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10 Best Las Vegas Recording Studios

December 29, 2023
Las Vegas recording studios

Want to take the first step on the journey of your musical career in the bustling, glittering streets of Las Vegas? Maybe some of the allure, flamboyance, and luck will rub off on you.

It’s certainly worth a try, and whether you’re taking your first foray into recording, or you’re well on your way to creating a fruitful career, Las Vegas has an impressive array of music studios for musicians of all stripes.

Check out our guide on the best Las Vegas recording studios.

1. Studio1212 Las Vegas

Studio1212 Las Vegas recording

You can’t go wrong with a studio that has a 4.9-star rating and 400+ ratings. That is a lot of happy musicians. They have unparalleled recording, engineering, and mixing expertise and they treat every client like a VIP.

They work on handcrafting songs “from the ground up”, with the patience and passion of a saint.

The mentorship aspect makes them a sound choice for new musicians, or those who haven’t experienced the recording studio circuit yet.

They are willing to work with you on beats, hooks, and lyrics and will offer supportive, useful feedback when asked.  

They cater to all genres but they have the most experience working with rappers and R&B musicians. They are open 24/7 for you early birds or late-night warriors. They charge a $120 flat fee for a three-hour studio session. Mastering is separate.

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: 702 491-9377
Address: 300 W Utah Ave, 1212 Las Vegas, NV 89102

2. Platinum Recording Studio Las Vegas

Platinum Recording Studio Las Vegas

Another studio with a trail of satisfied creatives in its wake. Platinum Recording Studios has a 4.8 rating with over 250 reviews.

Owner John Dote is a living legend in the Las Vegas recording and music scene.

Platinum is the tried and tested go-to for pop and hip-hop performers the world over and they focus on offering a calm, relaxed, personalized environment. 

This is not the place for pretentious, intimidating pomp. Platinum always keeps it down to earth and helpful, and they focus on efficiently creating radio-ready sounds.

Because they emphasize speed and professionalism you can be sure you’ll get great feedback and output for your money.

You’ll have to reach out to them directly for a quote.

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: 702-788-1456
Address: 405 Frederick Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106

3. MGB Music – Recording Studio

MGB Music Recording Studio

It’s not a mansion but it’s close enough! With 2,000 sq feet of recording, rehearsal, and production space you’d be excused for thinking you’d stumbled into a palace of sound.

They offer several recording studios, vocal and solo booths, live rooms, and spaces where you can have a one-to-one with the producers and engineers on site.

They offer modern and vintage equipment, including microphones, preamps, and the best in class when it comes to digital tools. We’re talking Pro Tools, Autotune, Waves, and UAD plugins. 

They cater to musicians from all genres, but they have the most expertise in remastering and producing pop and rap. The Game and Lil Wayne are past clients.

Studio sessions range from $60-$80 per hour. You’ll have to contact them for a quote for mastering and production.

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: 720 309 7372
Address: 900 Karen Ave, STE H208, Las Vegas, NV 89109

4. The Sound Gallery Studios Las Vegas

The Sound Gallery Studios Las Vegas

Artist-focused and addicted to providing the best of the best, The Sound Gallery has grown to include four studios across the U.S.

They focus on creating a personalized experience and producing multifaceted, original remasters of their client’s work.

Long story short, you won’t feel like just a number to the team – you’ll feel like a muse with a team of masters behind you.

They work with artists across all genres, but they have a special soft spot for rap, R&B, and hip-hop. Their rates are some of the best around for a studio with their legacy, experience, and professionalism.

You can book an hour session for $40 at the low end. A 5-hour session costs $200.

Hard to make excuses and procrastinate with prices that are this enticing when it comes to a prime Las Vegas music recording experience. 

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: 702 546-8066
Address: 1647 E Charleston Blvd, Unit A, Las Vegas, NV, 89101

5. Sonic Rodeo

Sonic Rodeo recording studio

One of Las Vegas’s newest musical meccas, Sonic Rodeo has a killer website, a killer aesthetic, and a killer team.

All in all, you’ll get a luxury experience with their team of passionate, non-conformist production pros.

They have expanded the scope of what’s possible with a recording studio, with thousands of square feet of beautiful rehearsal space and an instrument rental program that will make your eyes water. 

Chief engineer Reid Heidel is also a musician, composer, and producer with a reputation that precedes him.

If you want your creations to be treated and transformed by the best in class, Sonic Rodeo will be a pretty tough act to beat. 

A full 8-hour session with time in the control and live room costs $600. If you want to dabble before committing you can book a one-hour session for $85.

For the level of expertise, you’ll have access to, the prices are very desirable, particularly if you have bandmates to split the costs with.

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: (702) 665-4838
Email: Info@SonicRodeo.Vegas
Address: 32 W Imperial Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 89102

6. Electric Shop Recording

Electric Shop Recording

Built by musicians for musicians, Electric Shop has the chops and the proprietary knowledge to construct the most comfortable, productive space for your musical innovation to come to life.

They love working with new creators and musicians, and they are motivated by a desire to bring the artist’s most visionary work to the fore. 

They love experimenting with rhythms, beats, and tempos to enhance their own talent and vocals.

Drummers, take note: they have a compelling selection of mics, preamps, and an acoustically treated live room to elevate your drums into a sonic force.

The space is appointed in cozy reds, with original paintings, and an emphasis on warm lighting. They are never rushed and are committed to giving artists their full attention.

Mixing/mastering rates start at $75 per hour. Contact them for a more extensive quote and get your Las Vegas recording studio dreams ready for reality. 

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: (725) 224-2280
Address: 2754 S Highland Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89109  

7. Junxion Søund Recording Studio

junxion søund Recording Studio

A spiffy, lush place with a spiffy, lush name – will this be the studio to bring your dreams to life?

Their multi-dimensional recording studio is well-appointed with cozy carpets, sleek couches, and thoughtful interiors.

The design is anything but claustrophobic and will allow you to relax and gain the self-assurance you need to produce your best work. 

They have a well-sustained buzz in the rap and hip-hop community and are a go-to for innovative, adventurous creatives who prefer to color outside the lines. Their team wants to foster an environment of unapologetic exploration and vision.  

A two-hour session will cost $150 while a four-hour session will net you a discount, of $250.

These are reasonable prices for new performers and veterans alike, particularly because you’ll be treated to dedicated, attentive assistance by their team of pros.   

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: (702) 610-5819
Address: 1800 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89102

8. The Hideout Recording Studio 

The Hideout Recording Studio

World-class audio engineering in the heart of a modern technicolor star-studded metropolis. Intrigued?

The Hideout is a full-service studio with four rooms that have been fine-tuned to achieve perfect acoustics.

Their goal is to turn your sound into a piece of sonic art. They have a variety of vintage analog outboards and a Pro Tools HD system.

They also offer Dolby Atmos mixing capabilities. They have an extensive collection of vintage instruments and microphones, for all you old-school romantics out there. 

They have studio space to accommodate big groups and multi-act instrumentalists and they can just as easily accommodate a soloist with a more intimate, low-key sound. Ozzy Osbourne has recorded there – fun fact of the day.   

They also have a 1200 square-foot tracking room, which features a Solid State Logic 96-channel duality.

They provide per-hour and per-day rates, and you’ll have to reach out directly to them to get your personalized quote. 

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: (702) 445-7705
Address: 14 Sunset Way, Unit A, Henderson, NV 89014

9. The Omnitone

The Omnitone recording studio

Founded by producer and songwriter Darren Sher you can put your faith in Omnitone when it comes to helping you create the best version of your music possible.

She was mentored by Jonathan Cain, of Journey fame! You’re in good hands here – they are one of the top Vegas recording studios to this day.

Omnitone has a control room and vocal booth. If you want it, they’ve got it. They offer songwriting support, recording, mixing, programming, and remastering.

They have served big names in the business but they are also open and excited about new talent.

They want to make your single (or album) sound as high-quality as possible. They are a particularly enticing option for soloists and singer-songwriters.

You’ll have to contact The Omnitone for quotes and custom rates.

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: (702) 487-6664
Address: 5087 Arville, St. Ste C, Las Vegas, NV 89118

10. The Tone Factory

The Tone Factory recording studio

In business for two glorious decades, the Tone Factory is the go-to for major record labels, and they handle the process from the ground up.

They have a control room, a gear room, and a creative lab where you can brainstorm ideas and write new material. They also provide listening parties and media and video services.   

They predominantly cater to rock groups, instrumentalists, and hip-hop artists. They also have the expertise and ingenuity to work with solo artists who want creative support and mentorship. 

You’ll have to contact them for rates and quotes.

The Nitty Gritty:

Telephone: (702) 301-6964
Address: 5329 Cameron St., #103 Las Vegas, NV 89118

Best Las Vegas Recording Studios – Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve equipped you with the best of the best in Las Vegas recording studios, what are you waiting for?

It’s not all gambling and lights and high electric bills here in Sin City – it is also a place to give your musical vision a dose of luck, too.

Go spread your wings and fly. In the words of Jim Morrison, “the time to hesitate is through”. 

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