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14 Best Lauren Alaina Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 4, 2023
lauren alaina songs

Lauren Alaina is a talented and popular country music artist who has been making music since 2011.

Her songs have become widely popular and many of her fans consider her works to be some of the best in the genre.

This article will look at 14 of her best songs, exploring why they are so popular and why they are considered her greatest hits.

These Lauren Alaina songs will be analyzed in terms of its lyrical content, musical composition, and overall impact on country music.

Furthermore, the article will also explore the common themes present in the songs and how they have resonated with Alaina’s fans.

Ultimately, this article will provide an in-depth look at the range of talent and artistry Lauren Alaina has to offer.

1. “Road Less Traveled”

Road Less Traveled” is considered to be Lauren Alaina’s signature song and has been praised as an anthem of female empowerment.

The track was released in 2017 as the lead single from her debut studio album of the same name.

The song is upbeat and inspiring, with Alaina’s powerful vocals driving home its encouraging message.

Musically, the song is constructed around a catchy pop-country melody, with a simple but effective guitar riff, and a steady beat.

Its lyrics are empowering, encouraging listeners to take the road less traveled and be true to themselves.

2. “Georgia Peaches”

The southern-style country ballad, “Georgia Peaches,” is an upbeat, lighthearted ode to the Peach State.

It is a musically complex composition, featuring both twangy banjo and bright electric guitar licks, while the lyrics tell the story of a young girl’s longing for the state of her birth.

The song speaks to the spirit of Georgia and its people, with a chorus that is uplifting and inspiring.

The instrumentation is light and airy, but the message is heartfelt.

Altogether, “Georgia Peaches” is a unique and memorable track that captures the essence of the Peach State.

3. “Next Boyfriend”

The upbeat track “Next Boyfriend” embodies the universal feeling of newfound love, with its infectious melody and passionate lyrics.

Lauren Alaina‘s vocals are strong and emotive as she sings about the excitement of meeting someone new.

The chorus is catchy and memorable, with Alaina’s lyrics conveying the thrill and energy of building a relationship.

The production of the track is polished and vibrant, creating a modern soundscape that is both accessible and engaging.

Overall, the song is an upbeat and universally relatable anthem of falling in love.

4. “Like My Mother Does”

Featuring a heartfelt and tender melody, “Like My Mother Does” is a classic ballad by Lauren Alaina that celebrates the powerful bond between mothers and daughters.

Its lyrics are filled with deep emotion, as Alaina sings about the unconditional love and support her mother has given her throughout the years.

The song’s strong country-pop influence is evident in its instrumentation, which is comprised of a steady drum beat, guitar riffs, and steel guitar licks.

The chorus is especially memorable, as the singer’s powerful vocals are backed by a soaring string section.

This song is a timeless tribute to the special relationship between mothers and daughters.

5. “Ladies In The 90’s”

Drawing inspiration from the female icons of the 1990s, “Ladies In The 90’s” is a track by Lauren Alaina that celebrates women’s strength and spirit.

Alaina pays tribute to the women of that era through her catchy melodies and powerful lyrics.

The song is a lively anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their femininity and strength.

The track features an upbeat tempo and a steady rhythm that conveys a sense of optimism and confidence.

The instrumentation draws on elements of country and pop to create a unique sound.

Additionally, the song is filled with positive messages that inspire listeners to stay strong and never give up.

“Ladies In The 90’s” is an uplifting song that celebrates female empowerment.

6. “Getting Good”

Lauren Alaina’s hit single, “Getting Good,” released in 2020, is a bright, upbeat song that serves as a testament to the power of resilience.

The song is an optimistic anthem, providing listeners with an uplifting message about getting through hardships.

Musically, the song is a mid-tempo country-pop track, incorporating elements of both genres to create an infectious and melodic sound.

The song is catchy and uplifting, with a chorus that is easy to remember.

Lyrically, “Getting Good” is an empowering anthem about celebrating small victories.

It encourages listeners to keep their heads up during difficult times and to focus on the positive.

7. “Doin’ Fine”

The song “Doin’ Fine,” released as part of Lauren Alaina’s Road Less Traveled album, is an up-tempo country-pop track that celebrates the strength of the human spirit.

It is an optimistic track that encourages listeners to focus on the positive and not dwell on the past.

The instrumentation is upbeat and emphasizes the lyrics, which are empowering and speak of resilience.

Musically, the track features a combination of traditional country elements like acoustic guitar and fiddle, as well as modern pop production techniques such as auto-tune and synthesizers.

The combination of old and new styles creates a unique sound that is both familiar and fresh.

8. “Wings Of An Angel”

Inspired by her own journey of overcoming adversity, Lauren Alaina’s song “Wings of an Angel” is a powerful ballad that celebrates the strength of the human spirit.

The song’s lyrics express a sentiment of hope and determination, with Alaina singing about how she will keep fighting despite life’s adversities.

Musically, the song features a piano-driven melody that is gentle yet powerful, with a gentle beat that creates a strong sense of emotional impact.

The song also features soaring strings that add a layer of drama to the track.

“Wings of an Angel” is a poignant and uplifting anthem that encourages resilience and perseverance.

9. “Getting Over Him”

Exploring the theme of overcoming heartbreak, “Getting Over Him” is a song by Lauren Alaina that captures the emotional journey of moving on.

A country-pop track, the song lyrically and melodically conveys the feelings of heartache and longing that come from the loss of a relationship.

The track features Alaina’s trademark twangy vocals and a catchy hook backed by electric guitars and a steady beat.

Her lyrics speak to the struggle of reconciliation and acceptance while ultimately finding the strength to move forward.

“Getting Over Him” serves as an empowering reminder that one can come out of pain and heartache and ultimately find peace.

10. “The Other Side”

Charting a course to the other side of heartbreak, “The Other Side” is a song by Lauren Alaina that captures the journey of recovery and renewal.

It focuses on the process of accepting pain and pushing forward with newfound wisdom and strength.

The acoustic-driven melody of the song helps to convey the raw emotion in Alaina’s vocals.

The lyrics of this song highlight the acceptance of change and the power of resilience.

The song serves as a reminder of the importance of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

11. “Run”

In “Run,” Lauren Alaina contemplates the idea of running away from a difficult situation.

The song’s lyrics suggest that Alaina is trying to escape an emotionally painful situation and that she is looking for a way out.

Musically, the song is underpinned by a steady beat and a melodic hook which gives the song a sense of urgency.

Alaina’s vocals are strong and emotive, conveying the lyrics with a powerful and meaningful expression.

The production of “Run” creates an atmosphere of suspense, which is fitting for the song’s lyrical theme.

Overall, “Run” is a well-crafted song that captures the complexity of Alaina’s emotions in a powerful and moving way.

12. “What Do You Think Of?”

Analyzing the lyrical themes of Lauren Alaina’s songs provides insight into her personal journey and growth as a songwriter.

One of Alaina’s most popular songs, “What Do You Think Of?” touches on the themes of self-doubt and self-acceptance.

The song focuses on the internal struggle faced by many people as they attempt to reconcile their self-perception with the opinions of others.

Alaina’s powerful lyrics and emotive delivery make the song an insightful reflection on humanity and the need to find self-confidence.

13. “Somebody Else’s Problem”

Recently, Alaina has released a single titled “Somebody Else’s Problem,” which focuses on the idea of accepting one’s limitations and coming to terms with the reality that one cannot control everything.

The song provides a melodic and lyrical contrast to her other upbeat and empowering songs, as it questions the detrimental power of trying to control everything.

The lyrics are reflective of Alaina’s musical journey throughout the years and her ability to reflect upon her experiences in a meaningful and thought-provoking manner.

The song is a reminder to remain humble and be aware of the fact that not everything can be controlled.

14. “It Was Me”

Continuing a look at Lauren Alaina’s music career, her song “It Was Me” released in 2021 remains a popular fan favorite.

The upbeat track is a narrative of a woman who is in control and owns up to her mistakes.

The chorus of the song is defined by Alaina’s strong vocals and her message of self-growth.

The instrumentation of the song is heavily driven by electric guitar, a drum track, and a synthesizer, which contributes to its strong country-pop sound.

The lyrics of the song are clever and detail a journey of self-discovery.

As a result, the song is a powerful representation of Alaina’s artistry and serves as a testament to her growth as an artist over the years.

Best Lauren Alaina Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

The fourteen best Lauren Alaina songs of all time provide a comprehensive look at the artist’s musical career.

From her earliest hit, “Road Less Traveled,” to her latest single, “It Was Me,” Alaina’s discography features a wide range of styles and genres.

Every song offers a unique perspective on the artist’s journey, from her roots in country music to her exploration of pop and contemporary sounds.

The fourteen songs featured here encapsulate Alaina’s talents as a vocalist, songwriter, and performer, and are sure to provide listeners with years of musical enjoyment.

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