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13 Best Carly Pearce Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

July 9, 2023
Best Carly Pearce Songs

Join us on a musical voyage as we celebrate the extraordinary talent of one of country music’s brightest stars, Carly Pearce.

With her captivating voice, heartfelt storytelling, and unwavering dedication to her craft, Carly Pearce has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

In this article, we will delve into the 13 best songs ever released by this remarkable singer-songwriter.

From her humble beginnings to her meteoric rise, Carly Pearce has enchanted listeners with her authentic and soul-stirring compositions.

Each song on this list showcases her remarkable vocal range, her ability to convey raw emotions, and her penchant for crafting unforgettable melodies.

Whether it’s a heart-wrenching ballad or an infectious up-tempo anthem, Carly Pearce’s songs resonate with listeners on a deep and personal level.

So, let’s take a look at the fifteen best Carly Pearce songs of all time!

1. “Closer To You”

You’ve gotta love Carly Pearce’s hit single, “Closer To You”.

It’s the perfect song to help you find your way back to your true love.

The track is a tender, yet soulful country-pop ballad, featuring Pearce’s stunning vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

It starts off with a gentle guitar riff and quickly builds into a passionate chorus with soaring harmonies.

With its relatable story and irresistible melodies, “Closer To You” is a song that will stay with you long after it ends.

2. “If My Name Was Whiskey”

You’re sure to find yourself singing along to Carly Pearce’s hit single, “If My Name Was Whiskey”!

The powerful story-telling and emotive vocals of this song make it one of the most memorable from Pearce’s discography.

It is a heartbreaking country ballad that speaks to the struggles of a broken relationship and the pain of letting go.

With its clever wordplay and haunting melody, the song is a perfect example of the power of its genre.

It’s a powerful reminder of how music can be used to capture, explore, and ultimately heal from heartache.

3. “Hide The Wine”

Hold onto your heart as Carly Pearce’s sorrowful song “Hide The Wine” takes you on a journey of pain and heartache.

The mid-tempo ballad is a heartbreaking story of a woman who’s dealing with the sorrow of a failed relationship and is trying to keep herself from drinking away her sorrows.

The song’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of a woman who’s struggling to come to terms with her broken heart and the emotions that come with it, from sadness to anger.

The country-pop production gives the song a beautiful and emotive atmosphere, and Carly Pearce’s tender, emotive vocal delivery brings the story to life.

“Hide The Wine” is a beautiful and powerful song and one of Carly Pearce’s best.

4. “Diamondback”

Experience the raw emotion of Carly Pearce’s “Diamondback” – a reflection of heartache, loss, and regret.

Written by Pearce and her songwriting team, the track tells the story of a woman confronting the pain of a broken relationship and reflecting on the mistakes she made.

The song is framed by a haunting, sparse guitar melody that builds in intensity as it progresses.

The lyrics, delivered with a blend of sorrow and regret, paint a vivid picture of the emotional journey the protagonist is on.

“Diamondback” is a powerful song that captures the pain and hurt of a failed relationship while offering a glimmer of hope for the future.

5. “Next Girl”

Feel the heartache and hope of Carly Pearce’s song “Next Girl”, a moving tribute to a heartbroken woman’s journey to finding hope.

The song emphasizes the importance of learning from past mistakes in order to move on in a healthy way.

The song’s production also adds to the emotion, with an upbeat tempo and a mix of acoustic and electric guitars that bring the message of hope to life.

By combining elements of traditional country music with modern production, Pearce creates a timeless anthem of strength and determination.

6. “Should’ve Known Better”

You’ll be mesmerized by Carly Pearce’s song “Should’ve Known Better”, an emotionally stirring ballad about regret and learning from mistakes.

The song is full of raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics.

Pearce powerfully sings about the pain of failed relationships and the need to move on as an understanding of self.

With an acoustic guitar-driven melody and a chorus that builds up to a powerfully intense finale, the song stands out as an emotional anthem about the power of letting go and embracing a new future.

The song is a must-listen for any fan of Carly Pearce’s music, as it perfectly encapsulates her heartfelt songwriting and powerful vocal delivery.

7. “What He Didn’t Do”

Discover the heartbreaking story that Carly Pearce tells in her song “What He Didn’t Do”.

Feel the emotions that the lyrics bring as Pearce shares the story of a failed relationship.

The song paints a vivid picture of a couple’s struggles and the pain of being left behind.

While the chorus speaks of the hurt the protagonist feels, the verses show the strength of the protagonist’s love and the regret of not being able to make things right in the relationship.

Pearce’s songwriting prowess shines through in this heartbreaking story and the listener can’t help but feel a wave of emotion as they listen to her beautiful vocals.

8. “Dashboard Jesus”

Experience the heartfelt emotions of “Dashboard Jesus”, as Carly Pearce sings of her faith and hope in challenging times.

With its honest lyrics and catchy melody, “Dashboard Jesus” is a signature song for Pearce.

The lyrics tell the story of a woman in need of spiritual guidance, and how she looks to her faith in times of trouble.

The song speaks to the power of faith to provide comfort and strength, even in the darkest moments.

The music is uplifting yet somber, and the chorus is catchy and memorable.

With a mix of country twang, soulful gospel choir, and raw emotion, “Dashboard Jesus” is an inspiring and powerful song that speaks to the beauty of faith and the power of hope.

9. “Show Me Around”

Let Carly Pearce show you around in her song “Show Me Around”, a heartfelt track about the power of faith.

The song is a thoughtful exploration of the idea that the strength of faith can help one through difficult times.

Through the lyrics, Pearce conveys a message of hope and comfort, as she speaks of how faith can lead one to a place of peace and understanding.

The melody is gentle and calming, providing a tranquil backdrop for the message being delivered.

This song is a reminder of the power of faith, and it provides solace in times of need.

10. “It Won’t Always Be Like This”

Despite the struggles that life throws us, Carly Pearce’s song “It Won’t Always Be Like This” offers an uplifting reminder that there is hope for better days.

The song starts with a gentle acoustic guitar and Pearce’s vocal, which carries a message of resilience in the face of adversity.

The production of the song is sparse, allowing the listener to focus on the lyrics and Pearce’s soulful delivery.

This emphasis on the lyrics allows “It Won’t Always Be Like This” to act as an inspirational anthem for the listener, encouraging them to remember that dark times don’t last forever.

11. “Every Little Thing”

Carly Pearce’s song “Every Little Thing” is a beautiful reminder of the power of love to overcome any obstacle.

This song speaks to the power of love to turn even the darkest of moments into something special.

The song is delivered with a heartfelt vocal performance, further emphasizing the power of love to transform any situation.

The song is a timeless classic that will remain a powerful reminder of the strength of love for many years to come.

12. “I Hope You’re Happy Now”

“I Hope You’re Happy Now” by Carly Pearce and Lee Brice is a soul-stirring composition that delivers a powerful message of hope and resilience.

It serves as a remarkable anthem, guiding listeners through the journey of overcoming heartache and finding solace in the present.

The song captures the emotional roller coaster of a breakup in a way that’s both relatable and inspiring.

The lyrics reflect on the hurt that’s felt in the aftermath of a failed relationship but ultimately focus on the idea of embracing newfound freedom and taking control of one’s own destiny.

The instrumentation in the song helps to emphasize the hopeful message of the lyrics with its bright and airy sound.

Carly Pearce’s stunning vocal performance is the icing on the cake, as she conveys the emotion of the song with authenticity and clarity.

“I Hope You’re Happy Now” is sure to become a classic for fans of Carly Pearce and for anyone who’s experienced heartache in the past.

13. “Never Wanted To Be That Girl”

Continuing in Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde’s discography, another hit song is “Never Wanted To Be That Girl”.

This song shows off Pearce’s soulful voice and reveals a vulnerable side to her artistry.

The song speaks to the pain of being the one left behind in a relationship, and the disappointment of feeling like you weren’t enough for the person you loved.

The lyrics are thoughtfully crafted, and the melody helps to carry the emotion of the song.

The song speaks to anyone who has ever been in a situation where they didn’t get the outcome they wanted and is a powerful reminder to never settle for less than you deserve.

Best Carly Pearce Songs – Final Thoughts

You’ve heard the best of the best of Carly Pearce’s music.

Whether you’re a fan of her country music or her more pop-like tunes, there’s something for you.

From the heartbreaking “If My Name Was Whiskey” to the uplifting “I Hope You’re Happy Now”, Carly Pearce has something for everyone.

Her music is inspiring, and her lyrics are captivating.

Carly Pearce is a must-listen for any music fan.

So, take a listen and discover why her music has become so popular.

You won’t regret it.

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