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13 Best John Legend Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 14, 2023
john legend songs

I’ve gathered the best John Legend songs of all time, a collection that showcases his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics.

This article is a celebration of Legend’s musical journey, highlighting the tracks that have made him a beloved and enduring figure in contemporary music.

Top John Legend songs of all time

  • “All Of Me”
  • “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”
  • “Ordinary People”
  • “Made To Love”
  • “Love Me Now”
  • “So High”
  • “Glory”
  • “Preach”
  • “Used To Love U”
  • “Hang On In There”

1. “All Of Me”

John Legend’s “All of Me” is one of the most iconic love songs of all time.

It’s a timeless classic that perfectly captures the beauty and power of unconditional love.

The soulful piano chords, heartfelt lyrics, and lush production are a masterclass in emotive songwriting.

This song is simply captivating; it has an almost magical ability to move listeners with its romantic themes and uplifting melody.

Whether you’re feeling pangs of nostalgia or celebrating the joys of finding true love, this piece will surely fill your heart with emotion.

There’s no denying that “All of Me” deserves its place as one of John Legend’s greatest hits – it’s pure musical magic!

2. “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)”

John Legend’s “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” is the perfect mix of soulful, electrifying energy and raw emotion.

The track has an undeniable groove that will move your body and make you want to groove right along with it.

It’s a great reminder of why John Legend is one of the best singers around, as he effortlessly delivers powerful lyrics about love and life.

His voice is strong yet gentle as he croons about having the “Best You Ever Had” for just one night.

This song has an uplifting quality to it, making it a great song to listen to when in need of some motivation or inspiration.

There’s something so freeing about this song, which makes it perfect for those who are looking for liberation from whatever burdens they may have.

Whether you’re in need of a pick-me-up or just want to dance away your worries, this track will surely do the trick!

3. “Ordinary People”

Switching gears from John Legend’s “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” to the song that won him his very first Grammy Award, “Ordinary People” is like taking a journey through two completely different musical worlds.

This piano-driven ballad is an emotional and moving ode to the struggles of life.

With its gentle yet poignant melody, it serves as a reminder to keep things in perspective and appreciate the little things.

Legend’s lyrics are full of compassion and understanding; he sings about love and acceptance without ever being overly preachy or sappy.

The result is a beautiful, timeless classic – one that will no doubt remain a fan favorite for years to come.

While some may see ordinariness in the world around them, this song proves that beauty can be found in the most ordinary of places.

4. “Made To Love”

Coming off the chart-topping success of “Number One”, John Legend followed it up with another soulful offering in “Made to Love”.

This track, like many of Legend’s best works, conveys a sense of liberation and freedom through its lyrics and melodic arrangements.

The track is incredibly catchy, with some funk vibes running throughout the song, making it an absolute bop from start to finish.

But the real power lies in the words, as John sings about being made to love and never compromising on his values.

It’s a powerful reminder that we all have a greater purpose and should never settle for anything less than joy and fulfillment.

With this timeless anthem, John Legend has cemented himself as one of R&B’s greatest artists.

5. “Love Me Now”

“Love Me Now” is an absolutely beautiful song, and John Legend’s voice just soars through the chorus.

It’s a passionate plea to love someone while they still can, and you can feel the emotion in every verse.

The lyrics are so compelling that it’s easy to feel connected with them, and that connection is what makes this track stand out.

It speaks directly to your soul and encourages you to embrace life and love right now, without fear of the future.

This song is a powerful reminder that life is too short not to live every moment to its fullest.

So take a chance on love, because it could be gone tomorrow – listen to “Love Me Now” by John Legend and never forget what it feels like to truly be alive!

6. “So High”

Switching gears to something a bit more upbeat, “So High” is a prime example of John Legend’s ability to craft an infectious melody.

This song has been getting people on their feet since it first dropped in 2004 and continues to be a fan favorite today.

Lyrically, the track speaks to the joys of freedom and being able to live life as you please—a message that resonates with many listeners.

The production is simple yet effective, with a catchy chorus that’ll have you singing along in no time.

All in all, this classic from Legend is an absolute jam and one that deserves its place among his greatest hits.

7. “Glory”

“Glory” is a powerful John Legend song that captures the spirit of liberation.

Laden with soulful lyrics about overcoming adversity, it’s a call to arms for anyone looking for freedom from oppression.

This anthem is truly electrifying and anthemic, featuring gospel-inspired vocals from both John and Common.

The powerful refrain of “one day when the glory comes” leaves listeners with a sense of hope and determination that they too can achieve greatness, no matter what their circumstances may be.

It’s a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, we can all have faith in knowing that one day there will be justice and freedom.

The combination of John’s passionate singing, Common’s rap verse, and the epic chorus make this one of John’s most beloved songs – a must-listen for any fan of his work!

8. “Preach”

After the inspirational anthem “Glory”, John Legend takes things to a spiritual level with his soulful ballad, “Preach”.

Delivered with a passionate vocal performance, this track is filled with an uplifting spirit as it encourages listeners to speak up and take action against injustice.

The vibrant production creates a sense of liberation that’s hard to ignore while the lyrics urge us to make a change and fight for what we believe in.

There’s no denying that this song has become an anthem for those who strive for freedom and equality, proving once again why John Legend is one of the greatest singers of our time.

Despite its powerful message, the beauty of “Preach” lies in its accessibility – it has the ability to reach people from all walks of life and inspire them to take a stand.

9. “Used To Love U”

John Legend’s hit single “Used To Love U” is an anthem for freedom-seekers everywhere.

With its soulful piano and John’s powerful, emotive croon, it packs a punch that speaks to the listener’s heart.

This song is a reminder of the joys of liberation and the strength required to break free from oppressive forces.

It radiates a message of self-love and independence, making it one of John Legend’s most iconic tracks.

The lyrics speak to the pain of leaving something behind but ultimately embracing new possibilities—a sentiment that everyone can relate to in some way or another.

With its uplifting beat and inspiring message, “Used To Love U” is sure to remain an essential part of John Legend’s greatest hits for years to come.

10. “Hang On In There”

It’s no surprise that John Legend is one of the most celebrated singers of our time.

His soulful, stirring ballads have resonated with audiences all over the world – and his greatest hits are no exception.

From the empowering “Glory” to the ever-relatable “Ordinary People”, it’s clear that John Legend knows how to move an audience.

But perhaps his most powerful song is “Hang On In There” – a song about resilience in the face of hardship.

While the message can be interpreted differently depending on your life experience, it ultimately speaks to the unwavering strength of the human spirit and our capacity for joy amidst struggle.

It’s a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, we can always find ways to keep going – and that alone is worth celebrating.

11. “Stay With You”

John Legend’s music has the power to bring people together, and his songs “Stay With You” and “Hang On In There” is no exception.

From its driving rhythm to its soulful lyrics, “Stay With You” is an uplifting anthem that encourages us to stay strong even in our darkest moments.

The song speaks of finding strength from within, telling us that we have what it takes to overcome any obstacle.

Meanwhile, “Hang On In There” is a perfect reminder for when life gets tough: keep going and never give up.

Its inspiring message of resilience will have you feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Both songs are a testament to John Legend’s ability as an artist to create timeless music that speaks directly to the heart.

12. “Conversations In The Dark”

There’s something special about John Legend’s music that successfully captures the beautiful moments of life and love.

His song “Conversations in the Dark” is no different, a stunningly beautiful piece that will leave you feeling a deep sense of emotion and longing.

The lyrics are incredibly intimate, painting a picture of two lovers sharing secrets in the middle of the night, as they bask in each other’s warmth.

With its gentle piano accompaniment and smooth R&B groove, this track provides an escape from everyday reality into a world where love reigns supreme.

It’s sure to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted – just what we need right now for a much-needed dose of liberation!

13. “Hard Times”

Having just discussed one of John Legend’s most iconic songs, “Conversations in the Dark”, it’s time to shift gears and look at one of his more somber tracks, “Hard Times”.

This song is a reflection on the difficulties that life can present and how important it is to stay strong through them.

It speaks to those who are struggling but needs a reminder that they can make it through.

The melody is simple yet powerful, with Legend’s husky voice shining through as he conveys the emotion in the lyrics.

There’s a feeling of hope mixed in with the sadness, which really resonates with listeners.

This a perfect example of John Legend’s ability to create meaningful music that still manages to be enjoyable and uplifting even during tough times.

Best John Legend Songs – Final Thoughts

To conclude, John Legend is a phenomenal musician who has created some of the most beautiful music of all time.

His songs are timeless and will remain part of our lives forever.

I highly recommend that you listen to each and every one of these 13 best John Legend songs!

They are truly masterpieces that no music lover should miss out on.

From his heartfelt ballads to his upbeat anthems, John Legend captures the essence of life in all its beauty.

His lyrics never fail to make us feel something deep inside, and his melodies are just as captivating.

Whether you’re looking for a song to dance to or one for a romantic evening, John’s discography offers something for everyone.

So turn up the volume, get ready to be moved, and enjoy the magic of John Legend!

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