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13 Best NF Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 19, 2023
nf songs

I’ve compiled the best NF songs of all time, a selection of his greatest hits that showcase his raw emotion, compelling storytelling, and unique rap style.

This article is a deep dive into the tracks that have established NF as a distinctive and powerful voice in the world of hip-hop.

Top NF songs of all time

  • “Let You Down”
  • “When I Grow Up”
  • “The Search”
  • “If You Want Love”
  • “Time”
  • “Remember This”
  • “Paralyzed”
  • “Lie”
  • “How Could You Leave Us”
  • “Can You Hold Me”

1. “Let You Down”

You’ll be hooked on “Let You Down” as soon as the beat drops.

It’s one of NF’s most popular songs for a reason.

The lyrics are raw and emotional, touching on themes of self-doubt and disappointment.

The chorus is incredibly catchy, with a melody that will be stuck in your head for days.

NF’s delivery is intense and passionate, adding to the overall impact of the song.

It’s a powerful track that showcases NF’s talent as a rapper and songwriter.

Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop or not, “Let You Down” is a must-listen.

2. “When I Grow Up”

When I Grow Up” is a compelling track by NF that explores his aspirations and struggles with success.

The lyrics reveal his desire to be a role model for future generations and his fear of not living up to his own expectations.

The haunting melody and NF’s powerful delivery create an emotional connection with the audience, drawing them into his world.

The song is a testament to NF’s raw talent and his ability to connect with his fans on a deeply personal level.

It’s no wonder that “When I Grow Up” has become one of the most popular tracks in NF’s discography and a fan favorite.

3. “The Search”

As you listen to “The Search”, you can feel NF’s raw emotion and vulnerability pouring through the lyrics and music.

The production is haunting, with eerie choruses and distorted vocals, creating an atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty.

“The Search” is a standout track in NF’s discography, showcasing his ability to not only rap with technical skill but also convey deep emotions and connect with listeners on a personal level.

4. “If You Want Love”

Listen closely to “If You Want Love” and you’ll hear NF’s introspective lyrics and soulful vocals, as he contemplates the complexities of love and relationships.

This song is a standout track from his third studio album, Perception, and showcases the rapper’s ability to blend his personal experiences with relatable themes.

The production is minimalistic, with a piano-driven melody and subtle drums that allow NF’s vocals to take center stage.

Overall, “If You Want Love” is a beautifully crafted and thought-provoking song that solidifies NF’s place as a master storyteller in the world of hip-hop.

5. “Time”

You can’t help but feel a sense of urgency and nostalgia when you hear NF’s emotional lyrics about the fleeting nature of time in his song about the subject.

In “Time”, NF delves into the idea that time is a precious commodity that we often take for granted.

He highlights the importance of seizing the moment and making the most of every second we have.

The powerful lyrics and haunting melody of the song make it a standout track in NF’s discography.

It’s an introspective piece that forces listeners to reflect on their own mortality and the legacy they want to leave behind.

Overall, “Time” is a poignant reminder of the importance of cherishing every moment we have and living life to the fullest.

6. “Remember This”

Now that we’ve talked about the passing of time, let’s shift our focus to a song that urges you to remember the moments that matter.

“Remember This” is a powerful track by NF that encourages listeners to hold on to memories that have shaped them and to never forget the lessons learned along the way.

With its catchy beat and poignant lyrics, the song reminds us that even in the toughest times, we can find strength by remembering the experiences that have made us who we are.

As one of the best NF songs of all time, “Remember This” is a testament to the artist’s ability to create music that resonates with people on a deep level and inspires them to keep moving forward.

7. “Paralyzed”

Feeling paralyzed by fear and doubt is a common experience that many of us can relate to.

In NF’s song “Paralyzed”, he describes the struggle of being stuck in a state of anxiety and indecision.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the mental and emotional turmoil that can come with feeling trapped by one’s own thoughts.

The raw intensity of the song is evident in NF’s powerful delivery and the haunting piano melody that accompanies it.

Despite the heaviness of the subject matter, “Paralyzed” offers a glimmer of hope, reminding us that we have the power to break free from our own limitations and fears.

It’s a poignant reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that even in our darkest moments, there is always a way forward.

8. “Lie”

“Lie” is a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases NF’s raw talent as a lyricist and rapper.

The song delves into themes of self-doubt and inner turmoil, with NF questioning his own thoughts and feelings.

The production is minimalistic, allowing NF’s lyrics to take center stage and draw the listener in.

NF’s delivery is emotional and powerful, with his rapid-fire flow adding to the intensity of the track.

Overall, “Lie” is a standout track in NF’s discography, highlighting his ability to tackle difficult subjects with honesty and vulnerability.

9. “How Could You Leave Us”

You can’t help but feel the emotional weight of “How Could You Leave Us”, as NF shares his heartbreaking experience of losing his mother to drug addiction.

The raw emotion in his voice is palpable as he questions why his mother chose drugs over her family, and how he could have helped her.

The song is a powerful tribute to his mother and a poignant reminder of the devastating impact of addiction on families.

NF’s lyrics are honest and vulnerable, and the haunting piano melody adds to the song’s emotional intensity.

It’s no wonder that “How Could You Leave Us” has become one of NF’s most popular and beloved songs.

10. “Can You Hold Me”

As the hauntingly beautiful piano melody of “Can You Hold Me” begins, NF’s vulnerable lyrics and smooth vocals transport you into a world of heartbreak and longing.

The song’s emotional depth is palpable as NF sings about the struggle of feeling alone and searching for someone to hold onto.

The chorus, featuring the stunning vocals of Britt Nicole, adds an extra layer of intensity to the already powerful song.

“Can You Hold Me” is not only one of NF’s most moving tracks, but it’s also one of his most relatable, touching on the universal desire for human connection and the pain of feeling isolated.

11. “Oh Lord”

With hauntingly soulful vocals and a somber piano melody, “Oh Lord” captures the emotional struggle of grappling with faith and questioning the world around us.

It’s a powerful song that resonates with anyone who has ever felt lost or alone in their spiritual journey.

NF’s raw lyrics and intense delivery perfectly convey the pain and desperation that often accompany these kinds of struggles.

The song’s haunting atmosphere and poignant lyrics make it a standout track in NF’s discography, and a testament to his ability to create music that speaks to the heart.

12. “My Stress”

Feeling the weight of everyday pressures and anxieties, “My Stress” captures the struggle of trying to manage and cope with the constant demands of life.

This song is a powerful representation of the mental and emotional turmoil that many individuals face on a daily basis.

NF’s lyrics are raw and honest, reflecting the complexity of dealing with stress and the impact it can have on one’s overall well-being.

Through his delivery and use of poignant imagery, he effectively conveys the overwhelming feeling of being unable to escape the pressures of society.

“My Stress” is a standout track on NF’s album, and its relatable message resonates with listeners who have experienced similar struggles in their own lives.


If you’re looking for a powerful anthem to motivate and inspire you, then you need to listen to “PAID MY DUES” by NF.

This song is a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, and it’s sure to give you the boost of confidence you need to tackle any challenge.

The beat is intense and the chorus is catchy, making this song a fan favorite and a standout track on NF’s greatest hits list.

“PAID MY DUES” is a must-listen for anyone who needs a reminder of their own power and potential.

Best NF Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered the 13 best NF songs of all time.

This list features some of the greatest hits by the artist, showcasing his incredible talent and unique style.

From heart-wrenching ballads to hard-hitting anthems, NF’s music has something for everyone.

As you listen to each of these 13 tracks, you’ll be struck by the raw emotion and honesty that NF brings to his music.

His lyrics are powerful and thought-provoking, tackling topics like mental health, personal struggles, and the ups and downs of life.

With each song, NF invites you to take a journey with him, exploring the depths of his soul and experiencing all the highs and lows that come with it.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to NF’s music, this list is the perfect place to start.

You’ll be blown away by the skill and creativity that this artist brings to the table, and you’ll come away with a new appreciation for the power of music to touch our hearts and souls.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the 13 best NF songs of all time.

You won’t be disappointed!

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