

The lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of youthful rebellion and the search for personal freedom, while the chorus is a timeless anthem of defiance.

This classic rocker is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.

2. “Fly By Night”

Experience the power of Rush’s “Fly By Night” and soar through the night sky with its captivating melodies and thunderous guitar riffs.

Released in 1975, the track is a quintessential example of the band’s hard rock style, featuring raw energy and complex rhythms.

Geddy Lee’s signature bass lines provide the perfect foundation for Alex Lifeson’s intricate guitar solos.

The lyrics, written by Neil Peart, tell an inspiring story of embracing life’s adventures.

“Fly By Night” is an iconic and timeless hit that stands as one of Rush’s greatest songs.

3. “The Spirit of Radio”

“The Spirit of Radio” exemplifies Rush’s classic hard rock style.

It combines intricate guitar solos, powerful basslines, and thoughtful lyrics for a truly compelling sound.

It’s an anthem of freedom and defiance that resonates with its listeners.

The song features a signature guitar riff from Alex Lifeson, a thumping bass line from Geddy Lee, and a dynamic drum beat from Neil Peart.

The lyrics have a strong message of emancipation from the everyday constraints of society.

“The Spirit of Radio” is an essential part of Rush’s greatest hits and an unforgettable classic of the genre.

Its enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless appeal and the lasting impact of Rush’s music.

4. “Limelight”

Bustling with energy, “Limelight” is one of Rush’s most popular and beloved songs.

It has an upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus, making it an ideal choice for any playlist.

The song’s lyrical themes explore the challenges of fame and the pressures of living in the public eye.

It’s fast tempo and uplifting guitar riffs help to emphasize the lyrics, conveying a sense of urgency and the need to take action.

This song is a great example of Rush’s ability to create meaningful and thought-provoking music.

5. “Red Barchetta”

Take a ride on “Red Barchetta” and experience the fast-paced, thrilling sound of Rush.

This hard rock classic, released in 1981 on the album Moving Pictures, is an ode to the joys of automotive freedom in a less restrictive era.

The song’s driving, pulsing rhythm and intricate guitar solos make it a fan favorite.

Lyrically, it addresses the themes of rebellion, freedom, and the power of the open road.

“Red Barchetta” is a powerful anthem that captures the spirit of its time.

6. “Xanadu”

Released in 1977, the sensational Rush track, “Xanadu”, takes center stage.

This masterpiece delves into the boundless influence of dreams and the relentless pursuit of aspirations.

Celebrated for its intricate musical arrangement and complex time signatures, “Xanadu” has earned widespread acclaim.

The lyrics’ depth and overall composition have garnered high praise, showcasing the band’s remarkable talent and creativity.

Enduring through the decades, the song’s popularity remains undiminished, solidifying its status as a must-have for any progressive rock enthusiast.

As the years pass, “Xanadu” is destined to stand the test of time, cementing its place as a cherished classic.

7. “Closer To The Heart”

The hypnotic and powerful “Closer To The Heart” is an anthem of hope and resilience that captivates listeners.

It urges them to keep fighting for their dreams.

This 1977 Rush classic is a timeless rock ballad with intricate guitar licks and a memorable chorus.

Its poetic lyrics examine the power of friendship and the need to hold on to ideals in the face of adversity.

The melody is both uplifting and melancholic, creating a unique and complex atmosphere.

Its message of perseverance and dedication is a powerful reminder to never give up on our dreams.

8. “The Trees”

“The Trees” is a complex and thought-provoking song from Rush’s 1979 album Hemispheres that explores the often strained relationship between the individual and society.

It’s a powerful allegory, with the trees as a metaphor for the oppressed masses, and the maples for the privileged elite.

This is a powerful message about the unfairness of life and the need for the powerful to be held accountable.

The song’s message is timeless, making it a classic and one of Rush’s best songs.

9. “Freewill”

Now, let’s move on to another classic Rush song, “Freewill”.

This track, released in 1980 from the album Permanent Waves, is one of the band’s most edgy and progressive songs.

The song explores the concept of free will and fate, with a driving guitar riff and thought-provoking lyrics.

It’s a great example of Rush’s musical prowess and lyrical depth.

10. “Time Stand Still”

“Time Stand Still”, released in 1987, is a power ballad that reflects on the ideas of time, mortality, and saying goodbye.

The song’s lyrical themes, combined with its strong melody, make it a beloved classic of Rush’s discography.

Instrumentally, the track features a catchy guitar riff and a tasteful keyboard arrangement.

Its chorus is anthemic and emotional, providing a memorable musical moment.

The song is also notable for its use of multitracking and studio effects, which give it a unique sound.

Overall, “Time Stand Still” is an essential Rush song that has stood the test of time.

11. “La Villa Strangiato”

Exploring themes of dreams, nightmares, and surrealism, “La Villa Strangiato” is a technically impressive instrumental piece that will transport listeners to another world.

It opens with a unique guitar line that fades into a classical-style interlude before transitioning into a complex jazz-fusion section.

The intensity of the track gradually builds before climaxing with a heart-pounding drum solo.

Each section of the song is distinct and has its own unique set of musical arrangements, creating a captivating soundscape that is sure to keep listeners enthralled.

“La Villa Strangiato” is a masterful display of Rush’s technical proficiency and musical genius.

12. “Subdivisions”

Through its lyrics, “Subdivisions” explores the struggles of suburban life and the feelings of alienation and conformity.

Rush examines the difficulties of feeling disconnected from society, while still trying to fit in.

The lyrics touch on themes such as isolation, a lack of identity, and the need for acceptance.

Rush’s use of synthesizers and complex guitar riffs creates a soundscape that conveys the emotions of these experiences, making “Subdivisions” a powerful example of the band’s musical capabilities.

13. “YYZ”

“YYZ” is an iconic instrumental rock song by Rush that showcases the band’s intense musicianship and captivates listeners with its catchy synthesizer riff.

With a chromatic intro and complex time signature, this song is a perfect example of Rush’s progressive rock sound.

It has an upbeat tempo and a highly technical drum solo that makes it stand out.

The song also features a guitar solo with an intricate melody that combines with the synthesizer and drums to create a unique and powerful track.

“YYZ” is an ideal pick for any rock fan’s greatest hits list.

14. “Working Man”

“Working Man” is a classic rock song by Rush that has been a fan favorite for decades.

It is a 7-minute, hard-rocking song that showcases the band’s technical proficiency and powerful three-part vocal harmonies.

The song’s lyrics explore themes of socio-economic struggle, with the protagonist working hard to make ends meet.

The song has become a live favorite for its instrumental bridge and its extensive, jam-style guitar and drum solos.

It’s an enduring anthem of working-class pride that demonstrates Rush’s ability to create complex and powerful rock music.

Best Rush Songs – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, the 14 best Rush songs of all time!

Each song is a timeless classic, and each one has something special to offer.

Whether it’s the instrumental complexity of “YYZ” or the lyrical poignancy of “Subdivisions”, Rush’s greatest hits stand the test of time.

So, the next time you’re looking for a great song to listen to, turn to the Canadian power trio and jam out to one of these classics!

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