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15 Best Josh Turner Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Written By Will Fenton
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15 Best Josh Turner Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

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Josh Turner is an American country music singer and songwriter known for his deep baritone voice.

From his earliest work to more recent hits, these timeless tunes will have you singing along in no time!

Today we’re looking back at 15 of his most iconic songs that stand the test of time.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the best Josh Turner songs!

1. “Your Man”

Josh Turner’s 2005 hit song “Your Man” is an absolute classic.

It’s a timeless country ballad that has been requested at weddings and karaoke bars across the country.

The lyrics are simple yet meaningful, expressing love, devotion, and commitment.

It’s a sweet tune that will warm your heart and make you want to sing along.

Musically, it has a great beat with wonderful instrumentation and Turner’s signature smooth vocals.

It’s an essential part of any Josh Turner greatest hits compilation, no doubt about it.

“Your Man” is an undeniable masterpiece that will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

2. “Why Don’t We Just Dance”

Let’s start off with a bang: “Why Don’t We Just Dance” by Josh Turner is a classic country anthem and one of his best songs to date.

It has all the elements that make a great country song – a catchy hook, heart-warming lyrics, and an upbeat rhythm.

The song tells us to forget our worries and just enjoy the moment by dancing.

It speaks to the joy of being alive and reminds us how precious life can be.

This song will have you two-stepping in no time!

With its infectious melody and meaningful lyrics, it’s no wonder why this is one of Josh Turner’s most beloved tunes.

So grab your partner, hit the dance floor, and let “Why Don’t We Just Dance” take you away!

3. “Everything Is Fine”

Moving on from “Why Don’t We Just Dance”, Josh Turner’s next greatest hit is “Everything Is Fine”.

This upbeat, country-pop track has an infectious melody and a positive message that resonates with listeners.

The tune features Turner’s signature baritone voice as he croons lyrics about being content with the current state of life.

It’s a song that will get your feet tapping and have you feeling uplifted in no time.

The production on this track is top-notch, with the instrumentation providing a perfect backdrop for Turner’s vocals.

With its catchy hook and cheerful energy, it’s no wonder why this song has been so successful throughout the years.

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“Everything Is Fine” is a timeless classic from Josh Turner that will be cherished by fans for many years to come.

4. “I Serve A Savior”

Josh Turner’s “I Serve A Savior” is one of his best-known songs and with good reason.

The song contains a powerful message of faith and devotion that resonates with many listeners.

Its gentle melody and simple chords make it easy to learn and sing along to, while its heartfelt lyrics provide an uplifting testament to the power of God in our lives.

Turner’s soulful voice adds an emotional depth to the song, making it truly unforgettable.

From its beautiful message to its gorgeous arrangement, “I Serve A Savior” is undoubtedly one of Josh Turner’s greatest hits.

5. “King Size Manger”

Continuing on from the previously discussed Josh Turner song “I Serve A Savior”, is his tenderly crafted composition and fan favorite, “King Size Manger”.

The track beautifully captures the essence of the Christmas story from a modern-day perspective, with its hauntingly poetic chorus that tells of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice.

The melody is sweet yet delicate, while Turner’s voice adds an ethereal quality to it. The additional instrumentation adds texture to the overall soundscape, making it a truly memorable experience.

As you listen to this beautiful hymn, it’s hard not to feel moved by Turner’s heartfelt rendition of this classic carol.

It’s no surprise then why this song has become one of his most beloved hits over the years.

6. “Way Down South”

Josh Turner’s “Way Down South” is an ode to the singer’s Southern roots, featuring a timeless country twang and heartfelt lyrics.

With its banjo-driven melody, the track manages to capture a classic sound that is both familiar and fresh.

It’s a song that will surely get your toes tapping and heartstrings tugging.

It’s an emotional story that will make you think about where you come from and what it means for your future.

“Way Down South” deserves recognition as one of Josh Turner’s best songs of all time.

7. “Find Me A Baby”

Continuing Josh Turner’s Southern-inspired tunes, “Find Me A Baby” is a masterful blend of traditional country and modern pop.

From the opening notes of the piano to the soaring strings in the chorus, this song has something for everyone.

The lyrics are simple yet profound, expressing the hope and desire for finding a soulmate to share life with.

It’s a perfect example of Turner’s ability to take traditional country music and make it relevant to today’s audience.

The production, too, is outstanding – from the instrumentation to the vocal production – leaving listeners feeling like they’ve stepped into a time machine and gone back to simpler times.

“Find Me A Baby” is an absolute must-listen for any fan of Josh Turner or anyone who appreciates great music.

8. “Great Is Your Faithfulness”

The gospel-tinged hymn “Great Is Your Faithfulness” is truly an inspirational song, and Josh Turner does it justice with his soulful performance.

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His deep baritone voice draws listeners in, and the words of faith and love are perfectly suited to his style.

The lyrics are so powerful that they will linger long after the song ends, filling hearts with hope and joy.

It’s a great reminder of God’s enduring love in times of difficulty or sorrow, bringing comfort to all who hear it.

Josh Turner’s version is sure to be a classic for years to come.

9. “Long Black Train”

Few songs capture the emotion of a desolate train ride like Josh Turner’s classic “Long Black Train”.

From the moment it begins, this song transports you to an empty and forlorn place.

The lonesome sound of the steel guitar gives a feeling of isolation and helps create a country music atmosphere.

Turner’s distinctively deep and resonant voice conveys an amazing amount of emotion throughout the song.

His lyrics paint vivid images that draw you in and keep you enthralled until the very last note.

There is no doubt that “Long Black Train” is one of Josh Turner’s greatest hits and one of his most-loved songs ever recorded.

10. “Me And God”

Josh Turner’s timeless masterpiece “Me And God”, shines as an absolute gospel classic that solidifies its place among the greatest songs of its genre.

In this remarkable composition, both Josh Turner and his accompanying harmonies showcase their immense talent, with Turner’s warm and comforting voice taking the lead.

The heartfelt lyrics, penned by Turner himself, beautifully emphasize the significance of faith and its profound impact on our existence.

With its simple yet powerful message, this song resonates deeply with listeners from all walks of life, touching their hearts and stirring their souls.

“Me And God” stands as a testament to Josh Turner’s exceptional artistry and will undoubtedly be celebrated as one of his most remarkable works for generations to come.

Its timeless essence continues to captivate and inspire fans around the globe, ensuring its enduring legacy.

11. “Country State of Mind”

Josh Turner’s music epitomizes the very essence of country music, showcasing the genre at its finest.

Among his remarkable collection, “Country State of Mind” shines as a prime example.

This extraordinary composition beautifully encapsulates the rural way of life, with its simple yet captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics.

It serves as an enduring classic for fans of the genre, an ode to embracing the imperfections of one’s homeland with love and pride.

“Country State of Mind” stands as a testament to Josh Turner’s immense talent and will continue to be cherished as one of his most beloved and timeless tunes for years to come.

12. “All Over Me”

Josh Turner’s single, “All Over Me”, is a powerful ballad given life by his deep and soulful voice.

This song starts out with a simple but effective guitar riff, setting the stage for an emotionally charged vocal performance.

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The lyrics are filled with raw emotion and longing for someone he can’t reach – it’s impossible not to feel the pain in Turner’s voice as he sings.

From the opening lyrics to the gentle bridge and explosive chorus, it’s clear why “All Over Me” has become one of Josh Turner’s greatest hits.

It’s a song that will stand the test of time and will always be remembered as one of his best.

13. “Backwoods Boy”

From his emotive ballads to his upbeat anthems, Josh Turner has shown time and time again why he is one of the most beloved country musicians of all time.

His hit song, “Backwoods Boy”, is a prime example of his skills as a lyricist and singer.

The lyrics tell the story of a man from humble beginnings who rises up to make something out of himself despite all odds.

The twangy guitar and heartfelt vocal performance combine for an unforgettable track that speaks to the heart of country music fans everywhere.

This classic tune stands out among Turner’s greatest hits, making it a must-listen for any fan.

14. “What It Ain’t”

Moving on to another classic, “What It Ain’t” is a track that has become a staple in Josh Turner’s live performances.

This upbeat song carries with it all the hallmarks of traditional country music, from its twangy guitar solos to its rich vocal harmonies.

The lyrics are full of clever wordplay and inventive metaphors, held together by an infectious chorus that will have you singing along after only a few listens.

While it may not be as instantly recognizable as some of his other hits, “What It Ain’t” is an undeniably catchy tune that deserves its place among Josh Turner’s greatest hits.

15. “Would You Go With Me”

“Would You Go With Me” by Josh Turner has become one of his signature songs over the years, and it’s easy to hear why.

The song’s combination of classic country storytelling and heartfelt lyrics make it a timeless hit.

Turner’s smooth baritone vocal delivery is perfect for this track, with the chorus soaring into an anthemic sing-along.

It also features an inventive guitar solo that shows another side of Turner’s talent.

This song stands out as a classic in Josh Turner’s catalog, and fans will be singing along to it long after they hear it for the first time.

Best Josh Turner Songs – Final Thoughts

I have highlighted fifteen of my favorite songs by Josh Turner and they are all timeless classics.

From the heartfelt “Your Man” to the upbeat “Why Don’t We Just Dance”, each song has something special to offer.

I’m particularly fond of “Everything Is Fine” and “I Serve A Savior”, as their lyrics encourage me to reflect on life’s lessons.

Additionally, I find myself singing along with “King Size Manger”, “All Over Me”, and “Backwoods Boy”.

Lastly, who can forget the memorable love ballads such as “What It Ain’t” and “Would You Go With Me”.

All in all, these fifteen songs prove that Josh Turner is still one of the best country singers today and his greatest hits are some of the most iconic tunes from the genre.

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