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40 Best Christian Love Songs of All Time

December 13, 2023
Christian love songs

I’ve selected the best Christian love songs of all time, a collection that beautifully blends faith with the universal theme of love.

This article is a celebration of songs that not only express romantic love but also the deeper connection of spiritual love and commitment.

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Top Christian love songs of all time

  • “I’ll Wait For You” by Moriah Peters
  • “God Gave Me You” by Dave Barnes
  • “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan
  • “Always Only You” by Josh Wilson
  • “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman
  • “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE (Feat. Gavin DeGraw)
  • “Love Will Be Enough For Us” by Brandon Heath
  • “One Thing Remains” by Passion Music (Feat. Kristian Stanfill)
  • “When God Made You” by Newsong
  • “When I’m With You” by JJ Heller

1. “I’ll Wait For You” by Moriah Peters

It’s possible that the journey to finding true love and all of the happiness that comes along with it will appear to be a lengthy and winding one.

However, contrary to what this sentimental Christian love song suggests, traveling through life does not have to be a solitary experience.

After all, your prospective partner is probably on the same road elsewhere in the world.

A fun tidbit about this song is that it was written by Peters and her husband Joel, who is a member of the band For King & Country.

Additionally, it’s true that he waited for her as well.

2. “God Gave Me You” by Dave Barnes

We are aware that adversity is an inevitable part of life, just as surely as the sun will always set in the west.

The manner in which we respond to adversity helps define who we are to some extent.

Even while each of us may count on God to provide us with the strength we need, wives and husbands are aware that they are frequently required to assist their spouses in order to get through challenging periods.

Barnes’s song “God Gave Me You” is an acknowledgment that he would not be the same person he is now if it were not for the fact that he is married to his wife.

3. “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan

When John Mark McMillan penned “How He Loves”, he managed to capture the essence of lightning in a bottle.

The lyrics of the song, which are written in the style of a drawn-out love letter, pull at our emotions and are most widely recognized for the unassuming cover version performed by John Smith’s band, Jesus Culture.

According to the lyrics, “He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, Bending beneath,” because of the weight of his compassion and kindness, our hearts are opened to the truth about the immense love that God has for us.

This track is included on the album titled “The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Dawn”.

4. “Always Only You” by Josh Wilson

This tune is an absolutely adorable love ballad that follows a couple through their first year of marriage.

They don’t own their home, they pay for their dates, and having children is something they hope to do in the future, but none of it matters.

They have each other, in addition to the wonderful guarantee that their love will endure and flourish.

5. “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Another musician who has committed an entire album to love songs, Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I Will Be Here” was released in the late 1980s and is one of the most well-known Christian love songs.

The lyrics of the song are a pledge to the singer’s wife that no matter what challenges they face throughout the course of their life together, he would be there by her side to face them together.

Despite the fact that the artist has issued well over a dozen albums after the first release of “I Will Be Here,” the song has maintained its position as one of the musician’s most popular songs over the years.

This is one of the Christian love songs that has endured the test of time, and it is a straightforward acoustic recording with just a little bit of piano and strings for accompaniment.

6. “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE (Feat. Gavin DeGraw)

This song is about more than simply a platonic love affair.

Jesus asks us to have a love for one another that is not conditional, that is not self-centered, and that is willing to make sacrifices.

Additionally, this music video does an excellent job of portraying compassion for individuals who are living in poverty.

The band places their emphasis on Jesus as their source of strength, and they remind us that he is the one who sees us through whatever we may be going through at the time.

Love has the power to cover up a multitude of sins, and regardless of the blunders we make, God forgives us.

Even when we are at our worst, he loves us and is able to bring us from the depths of darkness into the splendor of his light.

7. “Love Will Be Enough For Us” by Brandon Heath

This is the perfect love song for you if you’ve ever felt trapped in the rat race of city life and longed for a less complicated, more fulfilling existence.

At the moment, it is just a tall building made of concrete, but in the future, there will be rivers and green grass and a bunch of children and a life filled with love.

When it comes to dreams, this one is rather lovely.

8. “One Thing Remains” by Passion Music (Feat. Kristian Stanfill)

The song “One Thing Remains” is the result of a partnership between Passion Music and singer-songwriter Kristian Stanfill.

Anyone battling with uncertainty or guilt can find inspiration in this worship hymn that is both simple and emotional.

Stanfill uses his powerful voice to repeat over and over again that God is the only one who can fulfill my need for strength.

He does this while he expresses his admiration for God.

9. “When God Made You” by Newsong

In the same vein as “I Will Be Here,” “When God Made You” by Newsong is one of those Christian love songs that has become a fan favorite.

This song, which was published in the middle of the 1990s, ponders what God was thinking when he formed that unique person in your life for you.

Did he foresee all of the challenges you would experience and the assistance you would require in order to get through them? The answer, of course, is “yes,” but it’s difficult for us to comprehend the scope of God’s planning abilities, even if we know the answer.

Around ten years after the original release of “When God Made You,” Natalie Grant and the lads from Newsong collaborated on an updated version of the song.

It’s a lovely nostalgic retro song, and regardless of which version you choose, it’s still a good one.

10. “When I’m With You” by JJ Heller

JJ Heller is a singer and songwriter who has built a career out of making songs with a cheerful coffeehouse sound with lyrics that are deeply felt.

Heller’s music comes across as genuine and heartfelt, despite the fact that she frequently writes about personal relationships and hardships.

The classic love ballad “When I’m With You” is all about the influence that a person’s significant other may have on them when they are with them.

Although Heller did write the song with her daughter in mind, the melody lends itself perfectly to being interpreted as a love ballad.

It is good to have a romantic song that is filled with pure joy because the majority of Christian love songs deal with persevering through difficult situations.

11. “I Have This Hope” by Tenth Avenue North

“I Have This Hope” is a ballad about hardships and the complexity of life.

But if you have hope, you will keep moving forward, despite it all.

It’s a very emotional song, so if you need something to motivate you to keep going, listening to Tenth Avenue North might be a good choice, especially if you’re fond of ballads.

12. “Only Hope” by Switchfoot

This is another song about hope and unconditional love that comes for those who believe.

Switchfoot’s “Only Hope” is arguably one of the most popular Christian love songs – it was ranked number 26 on a decade-end compilation of modern worship music by CCM Magazine.

13. “Good Day For Marrying” by Dave Barnes

Here comes another tune by Dave Barnes.

If you’re looking for an uplifting Christian song for your wedding, look no further – “Good Day For Marrying” has everything you need.

It’s cheerful, hopeful, and romantic.

And it’s a perfect tune to motivate people to start dancing and having fun.

14. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United

This unique, sentimental song is another perfect choice for a wedding day.

This version of the song starts gently and then slowly transforms into an uplifting, energetic tune about love and strength.

My soul will rest in Your embrace, for I am Yours and You are mine…

15. “Something To My Heart” by Joy Hanna

In “Something To My Heart”, Joy Hanna sings about her endless love for her partner.

It’s a very sweet and uplifting track that will show you what’s really important.

It’s an ideal song for newlywed couples, but it’s also a good reminder for long-lasting couples who need to find that spark again.

16. “I Like You” by Ben Rector

Released in 2013, Ben Rector’s “I Like You” is a sweet, simple song and a tribute to his loved one.

The song tells a tale of falling in love with someone perfect.

Although that might seem unrealistic for some people, it’s all a way of thinking about things.

It’s important that someone is perfect for you.

And if you’re truly in love and you accept another person as they are, you will keep making each other laugh for a long time.

17. “I Believe In Love” by BarlowGirl

If you want to find true love, you also need to believe in it.

And that’s how you’ll be able to notice it when it arrives.

“I Believe In Love” by BarlowGirl is yet another Christian love song, but it sounds more melancholic.

However, the lyrics are quite hopeful.

 18. “God Made You Just For Me” by Chad Lee

When we fall in love, we often believe that someone is made just for us.

Everything we see in that person just seems to be so perfect.

And although we can experience love and joy with many different people, “God Made You Just For Me” is a reminder that once we find that special someone, we should cherish it.

19. “Going Together” by Dan Bremnes

This catchy tune by Dan Bremnes is a perfect song to dedicate to your family.

Besides being catchy and uplifting, “Going Together” conveys an important message: it’s about accepting another person for who they are and being ready to go together into the unknown.

Life is full of unexpected situations we can’t control, but going through it all with someone we love by our side makes everything a whole lot easier.

20. “How Great Thou Art” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s “How Great Thou Art” is a sentimental ballad about love and faith.

Essentially, it’s a typical modern Christian song, and it could very well be a part of your wedding playlist.

Just don’t expect people to dance to it – unless it’s a slow dance.

21. “Fullness” by Elevation Worship

Speaking of modern Christian music, we can’t forget about Elevation Worship.

Their live version of “Fullness” will give you a good idea of how much people love this group.

And it’s no wonder – they write songs full of honest emotions and lyrics relatable to anyone who is dedicated to faith.  

22. “Love Came Down” by Bethel

This worship song is a reminder that our sole purpose is to love other people and be kind and understanding.

Of course, that’s sometimes not easy, especially if you encounter unfair individuals.

But that’s one of the best things about faith – it reminds people to give their best and always lean towards their more compassionate side.

23. “King Of Love” by I Am They

“King Of Love” is undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most genuine Christian love songs ever written.

Lyrically, the song is about romantic love as well as general love towards others, yourself, and the world.

Or at least that’s how we hear it – you’re free to find your own meaning, and that’s the magic of music.

24. “Love Has A Name” by Jesus Culture

“Love Has A Name” is a song that could give strength to any believer.

It’s emotionally intense and uplifting, and it’s based on the verses in Philippians 2:1-11.

Therefore, it’s everything you should expect from a popular Christian love song.

25. “Love Is Here” by Dave Pettigrew

Dave Pettigrew is a contemporary Christian artist from New Jersey.

And his pop/rock track “Love Is Here” is a good example of how he transforms his love for God into music.

26. “Known” by Tauren Wells

 Tauren Wells is another singer known for making contemporary Christian music.

His song “Known” is a genuine depiction of simplicity and pureness you can find in romantic love, and it’s a perfect song for newlywed couples.

27. “My Life, My Love, My All” by Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin’s “My Life, My Love, My All” is a soulful track about finding your purpose in faith.

And although the song clearly expresses love for God, it could be seen as an ode to someone you love and cherish.

28. “You’re All I Need” by Hezekiah Walker

If you’re searching for something more upbeat, you should give a chance to Hezekiah Walker.

His song “You’re All I Need” is a true gospel gem and a genuine celebration of love.

Therefore, it’s a perfect wedding soundtrack, especially if you want to make the whole atmosphere more lively.

29. “Love Will Be Our Home” by Sandi Patti

Sandi Patti’s “Love Will Be Our Home” perhaps won’t add lively vibes to your wedding day, but it will remind you of some older Christian classics.

The song was released in 1992, and it’s still one of the most beloved worship songs about love.

30. “Lover Of The Light” by Mumford & Sons

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful songs on this list.

After all, Mumford & Sons are known for making uplifting, genuine music.

Their “Lover Of The Light” is a motivating and powerful tune with positive melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

But love the one you hold

And I’ll be your goal

To have and to hold

A lover of the light.

31. “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace

“Hold Me” by Jamie Grace is one of the popular Christian love songs.

It’s incredibly catchy and sweet, and it talks about simple things, unity, and those times when you feel crazy in love.

32. “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective

Along with Mumford & Sons’ “Lover Of The Light”, Rend Collective’s “My Lighthouse” is one of the best indie folk tracks on our list.

It’s optimistic and hopeful, and it will make you dance right away.

It’s all you need from a great Christian feel-good song.

33. “The Wedding Song” by Tom McConnel

Another feel-good folk tune that fits this playlist perfectly is “The Wedding Song” by Tom McConnel.

Sometimes you just need to feel great about yourself and the people around you.

So, turn up the volume, forget about everything that might be bothering you, and feel the love!

34. “Every Heartbeat” by Amy Grant

Well, this is another feel-good song about love.

And it’s also very danceable.

That being said, “Every Heartbeat” should definitely be a part of your Christian love music playlist.

Plus, the song was a big hit back in the 90s, and it found its place on both the Christian and the secular charts.

35. “I Promise (Wedding Song)” by Cece Winans

Another gentle, romantic song suitable for a wedding playlist is “I Promise (Wedding Song)” by Cece Winans.

This song is a promise: a promise that you will love your spouse faithfully and unconditionally.

36. “Meant To Be” by JJ Heller

We already mentioned JJ Heller today, but we simply can’t skip this sweet tune.

“Meant To Be” shows that true love also has to be simple.

It’s not about big sacrifices and grand gestures; it’s about respect, honesty, and the beauty of every day you spend together.

37. “With Every Act Of Love” by Jason Gray

As Jason Gray says, acts of love are our way of helping to spread His Kingdom here on Earth.

Whether you’re a religious person or not, choosing love is always the right decision.

It’s all about being compassionate and sharing, or at least that’s what religion should be about.

38. “Caught By Surprise” by Jessa Anderson

In “Caught By Surprise”, a Christian singer/songwriter Jessa Anderson shares her happiness and optimism.

In the song, she sings about unexpected encounters and feelings, and that should provide a glimpse of hope to anyone who currently feels lonely.

After all, most meaningful stories really do happen when you least expect them.

39. “Unfailing Love (Kelly’s Song)” by Jimmy Needham

“Unfailing Love (Kelly’s Song)” is a soulful, romantic tune about giving your love to someone you truly care about.

And it’s a promise.

By the way, Jimmy Needham supposedly wrote this song as his proposal to his wife Kelly, which makes it even more romantic.

40. “At Last” by Etta James

We have one more song for you, and it’s one of the most beautiful love songs ever written.

Etta James’ “At Last” isn’t considered a Christian song.

But it’s a timeless wedding song and a classic tribute to romantic love.

Therefore, it’s a perfect ending to our playlist.

At last, my love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song.

Christian Love Songs – Final Thoughts

We hope this list of the best Christian love songs helped you remind yourself of what (or who) is truly important in your life.

Some of these songs talk about romantic love, and others celebrate love for God.

Either way, the common theme is love, and that’s all that matters.

After all, one of the purposes of worship music is to keep its listeners on the right path.

And love is the greatest path there is – if you choose to love, everything else will eventually fall into place.

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