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13 Best David Allan Coe Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

May 5, 2023
david allan coe songs

David Allan Coe is an iconic country music artist who has been entertaining fans for decades with his unique blend of country and southern rock.

His music has been covered by many other artists, and he is widely considered to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

Today, we’re taking a look at 13 of the best songs from his extensive catalog.

From early classics like “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” to later hits such as “The Ride”, here are the 13 best David Allan Coe songs of all time.

This list offers something for every fan, whether they’re looking for a raucous party anthem or a heartfelt ballad.

Each song showcases Coe’s incredible lyrical prowess and knack for crafting powerful melodies.

Get ready to turn up the volume – these are some of the greatest hits in country music history!

1. “Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat”

“Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat”, written and performed by David Allan Coe, is an absolute classic.

It’s a song that’s been around for decades, with its heart-wrenching lyrics and soulful melody, there’s no denying it’s a timeless classic.

It tells the story of a cheating lover, of secrets and lies that linger in the air like a thick fog.

The instrumentation on this track is sophisticated yet simple – just an acoustic guitar to accompany Coe’s sorrowful voice makes for a powerful combination.

The lyrics are intense and powerful, but they don’t overpower the listener; they instead create an atmosphere of melancholy that transcends time and genre.

This track from David Allan Coe stands out as one of his greatest hits, making it the perfect choice for any fan of country music who wants to experience something truly special.

2. “Don’t Cry Darlin'”

“Don’t Cry Darlin” is one of David Allan Coe’s best-known and most beloved songs.

It’s an emotionally charged track that captures the heartache of a failed relationship, with Coe’s strong vocals making the pain all too real.

His lyrics are heartbreakingly honest and deeply moving – there’s no denying that this is a song about the end of something special, but it also has a hopeful message of finding the strength to move on.

The melody is beautiful and tender, but with a hint of sadness that perfectly reflects the theme of the song.

It’s one of those timeless classics that will remain popular for many years to come, and it’s easy to see why “Don’t Cry Darlin” is considered one of David Allan Coe’s greatest hits.

Redneck, David Allan Coe is truly one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

3. “A Country Boy (Who Rolled The Rock Away)”

Switching gears from “Willie and Waylon”, David Allan Coe’s 1986 single, “A Country Boy (Who Rolled The Rock Away),” is an anthem of resilience and faith.

The song’s sound is classic country: acoustic guitar and steel guitar underscore Coe’s vocals, as well as some light percussion to give it a fuller feel.

His voice carries the emotion of the lyrics perfectly; it has both strength and fragility, which makes it easy to connect with what he’s singing about.

All in all, this song proves why David Allan Coe is one of the greatest country artists of all time.

4. “She Used To Love Me A Lot”

The ache of heartache and the pain of lost love is something that David Allan Coe captures so poignantly in his song “She Used To Love Me A Lot.”

The song speaks to a universal experience, one that many can relate to.

Coe’s masterful lyricism and evocative delivery paint a vivid picture of lost love, with only the faintest glimmer of hope for reconciliation.

His soulful delivery will stay with you long after the last notes are played – truly a timeless classic.

It’s no wonder why it remains one of his most beloved songs of all time.

5. “Tennessee Whiskey”

David Allan Coe’s “Tennessee Whiskey” is a timeless classic that speaks to the hearts of country music fans around the world.

The song captures the essence of love, longing, and the feeling of being left behind, all conveyed through Coe’s emotive vocals.

His passionate delivery of the lyrics brings added depth to this heartfelt ballad and touches everyone who listens.

The song has become a staple in many jukeboxes across the South and is sure to be remembered as one of his most beloved hits.

The combination of its poetic lyrics, lonesome melodies, and powerful chorus make it a must-hear for any fan of country music.

6. “Take This Job And Shove It”

Take This Job and Shove It” is without a doubt David Allan Coe’s most celebrated song, a classic hit that has defined the working man for generations.

Its iconic lyrics about quitting one’s job in favor of freedom have become a rallying cry for anyone who has ever felt oppressed or taken advantage of at their place of employment.

The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it an instant classic, with its universal message being just as relevant today as ever before.

It stands out from other songs in the same vein due to its clever wordplay and witty punchlines, making it the perfect way to express frustration with one’s job while having some fun in the process.

David Allan Coe’s greatest hit and certainly one of the saddest songs ever written.

7. “If That Ain’t Country”

“If That Ain’t Country” is an instant classic from the legendary David Allan Coe.

It’s a timeless track, full of twangy guitars and a breezy country vibe that just makes you want to get up and dance.

Its simple yet powerful lyrics are sure to strike a chord with any fan of country music.

The song has been covered by many artists, but none have managed to recreate the same energy that Coe brings in his original version.

This track is truly one of the greatest hits in Coe’s impressive discography, and it’s sure to be a timeless classic for years to come.

8. “Time Off For Bad Behavior”

Stepping into the realm of his mid-career is David Allan Coe’s “Time Off for Bad Behavior”.

This soulful, bluesy track is a fan favorite and, in many ways, defines the outlaw country sound.

With its twangy guitars and heartfelt vocals, it’s easy to see why this song has become an enduring classic.

Coe paints a vivid picture of a man struggling with his own demons and reflecting on all he’s done wrong.

The chorus, in particular, stands out – it soars with emotion as Coe croons about finding redemption at last.

It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever felt lost or wanted to start over again.

In short, this is unmistakably David Allan Coe at his best – raw and honest lyrics delivered with a captivating melody that will have you singing along in no time.

9. “If This Is Just A Game”

“If This Is Just A Game” is a masterpiece of Americana, and David Allan Coe’s vocals bring the lyrics to life.

From the first notes of this timeless classic, listeners are transported to a simpler time and place, with a haunting melody that perfectly captures the spirit of the song.

The story told in this song is one of love lost and gained, heartache and joy – it’s an emotional rollercoaster that will have you singing along before you know it.

The powerful chorus takes on an almost spiritual quality as Coe’s voice rises above the instrumentation, creating a captivating atmosphere that sticks with you long after the song has ended.

“If This Is Just A Game” stands out among David Allan Coe’s greatest hits as an unforgettable track that’ll keep fans coming back for more.

10. “Panheads Forever”

Switching gears from “If This Is Just A Game”, we come to David Allan Coe’s popular anthem for Harley-Davidson fans, “Panheads Forever.”

There’s something about the combination of Coe’s signature sound and an ode to motorcycle culture that makes this track stand out.

It’s a simple yet powerful sentiment that speaks to anyone who has ever shared a special bond with their ride.

With its classic country twang and heartfelt lyrics, it’s no wonder this song is one of Coe’s most beloved hits.

11. “Jody Like A Melody”

“Jody Like A Melody” is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time since its release in 1975.

The heartfelt lyrics played over a gentle and melodic country twang, evoke an immediate emotion in the listener.

With a chorus that will stay stuck in your head long after you’ve heard it, this song is sure to be one of the most memorable on David Allan Coe’s Greatest Hits album.

From the first note to the last, “Jody Like A Melody” is a beautiful piece of music that will take your breath away.

12. “Pledging My Love”

Moving on from the classic track “Jody Like A Melody”, David Allan Coe’s 1981 single, “Pledging My Love” is an emotional and heartfelt ballad.

This song is a slower, more somber piece that serves as a stark contrast to the upbeat country rock of “Jody”.

The lyrics are tender, with Coe singing about his love for another person.

His vocal performance is passionate and sincere, making it impossible not to be moved by this song.

With its slow-tempo and heartfelt lyrics, this song has become one of Coe’s greatest hits, continuing to touch listeners worldwide.

It may not be as boisterous as his other songs, but the sentiment behind this track still resonates strongly today.

13. “Heaven Only Knows”

There’s no denying the impact David Allan Coe has had on country music, and his greatest hits are a testament to that.

From the heartbreaking ballad “Heaven Only Knows” to the lyrical masterpiece of “The Ride”, Coe’s songs have captivated fans for decades.

“Heaven Only Knows” is a timeless classic that perfectly captures the pain of lost love, with its simple yet powerful lyrics and haunting melody.

The song has been covered by numerous artists over the years, proving its lasting popularity and influence on country music.

With its beautiful chorus and devastating verses, “Heaven Only Knows” is absolutely one of David Allan Coe’s best songs and a must-listen for any fan of his work.

Best David Allan Coe Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

I’ve always been a fan of David Allan Coe’s music.

His songs are timeless classics that still hold up today.

From “Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat” to “Heaven Only Knows”, these fifteen tracks showcase Coe’s songwriting ability and his unique vocal style.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional country, rockabilly, or outlaw country, there’s something here for everyone.

These songs will remain in my heart forever, and they should be part of any classic country music lover’s collection.

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