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25 Best German Rappers (Most Famous)

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Written By Ellie Burnard
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25 Best German Rappers (Most Famous)

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Do you love Deutschrap or German hip hop?

It is a unique music genre heavily influenced by American hip-hop.

One thing about German rap is that it’s never been as popular as it is today.

We’ve never had so many good German rappers at the same time, which is why we’ve compiled a list of top musicians from the European country spreading the wave around the world.

Below are the 25 best German rappers to add to your list today.

1. Kollegah

German rapper Felix Martin Andreas Matthias Blume, known as Kollegah, grew up in Friedberg, Germany. 

He started his career in the local rap battles in 2004 before taking it to a new level with his first mix tape, Zuhaltertape.

Today, he’s best known for his Alpha Music Empire record label, where he releases new music.

He’s worked on several projects with fellow German rapper Farid Bang ranking highly among the best rappers from Deutschland. 

As a solo artist, Kollegah has won a Live Krone Award, 4 Echo Music Prize awards, and 2 Juice Awards, among other accolades. 

2. RAF Camora

While many people know RAF Camora as one of the best Austrian rappers, he’s had a significant influence on German hip-hop.

Born in Switzerland in 1984 to an Austrian father and an Italian mother, he has been active in the German rap scene since the early 2000s.

As a solo artist and producer, RAF has won Best Producer National, Best Album National, and Best Hip-Hop Act awards. 

3. Capital Bra

Capital Bra is a Russian-born rapper with Ukrainian and German roots.

He was born in Siberia but grew up in Ukraine before relocating to Berlin with his mother at an early age. 

Capital launched his rapping career in the late 2000s, successfully passing the famous Rap am Mittwoch test which has shaped the careers of many rappers.

The German rapper released his first album, Kuku Bra, in 2016, enjoying moderate success in his home country. 

The next releases, Makarov Complex and Blyat, received positive reviews, peaking at the top 5 in most German-speaking countries. 

His breakthrough came in 2018 with the release of another studio album, Allein, which peaked at #2 on the German album charts. 

Capital Bra’s 22 #1 songs make him one of the most successful German rappers, with a career that has inspired many upcoming artists. 

4. Bushido

Bushido is a hip-hop producer, rapper, and entrepreneur who traces his roots to Bonn, West Germany. 

He fell in love with hip-hop music through graffiti, releasing his first album, Carlo Cokxxx Nutten, alongside fellow German rapper Fler.

The German rapper has Tunisian roots and had to start from scratch when his father abandoned the family when he was only three.

Despite his impressive career, Bushido has attracted controversy in the mainstream market with his lyrics, which are sometimes considered racist, misogynistic, and nationalistic. 

He’s also among the few modern German rappers to glorify gangsta rap, further dividing his audience and other German hip-hop lovers. 

5. Bonez MC

John Lorenz Moser, commonly known as Bonez MC, is a celebrated German rapper, singer, and record producer from Hamburg, West Germany. 

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He came onto the scene in the late 2000s as a member of the 187 Strassenbande alongside fellow German rappers Sa4, LX, Maxwell, and Gzuz.

Lorenz released his debut album, Krampfhaft kriminell, in 2012 via his Toprott Muzik record label. 

Some of his best hits include “Extasy,” “500 PS,” and “Eine Idee.”

6. Apache 207

The next German rapper on this list got his breakthrough from his 2019 “Roller” hit. 

Born and raised in Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Apache 207 has excelled in rap, pop, and cloud rap genres.

He has released many hit singles like “Brot nach Hause” and “2 Minuten,” with some songs charting in the German-speaking countries of Austria and Switzerland. 

7. Kontra K

Kontra K is a rapper from the German capital who started rapping at 16.

He debuted in 2010 with the Dobermann album and has cited iconic figures Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., and Nas as his biggest idols

Kontra K’s 5th studio album, Labyrinth, featured fellow German rappers RAC Camora and Bonez MC and topped the German album charts in 2016. 

8. Ufo361

Ufuk Bayraktar, alias Ufo361, is another German rapper on this list with Turkish roots.

He was born in West Berlin in May 1988 to Turkish parents and was raised in Kreuzberg.

At a young age, he showed his love for hip-hop music and adopted the Ufo361 stage name in honor of his hometown’s postal code, 36/61.

9. Gzuz

Many hip-hop lovers know Gzuz from the hip-hop band 187 Strassenbande.

Others know him from his successful solo career with hits like “Wolke 7,” “Gzuz,” and “Ebbe & Flut.”

A few may also remember the rapper from his imprisonment in 2010.

No matter how you know Gzuz, he’s one of the best German rappers on this list.

10. Kurdo

Kurdo is a German rapper from Heidelberg who launched his career in 2011 via YouTube.

He was born in 1988 in Iraq before his family moved to Germany when he was 8.

His early success through YouTube earned him a deal with the Azzlackz label.

Kurdo released his debut mix tape, 11ta Stock Sound, after launching his record label, Beefhaus. 

As of 2023, Kurdo has written his name in the history books with viral hits and confirmed his place among the best German rappers. 

11. Chakuza

Chakuza, originally named Peter Pangerl, is one of the most popular names in German hip-hop, 

He was born in Linz, Austria, and started his career alongside MC J and DJ Stickle as the founding members of the Verbale Systematik hip-hop group.

They changed the group’s name to Beatlefield after MC J quit in 2002.

Chakuza’s best songs include “Krieg im Kopf,” “Dieser eine Song,” and “OFF.”

12. Marteria

Marten Laciny has worked his way to the top of the German charts since debuting with the Halloziehnation album.

Born and raised in Lichtenhagen, Marteria was a talented footballer and played for the FC Hansa Rostock youth team before pursuing his music aspirations.

He relocated to Berlin in 2003, where he continued his love for music and released his first albums under the Marsimoto pseudonym. 

Marteria’s 2012 hit song with Miss Platnum and Yasha,” Lila Wolken,” topped the German music charts, endearing him to many hip-hop fans ever since. 

13. Haftbefehl

Haftbefehls’ Turkish roots qualify him as one of the best German-Turkish rappers on this list.

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He was born in 1985 in Offenbach am Main, with tough childhood experiences that ultimately shaped his career.

The rapper’s father committed suicide when was a teenager, forcing him to drop out of school at only 14.

Haftbefehl had to escape to Istanbul in the mid-2000s after a drug trafficking scandal.

He later fled to Amsterdam, where he continued to craft his rapping skills.

After a series of struggles, Haftbefehl released his debut album, Azzlack Stereotyp, in 2010.

He released his second album two years later and never looked back again.

14. Sido

East Berlin-born Sido is among the first names in many conversations about the best German rappers.

He has set himself apart in the rap industry with aggressive lyrics that always catch everyone’s attention. 

After rising to fame with his Maske debut album, Sido released multiple albums and hit singles, writing his name among the best German rappers.

Apart from his rapping career, Sido has been featured in different films, including Mannersache (2009), Blutzbrudaz (2011), and Half Brothers (2015).

The German rapper has received 15 gold awards and a platinum award. 

15. K.I.Z.

K.I.Z. is a respected hip-hop group from the German capital, Berlin.

The group’s lineup comprised Maxim, Nico, and Tarek and came into the limelight in 2005 with the Royal Bunker record label.

The trio is best known for its unique style, with songs often packed with humor, sarcasm, cynicism, and irony. 

They are also known to address social issues.

Some of the group’s best songs include “Boom Boom Boom,” “Das System (die kleinen Dinge),” and “Geld essen (Ausgestopfte Rapper).”

16. Eko Fresh

Eko Fresh is a German rapper of Turkish origin born in Cologne but raised in Monchengladbach. 

He started rapping at a young age and opted out of school to do menial jobs to support his single mom. 

His fortunes changed when he met rapper Kool Savas who helped him produce his debut EP, Jetzt kommen wir auf die Sachen.

Eko Fresh’s career took off in 2010, releasing four albums quickly to leave his mark on German hip hop.

Today, the Cologne native has released two collaboration albums, ten studio albums, three compilation albums, 18 singles, and three extended tracks to confirm his status as one of the best German rappers ever. 

17. Azet

Azet is a popular German-Albanian rapper from Dresden, Germany. 

He’s been active in German hip-hop since 2008 but only released his debut album, Fast Life, in 2018.

The album peaked at #1 in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, laying the foundation for the rapper’s future success with another release, Super Plus (2019).

18. Alligatoah

Lukas Strobel, commonly known by his Alligatoah stage name, is a German rapper affiliated with the Trailerpark record label.

He released two successful albums, Musik ist keine Losung and Triebwerke, that became certified gold.

19. Ade Bantu

Ade Bantu is a Nigerian-German artist who doubles as a social activist.

He is BANTU’s frontman, featuring several singers and multi-instrumentalists.

Ade Bantu is also credited with forming the Brothers Keepers musical collective, which features reggae, soul, and hip-hop musicians. 

The multi-talented musician was born in Wembley to a Nigerian father and a German mother, and his social activism covers the two countries. 

20. Kay One

Kay One, sometimes called Prince Kay One, is another popular rapper who’s built a solid reputation in German hip-hop.

He was born in Friedrichshafen, West Germany, to a German father and a Filipino mother and began freestyle rapping at 13.

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He got the push he needed after winning multiple rap battles at the Royal Rumble rap competition in Stuttgart in 2001.

Kay One’s breakthrough came in the late 2000s after collaborating with fellow German rapper Bushido on a widely successful album. 

He accompanied Bushido during the rapper’s live performances, further increasing his popularity among the German hip-hop faithful.

21. Bausa

Bausa deserves the king of collaborations nickname because of the many projects he’s featured in alongside fellow rappers.

He was born Julian Otto in Saarbrucken and released a top 10 album, Dreifarbenhaus, in 2017.

The rapper’s hit single, “Was du Liebe nennst,” topped the German Singles Chart for eight weeks, became 7x certified Gold in the country, and topped the Austrian singles chart. 

22. Nimo

Nima Yaghobi, better known as Nimo, is a Karlsruhe-born rapper who’s excelled as a founder of the Moonboys Entertainment record label.

He’s been active in the German rap scene since 2015, when he made a name for himself with the “Bitter” hit single.

He was raised by Iranian parents and spent some time behind bars as a teenager for multiple criminal offenses.

The German rapper has released two studio albums, a collaborative album, two mix tapes, and several singles, both as a lead artist and a featured artist. 

23. Haiyti

Haiyti is a successful female rapper from Hamburg who has previously performed under the stage names Miami, Ovadoze, and Robbery.

She was raised by a single mother in Hamburg and discovered her love for rapping and rhyming words as a teenager.

Her interest grew even bigger in the subsequent years, taking his first rapping steps as a teenager. 

She cites 4.9.0, GPC, and Friedhof Chiller as her biggest influences.

Haiyti’s rapping style is reminiscent of the iconic gangsta rap, with an uncompromising attitude that shows just how good she’s become at her craft. 

With a career that’s only expected to blossom, Haiyti is destined to become one of the best rappers in German hip-hop. 

24. Mero

Mero is a German-Turkish rapper who rose to fame via Instagram.

He was born in Russelsheim am Main in 2000 and is best known for his “Baller los” debut single. 

His other hits include “Wolke 10” and “Hobby Hobby,” which charted on the German and Austrian charts.

Mero started his career on Instagram in 2016, earning many followers who loved his short rap videos.

He’s received several nominations throughout his career and won the Best Male Artist award at the 2019 Hype Awards. 

25. Farid Bang

Farid Bang is a German male rapper with Moroccan-Spanish roots.

He was born in Spain and spent part of his teenage life in Malaga before moving to Germany at 8 with his family. 

Starting his career in 2009, Farid captivated audiences with Jung, brutal, gutaussehend album featuring fellow German rapper Kollegah.

The album peaked at #30 on the German charts and included hits like “Mitternacht,” “Banger und Boss,” and “Wir ficken ein paar Bonzen.”

The rapper’s follow-up album, Asphalt Massaka 2, enjoyed moderate success, peaking at #56 on the German charts. 

As of 2023, Farid has released 11 studio albums and several hit singles to earn a place amongst the best German rappers. 

Best German Rappers – Final Thoughts

Love it or hate it, German rap music is growing every day.

The diverse list of rappers from the European country shows how far the genre has come from the early days of American influence.

While the said influence is still strong, many artists are experimenting with new styles, creating a competitive industry that will excite many hip-hop lovers.

As the scene grows, we hope our list of the 25 best German rappers will help you know which artists to have on your playlist. 

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