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13 Best Justin Timberlake Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 26, 2023
Best Justin Timberlake Songs

I’ve curated a collection of the best Justin Timberlake songs of all time, showcasing the enduring appeal of this iconic artist.

This article offers an immersive experience into Timberlake’s dynamic career, highlighting tracks that have left an indelible mark on the music landscape.

Top Justin Timberlake songs of all time

  • “Mirrors”
  • “My Love”
  • “Like I Love You”
  • “Summer Love”
  • “Take Back The Night”
  • “TKO”
  • “Cry Me A River”
  • “Suit & Tie”
  • “Say Something”
  • “Filthy”

1. “Mirrors”

“Mirrors” is a timeless classic from Justin Timberlake, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of his greatest hits.

Its blend of soulful vocals, driving rhythm, and heartfelt lyrics make it an instant classic.

The song is a perfect representation of Timberlake as an artist as he transitions from a boy band to becoming a solo superstar.

The soaring chorus is uplifting and empowering, leaving you feeling inspired after every listen.

With its infectious beat, thoughtful production, and poignant lyrics, “Mirrors” is an undisputed highlight in Justin Timberlake’s impressive discography.

2. “My Love”

Switching gears to one of his most romantic hits, “My Love” is Justin Timberlake at his best.

With its soulful and heartfelt lyrics, this song speaks to the passion that he puts into his music.

The combination of its catchy hook and smooth production makes it an easy favorite for many listeners.

The message of love and devotion make this one of Timberlake’s most beloved ballads, a perfect testament to his ability to craft beautiful masterpieces.

It’s no wonder “My Love” continues to be a timeless classic, the kind of hit that never gets old no matter how many times you hear it.

3. “Like I Love You”

The timelessness of Justin Timberlake’s hit single “Like I Love You” is undeniable, capturing the hearts of listeners since its release in 2002.

The song’s seamless blend of soothing melodies, rich harmonies, and infectious rhythm has consistently delighted fans across the globe.

It comes as no surprise that “Like I Love You” has solidified its place as an essential inclusion in Justin Timberlake’s greatest hits collection, a testament to its enduring appeal.

4. “Summer Love”

Switching gears from the classic hip-hop vibe of “Like I Love You”, Justin Timberlake moves into a more romantic tone with his hit single, “Summer Love”.

It’s an upbeat, joyous track that captures the feelings of falling in love in the summertime.

The instrumentation is light and airy, with sweetly twinkling synths and bright strings that create a cozy atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Timberlake’s vocals are simultaneously smooth and passionate, as he croons lyrics about being hopelessly in love.

This song has all the makings of a timeless summer classic, with its infectious melodies and memorable chorus.

With its perfect blend of soulful singing and beautiful production, it’s no surprise that “Summer Love” remains one of Justin Timberlake’s greatest hits to this day.

5. “Take Back The Night”

“Take Back The Night” is an undeniable classic, a bold and innovative fusion of funk, soul, and pop that showcases Justin Timberlake’s soulful vocals and songwriting prowess.

The track is a smooth blend of slick production, with a memorable chorus that will have listeners singing along the moment they hear it.

Its sound and structure are timeless, elevating this song to one of Timberlake’s most enduring hits.

The unwavering adoration for “Take Back The Night” comes as no surprise, as it continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Justin Timberlake’s fans, solidifying its status as one of his most cherished songs to date.

6. “TKO”

After the funky, upbeat vibes of “Take Back The Night”, “TKO” shifts gears to a darker sound.

The song is an ode to heartbreak and betrayal, with Justin Timberlake singing in his signature falsetto.

His passionate vocals really bring the emotion out of the lyrics, making it a track that’s sure to give you all the feels.

It’s an essential part of any Justin Timberlake greatest hits.

7. “Cry Me A River”

It’s impossible to talk about Justin Timberlake without mentioning his iconic hit “Cry Me A River”.

This song was penned by Timberlake himself in response to the break-up of his relationship with Britney Spears.

With its soulful melody, heartfelt lyrics, and bluesy vibe, it quickly became an anthem for anyone who had ever been wronged in love.

It’s one of those songs that stays with you long after you’ve heard it, but it also has a universal message that resonates beyond the realm of romance.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best Justin Timberlake songs of all time.

8. “Suit & Tie”

“Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z released in 2013, captures a different mood, the song is an infectious blend of slick production and smooth vocals that immediately draw you in.

It has an upbeat tempo and expressive lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways, making it an all-time classic.

With its catchy chorus and effortlessly cool vibe, this track stands out as one of Justin Timberlake’s best songs ever.

A definite must-listen to anyone who loves contemporary pop music; this track is sure to get feet tapping and heads nodding.

9. “Say Something”

“Say Something” by Justin Timberlake ft. Chris Stapleton shows off his remarkable vocal range.

The song is an ode to a lost love, with the lyrics providing an insight into the emotions of hurt and regret.

It is a heartbreaking reminder of how fragile relationships can be and its message resonates with listeners on many levels.

The production is excellent too, with the gentle drums and string section providing the perfect backdrop for Timberlake’s passionate performance.

“Say Something” is undoubtedly one of Timberlake’s greatest hits and it stands as a testament to his tremendous skill as an artist.

10. “Filthy”

The funky, upbeat single “Filthy” is a treat for the ears.

Its pulsing beat and rumbling bass create an irresistible groove that will have listeners grooving along in no time.

Justin Timberlake’s smooth crooning vocals glide effortlessly over the track, creating a truly infectious soundscape.

This song is sure to get any party off to a great start with its high energy and catchy chorus.

It’s no wonder this song has become one of Justin Timberlake’s greatest hits – it’s just too good not to be!

11. “Tunnel Vision”

“Tunnel Vision” is a standout track from Justin Timberlake’s iconic career.

The song features an infectious beat, clever production, and slick vocals that make it perfect for the dancefloor.

With its clever lyrics, Timberlake displays his mastery of storytelling and conveys a message of finding yourself in a chaotic world.

It’s a timeless classic that will continue to be appreciated by fans around the world for years to come.

12. “Señorita”

Justin Timberlake’s 2003 single, “Señorita”, is a classic.

With its vibrant Latin-inspired rhythm and danceable beats, it’s no wonder why the track has remained popular.

Its infectious chorus and sing-along melodies have become a staple in many of his live performances and are showered with praise from music.

The song embodies a unique blend of hip-hop and pop sensibilities that have come to define Timberlake as an artist.

“Señorita” is one of Justin Timberlake’s most beloved songs, and it’s easy to understand why – it’s a timeless bop that never fails to get people dancing.

13. “Man of The Woods”

“Man of The Woods” is one of Justin Timberlake’s greatest hits, and it’s easy to see why.

The soft acoustic guitar, combined with Timberlake’s unmistakable voice, creates an atmosphere that is both intimate and romantic.

The lyrics are cleverly written and thoughtful, exploring themes such as love, family, and being true to yourself.

The song is a perfect example of how Timberlake can take seemingly simple instrumentation and create something truly special.

It’s a timeless hit that will always be remembered as one of the artist’s best songs.

Best Justin Timberlake Songs – Final Thoughts

Justin Timberlake’s music is an iconic part of modern pop culture.

His style and lyrical content have captivated audiences for decades.

His greatest hits, such as “Mirrors”, My Love, “Like I Love You”, “Take Back the Night”, “Tunnel Vision”, “Señorita”, and “Señorita” are some of the best pop songs ever written.

They show off his unique vocal range and musical versatility.

Justin Timberlake has a gift for making catchy melodies that stay with us forever – truly worthy of being called one of the greatest songwriters of our time!

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