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30 Best Gospel Funeral Songs of All Time

December 26, 2023
gospel funeral songs

I’ve carefully curated a collection of the best gospel funeral songs of all time, offering solace and spiritual comfort during life’s most challenging moments.

This article provides a meaningful soundtrack for honoring and remembering loved ones, highlighting gospel songs that resonate with hope and faith.

Table of Contents

Top gospel funeral songs of all time

  • “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban
  • “Still” by Hillsong United
  • “It Is Well With My Soul” by Audrey Assad
  • “How Great Thou Art” by Carrie Underwood
  • “The Old Rugged Cross” by Alan Jackson
  • “In the Sweet By and By” by Dolly Parton
  • “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum
  • “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” by Jim Reeves
  • “Amazing Grace” by Celtic Woman
  • “Peace in the Valley” by Elvis Presley

1. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

This is an amazing ballad that always touches the hearts of anyone who’s mourning the death of their loved one. 

Josh Groban released “You Raise Me Up” in 2003, and since then, it has become the funeral song that most people love to hear in memory of their loved ones. 

The song has very beautiful and poetic metaphors, and its chorus is therapeutic. 

“You Raise Me Up” carries the hopeful message that death isn’t the end of our journey in life and that we shall meet again sometime in the future. 

2. “Still” by Hillsong United

“Still” is a very peaceful song, which makes it the perfect reflection song during a funeral service. 

The singer of the song uses beautiful pictures of the ocean and storms, which represent God’s love. 

The song’s lyrics encourage the listener to seek shelter, rest, and protection from God. 

In the chorus, the singer emphasizes the importance of recognizing that God is the king over everything, especially when life becomes tough. 

“Still” reminds us that in such moments, we should always remain still and trust in God’s sovereignty, knowing He is still in control. 

It also reminds us about the strength of God’s love, which can help us through anything. 

3. “It Is Well With My Soul” by Audrey Assad

This song was originally written by Horatio Gates Spafford in 1873 amid one of the greatest tragedies a person can ever go through. 

Spafford sent his family ahead of him to England on a boat, only to receive a telegram from his wife informing him that the ship had sunk and all his four daughters didn’t survive. 

After that, he wrote one of the most memorable hymns sung in almost every funeral service. 

“It Is Well With My Soul” is a testament to the level of his faith, even during the most difficult times in life. 

Spafford’s firm belief in the return of Jesus Christ is a beautiful sentiment that reminds us of the true home where our loved ones reside once they die. 

The song has been covered by many artists, with Audrey Assad’s version being the most famous one. 

4. “How Great Thou Art” by Carrie Underwood

This is another timeless hymn that’s been adapted from a poem written centuries ago. 

Carrie Underwood lends her angelic voice to this song, adding a fresh voice to the song that has graced almost every church since it was written. 

How Great Thou Art” lyrics speak of God and his kindness and help listeners to meditate upon the eternal happiness awaiting all those who believe in Jesus Christ. 

5. “The Old Rugged Cross” by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson’s “The Old Rugged Cross” has a slow and delicate tone. 

The singer, on the other hand, has a deep and somber voice, which helps him to deliver each line in this song beautifully. 

“The Old Rugged Cross” has been one of those go-to songs for people mourning their loved ones, as it encourages them to trust in the hope found in the cross of Jesus Christ in times of sadness. 

The song’s lyrics are a beautiful blend of hope and sadness, feelings that crop up when a person is grieving. 

6. “In the Sweet By and By” by Dolly Parton

Written in 1868 by Sanford Fillmore Bennet, “In the Sweet By and By” is a beautiful song that shouldn’t be missed in any funeral song list. 

This faith-driven and hopeful song passes a message of peace to the listener by depicting beautiful imagery of another land where there are no troubles. 

In funeral services, the use of faraway shore imagery in this song implies that the loved one is in a peaceful place with the Lord. 

Although this knowledge does not take away the pain that those left behind feel, it offers hope and light during dark times. 

In this song, the writer says that “our spirits shall sorrow no more and Not a sigh for the blessing of rest” after death.

The emphasis on peace and rest encourages those left behind and gives them the inner strength they need to overcome that period. 

7. “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum

Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky” is a popular song among most people. 

As such, the song is one of the best choices for anyone seeking comfort after they’ve been left by their loved one. 

“Spirit in the Sky” has an upbeat tune and happy lyrics, which can help uplift the listener’s spirit. 

The writer of this song makes heaven look like one big party, which helps create a source of hope and comfort for those in grief.

This classic gospel funeral song has lyrics that are still powerful today, even though the song was released decades ago. 

8. “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” by Jim Reeves 

“Take My Hand, Precious Lord” is a beloved classic in which the singer perfectly captures the essence of a funeral service. 

In this song, Jim Reeves talks about the comfort of leaning on God toward the end of life. 

The song has sad lyrics but a hopeful rhythm. 

Jim Reeves released this song in 1962, and it’s still used today because of its sweet message and timeless lyrics. 

9. “Amazing Grace” by Celtic Woman

This is one of the most famous hymns that captures the heart of anyone who hears it.

“Amazing Grace” is a song of redemption written in 1779 by John Newton, a slave trader who later converted to become an abolitionist. 

Although certain stanzas of the song deal with repentance and sin, the song’s reputation makes it a great choice for any religious gathering, including a funeral service. 

The song’s last stanza has a beautiful representation of the afterlife and speaks directly to the concerns of the mourners. 

This song talks about the importance of believing in God, and the love that many believers confer on the song shows that it’s a powerful representation of faith. 

In a funeral service, you should consider singing the last few stanzas of this timeless classic. 

10. “Peace in the Valley” by Elvis Presley

This is another love gospel funeral song written by Elvis Presley. 

In this song, Elvis sings about how he looks forward to the peacefulness of heaven that awaits him after he dies. 

The song has sweet and strong vocals, which are sung over a slow tempo. 

This relaxed tempo creates the perfect mood for listeners to reflect on their lives, making it a perfect masterpiece for a funeral service. 

11. “Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There” by Jennifer Hudson

In this contemporary version of the classic “Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There” tune, Jennifer Hudson delivers hopeful lyrics with her soulful voice. 

This song creates an uplifting mood, talking about the peaceful place that awaits us when we die. 

Jennifer’s powerful vocals deliver strength and hope to anyone mourning the loss of their loved one. 

“Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There” encourages people not to be worried but to look forward to living an eternal life in heaven. 

12. “I’ll Fly Away” by Alan Jackson

Albert E. Brumley wrote this song in 1929, and it speaks about our desire for peace. 

The writer of this song considers death as a time of rest and joy, as opposed to his life, which he describes as “Shadows, weary days, and prison bars.”

This song frames life’s transience in a positive light, which encourages us to see the full scope of life’s happenings in a larger picture. 

According to the writer, the pains and troubles in this life are tiny moments compared to the eternal life that awaits us in heaven. 

The song’s upbeat melody conveys not only peace and joy but also steadfastness and confidence. 

The lyrics “I’ll fly away, oh, Glory, I’ll fly away. When I die, Hallelujah, by and by, I’ll fly away” show the reality that Brumley was fixated with total conviction. 

Singing this gospel funeral song can make you feel the pain of absence while also receiving the assurance the spirit of your loved one has flown away to a land where joy shall never end.

13. “Lead Me Gently Home” by Johnny Cash 

Released in 1959, “Lead Me Gently Home” is a song full of comforting lyrics and soothing harmonies. 

Johnny’s voice in this song is very soft as if he is consoling a child. 

The song passes a message that when a person passes away, they go to God’s home, where he is patiently waiting for all of us. 

“Lead Me Gently Home” has an optimistic message that, combined with its soothing sound, makes it a perfect song for a funeral service

14. “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” by Bill & Gloria Gaither

This song was written by Anthony J. Showalter and Elisha Hoffman in 1887. 

It’s been covered by many artists, but Bill & Gloria Gaither’s version is the one that stands out. 

This hymn is very comforting, and its first three stanzas and simple refrain have everything you want in a gospel funeral song. 

The song has a beautiful melody, reassuring words of peace, and modest length, “Leaning on the everlasting arms, safe and secure from all alarms.”

“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” is the perfect lyrical distillation of our devotion and dependence on God. 

Mourners experiencing the emotional exhaustion that comes with the loss of a loved one can always find comfort in this song, as it assures them that they can lead in the everlasting arms of God. 

The song’s theme of security applies to both those who have passed on and those who have been left behind. 

15. “Heaven Song” by Phil Wickham

Its chorus is powerful, as the singer envisions entering heaven and singing together with angels forever. 

The song’s positive imagery gives us hope that there’s a beautiful life waiting for us after life.

It also reminds us that God is always glad to receive those who trust his word and have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. 

16. “I’m Going Away” by Walter Hawkins

“I’m Going Away” starts with a beautiful piano solo, which then leads into the song’s main melody. 

The singer has a soothing voice, which is enjoyable to listen to.

Also, the accompanying harmonies of this song are very joyous. 

The lyrics of this song describe how death takes a person to a happy and peaceful place specially prepared for them. 

“I’m Going Away” reminds us that there’s a spot for everyone in heaven, prepared by Jesus, that we can always look forward to as we continue trusting in him. 

17. “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe

This contemporary gospel funeral classic consists of beautiful singing and soft piano accompaniment. 

The song’s lyrics talk about dancing in heaven and walking alongside God. 

This beautiful tune is a reminder that even though losing someone can break out hearts, they are taken to a place of joy where there’s no suffering. 

18. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” by Eric Clapton 

This is one of the best gospel funeral songs, thanks to its beautiful melodies and optimism. 

The song’s lyrics pass a message of being taken home by God, a thought that helps most people accept the passing on of a loved one. 

Eric Clapton’s “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” is commonly sung at funerals, as its chorus is very memorable and helps light up any room where the song is played or sung. 

If you listen to this song, you’ll realize that it has a way of bringing people together. 

19. “Rock of Ages” by Amy Grant ft. Vince Gill

Amy Grant featured Vince Gill in this stunning duet that has an amazing country feel. 

In this song, the two singers showcase their incredible range of powerful vocals. 

Their harmonies are also soothing, and the song has a good tempo for a funeral service. 

“Rock of Ages” is one of those songs that will take you on a relaxing journey, thanks to its poetic lyrics. 

20. “Trouble of the World” by Mahalia Jackson

This is probably one of the most mournful funeral songs you will ever listen to. 

The singer’s low and contralto voice can be described as a voice that calms down a troubled spirit. 

As the song’s title suggests, “Trouble of the World” isn’t a celebration of life but a celebration that death brings to an end the struggles and pain of this world. 

“I’ll soon be done with the trouble of the world, and I’m going home to live with God!”

This song is an appropriate tribute for Christians to believe death is a homecoming. 

Playing this song gives those mourning the death of their close relative the opportunity to mourn deeply. 

21. “God Will Take Care of You” by Aretha Franklin

This time-honored hymn was originally written in 1904, and Aretha Franklin covered it in 1972, giving it a soulful, bluesy, and uplifting feeling. 

Aretha’s version is almost nine minutes long, with a good portion of the song beating slowly and mournfully.

However, a cheerful piano interlude brings listeners to the call-and-response section of the song, which helps move sadness to joy.

This makes “God Will Take Care of You” a worship song that covers different emotions mourners express during a funeral service.

Knowing that God will take care of you in times of trouble can be very comforting, particularly when grieving the loss of a loved one. 

When grieving, it can feel like life isn’t worth the pain, but “God Will Take Care of You” gives us the strength to keep the faith. 

22. “Oh Happy Day” by Edwin Hawkins Singers

“Oh, Happy Day” is a classic hymn that celebrates the wholeness that will occur on judgment day. 

Even though this song can bring a live mood when mourning, its meaning is very serious. 

In a funeral setting, the song reminds us that death isn’t the end of a soul. 

Rather, it signified the start of a new life in heaven. 

23. “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley ft. Dolly Parton

The collaboration between Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley has become one of the most popular gospel funeral songs. 

The song’s lyrics talk about everything the singer will do when they reach heaven, like walking with their loved one who went ahead of them. 

“When I Get Where I’m Going” reminds us that although our loved ones may be gone, we don’t need to cry because they are in a better place. 

24. “If I Don’t Wake Up” by The Williams Brothers

“If I Don’t Wake Up” is a smooth, soul-filled gospel funeral song accompanied by a cool guitar arrangement. 

The song talks about preparing for death since there’s a promised life afterward, as that’s part of the Christian faith. 

This song’s simple refrain, “It’s gonna be alright,” drives home the feeling of security. 

25. “I Will Rise” by Chris Tomlin

Released in 2008 by renowned gospel artist Chris Tomlin, “I Will Rise” is a track that evokes lots of emotions for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. 

From the melancholy moments, the lyrics take you through to the message of faith and hope; this funeral song offers a fully therapeutic experience. 

26. “Down To the River To Pray” by Alison Krauss

Although this song isn’t openly about loss or death, it invokes a spirit of holiness and closeness to God. 

The song’s lyrics call upon everyone to partake in God’s blessings and peace. 

“Down To The River To Pray” has been covered by numerous artists, but Alison’s version is the most powerful and popular. 

27. “Homesick” by MercyMe 

When grieving, all the reassurances and platitudes seem like white noise, and nothing seems like it will ever work again. 

This song talks about how we sometimes fail to understand God’s plan and the gap that is left behind when our loved one passes on. 

The singer reminds us that being a Christian doesn’t make you immune to feeling hurt. 

So, when we lose our loved one, the best thing we can do is cling to Jesus Christ for his strength, as that can help us overcome that moment. 

28. “Comforter” by CeCe Winans

In this song, CeCe Winans reminds us that our faith in God can help transform our lives for the better in numerous ways. 

Cece Winans goes ahead to express her gratitude to God for his help in different aspects of life. 

The song’s lyrics call God a “Friend, father, and physician,” all of which help us deal with the loss of a loved one. 

29. “Scars in Heaven” by Casting Crowns

Most people have lots of regrets after losing a loved one. 

This mostly comes from unsaid words, wasted time, and the realization of some of the things we take for granted.

But this song reminds us that our loved ones don’t have such regrets after passing. 

There’s no sorrow, pain, or hurt where they are now, and the only scars in heaven are the ones worn by Jesus. 

30. “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” by The Original 5 Blind Boys of Mississippi

This is an upbeat gospel funeral song full of lovely harmonies. 

In this song, the singers deliver their parts beautifully, and their vocals add a lot of flavor to this song. 

The song has beautiful and hopeful lyrics about being guided to the Lord and that life in heaven is eternal. 

“Just a Closer Walk with Thee” is the perfect song choice for people looking for an optimistic song after losing their loved one.

Gospel Funeral Songs – Final Thoughts

So, that wraps up our post on the best gospel funeral songs of all time. 

The songs provide a message of hope and can help comfort those grieving. 

They are also a good way for people to express their feelings about death, especially if they lack the words to do so.

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