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15 Best Black Keys Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 19, 2023
Best Black Keys Songs

I’ve compiled the best The Black Keys songs of all time, showcasing their greatest hits that have defined their distinctive blues-rock sound.

This article is a journey through the tracks that have cemented The Black Keys as one of the most influential modern rock bands.

Top The Black Keys songs of all time

  • “Lonely Boy”
  • “Gold On The Ceiling”
  • “Little Black Submarines”
  • “Howlin’ For You”
  • “Tighten Up”
  • “Your Touch”
  • “I Got Mine”
  • “Everlasting Light”
  • “Girl Is On My Mind”
  • “I’ll Be Your Man”

1. “Lonely Boy”

You don’t want to miss out on the infectious groove of “Lonely Boy” – it’s sure to get you groovin’!

The Black Keys’ 2011 hit, “Lonely Boy”, is an upbeat blues-rock song that stands out for its tight musicianship and catchy hook.

The song’s driving rhythm is set up by Dan Auerbach’s crunchy rhythm guitar and Patrick Carney’s solid drumming.

The hook is provided by Auerbach’s soulful vocal accompanied by a simple three-note guitar line.

The song also features a classic blues-style guitar solo that is both melodic and memorable.

“Lonely Boy” is an undeniably catchy song that has become a classic in the Black Keys’ discography, and a mainstay in rock radio stations around the world.

2. “Gold On The Ceiling”

Gold On The Ceiling” is a popular single from the band’s sixth album El Camino, released in 2012.

This song stands out with its catchy and upbeat tempo and memorable lyrics.

Its blues-rock sound and the signature fuzzy guitar riffs blended with singer Dan Auerbach’s soulful voice make it a timeless classic.

Moreover, the music video that was released alongside the single, featuring a wild dance party, has also become a fan favorite.

The unique combination of blues-rock and funk makes “Gold On The Ceiling” an unforgettable hit that is sure to rock any party.

3. “Little Black Submarines”

Rock out to The Black Keys’ hit, “Little Black Submarines”, as its blues-rock riffs and soulful lyrics take you on an unforgettable journey.

From the opening chords of the song, listeners are met with an infectious energy that resonates throughout its entirety.

The combination of Dan Auerbach’s gritty and passionate vocals and Patrick Carney’s hard-hitting drums creates a soundscape that is both upbeat and reflective.

The dueling guitar solo at the end of the song adds an additional layer of intensity that solidifies the song as one of their best.

“Little Black Submarines” is an iconic track that continues to draw in listeners, making it a favorite among Black Keys fans.

4. “Howlin’ For You”

Feel the blues-rock energy of The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ For You” as its intense riffs and soulful lyrics take your senses on a wild ride.

This iconic song from the band’s 2011 album Brothers is a masterful blend of garage rock and blues, showcasing the group’s signature sound with its catchy riffs and lyrics.

Dan Auerbach’s powerful vocals and Patrick Carney’s thunderous drumming provide the perfect foundation for the song, while the sharp guitar lines bring a soulful energy to the mix.

The song’s lyrics, which are full of longing and heartache, are a perfect complement to the song’s catchy chorus.

“Howlin’ For You” is proof of The Black Keys’ timelessness and staying power, and is sure to be remembered as one of their greatest hits.

5. “Tighten Up”

The signature sound of The Black Keys is on full display in “Tighten Up”, with its infectious grooves and bluesy riffs that’ll have you tapping your feet in no time.

The track’s lyrics are deceptively simple, but there’s a depth to them that comes from the juxtaposition of the intense guitar riffs and Dan Auerbach’s soulful vocals.

The track builds up to a climactic solo that really drives home the power of the track, and it’s sure to get you moving.

“Tighten Up” is a blues-rock masterpiece that stands as a testament to The Black Keys’ musical prowess.

6. “Your Touch”

Feel the warmth of Dan Auerbach’s soulful voice as he croons the lyrics to “Your Touch”, a track that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, “Your Touch” is one of the most beloved songs by The Black Keys.

The song features Auerbach’s signature guitar riffs, layered with Patrick Carney’s steady beat, providing the perfect backdrop for Auerbach’s soulful vocals.

Lyrically, the song speaks to the desire to have someone special in your life – someone who can make you feel complete.

“Your Touch” is a timeless classic, sure to be remembered as one of the Black Keys’ most beloved hits.

7. “I Got Mine”

Experience the electrifying energy of “I Got Mine”, a dynamic song that embodies the yearning for greater fulfillment in life.

Driven by a captivating drumbeat and a blues-infused guitar riff, the track establishes an irresistible groove that hooks the listener from the start.

Auerbach’s vocals exude passion and emotion, adding to the song’s intensity.

“I Got Mine” is a captivating track that will undoubtedly have listeners singing along, fully immersed in the profound message it conveys.

Its power and energy leave a lasting impression on all who hear it.

8. “Everlasting Light”

Experience the electrifying soulful sound of “Everlasting Light” as Auerbach and Carney’s passionate vocal delivery and driving beats take you on a journey of desire and possibility.

It’s an evocative song, full of subtle nuances and powerful emotion, and a perfect example of the Black Keys’ unique blend of soulful blues and modern rock.

Auerbach’s bluesy guitar riffs and Carney’s thumping drums create a hypnotic groove that carries the listener along.

The song’s lyrical themes of longing for love and hope are also reflected in the music, with Auerbach’s passionate vocals and Carney’s driving beats helping to create a sense of urgency and longing.

“Everlasting Light” is an essential Black Keys song and a timeless classic.

9. “Girl Is On My Mind”

You won’t be able to get the catchy, bluesy sound of “Girl Is On My Mind” out of your head after just one listen.

The song is one of the most popular from The Black Keys and is featured on their third album, Rubber Factory.

It features a catchy guitar riff that’s accompanied by a hard-hitting drum beat and Dan Auerbach’s vocals.

The lyrics of the song center around the narrator’s feelings for a girl and the confusing emotions that come with it.

The track contains multiple layers of instrumentation and a range of vocal styles from Auerbach, giving the song a unique sound.

The song has been praised for its catchy sound and clever lyrics, making it one of the Black Keys’ greatest hits.

10. “I’ll Be Your Man”

Feel the bluesy, soulful sound of “I’ll Be Your Man” as Dan Auerbach’s voice croons, creating a unique atmosphere that you won’t soon forget.

Auerbach’s passionate voice and the band’s bluesy instrumentation come together to create a song that feels both timeless and modern.

The song’s verses, featuring a combination of electric and acoustic guitars, are built around a simple chord progression that adds a layer of familiarity and comfort to the track.

The chorus then kicks in with a driving beat, providing a powerful contrast to the verses.

The result is a song that is both upbeat and soulful, and one that speaks to the band’s ability to meld different musical styles together in a unique and compelling way.

11. “Next Girl”

With its upbeat rhythm and Auerbach’s signature soulful vocals, “Next Girl” is a captivating anthem that effortlessly blends blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll for a unique and unforgettable sound.

The lyrics are a warning to take a chance on love rather than playing it safe.

Auerbach’s deep vocal delivery conveys both the urgency of the message and the heartache of having been burned before.

“Next Girl” is a powerful reminder that sometimes the best thing to do is take a risk and have faith that things will turn out alright.

12. “Sinister Kid”

The gritty guitar riffs in “Sinister Kid” provide an intense backdrop for Auerbach’s passionate vocals, creating an unforgettable song that’ll have you tapping your feet and singing along.

The driving beat of the song is accompanied by Auerbach’s soulful, hauntingly beautiful melodies, providing a complex and captivating soundscape.

The lyrics explore themes of revenge and inner darkness, and the combination of the musical elements and lyrical content makes for a powerful and unforgettable listening experience.

“Sinister Kid” is a perfect example of the Black Keys’ signature sound, and it’s sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.

13. “Fever”

Experience the electrifying energy of “Fever” – with its electrifying guitar riffs and explosive drums, you can’t help but feel the intensity of this track.

“Fever” is a classic from The Black Keys that has a strong, infectious beat and a driving, hard-rocking sound.

The song’s unique blend of blues-rock and garage-rock style creates a memorable musical experience.

The sharp, distorted guitar sound and the powerful drums make for a soundscape that’s both dynamic and captivating.

The song’s lyrics, which tell a story of a mysterious, passionate love, also add to the overall atmosphere of the song.

“Fever” is an unforgettable song from The Black Keys and one of their greatest hits.

14. “Thickfreakness”

Feel the power of “Thickfreakness” as its distorted guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums take you on a wild ride.

From the opening guitar riff to the hauntingly beautiful chorus, “Thickfreakness” is a song that demands attention.

The power of the song lies in its simplicity, with Dan Auerbach’s guitar riffs and Patrick Carney’s drums providing the perfect backdrop for the lyrics.

The lyrics are heartfelt and honest, conveying a sense of desperation and despair that is human and relatable.

The song’s energy is infectious, and its raw emotion makes it an undeniable standout in The Black Keys’ catalog.

“Thickfreakness” is a song that never fails to energize and move listeners, making it one of the band’s greatest hits.

15. “Weight of Love”

Tapping into a deep well of emotion, “Weight of Love” is a mesmerizing blend of bluesy guitar licks and soul-stirring lyrics that’ll leave you breathless.

The track, released in 2015, is from The Black Keys’ eighth studio album Turn Blue.

The song’s lyrics draw heavily on the idea of the weight of love, and the emotional toll it can take on a person.

The lyrics are sung in a haunting, soulful voice, backed by a steady drumbeat and bluesy guitar licks.

The combination of these elements creates a powerful, emotive atmosphere that is guaranteed to leave you moved.

“Weight of Love” is a classic example of The Black Keys’ signature blues-rock sound and one of their best and most beloved songs.

Best Black Keys Songs – Final Thoughts

You’ve just taken a deep dive into the best Black Keys songs of all time.

From “Lonely Boy” to “Weight of Love”, each of these tracks has its own unique sound and energy that make it stand out from the rest.

With so many great songs to choose from, it’s no wonder the Black Keys have been able to stay on top for so long.

While the list of greatest hits may be subjective, there’s no denying the impact these songs have had on the music world.

You may not agree with the list, but you can’t deny that these tracks all deserve their place in the annals of rock music history.

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