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13 Best Ray Stevens Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

May 16, 2023
ray stevens songs

Ray Stevens has been a musical staple for decades, producing some of the most unique and creative songs ever recorded.

His wacky sense of humor mixed with his smooth country croon has made him one of the most beloved artists in music history.

His catalog includes some of the greatest hits ever recorded, and today we’re going to take a look at 13 of his best.

From “The Streak” to “Gitarzan”, these tunes are guaranteed to make you smile.

So sit back and relax as we count down the 13 Best Ray Stevens Songs Of All Time!

1. “Misty”

Ray Stevens’ song “Misty” is a timeless classic that has captivated listeners for decades.

Its soulful ballad and powerful lyrics touch the hearts of many.

The melancholic melody resonates with those longing for love, and the gentle twang of Stevens’ voice creates a soothing atmosphere.

His passionate performance of this beautiful song is something to be admired.

It’s no wonder why “Misty” remains one of Ray Steven’s most beloved songs; its impact on the world of music has remained strong since it was first released in 1975.

Indeed, this song is sure to remain a favorite amongst generations to come.

2. “Unwind”

One of his most iconic songs is undoubtedly “Unwind”, a stunningly beautiful ballad with its signature steel guitar that evokes strong emotion in listeners.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, conveying feelings of longing for simpler times and reflecting on the importance of slowing down once in a while and taking time to appreciate life’s small moments.

With its unforgettable melody and timeless message, “Unwind” is one of Ray Stevens’ most beloved songs and justifiably earns its place among his greatest hits.

3. “Turn Your Radio On”

Prepare to be blown away, because Ray Stevens’ classic hit “Turn Your Radio On” is an absolute must-listen.

This up-tempo, feel-good song, with its catchy melody and infectious energy, is sure to get you out of your seat and dancing!

The lyrics are clever and witty, and the backing vocals are a perfect complement to Stevens’ trademark vocal style.

It’s a classic that deserves its place among the greatest hits of all time.

A true musical masterpiece from one of the greats.

4. “Everything Is Beautiful”

Ray Stevens’ song “Everything Is Beautiful” is a timeless classic, one that has been covered by many renowned artists over the decades.

It’s an upbeat, joyous tune with a simple yet powerful message of hope and optimism.

The melody is incredibly catchy and uplifting, as it builds to an emotional crescendo in its chorus.

The lyrics are beautifully written, as they explore themes of unity and acceptance.

This song is a masterpiece of musical craftsmanship and a reminder that we can all find beauty in the world around us.

It’s no wonder why it continues to be one of Ray Stevens’ most beloved songs – it truly stands the test of time.

5. “Mr. Businessman”

Switching gears from the infectious positivity of “Everything Is Beautiful”, Ray Stevens brings us to the very different world of “Mr. Businessman”.

While it’s a much darker and cynical song, it still has all the elements of a classic Stevens tune – clever lyrics, great production value, and even a bit of humor.

The track speaks to how the business world can often be cold and unfeeling and how people in power can manipulate others for their own gain.

The narrator is unafraid to call out this behavior and urges those in positions of authority to understand that they have a responsibility to use their power responsibly.

It’s an important message delivered with wit and charm by one of music’s greatest storytellers.

6. “Santa Claus Is Watchin’ You”

Ray Steven’s 1985 classic, “Santa Claus Is Watchin’ You”, is a holiday favorite that will continue to be celebrated by generations to come.

It’s an uplifting track full of charm and wit, with a cleverly written hook that captures the spirit of Christmas.

The clever lyrics and catchy melody make it one of Ray Stevens’ most memorable tracks, as he pays homage to the man in red himself.

With its retro-tinged production and jolly arrangement, this timeless classic is sure to bring joy to anyone who hears it.

A must-have for any fan of Ray Stevens or Christmas music in general, “Santa Claus Is Watchin’ You” is truly one of his greatest hits.

7. “Shriner’s Convention”

Ray Steven’s “Shriner’s Convention” is a masterful showcase of his comedic writing and musical craftsmanship.

It’s an ode to the beloved Shriners organization and captures the fun-loving spirit that makes them so appealing to many.

The song has become a classic in his repertoire, and its unique blend of comedy and music makes it one of the most memorable songs by Ray Stevens – a must-have for any greatest hits collection.

With its lighthearted humor and toe-tapping melodies, “Shriner’s Convention” is sure to be enjoyed by all.

8. “It’s Me Again, Margaret”

“It’s Me Again, Margaret” is an iconic song by the legendary Ray Stevens.

With its tongue-in-cheek humor and catchy melody, it’s no wonder that this song has been a part of many greatest hits compilations.

The song tells the story of a woman trying to get in touch with her ex-boyfriend, calling him again and again as she expresses her disappointment at his lack of response.

It’s easy to relate to this heartbreak as it plays out in the lyrics, which are full of wit and charm.

All in all, “It’s Me Again, Margaret” is a classic example of Ray Steven’s unique songwriting style and comedic genius.

9. “Ahab The Arab”

For those looking for a memorable sing-along track, “Ahab the Arab” is an absolute must.

Ray Stevens’ 1962 single has an instantly recognizable sound and humorous lyrics that have held up over time.

It’s a classic that never gets old, and its catchy chorus begs to be belted out by everyone in the room.

Its lighthearted nature makes it perfect for any gathering or occasion – no matter how serious the situation is.

“Ahab the Arab” is one of Ray Stevens’ greatest hits that deserve to be played again and again.

10. “The Haircut Song”

Moving on from “Ahab the Arab”, Ray Stevens’ next hit was undoubtedly no less outrageous – “The Haircut Song”.

This wacky tune tells the story of a man who goes to get a haircut but unfortunately winds up with an outrageous hairdo that won’t seem to go away.

It’s an enjoyable listen, and its comedic lyrics only add to its already funny premise.

The song features Stevens’ trademark blend of satire and humor that has made him so successful over the years.

It’s easy to see why it quickly became one of his most popular songs as soon as it was released.

From its catchy melody to its cleverly written lyrics, there’s something for everyone in this classic tune.

11. “The Streak”

“The Streak” is an iconic Ray Stevens track, renowned for its catchy chorus and witty lyrics.

It’s a classic country tune that has stood the test of time, having been released in 1974 and still played on radio stations today.

The song tells the story of a man trying to break his streak of bad luck with a woman by running away from her.

It’s a cautionary tale about the importance of avoiding hopeless relationships, and it’s delivered with Stevens’ signature comedic flair.

“The Streak” is an excellent example of why Ray Stevens was one of the greatest country singers of all time; it shows his ability to combine humor with thoughtful storytelling in an accessible way.

His unique sound and style have kept him relevant for decades, and this song is no exception.

12. “Along Came Jones”

“Along Came Jones” is one of Ray Stevens‘ most iconic hits and has been covered by several artists over the years.

It’s an upbeat country song that follows the story of a man trying to outrun the law, using clever wordplay and clever instrumentation.

The song features some of Stevens’ best vocal delivery and his skillful musicianship shines through in every note.

He captures the feeling of being on the run perfectly, creating an atmosphere of tension and excitement that’s hard to match.

It’s no surprise then that this classic track remains one of Stevens’ most beloved songs to date.

13. “Indian Love Call”

“Indian Love Call” is a Ray Stevens classic that has withstood the test of time.

It’s a timeless ballad about two lovers separated by vast distances but connected through their longing for each other.

The song’s lyrics are simple yet powerful, and the composition demonstrates Stevens’ ability to craft an emotional narrative in his music.

His signature vocal style creates a sense of yearning and nostalgia that makes this song one of his most beloved works.

With its endearing melody, “Indian Love Call” is sure to remain a favorite among fans for years to come.

Best Ray Stevens Songs – Final Thoughts

I’d be remiss not to mention some of the other great tunes that Ray Stevens has produced over the years.

His comedic sensibilities are second to none, and songs like “Indian Love Call” and “The Streak” serve as timeless reminders of his wit and humor.

But it’s his more heartfelt numbers, such as “Misty”, “Unwind” and “Everything Is Beautiful” that truly showcase his musical range.

Ray Stevens’ extensive catalog is full of gems, but these 13 are easily the cream of the crop.

His body of work is a testament to his immense talent, and they continue to bring joy to listeners everywhere.

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