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15 Best Panic! At The Disco Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

June 16, 2023
Best Panic! At The Disco Songs

Allow me to introduce Panic! At The Disco, a band that has solidified its presence in the music industry for more than twenty years, garnering adoration from fans worldwide.

With a diverse repertoire ranging from powerful rock anthems to heartfelt pop ballads, their music has become a source of inspiration for multiple generations of listeners.

In this article, we embark on a journey through their discography, exploring the pinnacle of their achievements.

We will delve into the impact they have had on the music industry and unravel the 15 greatest Panic! At The Disco songs ever created.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of the best Panic! At The Disco songs and celebrate their immense musical prowess!

1. “Don’t Let The Light Go Out”

“Don’t Let The Light Go Out” by Panic! At The Disco is a powerful song that speaks to the importance of continuing to strive for your dreams and not being afraid to take risks.

It encourages listeners to take control of their own lives and never let their light go out.

The song is filled with positive messages and will inspire anyone who listens to it.

The lyrics are filled with thoughtful and meaningful lines that will motivate the listener and provide an important reminder that no matter what happens, you shouldn’t give up.

The music is energetic and uplifting, creating a powerful and motivating atmosphere.

All in all, “Don’t Let The Light Go Out” is an essential song for any Panic! At The Disco fan, and it’s an excellent choice for the greatest hits list.

2. “Do It To Death”

“Do It To Death” is one of the standout hits from Panic! at Disco’s 2022 album Viva Las Vengeance.

The song captures the spirit of the band’s signature sound, blending punk rock and pop sensibilities with frontman Brendon Urie’s passionate vocal delivery.

With its driving beat and fast-paced rhythm, the song is an adrenaline-filled anthem that encourages listeners to let go and throw caution to the wind.

Its lyrics celebrate the joys of living life with reckless abandon, and it is a great reminder to not take life too seriously.

“Do It To Death” is an essential track in Panic! at Disco’s discography and a must-listen for any fan of rock music.

3. “Sugar Soaker”

With its infectious chorus and daring instrumentation, “Sugar Soaker” is sure to get your heart racing and your feet tapping.

This song is off Panic! at Disco’s sixth studio album Viva Las Vengeance.

It’s a high-energy bop that’s driven by a pulsing synth-pop beat and Brendon Urie’s soaring vocals.

The song is also packed with clever wordplay and metaphors that make it a delight to listen to.

The combination of its catchy chorus, daring instrumentation, and clever lyrics make “Sugar Soaker” an unforgettable addition to Panic! At The Disco’s greatest hits.

4. “Sad Clown”

You’ll find yourself immersed in the melancholic tone of “Sad Clown”, a standout track from Panic! At The Disco.

The song is a slow, reflective ballad that celebrates the idea of self-acceptance and resilience despite the sadness of life.

Its lyrics are vivid and thoughtful, as it speaks of the challenges of living with depression and anxiety.

Musically, it features a grandiose arrangement of strings, piano, and drums that evoke a sense of longing and sorrow.

This is a track that will surely leave you with a heavy heart, yet one that is also filled with hope.

5. “Middle of A Breakup”

You’ll find yourself in the midst of a heart-wrenching breakup in “Middle of A Breakup”, an emotionally charged track from the Panic! At The Disco.

The song paints a powerful picture of the sorrow and pain of a broken heart.

Its lyrics and instrumentation perfectly capture the raw emotion of a breakup.

Brendon Urie’s passionate vocals and the song’s melancholic melody make it an unforgettable and moving listen.

“Middle of A Breakup” is undoubtedly one of Panic! At The Disco’s best songs and a timeless reminder of the power of heartbreak.

6. “Viva Las Vengeance”

“Viva Las Vengeance” is an incredibly powerful track from Panic! At The Disco.

The song perfectly exemplifies the band’s ability to craft an emotionally charged anthem that speaks to the listener.

The lyrics are filled with angst and frustration, while the instrumentation is bold and intense.

The combination of these elements gives the song a unique sound that’s both captivating and haunting.

The song also features Brendon Urie’s powerful vocals, which further enhance the emotional impact of the track.

“Viva Las Vengeance” is a song that will stay with the listener long after it has finished playing, making it a classic in Panic! At The Disco’s greatest hits.

7. “Dancing’s Not A Crime”

“Dancing’s Not A Crime” is an upbeat, energetic anthem from Panic! At The Disco that will get you up and moving in no time!

This song is a reminder to have fun and let go of any worries or inhibitions that come with dancing.

Lead singer Brendon Urie’s vocals are powerful and passionate, and the guitar riff is catchy and full of energy.

The lyrics are an empowering reminder not to be afraid to express yourself through dance and movement.

The song is a great way to lift your spirits and take a break from the worries of the world.

8. “High Hopes”

Moving from the anthemic “Dancing’s Not A Crime” to the equally inspirational “High Hopes”, Panic! At The Disco’s biggest hits are sure to get any crowd moving.

“High Hopes” is an uplifting, optimistic tune that focuses on the power of believing in yourself and not letting anyone else slow you down.

The song’s lyrics are a call to action for anyone who feels like giving up, urging them to never stop believing in themselves.

The catchy chorus of “High Hopes” is sure to get stuck in your head and its hopeful message is sure to stay with you.

9. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”

From the inspirational “High Hopes” to the triumphant “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”, Panic! At The Disco has a song for every mood.

“Hey Look Ma, I Made It” is a powerful anthem about achieving success against all odds.

The song is full of snappy lyrics and an upbeat tempo that will have listeners singing along in no time.

The chorus speaks to the idea that all the hard work and dedication pay off and deliver a message of hope and resilience.

The song is a great reminder that anything is possible, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

10. “Death of A Bachelor”

The critically-acclaimed “Death of A Bachelor” is a melancholic departure from Panic! At The Disco’s more upbeat tunes, showcasing the band’s versatility and range.

It’s a reflective, nostalgic track that speaks to the bittersweetness of growing older and the inevitable changes that come with it.

The lyrics are framed in a way that examines the idea of letting go of your former life and living in the present, while also recognizing the importance of nostalgia and the weight of the past.

The song’s production is complex, blending elements of jazz, pop, and rock, and the instrumentation is lush and layered.

The track stands out for its magnificent structure and nuanced emotion, making it a true masterpiece in the band’s catalog.

11. “LA Devotee”

You’ll be devoted to “LA Devotee”, a gripping track from Panic! At The Disco that’s teeming with raw emotion.

This song is unique because it’s more of a reflection on frontman Brendon Urie’s struggles in Los Angeles than a typical love song.

Urie sings about his struggles with the city’s superficiality, as well as the loneliness and struggles with mental health that often come with it.

His lyrics vividly depict his experience in the city and his desire to make it out alive.

The chorus of the song is especially powerful, with Urie’s vocals conveying the desperation and urgency of his plea.

It’s a powerful reminder that even in our darkest moments, we can find solace in knowing that our struggles are shared.

12. “Victorious”

“Victorious” is an uplifting, anthemic song that makes you feel like you can conquer anything.

Its powerful chorus and lyrics will energize you and make you want to take on the world.

The song has a strong message of overcoming obstacles and coming out on top.

Musically, it’s uplifting and has a strong beat that’ll make you want to dance.

The instrumentation is catchy, and the vocals are strong and passionate.

“Victorious” is a great song that’ll lift your spirits and help you achieve success.

13. “Emperor’s New Clothes”

“Emperor’s New Clothes” is a fun, upbeat track that’ll make you want to dance all night long.

The song opens with a catchy guitar riff before transitioning to the main chorus.

Brendon Urie’s raspy vocals are an ideal match for the track’s lyrics, which explore themes of vanity and the fragility of the ego.

The chorus is full of energy and the bridge builds up the tension perfectly.

The song is an excellent example of Panic! At The Disco’s signature brand of rock with a strong pop influence.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a high-energy, danceable track that packs a lyrical punch.

14. “This Is Gospel”

“This Is Gospel” is a powerful, anthemic track that’ll have you singing along in no time.

Lyrically, this song is a reflection on the idea of accepting yourself despite the fear of judgment from others, as well as the idea of being able to overcome this fear.

The song’s chorus, with its driving beat and catchy lyrics, is a powerful reminder of the importance of self-acceptance.

The bridge of the song is particularly poignant, as it speaks of how you can’t always rely on others to validate your worth.

Overall, this song is a powerful anthem for self-acceptance and self-love.

15. “Nicotine”

As the follow-up to their hit single, “This Is Gospel”, Panic! At The Disco released the song “Nicotine” in 2014.

This track is a hard-hitting rock song that showcases lead singer Brendon Urie’s powerful vocal range.

Lyrically, the song follows a character as they battle their inner demons and search for a way to cope with life’s struggles.

The song has a strong message of self-empowerment, encouraging listeners to take control of their lives and make their own decisions.

Musically, “Nicotine” builds on the band’s signature sound, with driving drums and distorted guitars providing the backdrop to Urie’s emotive vocal delivery.

Best Panic! At The Disco Songs – Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it: the 15 best Panic! At The Disco songs of all time.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just now discovering the band, you can’t go wrong with any of these greatest hits.

Each song has its own unique flair and style that makes it stand out from the rest.

From the upbeat rhythms of “Victorious” to the melancholic tones of “This Is Gospel”, Panic! At The Disco has something for everyone.

So go ahead and give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

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