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15 Best Incubus Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

July 11, 2023
Best Incubus Songs

Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of alternative rock as we embark on a musical journey through the iconic discography of one of the genre’s most influential bands: Incubus.

With their unique fusion of rock, funk, and alternative sounds, Incubus has crafted a collection of songs that have resonated with fans around the globe.

In this article, we will explore the 15 best Incubus songs of all time, each representing a milestone in the band’s evolution and a testament to their creative genius.

From their early breakout hits that propelled them into the mainstream to their deeper, introspective tracks that showcase their musical depth, we’ll cover the full spectrum of Incubus’ sonic landscape.

Let’s take a look at the 15 greatest Incubus songs of all time.

1. “Pardon Me”

Everyone loves Incubus’ hit single “Pardon Me”, with its catchy chorus and unforgettable lyrics!

The song’s success lies in its ability to capture the complexity of the human spirit in a few simple words.

It speaks to the frustration of being misunderstood and the power of being able to forgive.

The song’s musical composition is also remarkable, with its combination of hard-hitting drums and melodic guitar riffs.

Its melodic structure further underscores the message of the song, emphasizing the idea that life can be messy, but is often made better by learning to forgive.

2. “Wish You Were Here”

Feeling like you’ve been gone for far too long, “Wish You Were Here” is a reminder of the longing for a loved one’s presence.

Incubus’ single off their album Morning View, the song speaks to the intense emotions felt when a loved one is away.

The opening verse begins with a soft acoustic guitar before transitioning into a heavier, full-band chorus, highlighting the contrast between the verses and the chorus.

The juxtaposition between the longing in the verse and the hope in the chorus is a powerful reminder of the emotions of missing someone.

The emotion of the song is further emphasized by Brandon Boyd’s powerful vocals, which convey both the pain and the hope of the situation.

“Wish You Were Here” is a classic Incubus song, demonstrating how to craft a powerful emotional experience in a song.

3. “Anna Molly”

With heavy drumbeats and an anthemic chorus, “Anna Molly” captures the intensity of pushing through against all odds.

Incubus’s 2006 single from their sixth studio album Light Grenades has since become a fan favorite and is often seen as an ode to those who fight to survive in an oppressive environment.

The song’s lyrics deal with themes of perseverance and resilience, and the instrumentation of the track perfectly highlights these themes.

The drums provide a steady pulse throughout the song and the guitar solos give a sense of freedom and struggle.

The chorus of the song is powerful and uplifting, and the combination of the lyrics and the music creates an atmosphere of hope and determination.

“Anna Molly” is a great example of the power of music to inspire and motivate.

4. “Nice To Know You”

“Nice To Know You” is an anthem of resilience and hope that encourages us to persevere through challenges.

The song opens with an uplifting guitar riff and drums that set the tone of optimism and continues with a driving, upbeat rhythm.

Lead singer Brandon Boyd’s vocals are passionate and powerful, conveying a sense of strength and determination.

Lyrically, the song speaks to the idea of never giving up, even when times are hard.

Overall, “Nice To Know You” is a powerful and motivating track that inspires us to keep pushing forward no matter what obstacles we face.

5. “Drive”

Cruising down the road, enveloped in the powerful sound of “Nice To Know You” resonating from the radio, can ignite an invigorating surge of motivation.

“Drive”, yet another phenomenal masterpiece by Incubus exemplifies this sentiment flawlessly.

Within its lyrics, the song weaves a captivating tale of a transformative journey, a relentless pursuit of something grander and more meaningful.

The chorus emerges with an irresistible blend of driving guitar riffs and thunderous drums, serving as a compelling call to action.

It ignites a fire within, inspiring listeners to rise to the occasion, persevere through obstacles, and strive relentlessly toward their ambitions.

With its gripping energy and poignant lyrics, “Drive” stands as the quintessential track to propel you forward, providing the much-needed motivation to surpass your limits and achieve your aspirations.

6. “Stellar”

Elevate yourself and experience the thrill of reaching new heights with Incubus’ “Stellar”, the perfect song to inspire you to take that next step.

From the opening guitar riff and infectious chorus, this track is sure to get you up on your feet.

The powerful lyrics capture the feeling of being unstoppable and making the most of the moment.

Lead singer Brandon Boyd’s vocals soar over the driving beat of the drums and bass, creating an uplifting atmosphere.

“Stellar” is a classic Incubus song that encapsulates the band’s signature sound and uplifting energy.

It’s the perfect choice for those moments when you need to take a leap of faith and follow your dreams.

7. “Dig”

Experience the intensity of “Dig”, Incubus’ explosive ode to personal growth.

By utilizing a combination of hard-hitting drums, impassioned vocals, and strong instrumentation, Incubus captures the listener’s attention from the moment the song begins.

The lyrics explore the power of self-actualization and emphasize the importance of taking the initiative to take control of one’s life.

“Dig” is an invigorating and powerful reminder of the importance of self-improvement and the power of personal growth.

8. “Warning”

Transitioning from the angst of “Dig” to the cautionary tale of “Warning”, Incubus takes on a more serious tone in this classic hit.

The song is a warning to those who may be too eager to jump into relationships without considering the consequences.

Incubus’ lyrics are thought-provoking, highlighting the importance of taking the time to get to know someone before taking the plunge.

The song also features an upbeat, catchy rhythm that will have you singing along by the second chorus.

“Warning” is a timeless hit with a powerful message that still resonates today.

9. “Megalomaniac”

Take a journey with Incubus and be prepared to explore the darkly humorous depths of “Megalomaniac”.

This 2003 single from the album A Crow Left of the Murder… features lead singer Brandon Boyd’s signature soaring vocals and Michael Einziger’s signature guitar riffs.

The song is an exploration of power dynamics, as it examines the way power can lead to feelings of superiority and entitlement.

The instrumentation is complex as well, and it ties together the various lyrical themes.

“Megalomaniac” is an engaging and thought-provoking song that is sure to captivate listeners.

10. “Love Hurts”

The heartbreakingly beautiful ballad “Love Hurts” speaks to the pain of unrequited love and the power of emotions.

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd’s powerful vocals and emotionally raw lyrics combine with the slow yet sweeping instrumentation to give this song an enthralling atmosphere.

Its lyrical content explores heartache and the difficulty of loving someone who doesn’t love you back, while the music conveys a sense of longing and sorrow.

Ultimately, “Love Hurts” is a powerful ode to the pain of unrequited love that speaks to the universality of emotions.

11. “Are You In?”

Are you ready to feel the soulful sadness of Incubus’ hit song, “Are You In?”.

This song, released in 2002, is a classic in Incubus’ repertoire and still stirs up emotions in its listeners.

With its slow, melancholic rhythm and Brandon Boyd’s heartfelt lyrics, “Are You In?” is a timeless track that speaks to the deepest parts of the soul.

The lyrics explore themes of loneliness and longing, and the chorus builds to a powerful crescendo that encapsulates the essence of this song.

The emotion felt in “Are You In?” is so raw and powerful that it’s no wonder it’s been a fan-favorite for nearly two decades.

12. “Talk Shows On Mute”

With the pandemic bringing talk shows to a screeching halt, “Talk Shows On Mute” has become a reality for many.

Incubus’s song of the same name captures the feeling of loneliness that comes with social distancing.

The lyrics focus on the idea of someone feeling disconnected and isolated from the world, yet still yearning for connection.

Musically, the song is a mix of rock and blues, with a strong beat and a dreamy chorus.

The song is a reminder that, even when circumstances make it hard to reach out, the desire to connect is still there.

13. “Black Heart Inertia”

Cascading like a waterfall, “Black Heart Inertia” is a captivating Incubus song that resonates with listeners.

With an entrancing blend of intricate guitar riffs and sensual vocals, the song creates a unique sound that captures the imagination.

The lyrics of the song are reflective and thought-provoking, drawing listeners into a mesmerizing world of emotion.

The powerful chorus is especially stirring, with its combination of sensuous melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

The song’s powerful mix of musical and lyrical elements makes it an enduring classic in the Incubus catalog.

14. “New Skin”

From its infectious beat to its stirring lyrics, “New Skin” is a dynamic Incubus song that will surely have listeners captivated.

The track opens with a soft drum beat, setting the mood of the song as gentle and inviting.

Lead singer Brandon Boyd’s vocals are both calming and impactful, as he sings of the struggles of growing up and learning to adapt to life’s ever-changing circumstances.

The lyrics are thought-provoking and relatable, while the uplifting chorus and guitar riffs add to the overall energy of the song.

It’s no wonder that “New Skin” has become a fan-favorite and a staple in the Incubus’ greatest hits.

15. “Just A Phase”

You’ll relate to the lyrics of “Just A Phase”, an Incubus song that captures the uncertainty of growing up.

The song talks of a young adult’s journey of finding themselves and understanding their place in the world.

The lyrics are universal and a reminder of the confusion and insecurity we all feel while growing up.

Musically, the song is catchy and upbeat with its fusion of rock, punk, and funk.

The guitar solo midway through the song gives it a nice lift that reflects the hopefulness of youth.

Ultimately, “Just A Phase” is an Incubus classic that captures the spirit of hopefulness and resilience that comes with growing up.

Best Incubus Songs – Final Thoughts

You’ve heard the best Incubus songs of all time.

They’re all great hits that have resonated with fans for years.

While each song has its own unique style and sound, they all have one thing in common: they make you feel something.

Whether that’s nostalgia, joy, sorrow, or any other emotion, Incubus has the power to make you feel it.

So, take the time to listen to these 15 great songs and feel whatever emotion they may bring.

It’s worth it.

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