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25 Best Las Vegas Rappers (Most Famous)

December 8, 2023
las vegas rappers

I’ve selected the best Las Vegas rappers, showcasing the unique talent and vibrant energy emerging from Sin City’s hip-hop scene.

This article is a spotlight on the artists who are putting Las Vegas on the map with their innovative beats and compelling lyrics.

Top Las Vegas rappers

  • Dizzy Wright
  • Baby Keem
  • Big B
  • RiceGum
  • D. Cross
  • Dat Boi Skeet
  • Twoceez
  • Veronica Cooper
  • Wolf Dotson
  • Pooh Pistols

1. Dizzy Wright

No doubt one of the best Las Vegas rappers right now, everybody admires Dizzy Wright’s bars whenever he performs at the local venues. 

Dizzy released his debut album, SmokeOut Conversations, in 2012 after signing to the Funk Volume record label.

He followed up with The First Agreement the same year before releasing The Golden Age mix tape in 2013.

Dizzy Wright has interacted with several big-name artists and deserves the attention of anyone looking for the best Las Vegas rappers. 

2. Baby Keem

Hykeem Jamaal Carter Jr., better known as Baby Keem, is one of the hottest prospects in the underground rap scene.

He was born in 2000 in Carson, California, and gained attention with his “Orange Soda” hit single. 

His collaboration with Kanye West on “Praise God” was the icing on the cake, putting him among the best upcoming rappers and one of the most popular names from Las Vegas. 

But he didn’t stop there, collaborating on another successful single with Kendrick Lamar, dubbed “Family Ties.” 

Keem’s debut album, The Melodic Blue, demonstrated his rapping skills, peaking at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

3. Big B

The legendary rapper Bryan Mahoney, commonly known as Big B, has been active in hip-hop music since the late 90s.

He’s signed to Suburban Noize Records and excelled with hip-hop, rap, and punk rock music.

Big B was born in Upland, California, and grew up in Las Vegas, where he started his career with the 187 music group. 

4. RiceGum

Many people will know RiceGum as a famous American YouTuber.

But he’s also among the most popular rappers from Las Vegas.

He’s best known for his diss tracks, always targeting fellow YouTubers and other popular figures.

He boasts over 10 million subscribers on YouTube with more than 2B video views.

One of RiceGum’s signature hits, “It’s Every Night Sis,” was platinum certified.

The rapper was born to Asian parents and went to Sierra Vista High School and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

He quit school to build his online brand.

And it’s fair to say the decision has paid off. 

5. D. Cross

D. Cross is a Las Vegas native who’s quickly risen to fame as one of the best rappers from the region. 

Like many rappers, he started his career in the local rap battles. 

D. Cross’s catchy lyrics, often delivered flawlessly, have enabled him to connect with many rap lovers in the region. 

He’s built a loyal fan base through frequent tours locally and overseas. 

One of D. Cross’s best-ever songs, “Keep Pushing P,” has lived up to his long-term strategy: connecting with the fans personally through good music. 

6. Dat Boi Skeet

Dat Boi Skeet is an up-and-coming Vegas-based rapper from Buffalo, NY. 

The rapper’s story is similar to many artists hailing from the Eastside of Buffalo City, battling drug abuse, street, and school life from a young age. 

He has a history of gang life, which put him in daring situations before he finally pursued his rapping career.

Growing up with a single parent, Dat Boi Skeet knew he had to find something meaningful to do with his life.

And that was the beginning of his rapping career, which has looked promising with every passing day. 

One of his best hits, “Dirty Money,” featured rapper Lil Baby, earning him new followers in Las Vegas and beyond.  

7. Twoceez

Twoceez is one of North Las Vegas’s most celebrated rappers, thriving with his passionate narration of personal experiences.

He’s one of the best lyricists in the Vegas underground rap scene, known to tackle just about any issue affecting the African American community.

Discovering his love for rapping and poetry in 6th grade, there was no looking back for the Vegas native.

He started writing rhymes while in jail before releasing his Day 1Na debut album to connect with his fast-growing fan base.

He isn’t a stranger to true hip-hop lovers, having graced many tours and even joining Yo Gotti on two occasions in the I AM Tour (2013) and Road to Riches (2012). 

Twoceez’s impressive resume also includes performing on the same stage with Dizzy Wright, Migos, Pusha T, YG, and Dom Kennedy. 

8. Veronica Cooper

Las Vegas-born Veronica Cooper is one of those artists who’ve perfected their craft to rank among the City’s best performers.

She blends hip-hop, R&B, and pop elements to bring all the good vibes you need from the Vegas rap scene.

Cooper’s insane flow is captivating, and the blend of trap music, pop, and indie beats will surely bring the stage to life. 

9. Wolf Dotson

Wolf Dotson could be the least popular name in this list, but he’s impossible to ignore when mentioning the best Las Vegas rappers.

Some have labeled him one of the most underrated rappers from the American city, a status that will likely change when people discover his smooth lyrics and unique rapping style. 

10. Pooh Pistols

You are probably looking for the best Las Vegas rappers because you believe in their natural ability to produce good music and connect with their fans.

That’s what defines Pooh Pistols’ career, who, despite being so underrated for such a long time, continues to light up the city with some bouncy beats and fresh energy.

You can find most of his songs on SoundCloud, as one of the newest names in the rap game. 

11. Tha Landlord

Over the past few years, Tha Landlord has shown hip-hop lovers what an underrated gem he is in the Las Vegas rap scene.

Another rapper to captivate you with his hard-hitting lyrics and flawless delivery, Tha Landlord’s songs are all about good vibes and some flexing. 

One of his best-ever projects was the 9-track album, Unwanted Attention, which received many praises. 

His honest lyrics quickly endeared him to many hip-hop lovers in the American city.

Then, he combined it with the trippy beats and gritty bars to become one of the best Las Vegas rappers.

Start with “Landemic” for a taste of Tha Landlord’s music. 

12. Dula-Mite

There’s no reason not to rank Dula-Mite among the best rappers from Las Vegas right now.

Of course, Dula isn’t joking when he calls himself the King of Las Vegas, having raised Sin City’s flag since 2006.

He’s released critically acclaimed albums, earned multiple nominations, and won several awards throughout his impressive career.

13. Weebo

The funny thing about the Las Vegas rap scene is that most artists are either less known, outright ignored, or massively underrated.

That’s the same for the creative genius Weebo who’s taking steady steps in the rap industry with a unique soundscape.

He recently released the “Free Tha Real” hit single with expressive lyrics and beautiful rhythmic structures.

Weebo has also showcased his creativity in songs like “Cold Hearted Truth,” “Magic,” and “Go Getter.”

14. Greez Blanko

Greez Blanko, previously performing under the stage name Yung Greez, proudly reps North Las Vegas.

Greez has always expressed his love for music, citing the likes of Tupac, Spice 1, and E-40 as his biggest influences.

He’s also confessed his admiration for rapper Future, whom he sees as one of the best artists in the contemporary hip-hop scene. 

Greez Blanko’s best hits include “Jungle Book,” “Trap Heat,” and “Kold Dirty Game.”

15. Asaiah Ziv

Don’t ignore Asaiah Ziv when looking for the best Las Vegas rappers in 2023.

The American artist specialized in Christian and indie hip-hop after debuting in 2011 with his Murder My Flesh album.

His second album, Hipsavvy: The Introduction (2014), featured several artists, including Kiya Lacey, Ruzel, Derek Luh, and John Givez, and marked his switch from Christian music to secular. 

16. Ka$hdami

Ka$hdami is another popular figure in the Las Vegas rap scene who rose to fame with “14,” “Look N The Mirror,” and “Reparations.”

He was born in 2004 and started recording music at 13 at their home.

His first-ever release, “Kappin Up,” came out in 2018, but he was demoralized after the song underperformed.

Ka$hdami made a quick comeback in 2020 after “Kappin Up” went viral on TikTok before growing his fan base with a new mix tape, #KashDontMiss.

The Las Vegas rapper has enjoyed massive success on TikTok and SoundCloud, earning him a recording deal with Republic Records. 

17. JGivens

Jeremiah Timothy Givens, alias JGivens, was born in Los Angeles before moving to Las Vegas with his family when he was five.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California before starting his music career in 2008.

JGivens is a former Christian hip-hop singer who’s publicly admitted his battle with drug addiction, sexuality, and HIV status. 

18. Dylan Jacob

Dylan Jacob is one of the hip-hop artists garnering thousands of followers every day.

The Freemont Street native started his career on “The Four” TV show at only 16 to earn attention from the industry’s biggest names.

You can catch a glimpse into Freemont’s music scene via the rapper’s “The Suite Life of Dylan Jacob” YouTube channel. 

19. Ekoh

Ekoh is one of those rappers with something many hip-hop lovers crave; passion.

His flow is unmatched and his sound captivates just about every listener. 

With his hard-hitting lyrics and intense live shows, there’s a reason Ekoh is becoming popular with every passing day. 

He’s performed alongside some of the biggest names like Big B, Wu-Tang Clan, and Mistah Fab.

If Ekoh’s recent successes are anything to go by, he’s destined to leave a legacy in Las Vegas’ hip-hop scene. 

20. Yowda

Yowda has been around since 2010, captivating audiences with his hard-hitting lyrics and beautiful flow.

He’s best known for his Gang Unit, Hell Made albums, and hit singles “Through With That” and “Ballin.”

Yowda grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and released his first single in 2010 alongside 2 Chainz. 

In recent years, he has increased his popularity with appearances in the Empire television show, securing his place in the Vegas entertainment industry. 

21. Lit Soxx

Lit Soxx proudly represents West Vegas as the no-nonsense rapper who will crush all your favorite artists on stage. 

He’s a true Nevada native, bringing some unique beat selection to make you fall in love with hip-hop music for the second time. 

Of course, he has massive room for growth.

But it’s impossible to ignore his growing influence in the Las Vegas rap scene, even at his young age. 

22. Clika One

Clika One is one of the best hip-hop groups from Las Vegas.

Its lineup includes Romero, Bad Boy, and Ese Brown and it releases Mexican-style rap songs. 

The trio has released multiple albums, including Clika One, Clika One (Deluxe Version), and Steppin’ up Game. 

23. Jelani Ameer

You wouldn’t want to ignore Jelani Ameer when compiling a list of the best Las Vegas rappers because of his catchy bars alone. 

Listening to his songs will convince you that Las Vegas is truly blessed with massive talent. 

The best part is that the Vegas rapper is only getting started, meaning he could rule the hip-hop scene for years. 

24. Tha 5th Element

Tha 5th Element is a Las Vegas native who made a name for himself as one of the City’s best producers. 

He founded the Dub 3 Entertainment record label, where he had an illustrious career as an artist and record producer.

He’s also worked in the Air Force and as an emcee, headlining major events in Tacoma. 

25. Phil A

Phil A is a New York native who moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, at the height of his music career.

He’s a rapper and music producer who hosted many events in Vegas in 2012.

He’s best remembered for his high-profile collaborations with Hassan Hamilton and Rasson Arigato (Bambu).

He’s also had a successful solo career, beginning with his debut EP, The Grand Opening, in 2012. 

Best Las Vegas Rappers – Final Thoughts

Las Vegas might be popular for its incredible casinos and never-ending parties, but Sin City surely offers much more than that.

One thing that stands out in the city of second chances is its underrated rap scene that has produced big-name artists like Yowda, D. Cross, and Big B.

If you are looking for the best artists from Sin City, start with our list of the 25 best Las Vegas rappers. 

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