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14 Best Def Leppard Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

June 16, 2023
Best Def Leppard Songs

Renowned for their monumental impact on the music scene, Def Leppard stands as an enduring emblem of the rock genre.

Over the course of an illustrious career exceeding forty years, they have crafted a collection of rock anthems that have transcended generations.

In this exploration, we delve into the realm of Def Leppard’s most revered works, a selection of fourteen timeless tracks handpicked by fans.

Without delay, let us embark on this journey through the fourteen best Def Leppard songs ever recorded.

1. “Rock of Ages”

“Rock of Ages” is a timeless classic and a memorable part of Def Leppard’s musical legacy that will endure for generations.

This song is a powerful testament to the band’s ability to craft an anthem that resonates through decades.

Its driving power chords, relentless rhythm, and passionate vocals make it one of the most beloved songs of all time.

The song remains an important part of the band’s setlist and continues to bring joy to fans of all ages.

The combination of hard-hitting rock and roll and heartfelt emotion make it a classic that will never be forgotten.

2. “Photograph”

With its catchy chorus and anthemic riffs, “Photograph” is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and body swaying.

Released in 1983, this Def Leppard song is one of the band’s greatest hits, and a single many fans know and love.

The lyrics are simple but powerful, with a refrain that is easy to remember and sing along to.

The track also features some great guitar work, with a solo that will have you moving in your seat.

The song’s sound is unmistakably 80s hard rock, and it’s easy to see why it has become a classic.

“Photograph” is one of Def Leppard’s most memorable and beloved songs and one that will continue to be enjoyed by fans for years to come.

3. “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is an iconic hard rock anthem that will have you singing along and dancing in no time.

It was the first single released off of Def Leppard’s 1988 album Hysteria and has gone on to become one of the band’s most recognizable songs.

Its blistering guitar riffs, soaring harmonies, and anthemic chorus have earned the song a special place in the hearts of hard rock and heavy metal fans.

The song is especially notable for its dynamic arrangement, which builds up to a rousing chorus, and then winds down to an acoustic guitar solo.

4. “Desert Song”

You’ll be singing along to the stirring chorus of “Desert Song” in no time – a dynamic rock ballad that will have you captivated with its passionate melodies.

This classic Def Leppard song has all the hallmarks of the band’s signature sound, from the driving guitar riffs to the emotive vocal performance.

It’s a soaring anthem that perfectly captures the spirit of the band’s music, with its intricate guitar solos and heartfelt lyrics.

The song builds to a powerful crescendo that will leave you feeling inspired and moved.

“Desert Song” is sure to be a timeless classic that will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

5. “Too Late For Love”

The stirring chorus of “Too Late For Love” takes you on an emotional journey, delivering a powerful performance with heartfelt lyrics and dynamic guitar riffs.

Def Leppard’s signature hard rock sound is present here, with driving drums and an anthemic vocal delivery, but the song also contains a softer side.

This is evidenced by the gentle backing vocals and plaintive guitar solos.

Lyrically, the song is a passionate plea for compassion.

The singer pleads for forgiveness and understanding to save a relationship.

It’s a powerful and honest track, filled with raw emotion and expertly crafted musicianship.

6. “Armageddon It”

Moving on from the power ballad “Too Late For Love”, “Armageddon It” is another of Def Leppard’s most beloved and well-known hits.

With a driving, upbeat tempo and a fun-loving atmosphere, this song is a classic example of the band’s classic sound.

It is one of the most recognizable and popular songs of their career, with its signature riffs and catchy chorus.

The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and humorous, but the song still packs a powerful punch with its anthemic vibes.

It’s an infectious and unforgettable song that’s sure to get any listener into the spirit of rock and roll.

7. “Hysteria”

From its instantly recognizable opening riff to its infectious chorus, “Hysteria” is one of Def Leppard’s most electrifying and unforgettable songs.

The song has an anthemic quality, driven by a pulsing rhythm and a soaring vocal melody that elevates the chorus.

The lyrics, written by lead singer Joe Elliott, capture the confusion of young love and the intensity of the band’s rock sound.

By combining elements of hard rock and pop, Def Leppard created a song that stands the test of time, as it continues to be one of the band’s most beloved and enduring hits.

8. “Blood Runs Cold”

Experience the intensity of Def Leppard’s rock sound as “Blood Runs Cold” electrifies your senses with its melodic chorus and powerful rhythm.

From the opening guitar riffs to the driving beat of the drums, the song builds anticipation and excitement.

The lyrics of the song offer an unexpected twist as the protagonist finds themselves in a situation that’s out of their control.

The chorus is anthemic, with Joe Elliott’s unmistakable voice belting out the words, capturing the energy of the song perfectly.

The combination of the driving rhythm, melodic chorus, and powerful lyrics make “Blood Runs Cold” one of Def Leppard’s best songs of all time.

9. “Gods of War”

Feel the intensity of Def Leppard’s metal sound as “Gods of War” takes you on a thrilling ride with its driving riffs and soaring vocals.

This hard-hitting track is an exploration of the themes of conflict and power, featuring a powerful chorus and anthem-like melody.

The song builds in intensity as the band’s heavy guitars and drums come together to create a powerful wall of sound.

The lyrics are a reflection of the band’s experiences in the midst of war, with a universal message of understanding and peace.

Each of the band members’ instruments is expertly blended to create a powerful and unique sound.

“Gods of War” is a song that stands the test of time, and remains a fan favorite.

10. “White Lightning”

Let your senses be engulfed by the power and energy of Def Leppard’s “White Lightning”, an invigorating track that will have your adrenaline surging.

The song begins with a heavy, driving guitar riff that’s quickly joined by thunderous drums and the exuberant singing of lead vocalist Joe Elliott.

The chorus is a soaring, anthemic chorus that’ll have your heart racing and your feet tapping.

Lyrically, the song is about inner strength and the power of the human spirit, and the lyrics are delivered with passion and conviction.

“White Lightning” is a perfect example of Def Leppard’s signature hard-rock style and is sure to have you singing along in no time.

11. “Foolin'”

Take on life’s challenges with confidence and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you can’t achieve success – that’s what Def Leppard’s song “Foolin'” is all about.

Released as the fourth single from their 1983 album Pyromania, the track is an upbeat, hard-rocking ode to perseverance and not being swayed by superficial people.

The song is driven by a driving rhythm guitar line, a thunderous and powerful drumbeat, and a memorable and catchy chorus that will stick in your head after just a few listens.

Overall, “Foolin'” is a great example of Def Leppard at its peak and one of their most memorable songs from the Pyromania era.

12. “Switch 625”

Def Leppard’s “Switch 625” is an energetic, hard-rocking track that showcases the band’s classic sound and its ability to create memorable melodies and hooks.

With its driving, anthemic chorus, and frenetic guitar riffs, “Switch 625” is an electrifying classic that never fails to get the crowd going.

The song’s energetic delivery makes it a fan favorite, and it’s catchy hooks and memorable melodies make it an essential part of any Def Leppard setlist.

It’s a timeless classic that still stands the test of time to this day and is a must-have for any fan of classic rock.

13. “Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)”

“Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)” is a powerful, yet melodic rock song that packs a punch with its catchy hooks and soaring chorus.

Def Leppard’s signature sound is on full display in this song, with a driving rhythm and hard-hitting guitars and drums that will get your blood pumping.

The punchy chorus and melodic guitar solos add to the upbeat energy of the song, while the lyrics explore themes of self-reflection and inner strength.

The song is the perfect blend of hard rock and melodic pop, making it a great example of why Def Leppard is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time.

14. “Let It Go”

Moving on from the classic rock ballad of “Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)”, another Def Leppard song that stands out is the upbeat anthem, “Let It Go”.

This song was released in 1981 as part of the album High ‘n’ Dry and is a perfect blend of rock and pop.

With its infectious chorus and powerful guitar riffs, it’s easy to see why “Let It Go” is one of Def Leppard’s most beloved songs.

Its soaring vocals and anthemic chorus makes it a great choice for any party playlist.

Its upbeat message of letting go and living life to the fullest is sure to inspire listeners to get up and dance.

Best Def Leppard Songs – Final Thoughts

Def Leppard is one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and their greatest hits are some of the most iconic songs in the genre.

From classics like “Rock of Ages” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” to lesser-known gems like “Desert Song” and “Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)”, their songs have stood the test of time.

All of these songs showcase the band’s amazing musicianship and songwriting, and it’s no wonder why they are so popular.

No matter what kind of music you’re into, these 14 songs are sure to please.

So crank up the volume and enjoy the best of Def Leppard!

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