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15 Best John Fogerty Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 15, 2023
Best john fogerty songs

I’ve curated the best John Fogerty songs of all time, a collection of his greatest hits that showcase his distinctive voice and songwriting prowess.

This article is a tribute to Fogerty’s influential career, featuring the timeless classics that have defined his enduring legacy in rock music.

Top John Fogerty songs of all time

  • “The Old Man Down The Road”
  • “Centerfield”
  • “Rock and Roll Girls”
  • “Mr. Greed”
  • “I Saw It On T.V”
  • “Déjà Vu”
  • “Wrote A Song For Everyone”
  • “Searchlight”
  • “Walking In A Hurricane”
  • “Big Train”

1. “The Old Man Down The Road”

John Fogerty’s 1985 classic, “The Old Man Down the Road”, is a timeless hit that has stood the test of time.

It’s a hard rock anthem with a classic guitar riff that’ll get you up and dancing.

The song is about an old man who has been kicked out of his home and forced to wander aimlessly down the road.

The lyrics are full of emotion as Fogerty paints a vivid picture of the old man’s plight.

The song is also known for its dynamic drum beat and chorus, which will have you singing along by the end.

Without question, this track is one of Fogerty’s greatest hits and it’s easy to see why.

An incredible classic, “The Old Man Down the Road” remains an essential part of any best-of John Fogerty compilation.

2. “Centerfield”

Switching gears, John Fogerty’s classic hit “Centerfield” is certainly one of his greatest songs of all time.

This 1985 single celebrates America’s pastime and the joys of baseball.

It encourages people to get out and play the game that has been a part of American culture for generations.

The song is an energizing rock-and-roll anthem with great guitar riffs and Fogerty’s trademark voice booming through the chorus.

It’s easy to see why this uplifting tune remains a fan favorite even today, more than three decades after its release.

A classic in every sense, “Centerfield” is a must-hear for any fan of Fogerty’s music.

3. “Rock and Roll Girls”

John Fogerty’s “Rock and Roll Girls” is a classic rock track that is sure to get any music lover on their feet.

With an infectious beat and contagious chorus, the song captures the energy of female empowerment and the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

The lyrics are full of attitude, but it’s the catchy guitar riffs that make this one an undeniable hit.

It’s no wonder why this song has become one of Fogerty’s most beloved tunes; it’s a timeless classic that has never gone out of style.

So if you’re looking for a feel-good jam to add to your playlist, look no further than “Rock and Roll Girls”.

4. “Mr. Greed”

John Fogerty’s classic song “Mr. Greed” is an iconic piece of music that speaks to the heart of the listener.

It talks about the struggles of the common man trying to make a living in a world where money and power are all that matter.

The message is clear: greed will always be present, but it doesn’t have to win.

The song is a great example of Fogerty’s masterful songwriting, with clever lyrics and a catchy melody.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, it’s no wonder “Mr. Greed” continues to be one of Fogerty’s most beloved songs.

It has inspired countless covers and remains an anthem for those seeking justice in life’s unfairness.

5. “I Saw It On T.V”

Music fans, you can’t talk about John Fogerty without referencing one of his most iconic singles: “I Saw It On T.V”.

This track is a classic that deserves a place in any Fogerty fan’s greatest hits collection.

From the infectious guitar licks to the boisterous chorus, this song has all the makings of a timeless rock ‘n’ roll anthem.

The lyrics are witty and poignant, with Fogerty painting vivid images of life in America during the late 1985s.

With its upbeat energy and clever wordplay, “I Saw It On TV” is sure to get any listener dancing and singing along with joy.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering Fogerty now, you owe it to yourself to add this classic tune to your playlist!

6. “Déjà Vu”

John Fogerty’s hit song “Déjà Vu” is a real classic.

It’s one of those songs that just sticks in your head and won’t let go.

The melody is so catchy, and the words are so meaningful — it’s the perfect blend of powerful and memorable music.

His voice is so strong, with a unique twang that really sets it apart from other songs.

With lyrics about looking back on life and loves lost, there’s something everyone can relate to here.

And while the chorus gives us an uplifting message of hope, combined with the captivating instrumentals, this song will forever remain an iconic part of John Fogerty’s legacy.

7. “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

John Fogerty has written so many classic songs throughout his career that it’s hard to narrow the list down to just a few!

One of its most iconic songs from Fogerty is “Déjà Vu”, a song that embodies nostalgia and takes listeners back in time.

It’s no surprise then, that Fogerty’s follow-up single “Wrote a Song for Everyone” is just as special.

This heartfelt rock ballad expresses profound gratitude towards all who have supported him through his career, and its powerful chorus will stay with you long after the music stops.

There are many great John Fogerty songs out there but this one stands out as something unique and meaningful – definitely one of his greatest hits!

8. “Searchlight”

John Fogerty’s music is timeless and there’s no denying his status as a rock and roll legend.

His greatest hits are some of the most beloved songs in history, from “Proud Mary” to “Centerfield”.

But for me, one track stands out above the rest: “Searchlight”.

It’s an anthem of hope that speaks to all of us who have been searching for something – whether it be love, peace, or meaning in our lives.

With its soaring guitar riffs and passionate lyrics, the song captures a sense of determination that is both inspiring and uplifting.

“Searchlight” is a reminder to never give up on our dreams; indeed, it’s a testament to the power of music to bring light into our lives even in the darkest moments.

9. “Walking In A Hurricane”

John Fogerty’s ode to resilience, “Walking in a Hurricane”, is an absolute classic.

This track captures the feeling of being relentlessly battered by life’s struggles but still managing to stay strong and persevere.

It has a wonderfully nostalgic feel, with its twangy guitars and blues-inspired rhythms, that transports the listener back to another time.

It’s a dynamic and emotionally-charged song, but it also conveys a sense of hope that no matter what life throws at you, you can make it through.

Few songs have been able to capture this sentiment so perfectly as “Walking in a Hurricane” – making it one of John Fogerty’s best hits of all time.

10. “Big Train”

John Fogerty’s song “Big Train” is a timeless classic, capturing the essence of the human experience.

Packed with emotion, it speaks to our desire to keep on pushing forward no matter what life throws at us.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, reminding us that we must stay strong and never give up.

The infectious guitar riffs bring energy and drive home the message of hope and perseverance.

“Big Train” is an uplifting anthem that has stood the test of time as one of John Fogerty’s best songs ever.

It’s a must-listen for anyone looking for an inspirational jam to get their day going in the right direction.

11. “Premonition”

John Fogerty’s “Premonition” is one of his greatest hits and an essential part of his legacy.

It’s a song about anticipating the future and knowing it won’t be easy, but being ready for it anyway.

The lyrics are powerful and full of emotion, conveying both dread and determination.

The instrumentation is exquisite too, with a driving rhythm section that pushes the music forward while retaining a sense of subtlety.

All in all, it’s a timeless classic that captures the spirit of John Fogerty perfectly.

A must-listen for fans of his work!

12. “I Can’t Help Myself”

It’s hard to imagine a more impactful and memorable song than John Fogerty’s “I Can’t Help Myself”.

From the unmistakable guitar riff that kicks off the track to the passionate vocal delivery, it’s no wonder why this song has remained a fan favorite for decades.

Its message of being unable to resist the pull of love is one that resonates with audiences of all ages, making it an undisputed classic.

With its catchy melody and sweet lyrics, this song is sure to remain an essential part of any John Fogerty’s greatest hits collection.

13. “Rockin’ All Over The World”

Continuing our exploration of John Fogerty’s greatest hits, we now turn to the classic rock anthem “Rockin’ All Over the World”.

This is perhaps one of Fogerty’s most instantly recognizable tunes and it has been covered by countless bands since its release.

The upbeat song is a joyous celebration of freedom and independence and its infectious chorus will have you singing along in no time.

It’s an anthem for anyone who wants to break free from the mundane day-to-day and just let loose and enjoy life.

So if you’re looking for a song to get your toes tapping, you can’t go wrong with “Rockin’ All Over the World”.

14. “Almost Saturday Night”

Fogerty’s classic, “Almost Saturday Night”, is a feel-good, upbeat rocker that has become a fan favorite over the years.

It features his signature bluesy guitar work and lyrics that are sure to make you want to get up and dance.

The song has been covered by many artists since its release in 1975, including John Mellencamp, Keith Urban, and even The Grateful Dead.

While it may not be one of Fogerty’s most successful singles, it is certainly one of his most memorable.

With its infectious energy and catchy chorus, “Almost Saturday Night” is an absolute must-listen for any fan of John Fogerty’s music.

So turn it up loud and let yourself be taken away on a musical journey like no other!

15. “Jambalaya”

From the toe-tapping, lightheartedness of “Almost Saturday Night” to the soulful Cajun vibes of “Jambalaya”, John Fogerty’s greatest hits have something for everyone.

This track is a classic and a staple in any country music fan’s playlist.

The exuberant, upbeat twang of the guitar and accordion makes it impossible not to dance along to this classic tune.

Fogerty’s voice is as smooth and captivating as ever, while the instrumentals create an undeniably infectious atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a song to dance to or just want to get lost in a story of heartache, “Jambalaya” has you covered.

Best John Fogerty Songs – Final Thoughts

I’m sure everyone can agree that John Fogerty has crafted some of the greatest songs of all time.

His music has stood the test of time, and his hits have become classics that will never go out of style.

There’s something special about a John Fogerty song – it’s almost like you can feel his passion for making music with every note.

From “The Old Man Down the Road’ to “Rockin’ All Over the World”, these fifteen songs are simply unbeatable.

So if you’re looking for timeless tunes, then look no further than John Fogerty and his amazing hits!

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