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14 Best For King & Country Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 3, 2023
for king & country songs

For King & Country is an Australian Christian pop duo comprised of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone.

With a career spanning more than a decade, they have released several chart-topping hits and award-winning albums.

This article will explore the 14 best For King & Country songs of all time, as determined by their chart success, critical acclaim, and fan reception.

From “God Only Knows” to “Love Me Like I Am,” this list of greatest hits will provide an overview of the band’s most popular and beloved songs.

1. “Shoulders”

The importance of “Shoulders” as an element of a song is often overlooked in the music industry.

However, the song “Shoulders” by For King & Country is a reminder of the importance of this element.

The track features a simple, yet powerful, chorus that features lyrics and music that come together to create an emotional soundscape.

The chorus is supported by a steady beat and a strong bassline that gives the song a driving, uplifting feel.

The overall sound of the song is one of hope and joy, with the chorus and the instrumentation creating an atmosphere of optimism.

The song “Shoulders” is a great reminder of the importance of every element of a song, and how they can come together to create a powerful impact.

2. “burn the ships”

The song “Burn the Ships” by For King & Country is an anthem of courage and determination, with its empowering tone and uplifting lyrics.

It is a powerful song that encourages listeners to take risks and never give up on their dreams.

The song is structured in a modern pop style, with a strong beat and uplifting guitar riffs that create a feeling of hope and strength.

The lyrics are inspiring, with many references to overcoming fears and never giving up.

The song is an example of the band’s ability to craft powerful, inspiring music that encourages listeners to never give up on their dreams.

3. “The Proof Of Your Love”

For King & Country’s hit song “The Proof of Your Love” is an emotional and powerful ballad that speaks directly to the heart of its listeners.

The song, released in 2012, is a testament to God’s grace and love and is an anthem of sorts.

Its lyrics are straightforward and simple, conveying the message that one can demonstrate their faith through love and selfless service.

Musically, it features a driving drumbeat and melodic guitar riffs, which serve to underscore the powerful emotional message of the song.

The result is a powerful and uplifting song that speaks to the power of love and grace.

4. “amen”

Amen serves as the ultimate expression of approval, agreement, or affirmation.

It has been used for centuries in various faiths to signify the end of a prayer or song.

It is also often used as a final statement of agreement and acceptance of what has come before.

In King & Country’s song, it serves to emphasize the importance of the message, that love is the ultimate proof of faith.

It is a powerful expression of devotion and commitment.

5. “joy.”

Joy is an emotion that brings about feelings of pleasure and contentment, and is often associated with celebration, success, and triumph.

It is a powerful and positive emotion and is often expressed through music.

King & Country’s song “Joy.” is an upbeat, positive track that captures the essence of the emotion in its lyrics and melody.

The song is reflective of the duo’s signature sound, which has become a beloved part of their music.

The track is filled with joyous lyrics, a driving beat, and an uplifting atmosphere.

It is also an excellent example of King & Country’s ability to craft a powerful and meaningful song that captures the emotion of joy.


Togetherness is an important concept in music, and King & Country’s song “Together” is a testament to that.

Its lyrics focus on the idea that togetherness comes from a shared faith and love.

The song conveys a sense of unity between individuals and encourages them to work together to make a difference.

The chorus, in particular, emphasizes the importance of being unified in the face of difficulty.

This song is a reminder of the strength that comes from being together and the power of collective action.

7. “pioneers”

“Pioneers” in the music industry have long been credited with pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

King & Country is no exception, having risen to fame with their 2012 album Crave.

This album is credited with introducing a mix of pop, folk, and rock to the Christian music genre.

Their 2018 single “Pioneers” speaks of the trait of courage and the drive to take risks.

This song is an anthem to those who have the courage to start something new, and it is considered by many fans to be one of King & Country’s greatest hits.

8. “Ceasefire”

Released in 2014, King & Country’s song “Ceasefire” is a powerful call for peace and healing in a chaotic world.

It speaks of the hope that enemies can lay down their weapons and come together in understanding.

The lyrics use vivid imagery to illustrate the devastation of war and the beauty of lasting peace.

Musically, the song is a mix of energetic guitar riffs, driving beats, and soaring vocals.

It is a reminder of the potential of unity and the power of love.

9. “Without You”

King & Country’s song “Without You” is a soothing ballad that speaks to the power of love and companionship in a world of loneliness and despair.

Featuring a melancholic melody and poignant lyrics, the song is a heart-wrenching reminder of the importance of having a loved one in times of difficulty.

The song captures various emotions, from sadness to hope, and ultimately speaks of the power of love to overcome any obstacle.

The message is poignant and inspiring and will remain with listeners long after the song has ended.

10. “For God Is With Us”

The spiritual ballad “For God Is With Us,” from King & Country, speaks to the strength of faith in the midst of darkness and hardship.

The song, with its uplifting message, is musically simple yet effective.

It features a tender acoustic guitar, a driving drumbeat, and a soaring chorus with harmonies.

The lyrics are poetic and powerful, utilizing imagery of storms and fire to represent the struggles of life.

The song is a powerful reminder of the strength of faith in times of difficulty and despair.

11. “O God Forgive Us”

A plea for forgiveness, “O God Forgive Us” by King & Country is an emotionally charged song of repentance and hope.

The somber lyrics convey raw humility and desperation, asking God for mercy and solace.

The song’s dynamic production creates an atmosphere of desperation, and sorrow and emphasizes the pain and suffering in the words.

The soundscape, along with the message, creates a powerful experience that captures the desperation of the plea for forgiveness.

12. “Priceless”

From its stirring instrumentation to its thought-provoking lyrics, King & Country’s anthem, “Priceless,” is a powerful reminder of the immense value of human life.

The song begins with a gentle guitar strumming and builds to an emotional chorus.

Lyrically, it speaks of the worth of a human being, despite the mistakes they may have made. Themes of redemption and self-worth are explored in the lyrics.

Musically, the song conveys a message of hope with its uplifting melodies and passionate delivery.

“Priceless” is a timeless classic, indicative of the group’s signature sound and an enduring reminder of humankind’s value.

13. “Fix My Eyes”

Moving from “Priceless” to “Fix My Eyes,” the 2014 hit from For King & Country, the song serves as an anthem for a generation seeking meaning and purpose in life.

The heartfelt lyrics are backed by a driving beat and a catchy chorus, creating a powerful and unforgettable track.

The song’s message of finding peace and joy in the midst of life’s challenges resonates with listeners, making it a classic among fans of the band.

14. “Love Me Like I Am”

Drawing upon the band’s passion for honest expression and faith-filled lyrics, “Love Me Like I Am” presents a vulnerable look at life and the longing for acceptance.

This song by For King & Country combines powerful melodies and moving lyrics to create an anthem of resilience and hope.

Its lyrics are raw and emotionally evocative, speaking of the desire to be seen and accepted for who one is.

Additionally, the use of strong instrumentation further emphasizes the positive message of the song.

The track’s strong production values combine to create a powerful track, sure to be remembered as a classic.

Best For King & Country Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

For King & Country has released a variety of songs that have resonated with their fans over the years.

Their music offers an inspirational and powerful message of faith.

“Amen,” ”Shoulders,” “Burn the Ships,” and “The Proof Of Your Love” are examples of songs that have become fan favorites.

Other noteworthy titles include “O God Forgive Us,” “Priceless,” “Fix My Eyes,” and “Love Me Like I Am.”

These songs are perfect for those who appreciate uplifting music and want to experience the power of faith.

With their deep lyrics and beautiful melodies, For King & Country’s songs have become some of the best of all time.

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