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15 Best Brantley Gilbert Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

June 14, 2023
brantley gilbert songs

If you’re a fan of country music, chances are you’ve heard of Brantley Gilbert.

Known for his gritty, Southern rock-infused sound and honest lyrics, Gilbert has become one of the most beloved and respected artists in the genre.

With hits like “Bottoms Up” and “The Weekend”, he’s proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with, both on stage and in the studio.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the 15 best Brantley Gilbert songs of all time – the ones that have stood the test of time and continue to be fan favorites.

From his early days as a songwriter to his current status as a chart-topping superstar, we’ll explore the stories behind each song, the emotions they evoke, and why they’ve become such beloved classics.

Whether you’re a die-hard Brantley Gilbert fan or just discovering his music for the first time, get ready to dive deep into the world of one of country music’s most talented and beloved artists.

1. “If You Want A Bad Boy”

If you’re looking for a song that captures the thrill and danger of falling for a bad boy, “If You Want A Bad Boy” is the perfect track for you.

This song is one of Brantley Gilbert’s most popular hits, and it’s easy to see why.

The lyrics tell the story of a woman who is drawn to a man who is rough around the edges and doesn’t play by the rules.

The chorus is catchy and memorable, with Gilbert’s signature raspy voice delivering the lines with just the right amount of edge.

The song is a perfect blend of country and rock, with a driving beat and guitar riffs that will have you tapping your foot and singing along.

Overall, “If You Want A Bad Boy” is a great example of Gilbert’s ability to create music that is both fun and meaningful, and it’s definitely one of his best songs of all time.

2. “Country Must Be Country Wide”

You can’t help but tap your foot and nod your head along to the catchy beat of “Country Must Be Country Wide” by Brantley Gilbert.

This song perfectly captures the essence of what it means to be a country boy or girl.

It’s a celebration of the simple things in life, like spending the day out in the fields or cruising down a dirt road.

The lyrics are straightforward and relatable, and Gilbert’s raspy voice adds just the right amount of grit to the song.

It’s no wonder why “Country Must Be Country Wide” became such a massive hit for Gilbert, and it continues to be a fan favorite to this day.

3. “Bottoms Up”

Get ready to feel the party vibe with “Bottoms Up”, a catchy and upbeat tune that’ll have you tapping your feet and reaching for a cold drink.

From the opening guitar riff to the infectious chorus, this song is a perfect example of Brantley Gilbert’s signature style that blends rock and country.

The lyrics are simple but effective, reminding us to let loose and enjoy life, while the driving beat keeps the energy high.

“Bottoms Up” became a massive hit upon its release in 2010, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s a song that makes you want to turn up the volume, roll down the windows, and sing along at the top of your lungs.

Whether you’re at a tailgate party or just hanging out with friends, “Bottoms Up” is the ultimate anthem for a good time.

4. “Small Town Throwdown”

“Small Town Throwdown” is a high-energy collaboration between Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, and Thomas Rhett that celebrates the wild and rowdy spirit of rural America.

The song starts with a catchy guitar riff that immediately sets the tone for the party anthem.

The lyrics tell the story of a small town where everyone knows each other, and they all come together for a good time.

The chorus is a call to arms for anyone who wants to join in, and the three artists trade verses with ease, each bringing their unique style to the table.

The song’s energy never lets up, and it’s impossible not to tap your foot or sing along.

“Small Town Throwdown” is a perfect representation of Brantley Gilbert’s brand of country music, which combines a rock and roll attitude with a deep love for his roots.

5. “Kick It In The Sticks”

“Kick It In The Sticks” is a raucous and rebellious country anthem that will have you blasting down back roads with the windows down.

From Gilbert’s 2010 album Halfway to Heaven, the song celebrates a rugged, rural lifestyle with lyrics that suggest a love for freedom and a disdain for authority.

Although critics have dismissed the song as a stereotypical redneck anthem, it has been embraced by many fans as a rallying cry for the working-class values that Gilbert embodies.

Whether you’re a small-town rebel or a city slicker looking for a taste of the wild side, “Kick It In The Sticks” is sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing.

6. “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do”

You might not think you know her, but “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” is a heart-wrenching ballad that will make you feel like you’ve known her your whole life.

This song is a masterpiece that showcases Brantley Gilbert’s ability to express raw emotions through his music.

As you listen to the lyrics, you can feel the pain and longing in his voice as he sings about a woman who is misunderstood by the world.

The song is a reminder that people often have hidden depths and that we should never judge someone based on what we see on the surface.

With its haunting melody and powerful lyrics, “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” is one of Brantley Gilbert’s greatest hits and a testament to his talent as a songwriter and performer.

7. “The Ones That Like Me”

“The Ones That Like Me” is a powerful anthem that showcases Brantley Gilbert’s ability to connect with his fans on a personal level.

The song’s lyrics speak to the struggles of being true to oneself and not caring about the opinions of those who don’t understand.

Gilbert’s gritty vocals and the driving beat of the music make for an uplifting and empowering listening experience.

It’s clear that Gilbert’s fans relate to this song, as it’s become one of his most popular tracks.

“The Ones That Like Me” is a testament to Gilbert’s ability to create music that speaks to people’s hearts and souls.

8. “One Hell of An Amen”

“One Hell of An Amen” is a poignant tribute to the sacrifices made by our military personnel, and its emotive lyrics and stirring melody make for a truly powerful listening experience.

The song tells the story of a soldier who has passed away, and the impact he had on those around him.

The song’s emotional impact is heightened by Gilbert’s raw, gravelly vocals, which perfectly capture the pain and loss felt by those left behind.

Overall, “One Hell of An Amen” is a standout track in Gilbert’s discography and a moving tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedom.

9. “More Than Miles”

Now that you’ve enjoyed “One Hell of An Amen”, let’s talk about another Brantley Gilbert hit that will surely tug at your heartstrings.

“More Than Miles” is a beautiful ballad that showcases Gilbert’s emotional depth as a songwriter.

The song was released in 2010 and tells the story of a man who is struggling to move on from a past relationship.

Despite his best efforts, he finds that he can’t escape the memories of his ex-lover.

The lyrics are poignant and relatable, and Gilbert’s raw and powerful vocals perfectly capture the pain and longing of the song’s protagonist.

“More Than Miles” is a standout track on Gilbert’s catalog and a must-listen for any country music fan.

10. “Three Feet Of Water”

You’re in for a treat with “Three Feet Of Water”, a moving track that showcases the depth of Brantley Gilbert’s songwriting.

The song tells a story of a man who has hit rock bottom and is drowning in his own sorrows but finds redemption through faith and the love of his family.

Gilbert’s lyrics are raw and honest, painting a vivid picture of the struggles and triumphs of the human experience.

The instrumentation is simple yet effective, with acoustic guitar and piano providing a beautiful backdrop to Gilbert’s emotive vocals.

“Three Feet Of Water” is a standout track in Gilbert’s discography and a testament to his ability to create meaningful and relatable music.

11. “Hell On Wheels”

If you’re looking for a high-energy, adrenaline-pumping track, “Hell On Wheels” is the perfect choice.

This song showcases Brantley Gilbert’s signature style of blending rock and country, with heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

The lyrics describe a wild and reckless lifestyle, perfectly suited to the outlaw image Gilbert often portrays in his music.

The chorus is particularly catchy, with a driving rhythm that will have you tapping your foot and singing along.

Overall, “Hell On Wheels” is a standout track in Gilbert’s discography, and it’s a must-listen for any fan of country rock.

12. “The Weekend”

When you listen to “The Weekend”, you can almost feel the warm summer breeze and smell the barbecue smoke as Gilbert sings about letting loose and enjoying life with friends.

The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it a fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why.

Gilbert’s raw vocals and a relatable message about taking a break from the daily grind to have some fun resonate with listeners.

“The Weekend” is a reminder to live in the moment and make memories with the people we care about most. I

It’s a perfect addition to any summer playlist and is sure to get everyone up and dancing.

Gilbert’s ability to connect with his audience through his music is what makes him one of the best in country music.

13. “Read Me My Rights”

Get ready to feel empowered and ready to take on the world with the rebellious anthem “Read Me My Rights” by Brantley Gilbert.

From the intro’s gritty guitar riffs to the lyrics that call out anyone who tries to hold you down, this song is perfect for anyone who needs a boost of confidence.

Gilbert’s raw vocals and the driving beat make it impossible not to want to stand up for yourself and demand the respect you deserve.

The song’s message of standing up for yourself and not backing down is universal and relatable, making it one of Gilbert’s most popular tracks.

Overall, “Read Me My Rights” is a bold and unapologetic song that will make you feel like you can conquer anything.

14. “Stone Cold Sober”

Now that you’ve learned about the bold and defiant “Read Me My Rights”, let’s dive into a more introspective and vulnerable side of Brantley Gilbert’s discography with “Stone Cold Sober”.

Released in 2014, this track showcases Gilbert’s ability to tackle sensitive subjects with honesty and authenticity.

The song explores the struggle of addiction and the desire to break free from its hold.

Gilbert’s raw vocals and heartfelt lyrics make “Stone Cold Sober” a standout track in his repertoire.

He paints a vivid picture of the internal battle between wanting to numb the pain and the longing for a clear mind and a sober life.

With “Stone Cold Sober”, Gilbert proves that he’s not afraid to tackle difficult topics and expose his own vulnerabilities, making it a must-listen for any country music fan.

15. “My Faith in You”

You can feel the depth of emotion in “My Faith in You”, as Brantley Gilbert lays his heart on the line in this soulful and moving track.

The song is a testament to the power of love and faith.

Gilbert sings about the role that his partner plays in his life, and how their relationship has helped him through some of his darkest moments.

The lyrics are raw and honest, and Gilbert’s performance is nothing short of exceptional. The song’s melody is hauntingly beautiful, and the instrumentation is understated yet powerful.

Overall, “My Faith in You” is one of Gilbert’s best songs and a true testament to his talent as a songwriter and performer.

Best Brantley Gilbert Songs – Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a list of Brantley Gilbert’s 15 best songs of all time.

From the rebellious “If You Want A Bad Boy” to the party anthem “Bottoms Up” and the heartfelt “My Faith in You”, Gilbert has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the country music scene.

His ability to blend traditional country themes with a rock and roll attitude has earned him a loyal fanbase and numerous chart-topping hits.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering his music, these songs are sure to get you singing along and tapping your feet.

So turn up the volume and enjoy the best of Brantley Gilbert’s greatest hits.

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