10 Best Online Classical Guitar Lessons That Actually Work 2021

best online classical guitar lessons

Classical guitar is one of the most popular, elegant, and timeless instruments.

It’s characterized by fingerstyle technique and nylon strings, producing a delicate and gentle sound that has inspired artists for ages.

The classical guitar also has different dimensions and a wider neck that allows for more precise fingerpicking, which also makes it a bit harder to learn than the acoustic guitar.

But with a quality online course, you’ll be playing simple familiar melodies in no time.

Regardless of your skill level and age, you’ll find something you like on our list of the best online classical guitar lessons.

We’ll show you their features and benefits, and prove to you one more time how wonderful it is to learn how to play the classical guitar.

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10 Best Online Classical Guitar Lessons

1. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular ways of learning guitar online.

The platform is also home to some of the best online classical guitar lessons.

Guitar Tricks online classical guitar learning platform

Features and Benefits

Guitar Tricks offers excellent step-by-step video lessons for all skill levels. You can easily access them after you subscribe. There’s also a free 14-day trial if you want to test it first.

Their Core Learning System is geared toward first-time beginners and contains 8 courses. Each course is self-paced but runs between one and eight weeks.

Each guitar style requires different techniques, and the Style Course will introduce you to techniques applicable to that style.

However, you can also put “classical guitar“ in the search bar, and you’ll get a list of all tutorials and lessons focused on that style. Besides the title of the lessons, you can see the difficulty level and the name of the instructors.

All Guitar Tricks instructors are successful musicians as well as friendly and knowledgeable teachers. You can read all about them in the Instructors section on the website.

Some of the classical guitar lessons they offer are Classical Tremolo Technique, Classical Single String Exercises, and Advanced Classical Exercise. Song tutorials are also included, ranging from easy melodies to rather complex pieces.

The Guitar Tricks website also offers great online tools such as a scale finder, a metronome, a fretboard trainer, and a chord finder.

Who is Guitar Tricks For?

Guitar Tricks is an excellent way to learn classical guitar online for people of all levels.

The platform offers quality lessons that will certainly help you improve your playing.

2. ArtistWorks – Jason Vieaux Classical Guitar Lessons

Among other online music lessons, ArtistWorks offers great classical guitar lessons for beginners and experienced players.

Courses on this popular platform are usually taught by renowned artists, and it’s no different with ArtistWorks classical guitar course.

Features and Benefits

Jason Vieaux became one of the youngest stars of the classical guitar world when he won the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Competition. And that was just the start; he is now a Grammy award-winner and a successful recording artist.

With ArtistWorks, you’ll have the chance to learn from this classical guitar pro! He recorded a detailed, step-by-step course where he shares his performance experience.

After you purchase the course, you’ll have access to hundreds of lessons divided into different categories. Basic Classical Guitar includes lessons on the fundamentals, Segovia scales, the Carcassi method, and songs from artists like Francisco Tárrega.

Classical Guitar Reference Topics will teach you important things like tuning the guitar, practicing properly, and playing expressively.

Intermediate and Advanced lessons will introduce you to more complex techniques and melodies. The content is truly extensive but based on a linear system that will gradually take you to advanced levels.

Other categories also include Special Guests and a 5-day Challenge. Besides videos, you’ll also receive downloadable resources and access to the video exchange library.

You can submit videos to your teacher and get personalized feedback as well – that’s one of the greatest benefits of this program. Direct feedback is important in making a progress and working on your potential weak spots.

Who is ArtistWorks For?

ArtistWorks with Jason Vieaux is a fantastic classical guitar course for anyone who wants to improve their guitar skills with a structured, quality online program.

3. TrueFire Classical Guitar Lessons

TrueFire is another popular e-learning website.

It offers a vast collection of classical guitar lessons taught by different teachers.

TrueFire Learn the classical guitar online

Features and Benefits

The TrueFire website is full of information but it’s easy to navigate. You can browse through individual courses, lessons, learning paths, educators, and much more.

Style-specific study programs contain quality video lessons taught by experienced instructors.

One of the beginner classical programs, for example, contains 18 video lessons with an accelerated curriculum designed to teach you the basics quickly and efficiently. You’ll learn fingerpicking, right and left-hand techniques, legato, solo guitar, and so on.

Some of the other courses you can purchase are Arpeggio Power Play, Beginner Method for Classical Guitar, and 30 Classic Country Guitar Licks You Must Know.

As you can see, TrueFire provides lessons for different levels and styles. And with all the additional learning tools, free jam tracks, and practice guides, it’s really a precious source of musical knowledge.

Moreover, TrueFire organizes live online performances, Q&A events, and full course streams. There’s always fresh content to learn from!

Who is TrueFire For?

Whether you’re a first-time beginner or a seasoned player, you’ll find something useful on TrueFire. The website offers a large number of quality lessons for all levels and styles.

4. Udemy Classical Guitar Lessons

If you want to learn how to play classical guitar, you’ll find plenty of great options on Udemy.

Regardless of your skill level or age, you’ll find a suitable classical guitar course.

Udemy website with classical guitar lessons

Features and Benefits

Udemy offers a variety of affordable music lessons taught by different teachers. Before choosing the course, you can check its price, the number of lessons, rating in stars, and instructors’ bio.

There are great courses on classical guitar essentials. We took a look at the Classical Guitar Essentials – The Basics Part 1; it contains more than 4 hours of pre-recorded videos and 10 downloadable resources.

The course will teach you basic techniques as well as how to read standard music notation and play popular tunes (from Jingle Bells to Lambada). It will help you build a strong foundation, and you’ll always have the chance to go back to these lessons as you’ll have lifetime access.

There are also Udemy classical guitar classes for experienced players. Besides intermediate and advanced courses, you can find a bunch of lessons focused on a specific technique or artist.

Udemy is undoubtedly an excellent learning source if you know what you’re looking for.

Who is Udemy For?

Udemy has classical guitar lessons for beginners but also more specialized lessons for players with experience.

It’s a great website for anyone searching for reliable and affordable online music lessons.

5. JamPlay

Another popular platform with some of the best classical guitar lessons is JamPlay.

It’s a growing community of music lovers and professionals who are eager to share their knowledge with people around the world.

JamPlay online classical guitar learning platform

Features and Benefits

The JamPlay website is always full of fresh content and versatile material.

When you subscribe, you’ll have access to all published lessons, libraries, tools, and live content.

All video lessons are studio-recorded and delivered in high-definition quality. Videos also include very helpful features such as looping, playback, and bookmarks. You’ll also be able to track your progress in a full Progress Report.

JamPlay courses feature instruction by professional musicians and a dynamic learning system to help you make quick progress. With a step-by-step format, they will teach you important techniques as well as tips and tricks for better performance.

Live content is what makes JamPlay so special. Live guitar courses are included in the membership; they are focused, task-based workshops which include full tablature, interactivity with the instruction, and weekly homework.

And if you have a specific question, you can join JamPlay live Q&A on a daily basis.

JamPlay certainly offers engaging content and efficient methods to help you learn the classical guitar in a simple and fun way.

Who is JamPlay For?

JamPlay is a great platform for anyone who wants to join a versatile and motivating online community.

Most classical guitar courses start with the basics though, so the program is probably best for beginners.

6. Gibson’s Learn and Master

This award-winning online program is another great way of learning classical guitar online.

It’s created by Steve Krenz, an educated musician, and guitar instructor.

Gibson's Learn and Master online guitar school

Features and Benefits

The Gibson’s Learn and Master package contains 20 professionally filmed DVDs with over 40 hours of instruction. Lessons are tailored for all skill levels, so if you’re an intermediate player you can simply skip the basics.

Besides videos, you’ll receive Jam along with CDs and a lesson book. With the combination of different learning tools, you’ll be learning in the most efficient way possible. Videos, CDs, and a book perfectly compliment each other.

Topics covered in the course are numerous – you’ll learn about notation, chords, scales, and advanced techniques. With time, your sound on the guitar will significantly improve.

You’ll also have unlimited access to the online student support site. You can join a conversation in the Forum, browse through articles, or check what’s next in the online sessions usually streamed on the platform’s community YouTube channel.

Gibson’s Learn and Master truly is the whole package and it covers the theoretical, practical, and social aspects of playing the classical guitar.

Who is Gibson’s Learn and Master For?

This guitar learning program is for people who want to learn at their own pace and with different learning tools.

It’s suitable for all skill levels and great for beginners who want to bring their skills to another level.

7. Classical Guitar Lessons

This online education website offers free classical guitar lessons and resources.

It’s a platform fully dedicated to the classical guitar.

Classical Guitar Lessons free online platform for learning classical guitar

Features and Benefits

A classical guitarist Bradford Werner originally created the platform for his students at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. The website is full of courses, tutorials, and practice tips.

It’s easy to browse through lessons as they are listed as they should be followed and divided into categories. They include guided videos and texts.

Essential Lessons cover all the basic areas of playing the classical guitar. They teach all about hand positions, basic techniques, and ways to organize practice sessions.

Part of the program is divided into Grades, and each Grade contains lessons preparing you for different pieces. Other targeted lessons include Tremolo, Fingernail, Scales, and Slur lessons.   

There are also interesting Special Topic lessons featuring useful tips for accomplishing goals, memorizing music, and avoiding tension when playing.

Classical Guitar Lessons truly offers a well-rounded and extensive curriculum that is, besides the quality it provides, completely free!

Who is Classical Guitar Lessons For?

Classical Guitar Lessons is a course for anyone looking for free classical guitar lessons that are reliable, effective, and thorough.

8. The Classical Guitar Corner Academy

If you wish to enroll in an online music academy, you’ll want to consider The Classical Guitar Corner.

The platform offers simple online lessons that will gradually bring your guitar playing to advanced levels.

Classical Guitar Corner Academy

Features and Benefits

When you become a member of The Classical Guitar Corner, you’ll gain access to a large number of lessons based on a step-by-step learning system.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll learn how to read music and sight-read which is crucial if you want to learn how to play the guitar really well. Graded sets of sight-reading challenges will keep you entertained and challenged as you move forward with your lessons.

And if you already have some experience, you’ll benefit a lot from the masterclass series. These in-depth lessons are focused on repertoire and their associated techniques.

As you progress, you’ll have the opportunity to submit grade exams. You can do it twice a year, and you’ll receive personalized feedback which is a great motivation and a chance to improve your playing.

Downloadable sheet music, practice routines, duets, and study guides will also help you in your learning process. All members have access to the Academy’s digital library.

Another program’s benefit and a great way to make you feel inspired and included is live content. You can attend live online seminars or join fellow students in fun open mic sessions.

Who is The Classical Guitar Corner For?

This online academy is perfect for adult amateur guitarists and anyone willing to enroll in a true online music school.

9. Classical Guitar Corner

If you prefer simple video lessons that cover essential classical guitar topics, you should check the Classical Guitar Corner website.

The website offers plenty of free learning material and video lessons.

Classical Guitar Corner with free online learning material

Features and Benefits

The founder of the Classical Guitar Corner is Simon Powis, a young and talented classical guitarist. Besides sharing his knowledge in a form of free video lessons, he provides live streams and tutorials on the platform’s YouTube channel.

Simon created a comprehensive curriculum that covers theory, technique, musicianship, sight-reading, repertoire, and ensemble playing.

He also created useful texts that will help you with your learning process. For example, the text on 4 templates for classical guitar practice sessions is incredibly helpful in establishing an effective practice routine.

All things considered, Classical Guitar Corner is a great source of useful tips, guides, and learning tools.

Who is Classical Guitar Corner For?

This website is a great learning source for anyone searching for free online classical guitar lessons.

It offers a lot of useful content for beginners as well as intermediate players who want to expand their knowledge and repertoire.

10. LAGA Online

With a systematic online curriculum and personalized feedbacks, this website is a great way of learning the classical guitar.

The website is run by the Los Angeles Guitar Academy and is popular for its online lessons for beginners.

LAGA online music program for classical guitar

 Features and Benefits

This online guitar course will help you hone your skills with a proven method based on the LAGA in-studio programs. You can preview the curriculum on the platform’s YouTube Channel.

When you start with the course, you’ll learn new concepts by playing a wide variety of songs that span various musical periods.

A professional team of LAGA instructors is promising a diverse repertoire that will properly introduce you to the world of the classical guitar.

You can also arrange private online guitar lessons to learn more quickly and efficiently. Guitar lessons with a private online tutor are an amazing opportunity to get feedback, ask questions, and feel motivated.

Who is LAGA Online For?

LAGA Online is a great online source for beginners searching for clear and structured classical guitar lessons.

How to Choose the Best Online Classical Guitar Lessons

When looking for any music lesson online, you need to know what you’re looking for. There are many classical guitar courses online, and they deliver different content through different media and teaching methods.

Luckily, the best online classical guitar lessons have clear and informative websites that will introduce you to their curriculum or offer you a free trial option. Sample videos and other students’ reviews are also helpful in making a decision.

Also, check the duration of the course and align it with your abilities. If you don’t have much time on your hands, don’t search for a detailed online music academy. And if you want to get intricate skills and learn in-depth theory, short simplified lessons just won’t work for you.

If you did a little research and informed yourself about the platform’s content, features, and teachers, one of the courses has probably already sparked your interest.

How to Choose the Best Online Classical Guitar Lessons

What Are the Benefits of Online Classical Guitar Lessons?

For starters, it’s probably needless to mention the beautiful sound that the classical guitar produces. It’s delicate, gentle, and undeniably timeless.

But if this instrument’s delicate sound, versatility, and popularity aren’t enough, there are also many other reasons to start learning the classical guitar. And one of the best and most convenient ways to do it is through online lessons.

The Internet offers many classical guitar lessons for beginners, and you’ll easily find a program that meets your needs. The growing marketplace of online lessons made it possible to have professional, effective, and fun lessons without traveling or hiring a tutor.

Moreover, taking online classical guitar lessons will ultimately make you a better technical player. These skills will help you in playing other styles and guitars, and also help you develop your overall musicality.

You should also be aware of the health and mental benefits that playing the acoustic guitar can bring – you’ll boost your creativity, improve memory and coordination, and engage in an activity that can do wonders for your mood and confidence.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn classical guitar online, there are many great options to choose from. Online music academies and free classical guitar lessons are just some of the formats that will help you hone your skills.

All the best online music courses are fun, effective, and often quite affordable. However, you need to apply yourself if you want to play well. Nothing comes overnight, and especially not intricate guitar skills.

But once you build a strong foundation and start playing with confidence, possibilities are endless! You can explore different genres, play wherever you want, join a band, or start writing your own music.

We hope this article inspired you to start learning and discovering the world of the classical guitar.


Can you learn classical guitar online?

Yes, you can learn classical guitar online with the help of a good music course. If you follow the suggested curriculum and establish a proper practice routine, you’ll be able to see the results very quickly.

Is classical guitar easy to learn?

Classical guitar is not hard to learn, but it’s considered more difficult to play than the acoustic or electric guitar. Although the classical guitar is technically more demanding, it will feel softer to play for beginners.

Can you teach yourself classical guitar?

Yes, you can teach yourself classical guitar with online classical guitar lessons. Choose an online music course, follow the instructions, and practice regularly to develop core classical guitar skills.