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55 Best Funeral Songs for Mom to Honor Her

December 14, 2023
funeral songs for mom

I’ve carefully chosen the best funeral songs for Mom to honor her memory, each song resonating with love, respect, and the deep bond shared.

This article is a heartfelt guide to selecting music that beautifully reflects the significance and affection of a mother’s presence in our lives.

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Top funeral songs for mom to honor her

  • “Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word)” by Celine Dion
  • “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” by Carrie Underwood
  • “If I Could Be Where You Are” by Enya
  • “Mr. Mom” by Lonestar
  • “Mama” by Connie Francis
  • “Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton
  • “Mamma, I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne
  • “A Song For Mama” by Boyz II Men
  • “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” by Stevie Wonder
  • “We’ll Be Together” by Sting

1. “Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word)” by Celine Dion 

Saying goodbye to someone who gave you so much can be painful. 

But you have to do it anyway. 

Celine Dion concedes that her mother will soon be saying her goodbyes. 

She thanks her mom for everything she’s given her and for her unconditional love.

It’s such a beautiful tribute to a loving mother. 

2. “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” by Carrie Underwood 

A mother stands with you throughout the good and bad times.

She knows how you feel even before you say it. 

And as a tribute, all you can do is remember her with a big smile.

That’s Carrie Underwood’s message in this song as she starts a new life in a new place, far away from her mom. 

3. “If I Could Be Where You Are” by Enya 

The search for mom’s love after she’s gone is traumatizing. 

And as many seasons pass, you realize how big the void she has left in your life is. 

That’s the meaning of this sad song, where the narrator can’t find his loved one. 

She doesn’t know where they are or where she can find them.

And she expresses her sorrow in the heart-wrenching lyrics. 

4. “Mr. Mom” by Lonestar 

You will never understand a mother’s role until you are left to fill their shoes.

The man in the song is utterly shocked, trying to play a mom’s role.

He quickly realizes that being a mother is far more challenging than he could imagine. 

The song was a dedication to all the moms and housewives and their underrated role in many homes. 

5. “Mama” by Connie Francis

Connie Francis’ song is available in English and Spanish versions and expresses the exact message you want to hear about your mother. 

She is irreplaceable. 

“When the evening shadows fall/And the lovely day is through/Then with longing I recall/The years I spent with you.” 

6. “Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton 

To move on after your mom’s death is all you want to do. 

But the memories shared with her are irreplaceable. 

Tears In Heaven” is an emotional song about the death of Clapton’s four-year-old son. 

It is based on sad circumstances and would be a special tribute to your mom. 

7. “Mamma, I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne 

The 1992 power ballad was a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne’s wife.

The song brings out a more sensitive side of Ozzy we weren’t aware of. 

But one thing is pretty clear; mothers are special. 

And for their genuine love and support alone, they deserve the best tributes we can give our loved ones. 

8. “A Song For Mama” by Boyz II Men 

This song for momma by Boys II Men is just about that.

It is self-explanatory.

It is a tribute to all mothers around the world and the special place they hold in our hearts. 

“Mama, Mama you know I love you/Mama, Mama you’re the queen of my heart/Your love is like tears from the stars.”

9. “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” by Stevie Wonder 

Moms will always have a special place in children’s hearts. 

And long after they are gone, they are still the shining light in many people’s lives. 

The meaning of this song is there in the title. 

And it’s the perfect one to dedicate to someone who loves you unconditionally.  

10. “We’ll Be Together” by Sting

In the midst of the pain and heartbreak, you must learn to stay strong and live with your mom’s demise. 

And this song is about coping with grief. 

However painful it is, you learn to accept and let go.

Perhaps someday you will be reunited in the afterlife. 

11. “If Heaven Was Needing A Hero” by Jo Dee Messina 

Jo Dee Messina’s song is written about a hero.

And it would be the perfect tribute to moms, the underrated heroes in everybody’s life. 

Jo’s sweet voice does the lyrics justice.

And the song would be an excellent tribute to any mom. 

12. “Mama Liked The Roses” by Elvis Presley 

There are few better songs for loss of mother than Elvis Presley’s 1970 gospel hit. 

It is a heart-wrenching ballad that has continued to evoke emotions for all the right reasons. 

Elvis Presley is paying tribute to his mother in the song. 

The sweet melody, combined with Elvis’ powerful lyrics, describes the role of mothers in many people’s lives.

And the outcome is a beautiful memorial song that would be the perfect tribute to your unsung hero. 

13. “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack 

“I Hope You Dance” is an encouraging song from a mother to her children.

A mother’s biggest wish is to see her children happy, healthy, and successful.

And those are the plain sentiments in Lee Ann’s award-winning country song. 

She hopes they’ll give the best shot at life no matter their paths. 

14. “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler 

A mother’s love and protection supersede anything else. 

Mothers are known for their unconditional love and support to help you become whatever you want. 

And this song emphasizes such sentiments.

The song’s universal lyrics have been used to describe different situations. 

It conveys a “thank you” message in an honest and special way. 

And that’s the least you can do to your beloved mom on his final days on earth. 

15. “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran 

Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” describes moms as the beautiful angels sent to earth. 

It is about losing someone close to you and the pain that comes with it. 

The song kicks off with emotional lyrics, and Sheeran’s superb vocals are just what you need to honor your mom. 

16. “Dancingin the Sky” by Dani and Lizzy 

This song touches everyone expressing the sorrow of losing a loved one.

And it will calm your nerves in a way no therapy will ever do. 

It is such a special tribute to a loving and caring mom. 

17. “All My Tears” by Selah 

Death is indeed the most painful experience in a person’s life.

But this Selah’s song tells us that death is defeated through Jesus Christ.

It is an expressive song that should feature in your funeral playlist for your mom.

There’s no reason to cry because your mom is now in a better place. 

“When I die don’t cry for me/In my father’s arms I’ll be.” 

18. “Somewhere In London” by Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie’s “Somewhere In London” isn’t entirely about motherly love but has a deeper message about reuniting with a loved one. 

It is written for special occasions like the loss of a mother. 

And the lyrics will make you emotional.

19. “When I Need You” by LeAnn Rimes 

You don’t want to leave out LeAnn Rimes’ song from your funeral playlist when looking for an uplifting hit for your mom. 

When you feel heartbroken and can’t take the pain anymore, this song will remind you of your mother’s love and protection. 

And how she made all the bad and good times special. 

20. “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne 

You will feel like your world’s crumbling when your mom’s gone.

And in the moments when you want to give up, Avril Lavigne’s song is there to encourage you to hold on. 

Just hang in there.

It gets better eventually.  

21. “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

Even on her deathbed, your mom’s greatest wish for you will be to be strong and happy. 

And this song reminds us to do just that.

You will want to carry mom’s love in your heart. 

And this track conveys that message. 

It’s the soundtrack of the iconic Titanic movie, after all. 

22. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen 

Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” takes the listeners on an emotional journey with a little bit of everything. 

It is a jubilant song with a deeper meaning and history. 

It is just what you need to pay tribute to someone who had a significant role in your life.

And who else, if not your mom?

23. “Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks 

We aren’t sure if you can have fun when mourning your mom. 

But the British rock band certainly thinks it’s possible. 

And it’s all in their 3-minute orchestral pop song. 

24. “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan 

Someone said that mothers are God’s angels on earth. 

And it looks like Sarah McLachlan agrees.

The song’s warm lyrics are exactly what you need to pay tribute to God’s commissioned angels on earth. 

When things get tough, you will want assurance that your mother is always beside you.

And the lyrics of this memorial song for mom will walk you through the journey. 

25. “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles 

Love is all we need. 

And even in death, the biggest favor you can do to your mom is to love them and cherish the memories. 

This timeless classic will encourage you to keep pushing because love always wins. 

26. “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry 

This country ballad is a song about gratification. 

It’s about dying young.

“The sharp knife of a short life” can be painful. 

But the singer isn’t going to complain because she’s satisfied with her life. 

Perhaps this is the song to cheer you up when you lose your mom. 

27. “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King 

Ever heard of friends who became family?

That also applies to a mom-child relationship, where you slowly become best friends. 

This song is an affirmation that your friendship goes on even when you can’t be together anymore.

28. “In My Life” by The Beatles 

Even in death, you will want to look back at the memories with a big smile. 

And this is the song to take you on an emotional journey. 

It’s a must-listen when you want to reflect on the memories you shared with your mom. 

29. “Amazing Grace” by Pentatonix

“Amazing Grace” has a powerful message of forgiveness and redemption. 

It is a touching song that has stood the test of time. 

And if your mom was an ardent believer, there is no better song to dedicate to her. 

30. “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack 

This song is written from a lover’s perspective.

But it is still perfect for celebrating your mom. 

The lyrics will help you relive the memories you shared. 

Many folk singers recorded it in the 60s. 

But Roberta Flack’s award-winning version is a masterpiece. 

31. “My Way” by Frank Sinatra 

The sentiments of this beautiful song are expressed by an individual reflecting on his life.

It is a moving song about living your life the way you want. 

If your mom always encouraged you to be yourself, this would be the best tribute to her. 

32. “For The First Time” by The Script 

The Irish band’s pop song is about going back to the first time you met.

The song is written about a couple facing different challenges in their relationship.

At that point, they reflect on their lives and go back to the basics. 

It’s the perfect song to dedicate to your mom, with touching lyrics to trigger emotions. 

33. “That’s All I Ask of You” by Billie Holiday 

When you are separated from your mother by death, you will want to remember all the good things she’s ever wanted for you. 

Even though the relationship is over, the strong bond is unbreakable.  

She might be going away, but the fond memories will stay forever.

The lyrics are painful, but the song deserves a place in your playlist. 

34. “Halo” by Beyoncé 

Beyoncé’s R&B power ballad describes the power of love.

And it would be the best song for moms funeral.  

35. “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin (Cover By Nat King Cole)

Charlie Chaplin’s song is about cheering up because there’s always a brighter tomorrow. 

Sometimes, all you can do is celebrate your mom for the angel she was and the memories you shared. 

And Charlie’s song brings out such emotions perfectly. 

Your mom would be proud to see you moving on with your life with a big smile. 

36. “It Is Well With My Soul” by Wintley Phipps

This is a calming song for anyone who believes in God. 

Whatever storm comes your way will pass because God is your pillar of strength. 

There will be tragedies in life.

But you can still look to the sky and say, “it is well with my soul.” 

Because whatever happens is according to God’s plan. 

37. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban 

Josh Groban delivers a powerful message about someone who’s always been there for him.

Mothers mean everything to us.

And this is the song to play on repeat when you want to honor her. 

38. “Sissy’s Song” by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson’s “Sissy’s Song” lyrics are quite relatable because they talk about death. 

The song tells the story of a young woman who died prematurely in 2007. 

The singer can’t come to terms with her demise and concedes that death is the silent thief that takes away the best.

It is the best gift you can give to that one unforgettable woman in your life. 

And it makes sense if she died prematurely. 

39. “Hello” by Adele

Adele’s song is a classic tune everyone turns to when they need encouragement. 

It’s a rather sad song that reflects on Adele’s past life.

Sometimes, that’s all you need to reflect on your mom’s life and the wonderful memories you shared. 

40. “Candle In The Wind” by Elton John 

Elton John’s heartfelt song is about moving on. 

It was a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the famous actress who succumbed to a drug overdose in 1962. 

It is an appropriate song for a mother’s funeral.

Change the first line from “Goodbye Norma Jeane” to “Goodbye Momma,” and you have the best funeral music for mom. 

41. “My Way” by Elvis Presley 

“My Way” is a favorite hit among Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra’s fans. 

And Elvis’ song is a rendition of Frank’s original version. 

The song is about living your life according to your terms. 

But Elvis’ voice and touching lyrics imply you can have both songs for mom funeral in your playlist. 

42. “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?” by Patty Loveless 

Patty Loveless’ “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?” has touching lyrics about losing someone special. 

The vocalist, Dean Lewis, is mourning his father, who meant the world to him. 

Of course, you can use the same lyrics to pay tribute to your departed mom. 

43. “I’ll Always Love You Momma” by The Intruders 

The 1973 hit describes our love and admiration for our mothers. 

You should love and care for her even in death because “you only get one.”

Mothers would do anything to ensure their children are happy. 

And the American soul music group pays tribute to them in one of the most special losing mom songs. 

44. “A Mother’s Love” by Mark Masri and Jim Brickman 

A mother’s love is priceless. 

It is genuine, honest, and incomparable.

That’s the message in the 2010 pop song. 

Do you remember the number of times your mom sacrificed so you could have something to eat?

Or the countless moments she’s been there for you no matter the situation?

Mark and Jim bring such moments to life in this Christian song. 

45. “Two of Us” by Louis Tomlinson 

Louis Tomlinson is heartbroken now that his mom’s gone. 

But he still reflects on the good old days with his underappreciated angel. 

It’s heartbreaking and encouraging and just what you need to honor your mom. 

“Two of us riding nowhere/Spending someone’s hard-earned money/You and me Sunday driving.” 

46. “Like A River” by Carly Simon 

Carly Simon’s song is hauntingly beautiful. 

The singer describes her mother’s death in her painful narration. 

It is an agonizing journey, but her mom can have peace now the pain is over.

If you need a moving song to dedicate to your mom and mentor, this is the one. 

47. “Who Wants To Live Forever” by Queen 

Death is inevitable, no matter how brave we are. 

And this song describes the ultimate fate that we must all face. 

There’s a feeling of hopelessness and despair as the lyrics begin. 

Even in your bravery, sometimes you have to let go and move on.  

48. “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole 

Moms are unforgettable. 

No matter how long it will take, it’s impossible to take her off your mind. 

Even though Nat King Cole sang this song from a lover’s perspective, it qualifies as one of the greatest funeral songs for mom. 

What gets clearer in the song is the theme of unconditional love.

Or let’s just say you will never forget your mom because of her genuine love. 

49. “Sentimental Journey” by Doris Day 

This song sees Doris Day going back to the old memories to set her heart at ease. 

It’s what happens quite often when you lose a loved one. 

And the only place to find solace is the fond memories you made. 

50. “Gloomy Sunday” by Billie Holiday 

A gloomy Sunday when you lost your loved one. 

It could be Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday. 

But the pain of losing a mother stays with you forever. 

The song is written from a romantic perspective.

But there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to dedicate the touching lyrics to your mom. 

51. “Memories Of You” by Rosemary Clooney & Benny Goodman 

You will only have beautiful memories to hold onto when your mom is long gone. 

The nostalgic feeling makes you want to shed a tear.

But it also shows you just how special your mom was. 

It is the best tune to play when remembering your heroine. 

52. “Jealous Of The Angels” by Donna Taggart 

“Jealous Of The Angels” is an emotional song about losing a loved one. 

Ultimately, you have to come to terms with the loss because there’s nothing you can do. 

But deep down, you are jealous of the angels because they are getting the best.

Donna’s sweet vocals make the song a must-listen.

And this line, “God must need another angel/Around the throne tonight,” sums up the emotions. 

53. “One More Day” by Diamond Rio 

What would be your message to a departed lover if you got just one day with them?

Probably to come back?

Don’t die? 

When people talk about dreams, their first thoughts rush to expensive gifts and lots of money. 

But none of this makes sense to someone who’s lost their mother. 

Instead, you will only want one more day with the one who helped shape your life. 

If only you could cherish them, love them, and talk to them one last time. 

54. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

In 1990, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole gave us a beautiful song about hope

It’s about yearning for a new place. 

That wonderful world where our dreams are fulfilled.

Many have argued that death isn’t the end but the beginning of a new journey. 

And if you want something like an afterlife, this gorgeous ballad ticks all the right boxes. 

55. “Gone Too Soon” by Michael Jackson 

“Death is a thief.”

It constantly knocks on our doors when we least expect it. 

It breaks our hearts, leaving us with everlasting pain we don’t know how to handle.

The last song on our list was a tribute to Ryan White, a 1990 HIV/AIDS victim.

MJ sings the lyrics with the honesty of a true friend. 

He captures the moment so well you find yourself almost shedding a tear.

But the main message is that life is short and death comes when least expected. 

It will do the trick when mourning your mom.

Funeral Songs For Mom – Final Thoughts 

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve your loved one

But when it comes to mourning a figure as influential as your mom, you want great ideas for the best songs to play at her funeral.

Music is the best way to express your emotions when you can no longer talk. 

And the 55 songs on our list are the best to navigate the heavy emotions as you come to terms with the loss. 

Celebrate your mother with a powerful song because of the special place she will always have in your heart.

Remember, you only get one.

So, take good care of her in life and death because she deserves it. 

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