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14 Best Rick Springfield Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 14, 2023
rick springfield songs

I’ve gathered the best Rick Springfield songs of all time, showcasing the hits that have made him a standout artist in the world of rock and pop.

This article revisits the tracks that highlight Springfield’s catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and enduring appeal.

Top Rick Springfield songs of all time

  • “What Kind Of Fool Am I”
  • “Love Is Alright Tonite”
  • “State Of The Heart”
  • “Human Touch”
  • “I Get Excited”
  • “Rock Of Life”
  • “Celebrate Youth”
  • “Don’t Walk Away”
  • “Bop ‘Til You Drop”
  • “Affair Of The Heart”

1. “What Kind Of Fool Am I”

“What Kind of Fool Am I” is an iconic Rick Springfield song, beloved by fans and critics alike.

It’s a classic power ballad that combines heartfelt lyrics with a catchy melody.

The song is the perfect blend of heartbreak and hope, with a touch of humor thrown in for good measure.

Springfield’s vocals are emotive and powerful, making this track one of his most memorable.

From the lyrical imagery to the driving guitar solo, “What Kind of Fool Am I” is an undeniable classic that will continue to resonate with listeners for years to come.

2. “Love Is Alright Tonite”

“Love is Alright Tonite” is a timeless classic, instantly recognizable as one of Rick Springfield’s signature songs.

Crafted with jubilant energy and emotive lyrics, the track has resonated with fans for decades, delivering an indelible message of hope and optimism.

With its resounding chorus and infectious hook, it’s easy to see why this song remains one of Springfield’s most beloved hits.

A beautiful ode to true love and romance, Love is Alright Tonite is a must-listen for any fan of Rick Springfield’s music.

3. “State Of The Heart”

“State of the Heart” is a transcendent ballad that encapsulates all the yearning and emotion of longing for an elusive love.

With its sweeping strings, soaring chorus, and Rick Springfield’s earnest vocal performance, this song is a timeless classic.

Springfield sings with conviction about unrequited love, making it one of his most beloved and recognizable songs.

Undoubtedly, “State of the Heart” is a masterclass in how to write a pop song that features both powerful lyrics and captivating melodies.

It’s no wonder why it remains one of Rick Springfield’s signature songs – it captures the essence of his artistry perfectly.

To say that this song is a classic would be an understatement – it’s a timeless masterpiece.

4. “Human Touch”

The timeless classic “Human Touch”, is an essential addition to any Rick Springfield greatest hits collection.

It’s a masterclass in songwriting that packs in a substantial emotional punch.

From the grandiose chorus to the infectious hooks, this track is overflowing with earworm melodies and powerful lyrics that carry an unmistakably meaningful message.

“Human Touch” captures the essence of what has made Rick Springfield such an iconic artist throughout his career – a knack for connecting with his listeners on an intimate level with the relatable subject matter and uplifting music.

Truly a classic, this track will have you singing along every time you hear it.

5. “I Get Excited”

Moving on from the timeless “Human Touch”, we come to another classic in “I Get Excited”.

This song stands out for its infectious guitars, which are a welcome reminder of Springfield’s rock roots.

The lyrics capture the frenzy and joy of first love, making it an anthem for anyone that remembers what it feels like to be young and in love.

From the way Springfield sings each line, you can feel his genuine emotion and enthusiasm.

It’s clear this is a song that he truly believes in and loves performing, adding another layer of energy to an already vibrant track.

“I Get Excited” is sure to get any audience moving and singing along, a testament to its lasting appeal all these years later.

6. “Rock Of Life”

Rick Springfield’s “Rock of Life” stands out as a classic hit that continues to delight fans of the artist.

This song is a perfect example of Rick Springfield’s ability to craft a catchy melody while still conveying powerful emotion.

The lyrics are simple yet meaningful, and the tune is one that will stay in your head for days.

Musically, it’s an upbeat number that captures the joys and struggles of life with its unique blend of pop-rock and country sounds.

The instrumentation is full and vibrant, adding life to the already strong vocal performance.

Overall “Rock of Life” remains one of Rick Springfield’s most beloved songs, providing an instantly recognizable soundtrack to many memorable moments in life.

7. “Celebrate Youth”

Switching gears, we now turn our attention to another incredible Rick Springfield hit, “Celebrate Youth”.

This boppy, upbeat cut is a fun and catchy reminder to seize the day and enjoy life while you can.

It’s an infectious track that remains popular even to this day.

The song features some great guitar work from Springfield himself and his bandmates that adds a lot of texture and makes it an even bigger pleasure to listen to.

The lyrics are full of optimism about the future and serve as a reminder that life is too short not to take advantage of every moment.

It’s no wonder “Celebrate Youth” has remained one of Rick Springfield’s most beloved songs for so long.

8. “Don’t Walk Away”

“Don’t Walk Away” is a classic Rick Springfield song that has been beloved by fans for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

Its infectious chorus, catchy guitar riffs, and heartfelt lyrics make this one of the most enduring and admired songs of the singer-songwriter’s oeuvre.

Even after all these years, “Don’t Walk Away” still carries a powerful emotional resonance, making it an undeniable highlight of Rick Springfield’s greatest hits collection.

With its gracefully crafted melody and heartfelt message, this beloved tune stands out as one of the best Rick Springfield songs ever written.

9. “Bop ‘Til You Drop”

Switching gears from the melodic “Don’t Walk Away”, we move to the more upbeat “Bop ‘Til You Drop“.

This classic Rick Springfield song was released in 1984 and quickly became a fan favorite.

It’s a toe-tapping, high energy track that showcases Springfield’s impressive vocal range.

The lyrics of this 1980s bop are incredibly catchy, and they’ll leave you humming along long after the song ends.

Whether you’re listening to it on the radio or singing along at a live show, “Bop ‘Til You Drop” is sure to get any party started.

With its infectious beat and timeless lyrics, this song proves why Rick Springfield remains beloved decades later.

10. “Affair Of The Heart”

From the moment it begins, it’s clear that “Affair of the Heart” is a masterclass in romantic rock.

With its infectious lyrics and soaring melody, this track from Rick Springfield’s 1982 album Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet is an instant classic.

The song comes alive with its sing-along chorus and infectious guitar riffs, creating an irresistible soundscape that will stay in your head for days.

This timeless tune is a perfect example of why Springfield has been one of the most beloved artists for decades, and why this song will undoubtedly remain a fan favorite for years to come.

11. “Love Somebody”

Often referred to as one of his greatest love songs, Rick Springfield’s “Love Somebody” is a timeless classic that speaks to the power of connection and devotion.

With its uplifting lyrics and beautiful melody, this song has been a favorite for many since its release in 1984.

The chorus is particularly powerful with its message of unconditional love, making it an ideal choice for any romantic occasion.

The instrumentation on the track is also noteworthy with its driving beat and soaring guitar lines that create an atmosphere of pure joy.

In short “Love Somebody” is a heartfelt ode to true love that will remain relevant for many years to come.

12. “I’ve Done Everything For You”

Rick Springfield’s 1980 hit, “I’ve Done Everything for You”, remains a timeless classic that speaks to our collective sense of longing and regret.

With an infectious chorus that has been stuck in the heads of listeners for decades, this song perfectly captures Springfield’s signature style of catchy power ballads.

There is an undeniable energy to the song that moves the audience, with a driving rhythm section to underscore the passionate vocal performance from Springfield.

His emotive delivery combined with the lyrics’ simple yet poignant message makes this track one of his most memorable songs to date.

It’s no wonder why this song continues to be a fan favorite and remains one of Rick Springfield’s all-time greatest hits.

13. “Jessie’s Girl”

“Jessie’s Girl” is a classic power pop anthem and one of the most recognizable Rick Springfield songs.

It is a song about unrequited love, with its catchy guitar riff and an infectious chorus.

It was released in 1980 and quickly became a number-one hit.

Despite its popularity, it still manages to remain timeless; its influence on modern music is undeniable.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, as Rick expresses his heartache and longing for the woman who loves someone else.

A true classic “Jessie’s Girl” has become an iconic part of pop culture that will never be forgotten.

14. “Don’t Talk To Stranger”

The second of Rick Springfield’s greatest hits, “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, is a classic power ballad.

With its unforgettable guitar riff and soaring vocals, it is a song that continues to endure in the hearts of fans everywhere.

The lyrics are a testament to overcoming fear and having the courage to take risks.

It reminds listeners that although there may be risks involved with taking chances, the rewards can often be worth it.

It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever been afraid of taking a leap but then had the strength to do so anyway.

This beloved track is sure to stay in people’s minds for years to come.

Best Rick Springfield Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

Overall, Rick Springfield’s music has stood the test of time.

His classic hits like “Jessie’s Girl” and “Don’t Talk to Strangers” have become staples of 80s pop rock, and his other songs are just as powerful.

I’m personally a big fan of “What Kind of Fool Am I” and “Love is Alright Tonite”, both of which showcase Springfield’s songwriting skill in an uplifting and thoughtful way.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that Rick Springfield remains one of the most important figures in classic rock history.

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