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15 Best Chase Rice Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

July 24, 2023
best chase rice songs

Chase Rice is an American country music artist who has released a number of popular singles over the years.

This article is a list of the 15 best Chase Rice songs of all time, as determined by a panel of experts.

The list aims to identify the greatest hits of Rice’s career, as well as provide an overview of his songwriting style and best work.

It includes some of Rice’s most popular songs, such as “Eyes On You,” “Ready Set Roll,” and “Gonna Wanna Tonight.”

Additionally, it features lesser-known tracks like “You” and “Messy.”

Each track is analyzed to determine its place in Rice’s career and why it is considered one of the 15 best songs of all time.

1. “Eyes On You”

“Eyes On You” is a song by American country music singer-songwriter Chase Rice, released in 2017 as the lead single from his album Lambs & Lions.

The song is a mid-tempo ballad, featuring a classic country music arrangement with steel guitar and fiddle, and a lyrical narrative about a man’s desire to keep his lover’s attention.

The chorus is catchy and memorable, making the song highly radio-friendly.

Rice’s vocals are emotive and heartfelt, and the production is strong and well-crafted.

This song is a great example of Rice’s ability to blend traditional country music elements with a modern sound, creating a sound that is both classic and fresh.

2. “Ride”

“Ride” is an uptempo single that was released by Chase Rice in 2014 for his studio album, Ignite the Night.

The music video is a tribute to the classic film “Grease” featuring Rice and his love interest riding off on a motorbike.

The instrumentation of the song is upbeat and optimistic, featuring electric guitar, drums, and bass.

Rice’s powerful vocals make this a memorable track, and the catchy chorus makes it an enjoyable listen.

“Ride” is an upbeat, romantic song that is sure to be a fan favorite.

3. “Ready Set Roll”

The song “Ready Set Roll” is a single off Chase Rice’s 2013 debut album Dirt Road Communion.

It is an upbeat country-rock song, featuring a catchy guitar riff and Rice’s signature vocals.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and the chorus invites listeners to join him on a ride.

Rice’s delivery of the lyrics gives the song a strong sense of emotion and energy, making it a standout track from his debut album.

4. “Gonna Wanna Tonight”

“Gonna Wanna Tonight” is a single from Chase Rice’s 2013 debut album Dirt Road Communion that has become a fan favorite.

The song has a catchy beat with a classic country feel.

Lyrically, it is a playful, upbeat song about a night out with friends and looking for a good time.

Rice’s vocals are powerful and engaging, and his songwriting is clever and memorable.

The song has a unique mix of country, rock, and pop elements that make it stand out.

As a result, it has become one of Rice’s most beloved hits and remains a fan favorite to this day.

5. “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.”

Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” is a lighthearted track from Rice’s 2013 debut album, Dirt Road Communion.

It celebrates the joy of embracing a simple life and finding comfort in faith.

Lyrically, the song eschews materialistic values in favor of a more spiritual approach.

Musically, it features a mid-tempo tempo and an infectious melody.

Rice’s vocals are delivered in a conversational style, adding a sense of authenticity to the song.

Overall, “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” is a fun and uplifting track that celebrates the joy of living a simple and spiritual life.

6. “Whisper”

Featuring a mesmerizing blend of country rock and folk, Rice’s “Whisper” is a heartfelt tribute to the power of faith and resilience.

With its gentle yet captivating melody, the track is a testimony to Rice’s skillful songwriting and production.

Lyrically, the song is an anthem of hope and strength, and its message is one of perseverance in the face of adversity.

“Whisper” is an emotional track that speaks to all listeners.

7. “Lonely If You Are”

Drawing on classic country-rock and folk influences, Rice’s “Lonely If You Are” is a powerful ballad that captures the feeling of loneliness and heartache.

Its catchy melody and thoughtful lyrics are a testament to Rice’s songwriting talent.

The track builds slowly, starting with an acoustic guitar and gradually adding other instruments, such as bass and drums.

This intensifies the emotion of the song and creates a sense of yearning and longing.

Rice’s vocals are passionate and emotive, further adding to the song’s impact.

Lonely If You Are” is a classic Chase Rice track that displays his versatile songwriting talents.

8. “Three Chords & The Truth”

A heartfelt tribute to classic country music, Chase Rice’s “Three Chords & The Truth” is a powerful track that captures the emotion of the genre.

Rice demonstrates his artistry with a simple yet effective structure: three chords, a catchy chorus, and a heartfelt story.

His vocal delivery is sincere and emotive, allowing for the lyrics to come to life.

The song’s message of resilience and determination resonates with fans all over the world.

All in all, “Three Chords & The Truth” is a timeless classic that showcases Rice’s talent as a singer-songwriter.

9. “Jack Daniels & Jesus”

The transition from the previous subtopic is natural: from the autobiographical musings of “Three Chords and The Truth”, we move to the upbeat, anthemic “Jack Daniels & Jesus”.

This song speaks to a sense of freedom and resilience that is both empowering and aspirational.

The lyrics focus on the idea of self-determination in the face of adversity, and the spiritual power that is found in a deep connection to the outdoors.

The instrumentation is driving and uplifting, creating a feeling of determination and energy that can be felt by the listener.

10. “What’s Your Name”

Exploring themes of self-reflection and identity, “What’s Your Name” is an upbeat track that encourages the listener to take stock of who they are and where they want to go.

With a catchy beat and memorable lyrics, the song has become a popular hit for Chase Rice.

The song is an invitation for the listener to reflect on their life and who they are and to consider how they want the story of their life to unfold.

Refreshing and uplifting, “What’s Your Name” has become a fan favorite of Chase Rice fans, and a reminder to take ownership of one’s destiny.

11. “50 Shades of Crazy”

Filled with elements of the blues, “Shades of Crazy” is a powerful and evocative song from Chase Rice that captures the complex emotions of a difficult situation.

The lyrics are full of vivid imagery that speak to the listener’s heart and soul.

The use of guitar and drums to create a haunting yet beautiful soundscape helps to convey the raw emotion of the story.

Rice’s captivating vocals perfectly embody the song’s themes of heartache, loss, and personal struggle.

“Shades of Crazy” is a powerful and unforgettable track that stands the test of time.

12. “You”

Chase Rice’s song “You” captures the complex emotions of personal struggle and longing with its evocative lyrics and haunting soundscape.

The song’s somber tone and slow tempo create a reflective atmosphere that resonates with its listeners.

Rice’s poignant verses and wistful melody combine to convey a powerful sense of yearning for something out of reach.

The chorus’ echoing notes and lyrics that tell of a situation that cannot be changed give the song a bittersweet quality.

This combination of elements makes “You” an emotionally stirring and memorable track.

13. “Messy”

After the more somber themes of “You”, “Messy” offers a more upbeat and optimistic outlook.

The composition of “Messy” is characterized by its infectious chorus and a driving, four-on-the-floor beat that serves as the backbone of the track.

The song is further highlighted by Rice’s unique vocal delivery, which fluctuates between his signature country twang and a more rhythmic, rap-like flow.

“Messy” is a perfect example of Rice’s ability to mix country and hip-hop influences, creating a unique blend of the two genres that is both memorable and danceable.

14. “Do It Like This”

Featuring a more pop-inspired sound than many of Rice’s other songs, “Do It Like This” is an upbeat ode to the joys of taking risks and embracing change.

The song is characterized by a driving beat and catchy chorus, inviting listeners to throw off their inhibitions and take a chance.

Its lyrics emphasize the importance of living in the moment.

Rice’s upbeat vocal delivery encourages listeners to take the plunge and do it like this.

15. “Bench Seat”

“Bench Seat” is a song by Chase Rice that displays a more laid-back and reflective atmosphere than many of his other tunes.

The track features Rice’s signature country sound, with simple but effective instrumentation and an easy-going vocal performance.

Lyrically, the song is about finding solace from life’s struggles in the simple beauty of nature.

Rice’s nostalgic lyrics are uplifting and inspiring, making the track a fan favorite.

The combination of the mellow sound and meaningful lyrics make “Bench Seat” one of Chase Rice’s most beloved songs.

Best Chase Rice Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

Chase Rice has established himself as a dominant figure in the country music scene.

His music is characterized by its catchy hooks, upbeat tempos, and thoughtful lyrics.

His songs remain popular with fans and critics alike, showcasing his ability to create songs that stand the test of time.

His greatest hits, including “Eyes On You”, “Ride”, “Ready Set Roll”, and “Gonna Wanna Tonight”, represent some of the best of his work, and will remain staples of radio and streaming playlists for years to come.

With his unique blend of country and pop, Chase Rice has created an impressive and lasting musical legacy.

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