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15 Best Merle Haggard Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Written By Will Fenton
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15 Best Merle Haggard Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Merle Haggard is one of the most influential country music artists of all time.

With a career that spanned more than five decades, Haggard has released an impressive collection of songs, many of which are still widely beloved by fans today.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen of Haggard’s greatest hits, showcasing his unique brand of classic country music and his undeniable talent as a songwriter.

Here are the 15 best Merle Haggard songs of all time!

1. “The Bottle Let Me Down”

“The Bottle Let Me Down” is undoubtedly one of the greatest songs ever written by Merle Haggard.

A classic country song with a twangy guitar, it tells a heartbreaking story of heartache and disappointment.

This song showcases why Merle Haggard was one of the most influential country artists of all time. The lyrics are simple yet profound, and his delivery is raw and moving.

“The Bottle Let Me Down” is an emotional journey that captures the essence of sorrowful longing in a way that few other songs can.

2. “Swinging Doors”

The incomparable Merle Haggard certainly made a name for himself with his hit single “Swinging Doors”, and it’s easy to see why.

With its catchy melody, heartfelt lyrics, and classic country twang, this track perfectly encapsulates the country music legend’s sound.

No matter what mood you’re in, you can always count on “Swinging Doors” for an emotional listening experience that will stay with you long after the song ends.

3. “Sing Me Back Home”

Merle Haggard’s classic, “Sing Me Back Home”, remains one of his most iconic hits.

Its poignant lyrics and haunting melody capture the essence of a life well-lived and the heartache of saying goodbye to a loved one.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster that speaks to us all; no matter how many times we listen, it never fails to leave its mark.

The song is a timeless testament to the power of music to move us emotionally, and Merle Haggard’s powerful vocals make it all the more memorable.

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“Sing Me Back Home” is an undeniable part of musical history and one of Merle Haggard’s greatest hits.

4. “I’m A Lonesome Fugitive”

Moving away from the somber and reflective tones of “Sing Me Back Home”, Merle Haggard’s 1967 hit, “I’m A Lonesome Fugitive” is an upbeat song about the struggles of running from the law.

The rest of the song follows suit, with Haggard singing about his desperate attempts to stay one step ahead of the law as he wanders from town to town.

With its catchy beat and memorable lyrics, this song has become one of Haggard’s most beloved hits – an essential part of any list of his greatest songs.

5. “Mama Tried”

“Mama Tried” is a Merle Haggard classic that has become an anthem for many.

The song, written and recorded by Haggard in 1968, captures the struggles of life and the idea of trying to do right even when the consequences are dire.

Its simple yet powerful lyrics resonate with fans everywhere, making it one of the most beloved songs of all time.

The tune’s emotional delivery gives listeners a sense of sorrow but also brings hope and comfort as they face their own obstacles.

It is truly a timeless masterpiece that will remain a staple in country music for years to come.

6. “Today I Started Loving You Again”

“Today I Started Loving You Again” is a classic from the Merle Haggard catalog that stands out for its upbeat melody, soulful lyrics, and timeless message.

Its popularity has endured for decades, making it one of the most recognizable songs ever written by the country legend.

The song’s happy-go-lucky vibe resonates with listeners of all ages, as it speaks to love and heartache in a way that never gets old.

A key part of its success is its memorable chorus “Today I Started Loving You Again” which remains an earworm long after the song ends.

7. “The Legend of Bonnie And Clyde”

Merle Haggard’s iconic “The Legend of Bonnie And Clyde” is an absolute classic.

From the opening notes of its rolling guitar, it immediately transports the listener to a wild west of gunslingers, outlaws, and honky-tonks.

The song’s fascinating narrative follows the tale of two lovers on the run from the law, with vivid lyrics that recount their misadventures in detail.

Whether you’re a fan of country music or not, this track is sure to entrance you with its irresistible combination of storytelling and toe-tapping rhythm.

A true classic that will never be forgotten.

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8. “Silver Wings”

Silver Wings” is a classic Merle Haggard tune that stands the test of time.

The song’s thoughtful lyrics and tender melody make it one of the most emotionally evocative songs of Haggard’s career.

It paints a vivid picture of love and loss, as the narrator reflects on a past relationship that has been left behind.

Every line is filled with nostalgia and regret, giving listeners an intimate look into the singer’s heart.

In spite of its heavy subject matter, “Silver Wings” is still an uplifting track that celebrates the power of enduring love.

Proving why Merle Haggard remains one of country music’s all-time greats.

9. “Workin’ Man Blues”

Merle Haggard’s “Workin’ Man Blues” captures the essence of the working-class lifestyle with its relatable lyrics and signature country twang.

This classic track, released in 1969, tells the story of a hardworking man who is struggling to make ends meet as he looks for a better life.

The song has become an anthem for workers everywhere, touching on themes of perseverance and determination.

Through its vivid imagery, it speaks to the sacrifices that come with being a working person and how they can remain strong even in difficult times.

“Workin’ Man Blues” is a timeless track that encapsulates the spirit of the working class like no other song.

10. “Mama’s Hungry Eyes”

The unmistakable twang of Merle Haggard’s voice brings to life the emotional ballad, “Mama’s Hungry Eyes”.

It tells a story of heartache and longing with its sad melody and sorrowful lyrics.

The themes of unrequited love are made even more poignant by Haggard’s passionate delivery.

His plaintive singing conveys a deep yearning for the object of his affections and ultimately makes for an incredibly moving experience.

This is one track from Merle Haggard that will stay with you long after it ends.

11. “Okie From Muskogee”

Merle Haggard’s classic “Okie From Muskogee” is the perfect follow-up to its predecessor.

The iconic country anthem celebrates small-town values and proudly proclaims Haggard’s hometown pride.

Its simple yet powerful lyrics are emblematic of an era of Americana music, taking listeners back to a simpler time with its traditional instrumentation and heartfelt delivery.

It’s easy to sing along with and truly captures the spirit of a generation.

An anthem for all ages, “Okie From Muskogee” stands the test of time as one of Merle Haggard’s greatest songs.

12. “White Line Fever”

Merle Haggard’s “White Line Fever” is an iconic country song that captures the essence of the open road.

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With its catchy guitar licks and down-home lyrics, it’s easy to see why this song has been a favorite among fans for decades.

The song starts off with Merle declaring his independence from the troubles of everyday life, before launching into a chorus that encapsulates his feelings of freedom and exploration.

It’s a timeless anthem that speaks to those who have ever taken a trip on the open highway.

Whether you’re looking for a classic to add to your playlist or just want to take a trip down memory lane, “White Line Fever” is sure to hit the spot.

13. “The Fightin’ Side Of Me”

Merle Haggard’s song, “The Fightin’ Side of Me”, is one of the greats.

Its classic country sound and infectious chorus make it an instant hit with fans.

The lyrics capture the heartache and anger of a nation struggling to stay true to its values in a rapidly changing world.

Haggard’s voice is at its best here, conveying both strength and vulnerability as he sings about patriotism and loyalty to one’s beliefs.

It remains a powerful testament to his enduring legacy as one of the most influential country singers of all time.

14. “If We Make It Through December”

“If We Make It Through December” is one of Merle Haggard’s most iconic and beloved songs.

Its powerful lyricism paints a picture of a struggling family trying to make it through the holiday season, and the song’s somber yet hopeful tone captures the emotional complexity of the situation.

The melody is raw and emotive, with Haggard’s unmistakable vocal delivery further enhancing its impact; it’s no wonder that this tune has been covered by countless artists over the years.

“If We Make It Through December” is a timeless classic and an essential part of Merle Haggard’s greatest hits collection – its message of perseverance in hard times still resonates strongly today.

15. “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore”

Merle Haggard’s song “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore” is a timeless classic that speaks about the realities of life with melancholic honesty.

The lyrics are simple and direct but carry a powerful message.

Musically, the track is stripped-down acoustic guitar, backed by strings and Haggard’s signature croon.

It’s a slow-burner of a song, but it has an undeniable impact on the listener.

Haggard’s heartbreaking delivery draws out the emotion of each line, making it an unforgettable listen.

Best Merle Haggard Songs – Final Thoughts

Merle Haggard has been a major influence in the music world since his rise to fame.

His songs have become timeless classics that will be cherished for years to come.

From “The Bottle Let Me Down” to “Things Aren’t Funny Anymore”, Haggard’s greatest hits capture the unique blend of country and Western sounds that made him an icon.

His music speaks to our hearts, reminding us of the struggles we all face in life.

Merle Haggard is an artist who will never be forgotten and whose work will continue to inspire generations of music fans to come.

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