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How Did Avicci Die? The Tragic Story

May 31, 2023
how did avicci die

On April 20, 2018, the music industry and fans worldwide were shocked when Avicii, a legendary electronic dance musician, died in Muscat, Oman.

Despite taking a break from touring, Avicii was still planning to release new music, which made his untimely death even more heartbreaking.

His passing also highlighted the importance of mental health, particularly for high-profile individuals.

Avicii’s legacy will continue to inspire and impact the music industry for years.

Who is Avicii?

Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, was born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 8, 1989.

He joined the music scene at the age of 16, uploading his remixes to electronic music forums.

His talent quickly caught the industry’s attention, and he landed his first record deal, setting the stage for his meteoric rise to fame.

In 2011, he released his hit single, “Levels,” which marked the beginning of his ascent to the top of the charts.

His debut album, True, released in 2013, featured the award-winning track “Wake Me Up,” which topped the charts globally, reaching number 4 in the United States.

Avicii’s talents continued to grow, with more successful releases like his second studio album, Stories, and the EP Avīci (01) in 2017.

From his early beginnings to his untimely passing, Avicii’s music inspires and brings joy to countless fans worldwide.

How Did Avicii Die?

It’s a tragic truth that still resonates with fans worldwide.

Avicii, the beloved DJ and music icon, left this world too soon.

At just 28 years old, he was found dead in Muscat, Oman, leaving fans and the music industry in shock.

Initially, rumors and speculations surrounded Avicii’s death, but the local Omani police officially ruled out any foul play.

However, in the following days, Avicii’s family members confirmed that he had taken his own life.

The details surrounding his passing were kept private out of respect for Avicii and his loved ones.

It wasn’t until later that TMZ revealed the heartbreaking news that Avicii had used a shard of glass – reportedly from a broken wine bottle – to cut himself.

This caused significant blood loss, ultimately leading to his untimely passing.

An open letter released by Avicii’s family regarding his death read,

“Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions.

An over-achieving perfectionist who traveled and worked hard at a pace that led to extreme stress.

When he stopped touring, he wanted to find a balance in life to be happy and do what he loved most – music.

He struggled with thoughts about meaning, life, and happiness and wanted to find peace.

Tim was not made for the business machine he found himself in.

He was a sensitive guy who loved his fans but shunned the spotlight.

His Life Before April 20, 2018

Avicii was a musical sensation, winning the hearts of fans worldwide with his electrifying performances and chart-topping hits.

However, behind the scenes, the DJ and producer struggled with a host of physical and mental health challenges.

In 2016, Avicii announced his retirement from touring to prioritize his well-being, specifically his mental health, after struggling with stress and exhaustion.

He had been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis four years earlier, a condition linked to his excessive alcohol consumption.

That same year, he underwent surgery to remove his gallbladder and appendix.

Unfortunately, the opioids prescribed to manage his pain caused addiction, which he candidly discussed in his 2017 documentary, Avicii: True Stories.

The combination of these health challenges, pressure from management, record label, and fans led to a decline in Avicii’s physical and mental health.

Ultimately, it reached a breaking point that resulted in his tragic passing.

Regardless of that, Avicii was an ambitious go-getter who strived for nothing less than perfection.

His hard work took him to great heights, but unfortunately, it also led to extreme stress.

Despite his success, Tim never quite fit into the cutthroat business machine he found himself in.

He was a sensitive soul who cherished his fans but shied away from the limelight.

Evidently, the pressure of the music industry took a toll on Tim’s well-being, and that’s not something anyone would have wanted for him.

He poured his heart and soul into his craft, and he wanted to create music that resonated with his dedicated fanbase.

Avicii’s Final Days

Avicii had been hard at work on his highly anticipated third album, as confirmed by a report from Rolling Stone.

He collaborated with fellow musician and songwriter-producer Joe Janiak at his home studio in LA before embarking on a trip to Oman to visit his royal friends.

Despite his untimely passing, Janiak later revealed that Avicii was full of energy and enthusiasm for life, expressing his desire to reconnect with him after returning from his trip.

Other sources close to Avicii, including his guitarist and the Head of Universal Music in Sweden, also confirmed that he was enjoying his retirement and eager to release new music.

In fact, one of the last videos of Avicii captured him enjoying a drink just one day before his passing, giving fans a glimpse of the happy and vibrant person he truly was.

Following Avicii’s tragic passing, new information emerged that shook the music world to its core.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation was that despite his success and creative output, Avicii remained deeply troubled and confused in his final days.

A leaked phone call to his family revealed that he was struggling with suicidal thoughts, and it’s heartbreaking to think that they could not reach him in time to prevent the unthinkable from happening.

There were even rumors that his brother David had rushed to Oman to be with him but tragically arrived too late, as Avicii had already taken his own life just two hours before his brother’s arrival.

It’s a devastating loss for the music industry and a sobering reminder of the importance of supporting and caring for those who struggle with mental health issues.

How Did Avicii’s Fans Receive the News of His Death?

Avicii’s sudden and unexpected passing was one of the most shocking events in recent memory, leaving his loved ones and fans reeling with grief.

In the wake of this devastating loss, Avicii’s family remained silent for an entire year before making two major announcements.

First, they revealed plans to release a new album of Avicii’s music, offering fans a chance to honor his legacy and keep his music alive.

They also announced the formation of the Tim Bergling Foundation.

This charitable organization aims to support groups dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention.

DJ Kygo paid tribute to Avicii at the adjacent weekend of that year’s Coachella festival, drawing thousands of fans who wanted to honor the late musician’s memory.

ATV/Sony, Avicii’s music publishers, expressed their deep sorrow at the loss of such a talented and creative artist and praised his incredible songwriting abilities.

Many music industry stars expressed their love and paid tribute to Avicii. 

In response, Avicii’s family expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from his fans and fellow musicians, acknowledging that his music will continue to be loved and played at gatherings around the world.

Avicii’s legacy lives on through his incredible music, and his devoted fans will always cherish the songs he left behind.

Success & Stress

Avicii’s death shocked many, as he appeared to be in good spirits in the days leading up to his passing.

His colleagues were taken aback by his sudden death, which stood in contrast to the portrayal of the artist in his documentary Avicii: True Stories.

The documentary was initially released on Netflix in Sweden shortly after Avicii’s death and later in the United States in December of the same year.

Avicii acknowledged that along with the fame and success he experienced, he also suffered from discomfort and pain. 

Even though he earned $250,000 a night and enjoyed performing in concerts and gigs, he couldn’t continue due to the pressure of his success.

This, in turn, fueled his hard-partying habits, making his destructive behavior worse.

According to one of his Swedish forums (GilDerroz), in addition to his anxiety, Avicii was dealing with feelings of detachment and psychosis.

Avicii’s Journal

The late DJ Avicii was a prolific writer, pouring his thoughts and emotions into his journal in the years leading up to his untimely death.

His journal entries were published in the 2022 biography Tim — The Official Biography of Avicii, alongside intimate interviews and personal anecdotes from his loved ones.

The journal entries have captured people’s attention, revealing the inner turmoil that Avicii faced as he battled feelings of overwhelm in his final years.

His struggles with addiction to alcohol and opioids are also laid bare in these pages.

In one particularly poignant entry from 2015, penned during his stay at the Ibiza Calm rehab center, Avicii describes the excruciating physical and mental pain he was enduring and the fear that he might never find relief.

The final entry in his journal is equally moving, with Avicii reflecting on the shedding of the soul as the last attachment before it restarts.

This glimpse into the mind of a brilliant artist is a powerful reminder of the humanity behind the music we love.

Avicii’s Funeral 

Avicii’s life was commemorated with a private funeral at Skogskyrkogarden Cemetery in Stockholm in June 2018.

He was interred at Hedvig Eleanora Church, and the ceremony was attended solely by his immediate family and friends.

Subsequently, in November 2018, a public memorial service was organized by his family, which allowed fans to pay their respects.

Hundreds of mourners gathered at Hedvig Eleanora Church, where they were treated to orchestral renditions of some of the musician’s most recognizable tracks, including “Wake Me Up.”

His Long-Lasting Legacy

Avicii is regarded as one of the most accomplished electronic dance music artists in history, inspiring a generation of pop and electronica musicians, including Zedd, Hailee Steinfeld, Charlie Puth, and Diplo.

Following his passing, his two hit tracks, “Levels” and “Wake Me Up,” were recognized on Billboard’s list of 100 Songs That Defined The 2010s.

His extraordinary capacity to blend pop, country, and electronica genres has earned him accolades.

He is recognized as a highly influential figure in advancing the sound of electronica during the 2010s, serving as a source of inspiration for many other artists.

Apart from his musical legacy, Avicii also significantly impacted the world in other ways.

His parents established a foundation in his name, offering aid, support, and resources to individuals grappling with mental health concerns and suicidal thoughts.

Many musicians have acknowledged his influence in raising awareness of mental health issues within the music industry.

Ultimately, his family attributed his mental health deterioration to the tension between his passion for creating music and the demands of being a public figure.

Although he adored his fans and craft, he struggled to manage the stress of touring and the pressures from his record label.

His untimely passing might have been a tragedy, but Avicii’s impact on the world was beyond measure.

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