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20 Best Connecticut Rappers You Should Know

March 31, 2023
connecticut rappers

Are you looking for the best Connecticut rappers out there?

It can be tricky to know where to begin your search, considering that there are so many great rappers.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This article lists all of the best rappers from Connecticut, along with their best work and accolades.

1. Chris Webby

Christian Walcott Webster, who is best known by his stage name Chris Webby, is one of the most popular rappers from Connecticut.

His first and only studio album is titled Chemically Imbalanced and was released in 2014.

The album performed critically well and helped Chris Webby rise to fame.

It charted at number 2 on the US R&B/Hip Hop album chart, number 3 on the Rap album chart, and number 25 on the Billboard Hot 200.

2. Felly

Christian Felner is a popular Connecticut rapper who goes by the stage name Felly.

He has released three studio albums: Surf Trap (2018), Mariposa (2020), and Young Fel 2 (2021).

Felly has also released four mixtapes, which brought some excellent singles, including “Bones”, “Pot Of Gold”, “Still Young”, and “Heartstrings” which feature Santana.

3. Ceschi

Julio Francisco Ramos, who is best known as Ceschi Ramos or Ceschi, is a Connecticut rapper and music producer, and the founder of the record label Fake Four Inc.

In 2014, he was the winner of the Best Hip Hop award at the Connecticut Music Awards.

With eight studio albums and five demo albums, Ceschi has quite an impressive discography.

His 2010 studio album The One Man Band Broke Up is his most popular, with Chris Faraone of The Phoenix calling it “a triumph of triumphs”.

4. Apathy

Chad Bromley, who goes by Apathy, or formerly The Alien Tongue, is a rapper and producer from Connecticut.

He has released seven studio albums between 2006 and 2021, including his debut Eastern Philosophy and his latest work Where the River Meets the Sea.

He has teamed up with lots of other great performers, including Jedi Mind Tricks (“The Three Immortals”, “Omnicron”, and “The Apostles’ Creed”), and 7L & Esoteric (“Public Execution”, “Speak Now”, “Way of the Gun”, “Yell At Us”).

5. Call Me Ace

Anthony “Ace” Patterson is a famous rapper from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

He began rapping in middle school and founded a group in University named the Columbia University Society of Hip-Hop (CUSH).

Call Me Ace has recorded two studio albums, with his first being the most successful.

Airplane Mode, which was released in 2019, charted at number 50 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop album chart.

6. Snowsa

Snowsa, also known as Snowprah or Snow La Flurr,  began her career in 2019 when her single “Yank Riddim” went viral.

It quickly became a hit and earned her a contract with the record label Island.

Despite her love of poetry as a young girl, Snowsa didn’t begin writing music until 2018.

When her hit went viral, she was keen to release new music and eventually featured on the single “Sex Money Feelings Die” by Lykke Li.

7. Mula Guapo

Mula Guapo grew up with hip-hop influences from his father and uncle, who pushed him to listen to rappers like Gucci Mane and DMX.

They became his inspiration, and he began recording beats in his closet!

As he grew up, Mula Guapo found his voice and now states his inspirations to be Lil Durk and Chief Keef.

His most popular single is “Trippin” which has earned 888,449 streams on Spotify!

8. Brillo

Brillo’s most popular hit is “Show Me Love”, which features Corey Cooper.

The single reached over 11,000 people on Spotify, and lead to the release of his album Swallow Ashes.

The album includes 15 songs and is a collaboration with fellow rapper Katha.

The popular tracks from the album include “R.A.S.”, “Sutra”, “Exit”, “Toupie”, and “Oh Lady”.

9. Capo DZ

Capo DZ is a rapper from Connecticut who shot to fame in 2021 after a series of successful singles, including “No Rap N****s”, “Beefin”, “Macavelli4l”, and “Steppas”.

He has released four albums: Blacc Heart, S O U L S, Heart of the Trenches 2, and Mark II Men.

Capo DZ’s most recent single has just been released in March 2023, titled “Growth”.

10. IB Trizzy

IB Trizzy rose to fame in Connecticut after the release of his most popular single “Nothing to Me”, which was released in 2016 and has amassed over 230,000 listens on Spotify.

His more recent single “FOREVER” has also proved quite popular.

11. Chopacito

Caleb Tisdol, who is better known by his stage name Chopacito, is a rapper from Hartford, Connecticut.

Famous for the genres East Coast hip hop, Gangsta Rap, and Detroit rap, he has released one studio album and ten singles.

His studio album Chop With da Shifts (FREE CHOP), came after he got incarcerated, but that didn’t stop him!

12. OnlyOne QB

OnlyOne QB is a Connecticut rapper that rose to fame with some successful singles.

His most successful is “Letter from my O.N.E.S.”, which has over 12,000 listens on Spotify.

His album RTN, released in 2021, has also proved to be popular.

13. Young Klean

Young Klean was raised in Newhallville, Connecticut, and varies his rap style between hip-hop, R&B, and trap.

He began as more of a sportsman but shifted to his musical career after the loss of his best friend at the age of fourteen.

Young Klean has said that he uses his rap as therapy, writing his lyrics from the heart.

This became clear when he released the single “Time To Heal”, which proved popular and amassed over 200,000 SoundCloud streams.

14. Pone Gwapo

Pone Gwapo is relatively new to the rap scene, with only two singles.

Both were released in 2020, with the titles “Be Told” and “Free Smoke”.

He has also done a few guest appearances on songs with rappers such as Zae Bucks.

15. Baby Ty

Baby Ty is another rapper from Hartford, Connecticut who began his career on SoundCloud.

His single “Off The Board” is one of his most popular, and he also became known for his collaboration with Chopacito and Biggz on “FREE CHOP”.

16. Tye Henney

Tye Henney began his rap career in New Haven, Connecticut with hits like “Slappin’”, “1207 (PM)”, and “Perc A Sex” which each gained over 140,000 streams on Spotify.

He has released four albums, titled 1207, Highway Henney 2, Truprint, and The Kome up 3.

17. Ty Stackzz

Ty Stackzz is a Connecticut rapper with just one album, titled Only The Beginning.

The album brought successful tracks such as “Active”, “Ain’t All Love”, “Take Off”, “Replace Me”, and “What Else”.

18. The Kid Wes

The Kid Wes, born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, is a young up-and-coming rapper.

His most popular single is “Wasabi”, which received over 8000 streams on Spotify.

His most recent 2022 album Trenches Advocate earned him more fame, bringing tracks such as “Hard Headed”, “Words Dont Hurt Me”, “Forgiveness”, “Frontline Flow”, and “All My Life”.

19. Breeze Dollaz

Breeze Dollaz is a Connecticut rapper with one studio album, Love of Dollaz.

His most successful song came from his album; “Can You Stand the Rain” which amassed over 6000 streams on Spotify.

His other popular singles include “Get the Dough”, “Waldo”, “What I Want” and “Be OK”.

20. Kenzo B

Kenzo B’s 2022 single “Bump It” helped her rise to prominence after it achieved one million views on YouTube!

She then signed a deal with the record label Warner and released lots of other great music.

Her single “The Realest” amassed over 600,000 watches, and she seems to become more popular with every release!

Best Connecticut Rappers – Final Thoughts

There are a lot of great rappers from Connecticut, and we hope this list has helped you to figure out who to listen to!

With some of the best Connecticut rappers in this article, we’ve shed some light on their best albums and singles so that you know where to begin.

We hope you enjoy listening to these talented rappers!

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