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12 Best Macklemore Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Written By Will Fenton
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12 Best Macklemore Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Macklemore is one of the most influential rappers of all time.

His music blends traditional rap with pop, rock, and folk elements, creating a unique sound that has captivated millions around the world.

To celebrate his immense talent, we’ve compiled a list of his 12 greatest songs that showcase the full breadth of his artistry.

From hits like “Thrift Shop” to lesser-known gems like “Glorious”, these tracks are some of the best examples of what makes Macklemore so special.

Get ready to take a journey through some of the rapper’s most iconic tunes.

Enjoy our list of the best Macklemore songs!

1. “Marmalade”

Macklemore‘s debut single, “Marmalade”, is a classic hip-hop track that solidified his place in the music industry.

Released in 2017, this song is an ode to Macklemore’s youth and serves as a reminder of where he’s come from.

The beat is hard-hitting and the lyrics are cleverly written to flow effortlessly over the track.

The hook consists of Macklemore rapping about how he used to hustle for marmalade as a kid – a phrase that has become part of his signature sound.

With its positive message and strong production, “Marmalade” is one of Macklemore’s best songs, cementing his place in hip-hop history.

A must-listen for any fans of the genre!

2. “Thrift Shop”

Macklemore’s breakout hit, “Thrift Shop”, is an iconic anthem for the modern era.

It’s a track that oozes nostalgia and style, mixing classic hip-hop beats with a tongue-in-cheek lyricism that is both humorous and thought-provoking.

A masterclass in wordplay, the song is an infectious party jam that exudes energy and swagger – it’s impossible not to get on your feet when this one comes on.

The success of “Thrift Shop” was unprecedented; it became a global phenomenon and cemented Macklemore’s place in the music industry as a true modern-day icon.

3. “Can’t Hold Us”

Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” is a song that truly reflects the artist’s versatility.

It’s a catchy hook and anthemic chorus makes it an irresistible and inspiring track.

The song is fueled by a buoyant synth line, buoyed by thumping drums and vibrant strings.

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It features a powerful rap verse featuring Ray Dalton, which leads into an epic chorus where Macklemore showcases his singing ability.

The lyrics are uplifting as they celebrate life and its possibilities; this message of hope resonates with listeners of all ages.

With its infectious energy and positive message, “Can’t Hold Us” is one of Macklemore’s greatest songs to date, making it an essential part of any playlist.

4. “Good Old Days”

Macklemore’s track “Good Old Days” is a powerful ode to nostalgia, reflecting on those days of yesteryear with a bittersweet poignancy.

Its wistful melody and whimsical lyrics are a testament to the rapper’s skill at crafting an engaging narrative.

The song is packed with emotion, from the longing for days gone by to the realization that some things never change.

There’s an undeniable warmth in Macklemore’s delivery, as he looks back on past experiences – both good and bad – and finds solace in them.

The track is sure to tug at the heartstrings of listeners everywhere, providing an enthralling listening experience that will remain timeless for years to come.

5. “White Walls”

Transitioning from the nostalgic and reflective “Good Old Days”, Macklemore’s “White Walls” is a masterful blend of classic hip-hop and modern pop.

The track features an unforgettable hook, delivered with Macklemore’s signature wit and flair.

Its clever lyrics match perfectly with the catchy beat, creating a song that is both memorable and infectious.

The production on this track is top-notch, with some truly impressive transitions between verses.

From the booming bass to the intricate sampling of old-school funk, “White Walls” packs a powerful punch that will have listeners captivated from start to finish.

It’s an undeniable classic that proves why Macklemore remains one of hip-hop’s most beloved figures.

6. “And We Danced”

Macklemore’s hit single, “And We Danced”, is one of the rapper’s most beloved songs, and with good reason.

Its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it an instant classic.

The song speaks to the joy that comes from letting go and living in the moment, no matter what age you may be.

It also has a great message about standing up for yourself and not being afraid to take risks.

The production is top-notch too – synthesizers, horns, and a driving beat create a rousing atmosphere that will have you dancing in no time.

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All in all, “And We Danced” is an unforgettable track from Macklemore that will remain popular for years to come.

7. “Irish Celebration”

Macklemore’s hit single, “Irish Celebration”, is a lively and upbeat track that celebrates the traditions of the Emerald Isle.

It’s an infectious tune with its catchy chorus and uplifting beats.

The song features some traditional Irish instrumentation such as fiddles, bagpipes, and tin whistles, which add to the celebratory feel.

Lyrically, Macklemore dives into his heritage and speaks about how he appreciates being able to celebrate all that Ireland has to offer.

He reflects on his childhood memories of going to the pub with his friends and singing along with traditional songs while drinking Guinness.

His love for Ireland shines through on this track, making it an uplifting reminder of what’s important in life.

From its vibrant melodies to its meaningful lyrics, “Irish Celebration” is one of Macklemore’s greatest hits and a must-listen for any fan of his music.

8. “My Oh My”

“My Oh My” is undoubtedly one of Macklemore’s most iconic songs.

With its catchy chorus and infectious hook, it has become a fan favorite of all time.

The song is an ode to his hometown of Seattle, showcasing the city’s beauty and uniqueness.

Its uplifting message is especially poignant in times of struggle, making it an anthem for anyone who needs encouragement and motivation.

This record is sure to remain a staple in Macklemore’s discography for years to come and will continue delighting fans with its timeless sound.

9. “I Don’t Belong In The Club”

The bassline of “I Don’t Belong in The Club” is a masterclass in musical minimalism.

Every kick drum and snare hit is purposeful, and every synth and vocal sample is precise.

It’s an anthem of the outsider, a song that speaks to those who feel like they don’t belong in the club or at the party – an affirmation of individuality over conformity.

With its subtle yet infectious beat, meaningful lyrics, and Macklemore’s distinctive flow, “I Don’t Belong In The Club” is one of his greatest hits of all time.

10. “Over It”

Macklemore’s “Over It” is a heartfelt, nostalgic anthem that will have you dancing and singing along with the catchy chorus.

The beat is infectious and the clever lyrics capture the essence of getting over heartbreak and showing resilience in life.

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This track will fill your soul with inspiration and power; it’s an uplifting reminder to keep going no matter what.

With its smooth flow, subtle synths, and raw emotions, “Over It” stands alone as one of Macklemore’s most powerful songs to date.

From start to finish, this song is a testament to his talent as an artist, lyricist, and producer.

No matter how many times you listen to it, you won’t be able to get enough.

11. “Same Love”

Leaving behind the upbeat and rebellious tones of “Over It”, listeners are welcomed with an open heart and mind to the soulful, passionate ballad “Same Love”.

The track is a powerful anthem for LGBTQ+ rights and love that comes from within. Macklemore’s words are delivered with emotion as he speaks of how society has put love in a box and tried to label it.

He draws on his own personal experiences of standing up for what he believes in, as well as his desire to be accepted by everyone for who he is.

His message of acceptance is clear – no matter who you are, you deserve the same amount of love.

The song’s chorus is both touching and powerful, providing a perfect backdrop for the rest of the song’s poignant lyrics.

Macklemore has created a timeless classic that stands for so much more than just music; it stands for equality, acceptance, and progress.

12. “Downtown”

Macklemore’s “Downtown” is an absolute banger.

Featuring vocal contributions from hip-hop legends Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, and Grandmaster Caz, the track puts a modern spin on classic rap.

It’s got an upbeat tempo and catchy hook that will have anyone feeling like they’re ready to hit the streets.

The lyrics are cleverly crafted and full of clever wordplay that will make you chuckle.

Whether you like old-school rap or modern hip-hop, “Downtown” is sure to put a smile on your face.

It’s one of Macklemore’s greatest hits and is undoubtedly one of his most beloved songs.

Best Macklemore Songs – Final Thoughts

I’m confident that this list of Macklemore’s greatest hits is sure to please fans of all ages.

From the over-the-top party anthem “Thrift Shop” to the heart-wrenching “Same Love”, these tracks perfectly encapsulate his signature style and talent.

Even after all these years, his music continues to inspire and move us.

It’s no wonder he’s considered one of the top hip-hop artists of our time.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering his music, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with any of these songs – they’re simply some of the best Macklemore has ever produced!

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