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15 Best Paramore Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

June 16, 2023
Best Paramore Songs

Introducing Paramore, an exceptional rock band hailing from Franklin, Tennessee.

Comprised of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro, the band has made a significant impact since its formation.

Paramore’s discography boasts an array of popular and unforgettable songs that have secured their place in the annals of alternative rock history.

For devoted Paramore fans, ranking their songs can be a formidable task, given the band’s consistently impressive output.

However, we have compiled a list of the 15 greatest Paramore songs, encompassing both beloved hits and hidden gems.

Enjoy our picks of the best Paramore songs!

1. “Misery Business”

“Misery Business” has earned its place as one of the most iconic tracks of the past decade.

Released as the lead single from Paramore’s 2007 album Riot!, the song became an instant hit due to its energetic guitars, driving drums, and catchy chorus.

Frontwoman Hayley Williams’ lyrics are simultaneously nostalgic and empowering, as she sings about being stuck in a cycle of regret and heartache.

The song’s success is a testament to its universal themes and its ability to connect with listeners of all ages.

With its combination of passionate performances and undeniable hooks, it’s no wonder “Misery Business” has become one of Paramore’s signature songs.

2. “That’s What You Get”

Don’t you just love the feel-good vibes of “That’s What You Get”?

The song was released in 2008, from the album Riot!, and is arguably one of Paramore’s catchiest songs.

The song’s lyrics are about dealing with unrequited love and the idea that people will never get what they want if they don’t fight for it.

The song is beautifully crafted with a mix of heavy metal guitar riffs, clapping, and a catchy chorus.

Vocally, lead singer Hayley Williams’ distinct voice gives the song a unique sound.

It’s no surprise that the song was a success, peaking at number twenty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

“That’s What You Get” is a classic Paramore song and a reminder that life is short and we need to work for the things we want.

3. “Still Into You”

You’ll love the feel of “Still Into You”, a 2013 hit from the album Paramore self-titled.

It features an uplifting, catchy chorus that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

The song’s verses build up to the energetic chorus, with Hayley William’s passionate vocal delivery pushing it to the next level.

The song’s overall production is top-notch, as the instrumentation is bright and textured, making it an enjoyable listen.

Lyrically, “Still Into You” is a sweet love song, as Williams expresses her never-ending love for the person she’s singing to.

All in all, “Still Into You” is a great song and a fantastic addition to Paramore’s greatest hits.

4. “The Only Exception”

Prepare to be captivated by the profound emotions conveyed in “The Only Exception”, an impactful ballad featured in Paramore’s 2010 album Brand New Eyes.

Through this song, the narrative unfolds, illustrating a relationship that may not be flawless but holds a significant value worth preserving.

It beautifully captures the essence of accepting the imperfections in our partners, emphasizing the importance of embracing their flaws for the sake of a healthy and enduring bond.

With its uplifting chorus and Hayley Williams’ soul-stirring vocals, the song reaches new heights of emotional intensity, leaving an indelible mark as a timeless anthem of love and resilience.

5. “Ain’t It Fun”

With its catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, “Ain’t It Fun” is a refreshingly lighthearted track that showcases Paramore’s musical versatility.

The song is a unique blend of pop-rock, with its modern production, deep bass lines, and catchy melodies.

It is a perfect example of the band’s ability to make a catchy song.

Lyrically, the song is about embracing life’s challenges and not feeling guilty about being able to enjoy life.

Hayley Williams’ powerful vocal performance carries the track and brings a whole new level of energy to the song.

With its positive message and catchy hooks, “Ain’t It Fun” is a great addition to Paramore’s discography and one of their most popular songs of all time.

6. “Crushcrushcrush”

Immerse yourself in the invigorating energy of “Crushcrushcrush” and let the rhythm transport you to another world.

Originally released in 2007, this electrifying single served as the third track from Paramore’s highly acclaimed second studio album, Riot!.

With its electrifying guitar riffs and an irresistibly catchy chorus, the song quickly became a sensation and a beloved choice among fans.

Notably, it marked a significant milestone for the band by becoming their first single to make waves on the UK Singles chart, skyrocketing to number three during its initial week.

“Crushcrushcrush” exemplifies Paramore’s distinctive style, seamlessly blending introspective and emotive lyrics with vibrant and lively instrumentals, resulting in an irresistible fusion of sounds that captivates listeners.

7. “Decode”

Experience the emotional and powerful lyrics of “Decode”, Paramore’s second single from their 2008 album Brand New Eyes.

Its message of self-empowerment resonates with listeners, particularly those going through difficult times.

The song’s lyrics speak to the difficulty of overcoming the obstacles in life, which can be interpreted in many different ways.

The song’s production and arrangement also add to its emotive power, as its instrumentation builds up to a powerful climax.

“Decode” is an incredibly powerful and emotionally charged song that speaks to its listeners on many levels.

8. “Hard Times”

You can’t deny the power of “Hard Times”, Paramore’s third single from their 2017 album, After Laughter.

It’s a sincere and uplifting anthem for those who are going through hard times, encouraging them to keep their head up and persevere.

The lyrics are relatable and the song has a feel-good vibe that makes it easy to sing along.

The song resonates with listeners on an emotional level, reminding them that life can be tough but there is always a way out.

9. “Fake Happy”

You won’t be able to keep a smile on your face for long when listening to “Fake Happy”, a melancholic track off Paramore’s 2017 album, After Laughter.

Filled with themes of disillusion and disappointment, the track paints a vivid picture of a person struggling to keep up appearances in spite of inner turmoil.

Hayley Williams’ powerful vocals convey the track’s themes with a heavy dose of emotion, as the instrumentation shifts from a bright and cheery sound to a more somber tone during the bridge.

“Fake Happy” is an important reminder that it’s OK to be honest about your feelings, even if it’s not the popular thing to do.

10. “Last Hope”

Experience the somber tones of Paramore’s “Last Hope”, an emotionally charged track that speaks to the struggles of life and the search for hope in times of despair.

The song is an anthem of sorts, encouraging the listener to stay strong and keep hope alive even in the darkest of times.

Lead singer Hayley Williams’ unique vocal delivery carries the song, her voice emotive yet controlled as she delivers the lyrics with an understated strength and conviction.

The instrumentation is simple, the melody hauntingly beautiful yet full of emotion.

The song ultimately serves as a reminder to never give up hope, no matter the struggles and trials life throws your way.

11. “Pool”

Transitioning from the impactful anthem of “Last Hope”, “Pool” presents a more introspective dimension to Paramore’s musical repertoire.

This track encompasses not only a song but a transformative voyage, where every element harmoniously contributes to the ambiance that Hayley Williams’ vocals establish.

Boasting a distinctive melody and profound lyrical content that resonates deeply, “Pool” has garnered a dedicated following among fans, epitomizing Paramore’s aptitude for creating enduring and resonant compositions.

12. “Turn It Off”

Dive deep into the soul-stirring depths of “Turn It Off” and discover a track that emanates raw and unfiltered energy throughout the album.

The genuine and candid lyrics, delivered by the exceptional lead singer Hayley Williams, leave an indelible impression.

The fusion of electrifying guitar riffs and pulsating drums injects a surge of intensity into the song.

Its resounding chorus encapsulates the powerful message of conquering fears and uncertainties to embrace life to the fullest.

For any Paramore enthusiast, this is an essential listen that lingers in your mind long after the final notes fade away.

13. “This Is Why”

Revel in the empowering and uplifting spirit of “This Is Why”, an anthem that empowers you to overcome any obstacle in your path.

“This Is Why” is a profound ballad that celebrates embracing your unique identity and cultivating unwavering self-confidence amidst life’s challenges.

Fuelled by Hayley Williams’ soul-stirring vocals and lyrics that exude self-determination, the song has become an indispensable gem in Paramore’s musical repertoire.

It stands as a testament to empowerment and resonates deeply with fans and critics, solidifying its status as a timeless and captivating masterpiece that continues to captivate hearts.

14. “Playing God”

You can take control of your life and destiny with the invigorating beats of Paramore’s “Playing God”.

This empowering anthem is an ode to self-determination, and it encourages listeners to take charge of their lives and follow their own paths.

The powerful chorus drives home the message that no one else can decide what’s best for you and that you have the ultimate power to make your own choices.

The raw emotion in Hayley Williams’ voice further reinforces this message, reminding listeners that their decisions are their own and that they have the strength to make the best choice for themselves.

“Playing God” is the perfect reminder that you’re in charge of your own life.

15. “Proof”

You’ve got the power to make the right decisions and prove it to yourself with Paramore’s “Proof”.

This song is a powerful ballad about how hard it can be to accept life’s obstacles and how to overcome them.

Its lyrics convey a strong message of resilience and determination, making it one of the most memorable Paramore songs of all time.

Musically, the song is a blend of restrained verses and an epic chorus that builds up to a soaring climax.

The instrumentation is subtle but effective, with shimmering guitars and an impassioned vocal performance from Hayley Williams.

The song is a testament to Paramore’s ability to craft anthemic songs that speak to the heart and soul.

All in all, “Proof” is an inspirational track that will leave you feeling empowered and motivated.

Best Paramore Songs – Final Thoughts

Paramore has fulfilled their promise of bringing an electrifying energy and intense emotion to the alternative rock genre.

Their hits like “Misery Business”, “That’s What You Get”, and “Still Into You” have become some of the most well-known songs in the genre.

They’ve pushed the boundaries of their sound with songs like “Ain’t It Fun” and “The Only Exception” as well.

Ultimately, Paramore has created a sound that is both captivating and inspiring.

With a catalog of hits that have become timeless classics, Paramore has established itself as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

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