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13 Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitars

June 19, 2023
best thin body acoustic guitar

Looking for the best thin body acoustic guitar can be a pain in the butt. There are so many options to choose from. Some thin body acoustic guitars look and sound perfect, but they cost way more than we expect.

Alternatively, thin body acoustic guitars cost less than $200, but they don’t sound great at all. Not to mention there is no such thing as a perfect guitar.

On this page, you’ll find some of the top thin body acoustic guitars available for purchase on the internet. Each product comes with a list of specs as well as an estimate of its price. Hopefully, this list will assist you in narrowing down your options for a slim body acoustic guitar.

Factors to consider when choosing the best thin body acoustic guitar

  • The body shape
  • The wood used for the body
  • The electronics
  • The neck
  • The materials used to make the bridge
  1. Best overall – Taylor T5z Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar 
  2. Best value – Yamaha FSX830C
  3. Best for beginners – Fender Malibu Player Thin Body Acoustic Guitar 

1. Yamaha FSX830C

The FSX830C is a member of the 800 series, which has more intense and louder low to mid-end ranges owing to an upgraded scalloped bracing design. The strong rosewood body and spruce wood top of this small-bodied guitar provide a well-balanced tone with outstanding projection. 

The patented System 66 preamp system with an under-saddle piezo pickup precisely reproduces the instrument’s acoustic sound. Overall, we liked the tone and smooth playability of the guitar, which makes it excellent for novices and younger musicians.

The tonewoods used in the FSX830 play an important part in producing rich harmonics with a fair sustain. The scalloped supporting design aids in the enhancement of the bass and mid-range. Yamaha’s System-66 preamp and under-saddle piezo pickup ensure that the instrument’s original sound is preserved even when plugged in. 

Not only that, but a 3-band EQ, changeable mid-range frequency, and chromium-based tuners offer you better control over the general tone, which you can modify to your preference. Overall, the Yamaha FSX830C is the greatest thin bodied acoustic guitar for the money. 

The concert-shaped body of the FSX830C with a single-cutaway profile makes it very comfortable to grip and play and reach the highest frets on the fretboard. The distinctive scalloped bracing pattern is the amazing aspect of its design, which is constructed to bring forth the greatest shape sound from its tiny size. 

The tuners are corrosion-resistant and durable due to their die-cast chrome coating. This slim body guitar features an abalone soundhole design and is finished in a clean and lustrous brown sunburst finish. This makes it the go-to guitar for musicians who love woody designs.

This model has a solid spruce top, a great tonewood option for its appearance, rich tone, and brilliant sound. The body of the guitar is composed of rosewood, which, with its soft tone, mellows the brilliant sound of the spruce top to provide its players with a well-rounded tone that fits very well with the style of playing. The egg-shaped neck is composed of long-lasting nato wood with a matte finish.

Advantages of Yamaha FSX830C

  • It has a rosewood fingerboard and nato neck
  • It is 25 inches
  • It has a solid spruce top
  • It has a rosewood side and back

Disadvantages of Yamaha FSX830C

  • It doesn’t come with a bag

2. Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha built this gem with a spruce top, 3-ply Nato side and back, and a locally produced tropical tonewood. Yamaha’s System 65A preamplifier with a distinctive under-saddle piezo pickup, 3-band EQ, and a simple built-in digital tuner backs up the APX600’s striking appearance. 

This best-seller has a lot to admire, particularly the superb quality and performance it provides at a low price. This makes it one of the best thin body acoustic guitars available online.

The APX600 has a spruce wood top, while the back and sides are made of 3-ply Nato wood. Nato is a less expensive alternative to Mahogany, yet it has a comparable sound, with bright and prominent midranges. 

The slim neck is constructed of tropical tonewood, and it has a rosewood bridge. Yamaha promotes sustainable wood harvesting by utilizing locally grown tonewoods to construct the body and neck. 

This model has the iconic Thinline APX body with non-scalloped X-type bracing for an exceptionally pleasant playing experience even after hours of practice. The short neck and the narrower string spacing make it easy to play and hold.

The APX600 has Yamaha’s distinctive cutaway design, which makes reaching all the frets a breeze. An oval soundhole adorned with a stunning abalone rosette provides a richer lower-mid resonance and a more pronounced bass end. 

The hardware is also outstanding and is similar to that of most Yamaha guitars, with robust die-cast chromium-based knobs and a rosewood bridge. Yamaha offers four equally attractive variants. These are Glossy Black, Old Violin Sunburst, Oriental Blue Burst, and Natural.

The APX600 is a worthy replacement for the widely famous APX500. It delivers the same strong unplugged sound and luscious bottom end that belies its compact form. The natural finish, deeper body, and improved bracing design of the guitar make it louder with greater bass response. At the same time, the inventive choice of tonewoods produces a reactive, expressive tone. 

The System 65 preamp and under-saddle piezo pickup, which faithfully enhances the guitar’s inherent acoustic sound, are among the notable electronics. We give this affordable thin body acoustic guitar two thumbs up.

Advantages of Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It has a topical tonewood neck
  • It is 25 inches
  • It has a rosewood fingerboard
  • It has a nato back and sides
  • It has a spruce wood top

Disadvantages of Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It doesn’t come with a bag

3. Taylor T5z Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This Taylor guitar boasts a sleek and portable design that is smaller than previous models. It is capable of producing the same deep tones as well. Its extensive onboard tone controls provide you with several choices as a guitar player to tune and experiment with the different sounds and tones.

Aside from being fairly comfortable and simple to operate on, another distinguishing quality of such a guitar is its distinct tone. It has a tropical mahogany wood top with a deep, low-end, earthy tonal signature. 

Its Sapele wood sides and back have a similar style that accentuates the bass to mid-range superbly, enhancing the Mahogany’s rich, full-bodied sound. The neck is similarly constructed of Sapele, and the fingerboard is made of ebony, another dark wood famed for its durability and brilliant, rich tone.

The profound finish and rich and dark mahogany top give this guitar a vintage feel. With a tiny, thin design, it’s comfortable to play with for hours without feeling suffocated. It has a 12-inch neck that’s thin and features big frets. This makes it very easy to play with smoothness and bend chords without hesitation.

It contains a three-pickup configuration for the body sensors and a five-way switch for tonal adjustments. The hardware, glossy mahogany finish, as well as diamond fingerboard inlay all, play a huge role in this particular guitar’s amazing quality.

The T5z has a naturally more low to middle sound due to the Sapele and Mahogany wood. However, it features a lot of tone control so you can pick a tone that you want. It sports a three-pickup arrangement consisting of a hidden humbucker on the neck, a visible humbucker on the bridge, an acoustic sensor, and a five-way switch for tone control.

Advantages of Taylor T5z Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It has an ebony fingerboard
  • It has a Sapele neck, sides, and back
  • It has a topical mahogany top
  • It’s 25 inches
  • It comes with a bag

Disadvantages of Taylor T5z Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It’s on the expensive side

4. Cordoba Mini II EB-CE

If you’re looking for a thin body acoustic guitar that’s both easy to transport and sounds excellent while being affordable, go no further than the Cordoba Mini II EB-CE Acoustic-Electric. This nylon string guitar is part of the brand’s iconic Mini line and is ultra-compact and lightweight, making it ideal for road trips, camping vacations, or packing into an airplane’s overhead bin. 

The solid spruce top and striped ebony body, combined with a Belcat pickup and 2-band EQ, provide a clear, defined tone with excellent sustain. The overall Sound Quality was rather robust, with a well-balanced tone, particularly for a guitar of this size.

With the Mini II EB-CE, you get a strong spruce top at a reasonable price that produces a bright, nuanced tone. The back and sides are made of striped ebony, while the neck is made of Mahogany. Both the body and the neck of this thin body acoustic guitar have a lovely satin polyurethane finish. The fretboard and bridge are composed of carbon fiber, which increases the guitar’s longevity.

The EB-CE is a half-size guitar that has a compact body and a scale length of 22.8″, making it an excellent choice for young, smaller players with short fingers. We found the instrument to be well-made and fashioned in a manner reminiscent of ordinary acoustic guitars, with a full-width C-shaped neck and a smaller body shape.
This body form and the fan bracing design make it very comfortable and simple to play. With a lovely pale brown, silk spruce top and a deeper, striped ebony body, this fantastic guitar is also rather unique in appearance. The tuning devices are finished in satin nickel and have black buttons.

The EB-CE delivers quite a sonic punch for a guitar of its size. Because of the tonewoods utilized in its construction, it possesses an amazing sustain and reverb. The solid spruce produces a crisp tone, whereas the ebony body softens and carries it into the warmer middle. The pre-installed Belcat under-saddle piezo pickup and amplifier maintain the plugged-in sound faithful to the natural acoustic character of the instrument.

Advantages of Cordoba Mini II EB-CE

  • It’s 22.8 inches
  • It has a mahogany neck
  • It has a composite fingerboard
  • It has a spruce top

Disadvantages of Cordoba Mini II EB-CE

  • It doesn’t come with its own bag

5. Dean Exhibition 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The body and neck of this instrument are made of rich and resonant Mahogany. And a unique koa wood top that contributes to the rich and lovely overtones. The Dean display adds strong competition to this list with a premium gloss finishing.

The Dean Exhibition has a dark and resonant mahogany body with a lovely and exotic Koa wood top. These woods are set up in a thin but sturdy framework which gives this thin body acoustic guitar its distinct tone and aids in feedback management. 

For ease of adjustment, the adjustable truss rod features dual-action. The thin D-shaped mahogany neck is extremely smooth and comfortable to play with. The ebony fingerboard with Ultra Diamond inlays adds a touch of luxury. The Exhibition’s neck has a 24-14″ scale length, making it simple to play.

The Dean Exhibition is a dreadnought shape guitar that has a sharp-looking cutout part contributing to its contemporary appearance. It features a slim mahogany body and neck and a lovely Koa wood top. 

The Exhibition is outfitted with a high-quality Grover tuner and a stylish black NuBone nut and saddle. The ebony fretboard has a scale length of 24-14″ with Ultra Diamond inlays. The Dean guitar’s feature set is completed with the sturdy Fishman Isys+ pickup.

The Dean exhibition’s mahogany construction gives it a really warm and contemporary tone. The lows are well-defined and rounded for a thin-bodied instrument. The Fishman Isys Pickup, when combined with a microphone, creates a well-thought-out stereo setup for any vocalist. The extra built-in tuner and the bass and treble adjustments on the pickup are quite simple to use. 

Advantages of Dean Exhibition 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It has an ebony fingerboard
  • It has a mahogany neck and body
  • It’s less than 25 inches

Disadvantages of Dean Exhibition 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It’s a bit pricey since it’s an acoustic-electric guitar
  • It doesn’t come with a bag

6. Ibanez Talman TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Ibanez Talman TCY10 is a one-of-a-kind electro-acoustic guitar that has a cutting and brilliant tone at this low price range. Granted, you won’t find any recognized pickups here, but this instrument is well worth a look for the price. 

The compact wood neck and body have a scale length of 25-12″ with 20 frets. The body has a double-cutaway for simple two-handed tapping as well as other techniques. This guitar has a hidden feature that makes it more like an electric guitar.

The Talman is a twin cutaway design that allows for more intricate playing techniques. The small profile contributes to the ease of use, while the mahogany body and neck provide a lovely and balanced tone. The spruce top increases clarity and is claimed to make the built-in piezo pickup more transparent. The longer 25-12″ neck and a rosewood fretboard result in a guitar that people of various ages can play.

Right away, the build quality of this instrument is on par with the standard Ibanez QC. The Talman’s spruce top in a stunning sunburst finish adds flair and delicacy. The twin cutaways are eye-catching and add to the playability. 

This instrument has an Ibanez piezo pickup and a built-in tuner to assist in customizing the tone. The small contour of this guitar also makes it incredibly comfortable to grasp and play. This guitar’s saddle has unique bridge pins that secure the steel string in place rather than tugging it down, boosting tone accuracy.

The Talman has the tone purity and melodic reverberation of a guitar priced far more. The benefit pins on the bridge allow the guitar to stay in tune for much longer and need fewer re-strings. The piezo pickup sounds brilliant and doesn’t become too harsh until you overdrive the highs, which is important for producing warm tones for fingerpicking guitarists. 

Overall, this is a great thin body style acoustic guitar suitable for making music in a recording studio.

Advantages of Ibanez Talman TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It has a mahogany body and neck
  • It has a rosewood fingerboard

Disadvantages of Ibanez Talman TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It doesn’t come with a bag

7. Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Fender Acoustasonic thin body guitar is considered the most innovative thin body guitar in the music world. This thin body guitar can truly switch between a fully acoustic guitar and an electronic equivalent, which is a first for this genre. With its Fender and Fishman-crafted acoustics system, players may choose from 10 different guitar bodies and hardwood designs.

This particular thin body acoustic guitar is capable of sounding like a Sitka spruce, dreadnought, a Rosewood, a Maple, or an electronic guitar. Although it is quite expensive, its flexibility, ease of playing guitar, and lightweight construction make it potentially a pretty excellent guitar.

The Acoustasonic top is made of Solid A Sitka Spruce, with Mahogany edges. It also includes a tropical mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard. 

On the other hand, this guitar model includes ten various tonewood options, each of which has its tonal hue and rich sounds set up in such a manner that it sounds like the body of the guitar is made of different tonewoods as emulating varied body forms. This definitely expands your audio options, whether performing live or producing a track.

The Fender Acoustasonic is the product of an extensive study by the Fender team. The team is dedicated to creating a design that provided its users with an equally fantastic electric and acoustic guitar that’s pleasant to strum or pluck.

The company achieved this aim with the present system for the guitar’s features and design. Its guitar body, forearm shape, and narrow neck feel comfortable and simple to perform on, while the cutout shape makes it easy to reach the forest on the top.

This thin body acoustic guitar is also substantially lighter compared to a standard electric guitar that has a solid body. This makes it so easy to travel with or store. There are six distinct brilliant hues to pick from, all with a smooth glossy finish. The Acoustasonic is the only instrument on our list whose tone and the guitar’s sound are not limited by the wood used in its construction or the form of its body. Each of the guitar’s five distinct settings has an A and B option.

One position will provide you with the profound low-end and rich melody of a Solid Sitka spruce + Rosewood dreadnought, while another will provide you with the full-bodied, resonating sound of a Sitka + Mahogany wood Dreadnought. Not to mention, there is a different setting that provides a fully electric sound. The world is really your oyster with ten such options when you have this gem in your hands.

Advantages of Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It has a solid Sitka spruce top
  • It has a mahogany side and back
  • It has an ebony fingerboard
  • It comes with a bag

Disadvantages of Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It’s expensive

8. Fender California Newporter Player Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Fender has always been regarded as having an amazing ability to give one of the most player-friendly qualities at a cheap price range. The Fender California Newporter Player is no exception. This medium-sized body features a streamlined body shape that makes it quite comfortable to play and a superior sound that will fit all styles of play and genres. 

Because of its improved bracing design, the model is both lightweight and sonorous. The Newporter player is a remarkable combination of quality and affordability, thanks to its intriguing appearance, cheap price point, and adaptability. No wonder it’s one of the best thin body guitars available.

The top is made of solid Sitka Spruce, while the sides and back are made of Mahogany. A solid spruce top is often a strong indication of the guitar’s quality and sound, while Mahogany acts as excellent support to enhance both the tone and the piece’s lifespan. Its neck is also constructed of Mahogany, while the fingerboard is walnut wood.

The California Newporter strikes you as a unique guitar with its brilliant colors and tiny but robust construction. But it’s only once you start playing that you learn what makes it unique. The narrow C-shaped neck profile, small body, and lightweight construction provide exceptional playability without sacrificing overall projection and tone.

Its graph tech nubone nut generally increases sustain, while the Fishman preamp arrangement brilliantly communicates the guitar’s inherent tone even when amplified, allowing you to play it on the large stage without losing tone quality. The sealed nickel tuning pegs and three-ply gold pickguards provide a sleek touch to the entire design, and this model is available in six distinct and refreshing colors: ice blue satin, natural, sunburst, champagne, olive satin, and candy apple red.

This guitar has a fantastic all-arounder tone with rich mids, soft lows, and resonant highs owing to the solid Sitka spruce top. The Mahogany’s back, sides, and neck further help to soften the tone. Its bracing design has also caused the top to vibrate wonderfully, resulting in a rich and powerful tone. 

You’ll be able to fully enjoy this genuine tone unplugged and amplified, thanks to its Fishman preamp configuration, which allows you to play on stage in front of a large crowd without sacrificing this tone in any way.

Advantages of Fender California Newporter Player Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It’s fairly cheap for an acoustic-electric guitar
  • It has a walnut fingerboard
  • It has a mahogany neck, sides, and back
  • It has a solid Sitka spruce top

Disadvantages of Fender California Newporter Player Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It doesn’t come with a bag

9. Martin LX1E Little Martin

The construction quality is something we must not disregard. The firm, as usual, employed high-quality materials to create a long-lasting guitar.

The resonant sound produced by this instrument is amazing, which is among the very important features of a guitar. It remains in harmony for extended periods. You won’t have to adjust the equipment over and over again during a performance. It’s an issue with a lot of thin-body guitars.

While the firm is well known for producing expensive and premium guitars, it does offer several affordable thin body acoustic guitars. 

Advantages of Martin LX1E Little Martin

  • It has a Morado fingerboard
  • It has a mahogany neck, sides, and back
  • It has a solid Sitka spruce top
  • It’s 23 inches
  • It comes with its own bag

Disadvantages of Martin LX1E Little Martin

  • None

10. Taylor Baby Mahogany BT2 Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

This is a thin body acoustic guitar that’s both affordable and portable. This thin body acoustic guitar is best suited for children or teens. However, some professionals like this guitar because it’s so easy to store and travel with.

Other aspects to consider are the guitar’s playability and timbre. This instrument has first-rate playability and tone to live up to the brand’s reputation. This unit’s low string motion makes it extremely easy to play. One doesn’t have to put too much strain on the fingertips or one’s concentration.

When it comes to sound, it has qualities that help it produce a well-rounded tone, which practically every guitarist strives for. All are owing to the Sapele laminated sides and X-shaped bracing of the instrument.

The sound quality is excellent, and the design is great. Despite being a little guitar, the sound and timbre make it sound a lot like a standard acoustic guitar. Furthermore, the warm tone will complement the vocals.

Advantages of Taylor Baby Mahogany BT2 Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

  • It has a tropical mahogany top
  • It’s 22 inches
  • It comes with its own bag

Disadvantages of Taylor Baby Mahogany BT2 Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

  • None

11. PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus A50E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Paul Reed Smith is a well-known guitar maker that produces outstanding instruments for dedicated guitarists since 1985. This unit is included in the list of most trusted guitar brands because of its outstanding quality.

Top performers that use these guitars include Bernie Marsden, Mark Tremonti, Ben O’Neill, John Mayer, Dave Navarro, and Carlos Santana.

PRS’s A50E acoustic-electric guitar is another famous guitar in PRS’ lineup. It is intended to catch the eye of guitar enthusiasts. It has remarkable characteristics that are rarely present in some other slim body models.

It’s a Paul Reed Smith thin body guitar that has a really good reputation because of its capability to produce high-quality tones. It has an eye-catching design that will surely pique the interest of your audience and other guitar players.

This thin body acoustic guitar has a brighter tone. Many users, especially those who employ strumming and picking, enjoy the rich and warm tones that this guitar produces. It is well known for its dramatic and bright tones.

Blues guitarists are the only people who can utilize this instrument. Any blues guitarist will love this model because of its dramatic tones.

Advantages of PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus A50E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It has a mahogany neck
  • It has an ebony fretboard
  • It has a solid Sitka spruce top
  • It comes with a hardshell case

Disadvantages of PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus A50E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • It’s expensive

12. Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is part of Yamaha’s FS Series introduced five decades ago. It is the pinnacle of excellent construction, design, and utility. Given the qualities it provides, it’s a genuine Yamaha. Despite its small size, this instrument packs quite a bit of value thanks to its features.

The guitar’s body is tiny and lightweight, allowing a musician to move from one gig to another with this gear without being overburdened. It is intended for musicians who often travel for performances and with their bandmates.

Another advantage of this instrument is how comfortable it is to play. Because of the compact and lightweight design, a guitarist may perform with perfect relaxation and convenience.

Many guitar players worry about their guitar body’s longevity or strength. While most thin-body versions are not very hardy, this model from Yamaha has exceptional strength and longevity.

The second element to consider is its flexibility, which distinguishes it from the other guitars in the same category. It is effective for both mothers and children, as well as males. Because of its compact size, it may be used by musicians of all skill levels, regardless if they are pros or a novice.

The sound and tone that this instrument can produce are truly excellent. It has a pleasant tone and a booming sound. The genuine and balanced tones are exactly what piques the interest of guitarists.

Yamaha’s guitar is perfect for amateur and novice guitar players, particularly children and ladies. Furthermore, this is an excellent alternative for guitar players who travel often and want a transportable instrument.

This Yamaha model falls into the low-cost equipment category. This model may be compact but it is packed with premium quality at a low price.

Advantages of Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

  • It has a solid Sitka spruce top
  • It has a nato back and neck
  • It has a rosewood fretboard

Disadvantages of Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

  • It doesn’t come with a bag

13. Fender Malibu Player Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

This guitar from Fender excellently provides everything that thin body guitars offer a stress-free and pleasant guitar playing experience. It has a small design, which contributes to the excellent level of comfort. Thanks to its design, the guitar is comfortable to operate, and holding it is pleasant.

While other manufacturers are modernizing their production processes, one firm is going for the 1950s and 1960s aesthetic that both impresses and inspires customers to invest in it.

Another aspect that draws people to it in the class of thin body acoustic guitars would be that it allows powerful range and responds amazingly well to diverse playing styles. The more you use it, the better the sound it makes.

It has a Fishman-designed stage-focused pickup system, an under-saddle piezo setup, a preamp system, and an EQ with treble, audio system, and bass.

Advantages of Fender Malibu Player Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

  • There are other design options
  • It has a mahogany body, neck, and back
  • It has a walnut fretboard

Disadvantages of Fender Malibu Player Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

  • It doesn’t come with a bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a thin body acoustic guitar?

Thin body guitars are more light compared to the standard acoustic guitar. These are easier to move around with and overall easy to play. It’s great for beginners, but pros love using a thin body guitar because of how light it is.

Do I need an acoustic-electric thin body guitar?

This is dependent on the kind of music you are playing. If you choose to perform acoustic music, a typical thin body acoustic guitar should be enough for your needs. However, if you want to be more versatile, you may consider purchasing an acoustic-electric thin body guitar.

Is the type of wood used to make the guitar important?

The type of wood used affects the tone and overall sound of the guitar. Different kinds of wood produce their own tones. For example, Maple, one of the most popularly used wood, offers bright notes and great sustain. Rosewood guitars are known to have rich and warm tones. Ebony guitars have better sustain and produce more crisp tones. 

If the design of the guitar is important to you, then take a look at the different color palettes that each of the wood types has to offer. They all have their own hues and patterns.

What’s the difference between a mahogany top and a maple top?

When compared to maple tops, mahogany tops have a lesser response rate, which is well documented. They often have a more assertive tone that is best suited for rock or blues musical styles. As opposed to this, maple has a little slower reaction rate but a higher level of internal dampening. It is hence ideal for acoustic music genres.

Is a thin body guitar great for beginners?

Thin-body guitars are great choices for novice players due to their lightweight and easy portability. In addition, as compared to a standard acoustic guitar, they are less difficult to learn to play. It produces tones and sounds that are not far from standard acoustic guitars, so you can easily transition from a thin body guitar to a regular acoustic guitar.

The final word on the best thin body acoustic guitars

With the comprehensive list provided above, picking out the best thin body acoustic guitar for you should be a walk in the park. However, if you have the luxury of time, why not head to the nearest guitar store and check to see if they have these models in stock? You can test each model out to see if it suits your guitar playstyle. If you need more help, you can check out guitars featured in Guitar World. 

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