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25 Best Christian Singers of All Time (Most Famous)

December 26, 2023
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I’ve carefully curated a list of the best Christian singers of all time, artists who have not only mastered their craft but also deeply influenced the genre with their faith-driven messages.

This article celebrates the voices and talents that have elevated Christian music through the years.

Top christian singers of all time

  • Chris Tomlin
  • Amy Grant
  • Matthew West
  • Michael W. Smith
  • Jeremy Camp
  • CeCe Winans
  • TobyMac
  • Britt Nicole
  • Laura Story
  • Zach Williams

1. Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin is one of the best Christian singers of all time.  

The American contemporary Christian singer has been active since the 1990s, releasing several gospel songs, including “How Great Is Our God,” “Good Good Father,” and “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)” to rise to global fame. 

Chris was born and raised in Texas and learned to play guitar through Willie Nelson’s records. 

He composed his first gospel song at 14 before crafting his skills in high school as leader of a formidable worship group.

Chris has sold over 7 million records worldwide, won a Grammy Award, and 23 GMA Dove Awards to become one of the greatest Christian singers ever. 

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2. Amy Grant

Amy Lee Grant launched her career as a contemporary Christian music singer before switching to pop music. 

That also earned her “The Queen of Christian Pop” nickname. 

Amy was born in Georgia and moved to Nashville in the mid-1960s with her family, where she started her music career.

Some of her earlier songs that brought her to the spotlight include “Angels,” “El Shaddai,” and “Father’s Eyes,”

She’s received several awards throughout her career, including 22 GMA Dove Awards and 6 Grammy Awards. 

3. Matthew West

Matthew West is another famous American singer who made a name for himself with Contemporary Christian Music (CMC).

He plays guitar and piano and is attached to the Sparrow and Universal South record labels.

Matthew has released 5 studio albums throughout his career and is best remembered for the popular Christian songs “The Motions” and “You Are Everything”.

Apart from his successful solo career, the American singer has composed powerful songs for Christian groups and musicians, including Casting Crowns, Point of Grace, and Natalie Grant.

One of his signature songs, “Hello, My Name Is,” topped the Billboard Christian Songs chart for 17 weeks. 

4. Michael W. Smith

Michael Whitaker Smith is one of the most successful contemporary Christian singers who broke onto the scene with the 1991 song “Place in This World”.

The Grammy Award winner traces his roots to Kenova, West Virginia, where he developed a strong passion for baseball at a young age. 

He discovered his musical talent at the same time and joined the church choir, where he perfected his voice. 

 “An intense spiritual experience” at 10 turned him into a staunch Christian, participating in a bible study with his friends.

Smith battled teenage loneliness after his friends joined college, finally giving in at some point and getting into drugs and alcohol.

He went to Marshall University, where he crafted his songwriting skills before relocating to Nashville to make a living doing menial jobs. 

In 1979, Smith found his way back to Christ and got a job as a keyboardist with the Higher Ground Contemporary Christian music group. 

Today, he’s one of the most inspiring figures in Contemporary Christian Music, with a career spanning over two decades. 

5. Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp is one of the best Christian singers to listen to his music in 2023.

He debuted in 2000 and is already leaving his mark as one of the greatest Christian singers of all time. 

The American singer released emotional songs earlier in his career after losing his wife to cancer.

Today, he mixes up-tempo songs with ballads to connect deeply with his fans.

Jeremy has won 5 GMA Dove Awards, earned a Grammy nomination, and 3 American Music Award nominations throughout his career, becoming one of the best male Christian singers right now.

6. CeCe Winans

Her voice is unmistakable.

Her music is powerful.

And her influence is bigger than ever before. 

Before embarking on a solo career, CeCe Winans was part of the BeBe & CeCe Winans duo.

She’s one of the most awarded female gospel singers in history, with 16 Stellar Awards, 31 GMA Dove Awards, 7 NAACP Image Awards, and 15 Grammy Awards.

Winans is easily one of the best Christian singers in history and the best-selling gospel singer of all time. 

Some of her most successful solo singles include “Well Alright,” “Slippin,” and “Goodness of God”.

7. TobyMac

Everybody loves the upbeat music and inspiring lyrics that have defined TobyMac’s career. 

He’s the go-to Christian singer when you need some encouragement.

A lot can be said about TobyMac’s impact on contemporary Christian music.

But what stands out is his earlier beginnings with the DC Talk Christian rap group.

The American singer has become even more successful as a solo artist, releasing 9 studio albums, 5 remixed albums, 2 full-length albums, and several hit singles that have confirmed him as one of the best Christian singers ever. 

TobyMac has won 7 Grammy Awards throughout his impressive career, besides selling over 10 million studio albums and releasing six #1 Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) singles. 

Apart from his successful music career, the Virginia native wrote two books with Kevin Max and Michael Tait. 

8. Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole should be on your list if you’re looking for the best female Christian singers of all time. 

She grew up singing and performing, and it’s little surprise she’s built an enduring career since debuting in the 2000s. 

She released her debut album, Follow the Call, in 2003 and got her breakthrough in 2007 with the “You” single that reached #6 on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs. 

One thing that instantly draws the fans’ attention to the American singer is her brave take on societal issues.

9. Laura Story

Laura Story is a Grammy-winning Christian music singer-songwriter who started her career in the mid-1990s with the Silers Bald band. 

After quitting the band, she launched her solo career in 2002, releasing her debut studio album, Indescribable, the same year.

Her biggest commercial success was her 4th studio album, Blessings, released in 2011.

“Blessings,” the opening single from the same album, topped the Billboard Christian Songs chart. 

10. Zach Williams

Zach Williams is best remembered for his time with Zach Williams & The Reformation rock band from the late 2000s to 2012.

He also worked with another Christian group, Brothers of Grace, before launching a solo career in 2016.

Zach had the perfect start as a solo artist, releasing the “Chain Breaker” single that went straight to the top of the Hot Christian Songs chart.

He followed the success with a 5-track EP, Chain Breaker, to massive acclaim. 

Williams released his first full-length album in 2016 and a second, Rescue Story, in 2019.

In 2022, he released his 3rd studio album, A Hundred Highways, with the hit singles “Up There, Down There” and “Heart of God”.

Today, Zach Williams is recognized among the greatest Christian singers of all time, with 2 Grammy Awards, 3 GMA Dove Awards, and 6 Billboard Music Award nominations. 

11. Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe is one of the most influential figures in Contemporary Christian Music (CCM).

Born in Waco, Texas, Kari went to Oral Roberts University, Christ for the Nations Institute, and Dallas Baptist University, where he specialized in pastoral studies and human psychology.

She rose to prominence in 2009 with her “Holy Spirit” single, one of the best songs about the Holy Spirit. 

Kari has traveled the world, spreading God’s message, with an enviable list of accolades, including 7 GMA Dove Awards and 3 Grammy nominations. 

12. David Crowder

David Crowder quickly rose to fame with the David Crowder Band from the 1990s to 2012. 

He began his solo career in 2012 with Sparrow and Sixstepsrecords record labels, enjoying success with his debut studio album, Neon Steele, and the hit single “I Am” that reached #3 on the Christian Songs chart.

He followed it up with three more albums, including American Prodigal (2016), I Know a Ghost (2018), and Milk & Honey (2021).

Some of Crowder’s best songs include “How He Loves,” “Open Skies,” and “Come As You Are”.

13. Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli is an outstanding Christian singer from New York City. 

Her songs are packed with wild emotions, from sadness to happiness and fun. 

She released Just a Breath in 2004 as an independent artist before signing with Fervent Records for her first studio album, My Paper Heart (2008).

Her debut single, “I’m Letting Go,” became one of the most popular Christian songs in 2008, pushing the widely acclaimed gospel singer to global audiences.

In 2009, Francesca’s “Free to Be Me” single earned her the first Grammy nomination in the Best Gospel Performance category.

She won her first Grammy award in 2016 courtesy of her “Holy Spirit” song from the If We’re Honest album. 

Besides her music career, Francesca has featured in Woodlawn, and God’s Not Dead: We the People films, cementing her name among the greatest gospel singers of all time.

14. Michael Card

Michael Card is best remembered for his influence on many gospel singers.

He hails from Tennessee and has sold over 4 million album copies throughout his successful career.

Michael has also written 22 books, including A Sacred Sorrow, Sleep Sound in Jesus, and Come to the Cradle. 

He revels in his role as a bible teacher and has always downplayed his successes in Contemporary Christian Music. 

15. Twila Paris

The next Christian singer has released over 20 albums throughout a 5-decade career.

Twila Paris was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and released her debut album, Little Twila Paris, in 1965.

Some of her best songs have become church hymnals, including “Lamb of God,” “He Is Exalted,” and “We Will Glorify”.

Twila became a Gospel Music Association Hall of Famer in 2015 and is regarded as one of the greatest gospel singers of all time. 

16. Tauren Wells

Michigan native Tauren Wells broke onto the scene as a founding member of the Christian pop-rock band Royal Tailor. 

He released his first two singles, “Undefeated” and “Love Is Action,” in 2016.  

In 2017, the American singer featured in David Crowder’s single, “All My Hope,” further increasing his popularity in Contemporary Christian Music. 

In 2018, Tauren won a Grammy award for Contemporary Christian Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Christian Performance/Song, effectively becoming one of the greatest Christian singers of all time. 

17. Lauren Daigle

With magical vocals and powerful lyrics, Lauren Daigle has built a loyal following.

She’s one of the best singers in Contemporary Christian Music, releasing songs that instantly connect to the listeners.

Since debuting in 2015, the American Christian singer has been a household name in gospel music, releasing powerful songs that have transformed countless lives worldwide.

Some of her best albums, such as How Can It Be (2015), have topped the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, confirming her as one of the best Christian singers. 

18. Kirk Franklin

Many Christian music lovers will be familiar with Kirk Franklin thanks to his massive successes with contemporary gospel choirs. 

His career extends beyond a decade, and he’s been the face of many Christian choirs, including One Nation Crew, The Family, and God’s Property. 

Kirk became an influential figure in Contemporary Christian Music with his heartfelt songs, often conveying a message of hope to the hopeless and strength to the dejected. 

His memorable Christian songs have won him several awards, including an American Music Award, 23 GMA Dove Awards, and 19 Grammy Awards. 

19. Marvin Sapp

Marvin Sapp is one of the best black gospel singers who debuted in the 1990s with the Detroit-based urban contemporary gospel group, Commissioned.

He started singing at only 4 and decided to pursue a music career in 1966.

He rose to worldwide fame with the “Never Would Have Made It” single from his Thirsty (2007) album.

Sapp has won 2 BET Awards, a GMA Dove Award, and 11 Grammy Award nominations, becoming one of the best gospel singers in 2023. 

20. Matt Redman

A collection of Matt Redman’s best worship songs goes as far as the early 90s when he recorded his debut album, Wake Up My Soul. 

And that only shows what an enduring career he’s had in contemporary Christian music.

The British Christian worship singer was born in Watford and dedicated his life to Christ at a young age.

At 20, he was already part of St. Andrews Church’s worship group.

In 1998, he started his music career, releasing a widely acclaimed debut album, The Friendship, and the Fear, quickly earning a place among the fastest-rising Christian singers.

He has since become one of the best Christian singers of all time with a comprehensive discography that includes 14 studio albums, 4 live albums, 2 compilation albums, and a video album. 

Matt’s natural ability to compose inspiring and catchy worship songs is an instant appeal.

And some of his best songs over the years include “Blessed Be Your Name,” “You Never Let Go,” and the Grammy Award-winning “10, 000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”.

21. Yolanda Adams

Of course, Yolanda Adams belongs to the list of the best Christian singers of all time.

She has won several awards, sold over 10 million records worldwide, and released 11 studio albums.

She’s been nicknamed the “queen of contemporary gospel music” and the “first lady of the modern gospel” for his contribution to the music genre.

Some of Yolanda’s best gospel songs include “Gotta Have Love,” “The Battle Is The Lord,” and “Open My Heart”.

22. Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey has been one of the most popular figures in contemporary Christian music since his time on American Idol.

He launched his career as a country singer after signing to RCA Nashville and 19 Records labels.

As a secular artist, Danny released “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” and My Best Days.

He took a different path in 2013 after quitting RCA Nashville, switching to contemporary Christian music towards the middle of the year.

Today, the American singer and ex-church music director has released 7 studio albums, won 3 major awards, and established himself as one of the greatest Christian singers of all time. 

23. Mandisa

Mandisa Lynn Hundley is an American gospel singer and a recipient of a Grammy Award and 6 GMA Dove Award nominations. 

Like Danny Gokey, Mandisa rose to international fame through American Idol, finishing at a respected 5th in the 5th season of the competition.

The Christian singer was featured on TobyMac’s Portable Sounds album in 2007 before she released her full-length debut album, True Beauty, later the same year.

Mandisa’s most memorable Christian songs include “Only the Word,” “God Speaking,” and “Christmas Makes Me Cry”.

The American artist has collaborated with many Christian singers, including Michael W. Smith, Matthew West, and TobyMac. 

24. Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James is a Christian pop-rock singer and actress from Sydney, Australia.

Her career has spanned over 2 decades after finding initial fame with her RIAA-certified Gold albums, Pray and God.

She became even more famous with her Christmas (1997) album, which featured the singles “Pray,” “Go and Sin No More,” and “God”.

From his early years, Rebecca has established herself as one of the best Christian singers of all time, with 5 major awards to show for it. 

25. Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace is an American contemporary Christian music singer who’s made inroads in the music genre.

She hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and started her career with TobyMac’s Gotee Records. 

Jamie earned a Grammy nomination with her 2011 song, “Hold Me.”

She blends pop, folk, and hip-hop elements to create a distinctive sound that has only made her popular amongst the Christian faithful. 

Grace is an alumnus of Point University and suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome, constantly finding strength from her inspiring songs and trust in God. 

Best Christian Singers – Final Thoughts

Christian music carries God’s message. 

It is powerful, inspiring, and life-changing and can be your best weapon in times of despair.

The best Christian songs spread positive energy, strengthen the shaky relationship with God, and bring hope to the hopeless.

Gospel music connects deeply with our souls, transporting us to a sacred place to help us establish our relationship with God.

That’s why we must constantly recognize the best gospel singers who have helped us connect with God through the power of music.

Listen to the 25 best Christian singers of all time and fill your heart with God’s love, joy, and compassion as you look toward the future in optimism. 

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